David Xanatos is a character from Gargoyles. He is the ultimate mastermind but he's a noble and affable mastermind who doesn't do truly evil stuff. He is well known for making gambits that benefit him no matter what. He has a family that he loves dearly. Xanatos is now trying to rescue Puck from getting too involved with Megatron and he will get help from anyone for this. He joined Hunson Abadeer and his empire so he can restore the Multi-Universe to its former glory and feels that Hunson, while a dark lord, has good intentions and shares his goal. He is also a close friend of Blue.

Xanatos is the maker and namer for the TV Trope Xanatos Gambti, where in this case all outcomes benefit the mastermind no matter what happens.

He is voiced by Jonathan Frakes, who also played Commander William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The B Team/P Team Storyline

Meister of War