Real name: Drake Mallard of the future

Darkwarrior Duck is a major villain in the story The Great Time Travel Adventure

Greatest strength: His competence since this one doesn't goof off.

Greatest weakness: His emotions have gotten in the way time and time again.


Darkwarrior has lost almost everything to him within the 21 years So he took some of the heroes and ruthlessly brainwashed them. Darkwarrior may or may not be good or evil but It's hard considering his altered personality. Like most villains he is loyal to Marceline's dad, yet he opposes Joker's actions of sociopathy. It's revealed that he and the others believe Lizbeth committed suicide over grief 21 years ago, and he realized he went too easy on crime. But he never knew that she was always alive but she just took a different identify. He still has some good in him as he really does miss the girl and wants to see her again.In the next part of the story Darkwarrior does have a change of heart and joins the team until his death.

The B Team Storyline

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Darkwarrior was once Darkwing. But a tragic loss of a certain girl caused him to become hard on crime and evil as a result. In the last 21 years, Darkwing went hard on crime and was killing off villains and heroes willingly. He served as the leader of his entourage of dictatorship until Marceline's dad came along and Darkwarrior agreed to his alliance and they began their scheme. As time went by he reformed and his mech fought Boomer and Lizbeth, with the latter talking him out of his insane personality. He helped the team but he was slain by Joker before Joker himself was killed by Bender and Marceline. Darkwarrior Duck may not return with Darkwing being dead through a Multi-Universal apocalypse.


Darkwarrior Duck is recruited by Eobard to work in the past villain syndicate with many of the past villains and serves as one of the main members. He gets Darkwarrior Duck to join as he offers to help turn in one of the Multi-Unverse's biggest criminals.

Darkwarrior Duck's motive for joining the team and Hunson earlier was that he feels M.O.D.A.B are criminals due to their illegal actions but most importantly housing a criminal i,e Bender who t has stolen, killed, cons people, cheats, violates the law like stepping on grass, and no one ever calls him out or tries to arrest him. He is even willing to Work with The Joker to do this as he sees Bender worse than The Joker. The irony does not escape Gus who calls out Darkwarrior for this hypocritical action.

He joins The Joker with many of his assocaites and leads an attack on his former boss while The Joker makes his other plan going well. He Steals a file with Macehte, Gus Fring, Mike and Morality to use against his enemies. He joins Toffee and gets Slade under arrest but is beat by others to get Bender. Darkwarrior then joins Joker and Thawne to go after the Waverider.

Darkwarrior accompanies Joker and Thawne in going after Bender and the others on the waverider trying to bring Bender and Slade back into jail