Coruscant (originally called Notron) is a world from Star Wars.

Coruscant is a planet located in the Galactic Core Region. It served as the capital of the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, and the New Republic(formerly the Rebel Alliance) respectively.

The surface of the planet is all one big city, which points of interest include the Jedi Temple, University of Coruscant, Senate Building, Coruscant Underworld, Galactic Museum, and others.

Distant Guardians Storyline

Coruscant Cityscape

The cityscape of Coruscant

Coruscant was attacked in the storyline, leading up to the story's beginning. Many believe it to be the doing of the Republic of Duloc. But is this actually true?

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Coruscant is a major Order of the Just world. It serves as the Order's overall capitol. It also serves as the home world of David Johnson.