Daniel FR Season 14
Prince Daniel "Danny" Bearinger is the son of Vice Principal Luna and former leader of Luna's Royal Guard, Marcus Bearinger.



Danny is a five year old child who's adventurous and playful. He enjoys being with his friends and family. He hopes to become an able hero like his father.

In his teens, he likes the fact that he is royalty, but still prefers to fight evil, similar to Phillip III of Zandar, the Dino Charge Graphite Ranger and a fellow Prince. He shows a great amount of loyalty to his friends and is always ready to help them.


Daniel's appearence main consists of black hair, like his father (with additional traces of blue), and has cyan eyes, similar to his mother.

As 5 years old

At age 5, Daniel has short black hair with traces of blue, wears a light blue t-shirt with a cresent moon on it and navy blue shorts.

As a teenager

In his teens, Prince Daniel most of the time wears a Navy blue t-shirt with Princess Luna's cutie mark, and has black jeans. On occasion, he wears a Navy Blue suit and black tie with the Multi-Universal United Government Royalty Crest pin to symbolize that he's royalty.

Halloween Costume

Swim Wear

Powers and Abilities

After being affected by Princess Celestia's magic, Daniel ended up gaining the ability of Super Speed.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Fire Rebellion: Season 12

Fire Rebellion: Season 13

Fire Rebellion: Season 14

Daniel appears all throughout Season 14 as a main character. At the end of the season, his childhood friend and fellow teammate, Cloe Carter, becomes his love interest.

Fire Rebellion: Season 15

Daniel returns as a main character. After the Dazzlings return, Daniel became a sort of "villain's crush" due to Adagio Dazzle's attraction to him.

Fire Rebellion: Season 16


David Johnson

Cloe Carter

Marcus Bearinger


Jack Mason

Marion Samsom

Allies: David Johnson, Cloe Carter, Agent Michigan, Vice Principal Luna, Jack Mason, Marion Samson, Brody Romero, Preston Tien, Calvin Maxwell, Hayley Roster, Sarah Thompson, Redbot, Mick Kanic, Holly, Sci-Twi, Jane Jons, Juniper Montage, Dane Romero

Enemies: Illusive Man, Cerberus, Dick Jones, Catherine Carter, Adagio Dazzle,


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