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"I met him, fifteen years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes...the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply...evil."
— Dr. Samuel Loomis about his former patient, Michael Myers.

The Complete Monster is the most depraved of all characters; a villain utterly lacking in redeeming features. The Complete Monster is the worst of all villains in a storyline, a villain who is pure evil. And for this kind of villain, doing evil for them is as natural as breathing.

Or, anyway, that is how the character is presented in the story. The character is a bad guy, full stop. The author has not taken the character through any actions toward redemption, or at least any that stuck.

The Complete Monster can be recognized by these signs:

  • The character is truly heinous by the standards of the story, which makes no attempt to present the character in any positive way.
  • They commit acts that are atrocious by the standards of the story, and have crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Villains who have only crossed the MEH once usually do not qualify, although rare examples such as Aya Tokoyogi in exist if the line they cross is heinous enough.
  • The character's terribleness is played seriously at all times, evoking fear, revulsion and hatred from the other characters in the story. For this reason, villains such as Comedy Villains and Comic Relief Villains can never qualify.
  • They are completely devoid of altruistic qualities. They show no regret for their crimes.
  • Nothing justifies their crimes, and they cannot feel empathy and never redeem themselves.

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Complete Monsters and Storylines

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LOTM: Sword of Kings


LOTM: Sword of Kings is a story based in the modern manga and anime shounen action series, including its villains. There are the few who are so twisted and vile that they are memorable for being so ungodly demented and cruel and lacking the morals/mercy of their fellow villains, who are either horrified and can't do anything about it or actually admire the person due to their overwhelming power. When you think about "evil", they're the very definition of it and some of them can really give nightmares to you since this story is 18+ and so you can expect EVERY single horrible things humans, demons, aliens and even devils can invoke on the real world you know.

DEM Empire & Manufacturing Progressive Sciences


"I'll get all 900 centillion people on this Multi-universe and squeeze all of them in front of the Gods as my men rape and torture their wives to death in the most painful ways. Hahahahaha! Gods are born in cradles of diamonds. They only look up to the suffering of the mortals from above while drinking wine and having sex with their women. And now, Gods, I will cover of your wine with the blood of all of the mortals you consider inferior. I will cover your palaces with flesh! I'm a REAL God. A real God is the a divine being who put his hands in action to bring good or evil to his people. And you... ExKrieg... I'll force you to eat your own flesh! Be greatful! Because, The Fallen, will take his time to punish you!"

  • Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, also known as the legendary evil, The Fallen, is a Dark Abyssal Lord of the Abyssals and the Dark Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire who is the primary villain of the storyline—and by far its most evil one of them all. Born as a nasty sociopath who loved to inflict pain and sought to extend his influence wherever he could, in his various guises as Good Ruler of the Asgard Electronics and later the DEM Empire, he has been responsible for orchestrating Multi-Universal-wide wars, manipulating others and then disposing of them when they have served his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people, tyrannically oppressing centillions of sentient beings, wiping out centillions of lives, destroying billions of galaxies, planets and realities to secure and then maintain power, and all this for no other reason than his desire to bring chaos, destruction, death upon innocent civilizations and his boundless cruelty and hatred. He destroyed entire universes for no logical reasons; because he wanted. He is also the psychotic Emperor of the "Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire" of the Nazi Party, is an unassuming, bespectacled, manipulative, sadistic and nihilistic tall man is defined by his love of war. His Empire itself is the Nazi Party, he founded his Empire after the manipulated Adolf Hitler and started the World War II, killing 60 million. His Empire is an organization that wipes out all life from planets, then sells the planets to the highest bidder. Having summoned the First Spirit to Earth, resulting in an explosion that killed 150 million people and allowing more Spirits to enter the human world, Westcott used the ensuing chaos to set his plans into motion in countless universes in order to capture the Spirits and make them go in insanity mode to use their powers to make himself the new Dark God of the Multi-Universe. Prior to the events of the story, Isaac slept with a ExKrieg woman know as Mikaela Du Tirial and had a daughter with her, Katarina Couteau. However, Isaac destroyed Bandu Planet, bringing the ExKrieg race to near extinction despite their loyalty and later he killed Mikaela and tried to kill Katarina when she was just a newborn but luckily she escaped through a portal. Years later, destroyed an entire population of a planet know as Amerish to repopulate the population as slaves and Abyssals in order to use the planet as the HQ of his Empire. Acting behind the scenes, Isaac had multiple newborns humans turned into Abyssals (in which were children who were taken from their parents), having them slaughter innocent people to slowly reveal himself to Alliance of Freedom. Finally taking center stage, Isaac launched an attack on the entire Multi-Universe, obliterating everything he saw and having his men slaughter every living thing in sight, including babies; destroying entire planets, destroying entire universes and galaxies; resulting in the death of CENTILLIONS to put down other military factions. Isaac confesses there is no end goal; combat and war are their own end.His actions go far away from the story's standard, such as killing Bismarck's family and forcing her to fall into darkness and torturing Nia Honjou for years, wiped said torture from her mind, then forced all of the pain back on her at once to drive her insane. He even corrupt La Folia Rihavein, Katarina's childhood friend into a insane Abyssal to make Katarina fall in despair, which resulted in La Folia's death and Katarina's death as well, and thus, destroying the Alliance of Freedom and causing despair across the existence. Throughout his reign, Isaac allows murders, rapes, tortures and helps to grow the monstrosity of corruption in his Empire so nobles do whatever they want at the expense of the lives of those beneath them. With the rebels growing in his Empire, he wastes no time terrorizing the populace of his own Empire in attacks where innocent people are butchered and men, women and children alike are raped by his squad. Isaac himself treats his "playthings" horribly with a tendency to kill them, all the while daring someone to challenge him and thus untouchable. When he actually captures a member of Rebel Alliance, Isaac subjects him to hideous torture, including crushing one of his testicles, to get him to speak. When he encounters the widow of a genuine Imperial war hero, Isaac wastes no time raping and murdering her while one of his men has her young daughter right on top of the husband's grave. Isaac shows no hesitation in killing one of his own officers when he objects to Isaac carelessly sacrificing their soldiers, and his ultimate goal is to die at the conclusion of his war, after having created one last great display of the carnage he so loves. His goal was just to make God cry as he destroyed the entire existence, just it. Westcott is the most twisted person in all Multi-Universes and is the most dark Abyssal that existed. Even after his death, his name became a taboo anywhere in the entire Multi-Universe and his actions left countless Multi-Universes, multiverses, universes, dimensions, galaxies and planets destroyed by his insane war that raged on across many universes for millions years.
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      "Tsk... You still able to speak like that. The suffering of your people is nothing compared to my wish. Children who will grow up without parents? Do you really think such type of emotion will change the world? Why you care about the fetus? They don't even know what is going on."

      The Fallen's Essence 
      or The Fallen's Shadow is a shadow-like creature born from The Fallen's Power to help the Original Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott spread his word, essence and dark energy across other worlds he can't break in. The Fallen's Essence is the Big Bad of Eckidina Arc and possibly the worst parent in the entire storyline, he was so vile in this part he beat the original Fallen in terms of "worst father". His ultimate goal is the annihilation of the human race by transforming the Earth into a dead rock. Despite he is the shadow of Fallen, he was the most evil of ALL shadows that Fallen give birth to travel another worlds, unlike others shadows, this ONE was special, he planned to betray the original Fallen and disobey his wish and order. Fallen's goal was to spread Nazism, death, racism and war across other worlds without using his army, but this shadow clearly wanted to do what HE wanted and not for Fallen's orders. He desires nothing less than the total physical, mental, and sexual domination of everyone that he comes into contact with, up to and including his own daughters, Kanon Rihavein and La Folia Rihavein. Prior to the start of the show, The Fallen's Essence faked the death of the original La Folia Rihavein and Kanon Rihavein when they were just infants. After that, they revived them again and cloned them in dozens of clones. He used the clones to test his inhuman experiments with the Human Purifier alongside Lusamine. After experimenting on both, Fallen believed that the experiments had cost the newborn Kanon and La Folia their lives and callously disposed of them as a failure. Later, when one Kanon's clone managed to survive the experiment, he let her live and used her as his pawn... And so, he killed ALL embryos of Kanon and La Folia, leaving only one La Folia alive to use her as the trigger to rise Kanon to power years later. The Fallen's Essence possessed Lucas' body, her father, and beat her for years until she escaped from her kingdom to live a happy life, what of course, was part of his master plan. Years later, he ordered Kanon (the clone he let live) to hunt down La Folia to force her rise to power. When she was captured, The Fallen's Essence had Kanon executing La Folia in front of the entire world, including in front of Katarina, her childhood friend. When Kanon was defeated, The Fallen's Essence let Kanon to die and destroyed Aldegyr Kingdom is his dragon form, killing 3 million people. Later, he used Sasha, the new leader of Mafusa Gang to force Katarina to drink the Black Tao to possess her body, once he possessed her body, he used her unknown power to destroy many villages in Japan and even killed some of his underlings for fun. Using the World War III to complete his master plan, he formed an alliance with Scathach 10 years prior the series and used her organization, Order of Terror to create a totalitarian regime on Earth for all eternity, what he successes and put the entire mankind in a living hell where white humans where above everyone, resulting in mass genocides of BILLIONS and gave birth to a new mass Holocaust on Earth using his partner, Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant to control the world. After years of hell on Earth, The Fallen's Essence planned to destroy Earth with all living beings on it to become stronger and return to The Fallen's Empire to overthrow him, what of course... Was a failure. Despite he was made to serve the Fallen, he was so VILE that he committed crimes against life for its own pleasure. And thanks to him, more than 99,95% of humanity was destroyed after billion people lived in a Nazi world... Well, at least "weak-minded" people will never revere Nazism again for the rest of eternity.
    • 53YFA

