The planet Cortania

Cortania is one of the many planets in the Multi-Universe and is home to Ikari, Chase, Kera and Utau and the former home of Astir Fienox, Dia Fienox, Wilfro Furnox, Narek Cortan and Ariella Cortania. Cortanias is governed through a monarchy, split between the royal sisters: on Cortania Reborn the reigning queen is Ikari Cortania Young, while on Original Cortania, Diamond and Astir Fienox rule.

Climate and Geography


Corta, the capital city.

Compsed of one continent, Cortania's climate is similar to that of the Earth's temperate climates: mild, cold winters and dry summers. Most of its population is centered around the capital city Corta, with a few villages and towns lying on the edge of the Cortanian continent. Vast parts of the Cortanian continent are uninhabited apart for some sporadic settlers. It is thought that these uninhabited areas provide an enviromental balance to the existance of Corta itself.


Cortanian Palace

The Royal Palace of Cortania, where Ikari and her family live.

Cortania was an uninhabited planet before the original settlers arrived and their leader, Cortania herself founded the nation. Centuries past, with the Cortanian bloodline remaining in control of the planet. Its last ruler before the Great Cosmic War was Narek Cortan, passed the throne to his youngest daughter Ikari, after stripping her sister Dia of her own claim for treason and attempted murder. The planet was destroyed with Ikari and Dia's deaths in the Cosmic War, but was brought back by the Cosmic Heart when the war had ended, its history repeating itself somewhat up until Ikari's rebirth.

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