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"You think you can fight the Dark Empires? They are not a simply tyrant empires, little girl. They are something that you can't even conceive. They are the First Evil of the existence. The first Empires that brought corruption and cruelty to all hearts of all life and beings. They're beyond sin, beyond death. They are the thing the darkness fears. You'll never see them, but they are everywhere, their atrocities, their crimes, their actions can be seen everywhere; evil acts. Their legacy lives on you and EVERY SINGLE evil person that exists. They created "the evil" side. They created the "EVIL" word. Wars, murder, genocide, xenophobia, hate, rape, destruction, death, pain; they were the first beings to do these acts. The evil was born from them, the first villains of the entire Multi-Universe. They are in very being, every thought, every drop of hate. They were the first villains of all reality, all villains came from them, they are the ONLY and TRUE evil.
And they're not done.
— Jashin

Dark Empires - Humanity Dethroned 
is a miscellaneous list page of LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline. Do you think there is only 3 Dark Empires in Sword of Kings? Not really, Sword of Kings Storyline has a very large and complex timeline, so there were many Dark Empires over the history of the Multi-Universe. This page will mention all the Dark Empires in the history of the Multi-Universe. 

The 3 Dark Empires of Balam Alliance are included.

This page is big to show how many Dark Empire came before all villains and heroes.

Dark Empires song

Dark Empire - Humanity Dethroned

Dark Empire - Humanity Dethroned

List of Dark Empires

Triggers Hell 

The first Dark Empire of the Multi-Universe composed by demons and Fallen Angels that were banned from the Heaven with Lucifer. It is a member of Balam Alliance. Active for 10000 zillions of years (until current time)

Crimes: Genocide, Planet destruction, satanism, human sacrifice, mass murder for zillions of year, omnicide, war

Triggers Hell

Eternal Empire

The second Dark Empire of the Multi-Universe. It was destroyed by Reality Council. Dissolved for 10 zillions of years

Crimes: Slavery and invasion


LightRay Empire

One of the largest Dark Empires of the ancient times. Dissolved for 200 zillions of years

Crimes: Woman slavery, trafficking in organs, blackmail


CrimsonStar Empire

The first Dark Empire of the Transformers. Dissolved for 900 quadrillion of years

Crimes: Mass genocide, supremacy, jingoism


The Tavlar Empire

The first Dark Empire of the Abyssals 800 quintillions of years ago. Dissolved for 700 quintillions of years

Crimes: Cannibalism, genocide

The tavlar empire logo v1 2 by lordzeven-d6luxku

Dark Grow Empire

Dark Empire of the Fallen Gems. Dissolved for 780 millions of years.

Crimes: Genocide, satanism, human ritual

Dark crow empire logo by sirdortor-d69amv4

Black Cross Empire

Dark Empire of the first fascists. Dissolved for 100 billions of years

Crimes: Social darwinism, fascism

Germanian Coat of Arms

Stars of Night Empire

Dark Empire of the first racist human. Dissolved for 500 trillion of years

Crimes: Oppression, social darwinism


Raven Tail Empire

Dark Empire of the Insanity God. Still active for 200 zillions of years.

Crimes: Invasion and genocide of a planet... are watching the war between the heroes, villains and Balam Alliance before start their next move


The Dark Wing Legion Empire

Dark Empire of the Fallen Angels. Dissolved for 100 millions of years.

Crimes: Mass murder

Logodusk legion guild mark by jeiryelai-d6mofii

Azorius Empire

Dark Empire of the ExKriegs. Dissolved and replace as ExKrieg Legion. Dissolved for 600 billions of years

Crimes: Mass murder, planet destruction

Logoazorius senate guild symbol old by drdraze-d6b7vq1

Sith Empire

Dark Empire of the Sith Order. It was the first and only Empire of the Sith Order. It is one of the most powerful Dark Empire on the Multi-Universe and is a member of Balam Alliance. Still active for 500 quintillions of years (until current time).

Crimes: Genocide, slavery, alien traffic, mass murder, animal cruelty, omnicide, planet destruction, reality destruction, child murdering, war

LOGOdarkSith-Brotherhood (3)

Sejoin Empire

Dark Empire of the slavers nation. Destroyed by the Legendary Abyssal Punisher 700 quintillions of years ago.  Dissolved for 700 quintillions of years ago.