      "So what? What's the difference if 1 or 1 trilion of your stupid race die?"

      is the female vessel of Isaac Westcott and shows no sigh of humanity as well, in fact, she is the considered the most evil female Abyssal in history. The Empress of the DEM Empire acting as the female vessel of Isaac Westcott, is a tyrant slaver who love to commit genocide by forcing her own people to work to death and then execute them in mass-genocide, often sending men to work camps while women are raped to death and children are send to gas chambers. Seizing control of the Imperial throne, Voldëmort establishes a military dictatorship that violently destroys any who might be a threat. When a single Mon shipman is captured on board a rebel cruiser, Voldëmort flips out and kills him after ordering a summary execution of ten percent of the Mon species while the rest will be forced into camps and exterminated later. Suffering a betrayal from her most trusted follower, Voldëmort later then torture him to death while he forces his family being tortured in all kind of ways. When DEM Council decided to wipe out an aquatic race, Voldëmort's first plan is to create a sea monster known as a Leviathan that steals the souls of its victims and imprisons them in eternal anguish. When this is destroyed, Voldëmort develops a toxin to kill all life on the planet. Despite the best efforts, Voldëmort exterminates 80 percent of life on the planet with nothing more than satisfaction at her own brilliance. She then proceeds to attempt to exterminate all life on another planet that defies the DEM after having refugees hunted down. Even before her integration into the DEM Empire, Voldëmort showed resentment towards the living beings and happily tried to have Count Dooku executed, despite Dooky having previously created her in his laboratory. After being promoted to Empress of the New DEM Empire following Westcott's death, Voldëmort, after crafting the Voldëmort Doctrine, which laid out principles of DEM Empire, would repeatedly demonstrate her cruelties as a high-ranking officer: boiling Space Pirate Q'anah and her crew to death from the heat of a star and ordering the destruction of any ships that tried to rescue them; punishing the populace of Antar-4 with no regard to which members of the populace had been loyal to the MUDF, causing many innocent deaths; and, upon her promotion to Supreme Empress, taxing the subjects of the DEM Empire to starvation and engineering the torture of Jellal Fernandes, even though Jellal may not know anything. During the earliest days after the end of the Cataclysmatic War, Voldëmort sanctions the obliteration of city NiJedha and claims the victory as her own. Voldëmort later has the Galaxy Destroyer fire on the DEM Imperial base on Ttitla galaxy to quell rebel activity, killing countless members of the DEM Empire's own men as well as her hated rival to DEM Empire Throne, Aryana Westcott, while also wiping out the remainder of New Conglomerate, putting an end to the heroic corporation that fought the Balam Alliance for decades. Voldëmort's most recognized atrocity is, while in command of the Galaxy Destroyer, having Yuri tortured and, even after being provided with the information she wanted, forcing him to witness the destruction of his homeworld, killing billions of innocent people and later having him in her bed while putting her hand in his mouth to force him to eat worms. Voldëmort's only response to any of her atrocities is a cold, smug sense of satisfaction and total hatred for life. A Card-Carrying monster combined with lack of empathy and love par excellence, Voldëmort exercised cruelty nightmarish even by the standards of the DEM Empire despite not even being an Abyssal herself, coldly dismissing Berch Teller's words to his protocol with "[E]vil will have to do." Voldëmort was considered a figure more evil than Aryana, Bismarck and Ellen and is remembered today as the Westcott's Successor.
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    "We are the children of the atom. Radiation gave birth to us. What will kill life will only make Spirals like you, Bismarck, stronger. That's why I'm going to test your powers here and now. You'll show me your power... otherwise I'll kill your best friend."

