Damon Furnox 2

Damon Furnox

Name: Damon Furnox

Race: Cortanian

Title: The Prince of Light

Father: Wilfro Furnox

Mother: Julia Furnox

Uncle: Astir Fienox

Aunt: Dia Fienox

Cousins: Phantom and Kerri

Lover: Ariana

A skilled warrior and long time rival of Phantom, Damon wields the powerful Omega Sword in battle. He and his
The Omega Sword

The Omega Sword, a blade created when the Cosmic Heart fused exact copies of the Bright Blade and Shadow Saber together. It is one of the few swords that rival the power of Cosmic Sword.

family were often attacked. Each attacker had the same goal: seize the Omega Sword at all costs. Each attempt, even the original Anime Empire's, failed. Things got to the point where the original Alpha X sought to recreate the blade, and he ended up paying for his mistake.

In an effort to save others from suffering the fate of Alpha, Damon took his mother and went into hiding, erasing the memories of all who either knew him or knew of him.

After a few thousand years, he and his mother resurface, only to find that their universe was in ruins. However, they saw that the Multi-Universe had been created while they were in hiding, and they began searching for their family. When they were finally reunited, Damon restored his family's memory.

He currently resides in a small cottage with his fiance, Ariana.