Crimes: Slavery

Logosenju clan symbol by elsid37-d4t4uh3

Deep Sea Empire

Dark Empire founded by the first intelligent aquatic beings in the deep sea of the Clotis Planet. Dissolved for 200 quantillions of years.

Crimes: War


Anti Spirals Dark Empire

Dark Empire founded by Anti Spirals in the darkness of the space. Dissolved for 180 trillions of years. 

Crimes: Invasion of planets, mass murder

Evil logo by tieddy-d5ajnsu

The Dark Hand Empire

Dark Empire founded by Shadow People. Still active and haunt people around our world (see Shadow People in google for more info). Still active for 400 trillions of years.

Crimes: Fearmongering, giving nightmares to humans


Spirits Empire 

Dark Empire founded by the First Spirit and the Spirits to destroy worlds. Still active for 600 billions of years.

Crimes: Mass murder, planet destruction

Logo evil by postman muecke

Black Tree Empire

Dark Empire founded by Slenderman and PROXYs. Still active for 100 millions of years haunting people.

Crimes: Mass murder, forcing suicide, fearmongering, psychological torture

Evil logo by tieddy-d5ajmnw

Evil Activities Empire

Dark Empire composed by dark women founded by Fallen Hana. Still active for 200 trillions of years.

Crimes: Mass rape (reverse rape; girls raping men), mass murder

Evil Activities DJ logo

Order of the Dark Moon

Religious Dark Empire served as Shar's secretive monastic order and was owned by Netherese in Vellosk, founded by Rivalen Tanthul, one of the Princes of Shade, and supported by most of Grey Wolf Tribes. It is arguably a reincarnation of the original Netheril Empire and is under the Church of Shar's control. Nigh-dissolved after Valindra Shadowmantle's travel in Vellosk, but its remnants are still active and haunted Faerun for another 100 years since the illegal worshipping of Shar never dies.

Crimes: Dictatorship, Facism, religious fanatics who coerced citizens to worship the Mistress of Night

Shar symbol

The Dark Metal Empire

Dark Empire founded 50 millions of years ago. Dissolved.

Crimes: Slavery and mass murder

Axis of evil logo by spoof or not spoof

Godom Empire

Dark Empire founded in India 9000 years ago, 300 B.C on Earth (our planet). Still active for 9000 years.

Crimes: Social darwinism, mass murder, genocide, slavery, fascism, oppression

Terran Empire 4683

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire - D.E.M Empire

The second Dark Empire of the Abyssals and the most powerful and evil Dark Empire in the history of the Multi-Universe; also the most powerful facist and tyrannical government of the entire Multi-Universe.

The Dark Empire is based in the Nazi Party during the World War II in 1945 in the 2nd Alternative Earth. Composed by Abyssals, humans and Droids. It is a Dark Empire member of the Balam Alliance. Still active for 4 millions of years (until current time)

Crimes: War, fascism, oppression, social darwinism, planet destruction, genocide, slavery, terrorist attacks, false propaganda, mass rape, women slavery, human traffic, alien traffic, animal traffic, reality destruction, brainwash, mass genocide, mass omnicide, children slavery, human experiment, tyranny, mass murder, experiment in pregnant women, torture, children rape, blackmail, weapon business, use and creation of mass destruction weapons, creation of diseases, animal cruelty, animal extinction, human ritual, bribery, hegemony, bio-terrorism, Multi-Universes destruction, invasion of planets, dictatorship

Logonazi party flag by elhadibrahimi-d4qkyxs

Chronos Empire

Light Empire founded by Sephiria Arks KnightWalker turned in Dark Empire when Raphael Drake take control of the Empire. Still active for 16 years.

Crimes: Mass murder, hegemony, bribery, nuclear weapon creation

LogoDEM Industries

Alvarez Empire

Dark Empire founded to take control of Balam Alliance after DEM, Triggers Hell and Sith Empire's defeat. Still active for 600 years (LOTM: Destiny current time)

Crimes: Mass murder, fascism, genocide


Tyranny of Silence

Dark Empire founded to recreate the Sith Empire. Still active for 580 years (LOTM: Destiny current time)

Crimes: Fanatism, mass murder, human ritual

81549 logo

Shadow Army Empire

Military Dark Empire created to recreate a new dictatorial Multi-Universe.