    The twisted B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, became one of the most feared and loathed robots in Multi-Universe history. Known as "Butcher" CM Unit hungered to learn the secrets behind the Spiral by torturing children who fell into his grasp, even the children when children are honored and protected by DEM. The experiments would often end in excruciating vivisection. It had a wide variety of other research interests, including a fascination with heterochromia, a condition in which an individual's two irises differ in coloration. Throughout its stay in Death Camp, CM Unit collected the eyes of its murdered victims, in part to furnish “research material” to DEM researchers of eye pigmentation. It itself also conducted several experiments in an attempt to unlock the secret of artificially changing eye color. Less famously, it zealously documented in camp inmates the progression of the disease Noma, a type of gangrene which destroys the mucous membrane of the mouth and other tissues. The Unit-CM was said to have a fascination with twins and the "nature versus genetics" debate - legends have it committing such atrocities as sewing two twins back to back in order to create conjoined-twins, boiling dwarfs alive so as to display their skeletons and injecting children and infants with diseases, poison and drugs (it was also said to have a fascination with mutilating eyes). CM Unit also tried the Freezing Experiments to investigate the most effective means of treating persons who had been severely chilled or frozen. The victims were forced to remain in a tank of ice water for up to 3 hours. Extreme rigor developed in a short time. Numerous victims died in the course of these experiments. After the survivors were severely chilled, rewarming was attempted by various means. In another series of experiments, the victims were kept naked outdoors for many hours at temperatures below freezing. The victims screamed with pain as their bodies froze. It tried to study various methods of making sea water drinkable. The victims were deprived of all food and given only chemically processed sea water. Such experiments caused great pain and suffering and resulted in serious bodily injury to the victims. According to one account the Unit-CM personally murdered over 150.000 children in 15 years in one sitting during one particularly zealous bout of "inspiration" and it was said to gain the trust of many of its "patients" via giving them candy, ordering relatively clean quarters and regular meals. The Unit-CM was also infamous for sending "patients" to the gas-chambers if they did not recover within 2 weeks, it would often kill its younger "patients" after experiments and legends persist of Unit CM forcing cannibalism, necrophilia and countless other horrors on its victims. It was not only a cruel scientist but a cold-hearted lieutenant that was a sadistic disciplinarian who believes in brutalizing the children by whipping any he deemed "disobedient" so that the others could hear. When one boy accidentally spilled the ink in his pen, CM Unit forced him to eat the ink. Others prisoners who tried to escape were even forced to clean a filthy death camp with their mouth and saw one of their friends turned into rats feed. Combining a complete lack of empathy with homicidal scientific curiosity, CM Unit stands as a unique type of robot monster in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and 5 billion after its death, its name had become a curse to all scientists in the whole Multi-Universe and its name still haunt billion of people.
    • T Hades DarkCyber Card

      "Infection of venereal disease by injection was abandoned under my orders, and so I said to my researchers to start forcing the prisoners into sexual acts with each other. Four or five unit members, dressed in white laboratory clothing completely cover the body with only eyes and mouth visible, handled the tests. A male and female, one infected with syphilis, would be brought together in a cell and forced into sex with each other. I made it clear that anyone resisting would be shot."

