"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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I've been waiting for you, young warriors. So you were the ones that defeated Darth Hades? Hmph. That's quite disappointing to hear. I knew Hades was weak, but to lose to heroes likes of you? It brings up the question as to why he ever became one of Mephistopheles's chosen ones. I'm sure he overconfidence and carelessness is what did him in. However, I assure you that I will not fall as easily as he. You'll soon find out that there are worst things than the embrace of Death. Especially you, Katarina.
Dark Couteau

Dark Couteau is a primary antagonist in Sword of Kings Storyline 3nd Saga. She is a demonic version of Katarina Couteau created by Leohart the Prince of Hell with the aim to create a powerful Demonic Abyssal Punisher. She will face Katarina, Yuuchiro and Imperia Deamonne and is on the final antagonist to LOTM: Sword of Kings 3rd saga. She is also one of the Nine Demon Gates member and is the stronger High-Class Level Demon in Triggers Hell.