Crimes: Oppression, tyranny, dictatorship, social darwinism, genocide, mass murder. Still active for 300 years (LOTM: Destiny current time)


Space Pirates Empire

Space Pirates Empire founded to attack space ships and destroyers. Still active for 90 years (LOTM: Destiny current time)

Crimes: Galactic crime, organized crime, mass murder, theft, weapon smuggling

Space pirates new avatar

Satan Cult

Dark Empire founded by demons to recreate Triggers Hell Empire. Still active for 1000 years (LOTM: Destiny current time).

Crimes: Mass murder, fanatism, human ritual, city destruction


D.E.M Empire 2nd Reich

Dark Empire founded by Abyssals loyal to the old fallen DEM Empire to create a new DEM Empire age. Still active for 6000 years (LOTM: Destiny current time).

Crimes: Mass murder, human experiment, planet destruction, genocide, children murdering, slavery

Triskele symbol wallpaper by imtabe-d7hmoxl

KnightWalker Family

KnightWalker Family is a powerful and corrupt PMC conglomerate that governs all economic sectors of planet Earth. They are one of the largest companies in the world and are. They are a mega conglomerate mobster family controlling the economy of the world in the shadows. They are led by Juria KnightWalker and his cruel daughter, Eckidina KnightWalker. They are dissolved after Eckidina's death for crimes against not only humanity but for crime against Earth itself. They existed for 1000 years and are dissoveld for 5 billions years.

Crimes: War, fascism, oppression, social darwinism, genocide, slavery, terrorist attacks, mass rape, women slavery, human traffic, animal traffic, mass genocide, mass omnicide, children slavery, human experiment, tyranny, mass murder, blackmail, weapon business, use and creation of mass destruction weapons, creation of diseases, animal cruelty, animal extinction, bribery, hegemony, bio-terrorism, dictatorship

GHQ logo

Empire of Fiery Pit

The Empire of Fiery Pit is an elemental Dark Empire created by Vanifer, the Prophet of Fire, alongside her minions in the Imix-worshipping cult, the Cult of the Eternal Flame. The Empire is bulit within the ancient city of Gautylgrym and started a false benevolent attitude, but soon revealed their true color as crazed zealots and drove dwarves away. Still active for 13 years (till the current time in LOTM: Sword of Kings).

Crimes: War, fascism, fanatism, oppression, social darwinism, genocide, slavery, terrorist attacks, arsons, elemental destruction, dictatorship


Fallen Roman Catholic Church

A dark version of Catholic Church after Michael Langdon usurped the seat of Pope. After Michael's death, the Fallen Church divided, but later the once-divided Fallen Church merged once again under Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire's influence, and it became an enslave faction of D.E.M Empire and later D.E.M Empire 2nd Reich (after Aya Tokoyogi became Pope herself). 5 billions of years after Aya's death, its so-called "new" leader - who turns out to be Michael Langdon reborn 5 billions years later -  did not suceeded her place as the DEM Emperor. Instead, he splited the Fallen Church from D.E.M. 2nd Reich and made it a Neo-Nazism Dark Empire in order to devour other Dark Empires. Still active for 6000 years (LOTM: Destiny current time).

Crimes: War, fascism, religious fanatism, oppression, social darwinism, Nazism, personality cults, genocide, slavery, terrorist attacks, arsons, destruction, dictatorship, Anti-Christian atrocities

Emblem of the Holy See usual.svg

Order of Terror

Order of Terror, a new Dark Empire founded by Diabla when she came to existence. Order of Terror is a banished Dark Empire located in the depths of 13rd Multi-Universe, they are located in the 245th Universe in a planet called galaxy called Tali, it is composed by Shadow Monsters that lived in the darkness for billion years and came to serve Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant once she became a Inverse Spirit. Order of Terror is Dark Empire that is conflict with several enslaved factions from Sith Empire.

Still active for 7 billion years after Diabla's death but stopped their activities -- they're waiting for a new leader.

Crimes: War, Planet Destruction, Slavery, Genocide, Hegemony, Stars destructions, Oppression, mass destruction, Attempt universal conquest

Orderof Terrorad