      Not even death could change it, actually, he returned much worse. Now known as B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 000, the mad Nazi scientist returned to spread more terror, this time on Earth. 18 years after its death, the Dr. CM Unit was revived by the Fallen's Essence during the time of World War III on Prime Earth. Orchestrating a plot to build a Fourth Reich while helping Fallen's Essence on Earth, it captures dozens of women and forcibly impregnates them with Isaac Westcott's DNA so that he can resurrect the alien dictator through cloning and renew DEM Empire’s bid for world conquest on Prime Earth. CM orders 900,000 men across the world killed as part of the experiment and infected them with all types of diseases in order to spread plagues across all countries of the world. Following the recovery of its body, CM wasted no time and killed all scientist leaders of KnightWalker Family in order to take control of the industries of KnightWalker Alliance and become the central scientist of the alliance, it also used the loved ones of the scientists as guinea pigs in ruthless rape experiments and tests with chemical weapons, including freezing people and ripping off their limbs to make new method of torture. As a the scientist leader, it used civilians to test its own new weapons, including using pregnant women in flamethrower tests in order to know if the heat can actually affect the fetus. During it time as Chief of Staff of the KnightWalker Industries Army, KnightWalkers ground and naval forces had committed numerous flagrant violations of the Laws and Customs of War which are laws used by all nations during war in order to avoid violation to human rights, even the KnightWalker Family and Godom Empire respect some of these rules but CM Unit proved it had no strings and broke all rules of the alliance, At some point, King Hamdo and Emperor Tathagata Killer attempted an assassination to kill the mad droid, thinking someone so cruel was not necessary on their alliance, however, the assassinations failed and CM Unit had Hamdo's daughter tortured and gang raped. Days later, it sent Hamdo's daughter to his palace, it also sent a message written with her virginity blood on her back saying: "Snacks are not good for my experiments". Somewhere between ten and thirty million Americans, Chinese and Russian civilians were murdered by its troops, with some being subjected to grisly human experimentation on its new research building on Tokyo and Tenguu City, one of the heinous experiments on its research building was indeed the pressure chamber, CM used war enemies in a pressure chamber that made men's intestines squirting out of their anus and gave them as food to animals. During its time on KnightWalker Family, KnightWalker troops gang raped tens of thousands of women and children (likely more), abducted still thousands more to serve as "comfort women"—forced into prostitution by the its army and beaten and raped to death by imperial soldiers, and regularly tortured and killed enemy prisoners of war only to send their bodies back to their homeland, it also broke many laws of the KnightWalker Alliance and kidnapped Russian civilians (remembering Russia was an allied nation at the time of WWIII) to dissect them and study the human body of Earth. Biological weapons, including anthrax, were "tested" on allied and enemy civilian populations, killing several million more. Even cannibalism was common in the KnightWalker military when CM Unit joined the rank, who regarded non-Nazis as subhuman, it also forced incest between families in order to study Human psychology. With a death toll in the tens of millions, CM's actions put it in the running, alongside the likes of Eckidina KnightWalker, Juria KnightWalker, Tathagata Killer and King Hamdo, for the title of "Earth’s worst beings." It also used women and pregnant women in horrible experiments that even Lusamine, who once cloned La Folia and Kanon, was disgusted and left Fallen's side, but what forced Lusamine to left was when CM Unit forced a guinea pig that was forced to have sex with an almost dead woman that had more than 4 diseases in her body. It also Injected newborn babies with sexual diseases in order to "create a disease to destroy a nation from inside using its own children". It is prepared to kill anyone who stands in his way, including women, children and infants. CM's endgame is to create a new Isaac—CM's ideal of the perfect sociopathic genocidal warlord—for every subsequent generation until the total extermination of the "lower races" is completed. Despite it was working with Fallen's Essence, it never had intentions to serve a false master and tried to make a coup on KnightWalker Alliance in order to take control all nations working to KnightWalker Alliance and even planned to create an undead army using all people from the Orient of the planet to defeat the Stabilization Union and so it can conquer the Earth and use all living beings of that planet as guinea pigs for the rest of its life before coming back to DEM Empire and show its new discovers to Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, the ruler of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. Despite being a robot, it have its own free will to think and choose to be this type of genocidal and megalomaniac scientist, what turns it as the most evil robotic being who walked on the face of the Multi-Universe. CM Unit stand up as one of the most evil villain of DEM Empire (if not the most evil) and rivaled Isaac Westcott and all Balam Alliance Emperors in terms of cruelty. CM Unit is so vile that even other villains were disgusted and joined forced with the heroes to defeat it once for all. While it was on Earth, it was now as the most devilish leader in the history of KnightWalker Family and its name is feared by all people from Stabilization Union nations.
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    "Heroes and Villians, my name is Black Diamond, the Fallen Dark Abyssal God Gem from DEM Empire! I'm the hatred itself!"

    Black Diamond is a self-proclaimed tyrant and would-be Multi-Universal Conqueror, who named himself after his world's equivalent of The Antichrist and is one of the Supreme Leaders of Deus.Ex.Machina Empire. A user and abuser of his followers, Black Diamond divides the universe into enemies and pawns, killing or enslaving the former, and ruthlessly exploiting the latter. A gloating sadist, Black Diamond never kills anyone quickly when prolonged torture will do, considers his own allies expendable, and hopes to bring all Multi-Universes under his heel. Black Diamond is the true demon in Gem Religion and is considered one of the most powerful and evil villains in the storyline. Black Diamond lived for trillions of years, destroying entire planets and galaxies for fun. Acquiring a hatred of all organic life, Black Diamond tries to scrub the Multi-Universe clean of it, resulting in the near destruction of all life, robotic and organic, on his home planet when his last mad grasp for power finally fails. Black Diamond is so evil that all diamonds and Gems fear him.
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    "I'm not done. I have more 8 Earths destroy before I return to Prime Earth! Man, If I knew destroy planets could be so fun, I would have destroyed all 10,000,000 under my thumb! Once I finish all Earths, I'll be the Medium Abyssal Fighter! When I finish my mission on Earth, I'll destroy all planets I encounter and eat the souls of all living beings! I can enjoy the death and suffering of all humans to my heart's content for today!!"

