Dark Helmet masked

Darth Helmet

"I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate." - Dark Helmet

Darth Helmet is the main antagonist from the movie Spaceballs, but he and his allies are defeated by the heroes and sent to Planet Ape. He also had a history with Django and joins Vilgax for revenge on him for being the instigator of his defeat.
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Dark Helmet unmasked

He also wants revenge on Sam for being the responsible of ruined many of his schemes and hate him more than Django.

Rescued By Vilgax's Forces

But He and His Allies are Saved by Vilgax and Report them that there is another Space Heroes are called Star Wars

They Join Forces with Him but Vilgax Demanded that they will Hunt down The Heroes on Earth so They Went down there.

The Grand Summer Season Trek

Dark Helmet helped Vilgax in his schemes and to get his revenge on Django. Dark Helmet flees before the fight.

Unlike the remain members of the allegiance, Helmet not go to meet The Dystopia League but learn about Vilgax's death at hands of Discord and join Mister Sinister.

Dark Helmet and Colonel Sanders

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Dark Helmet returns when he saves his allies from BlackGarurumon trying to kill him. When Pretorius mentions that he saw Blue and Bender, Helmet remembers him and Discord betraying Vilgax and his group and joins Sinister for revenge on Discord. He and Ratcliffe give transportation to Macbeth to one of the islands visited by the heroes.

Dark Helmet with Zangya and Myers ambush Strange;s allies while the other deals with BlackGarurumon's allies. He and Zangya have Myers unleash hell on them until Alice shows up and shoots him in the heads with a shotgun which actually kills him.

Additional information

Allies: President Skroob, Vilgax, Vilgax's allegiance, Mister Sinister, Sinisters of Evil

Enemies: Lone Starr, Princess Vespa, Barf, Django, Sam, the B Team, the Alpha Team, the P Team, Discord, Obodiah Stane, the Multi-Universal Resistance, the Children of BlackGarurumon

Played by: Rick Moranis



  • Helmet has a Secret Enemy's called the Movie Star Wars
  • Helmet and Crocker are two of the idiots of the team with NegaZim and NegaGir being the Big idiots
  • Rather that He and Discord befriends It is Unknown.
  • He Might Be Darth Vader's Secret Cousin Who Knows.