    Aryana Westcott is one of the 3 tyrannical Nazi heads of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Waffen-666, an organization that wipes out all life from planets, then give the planets to Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire to sell it and enslave the survivors. Aryana is a fanatical "Totenkopf" Nazi officer who is able to do anything for her master, The Fallen, who is the ruler of DEM Empire. Prior to the events of the series, Aryana invaded Mana Takamiya's home planet and enslaved her race, forcing all men to fight for her while the women and children were used as slaves. In the invasion, she used Skull Face to kill Mana's family by brainwashing him into her servant since he refused to work for her. Aryana then enslaved Mana's parents and tortured them alongside MILLIONS with her very own hands before killing them. Aryana used the innocent beings as guinea pigs in her inhuman experiments... Experiments similar (and sometimes much worse) to B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130's. After many years of slavery and suffering, Aryana destroyed Mana's home planet, bringing her race to near extinction despite their loyalty. After she was on Earth, Lusamine gave her an Energy Ball that is able to open portals to others Parallel Earths, she wasted no time and opened portals to others Earths to destroy all of them, killing more than 40 billion in just a day before returning to Prime Earth in happiness once her power increased by eating the souls of billions. During her time on Earth, Aryana killed many civilians, including Asuha Chigusa and her brother, even after she got the Artifact of the Past. She also slaughtered several warriors and non-combatants and tortured Jellal, Lucas, and Tohka to near-death, and had Chinatsu crying and begging Katarina to stop Aryana, who was once her ally, who then shoots Chinatsu through the heart. She then blew up Lucy Sheev KnightWalker, when she learned the girl could heal people. She then blew a hole through La Folia, proceeded to blow up Tomas Sevchenko, and threatened Iris; Tamae's newborn child, which led to Katarina becoming the very thing that she and her Master feared most. However, as Katarina never used that power, she easily defeated Katarina in rage mode. However, Mana Takamiya, the solo survivor of Aryana's genocide, fought her in an epic battle for revenge. When Mana showed mercy by giving the dying Aryana some energy, Aryana promptly tried to kill her, leading Mana to blow her apart. She later is revived by The Fallen's Essence after her defeat on Earth and went to New Conglomerate HQ to destroy it and seek revenge on Mana, when she invade the base she looked for Mana but did not find her, once she discovered Mana was not there, Aryana beheaded all men, women and children of the HQ and sent more than 50,000 heads to Multi-Universe Defense's base. After one of her underlings suggested that Aryana should ignore Mana and focus on her part of the DEM empire, Aryana killed him by blasting him into space until his head exploded by the gravity. Mounths later after Order of Terror and Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant were defeated on Earth, Aryana finally found Mana and fought her, in the middle of the fight, Aryana showed no mercy and used 100% of her power, causing death and destruction around the city they were fighting, and even killed an infant in front of Mana's eyes to show how weak she was. In order to defeat Aryana, Mana sacrificed herself to put an end to her reign of terror. 5 billion years later after Balam Alliance's defeat, Aryana was revived by DEM cultists and killed all of them later. In order to take revenge on all heroes of the universe for killing her, she destroyed an entire galaxy just to call the attention of New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, she killed her entire army after they lost to Wolf Pack Squad, and tortured an injured Echidna StinWalker by shooting laser blast in her chest and belly. When she was overpowered by Yato Stinger, she destroyed the entire planet she was fighting not caring if she would be killed in the explosion, just to spite the heroes. After she was revived, Aryana said she was going to create a new Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire from the zero to revive the 4 million years of war and terror that DEM Empire created on the past. Genocidal, arrogant, and sadistic underneath her polite exterior, Aryana is set a new standard for LOTM: Sword of Kings villains since she was the first villain in the storyline to destroy entire planets on screen.
  • 0joj

    Are these humans truly worth protecting? I've seen countless deeds committed by the humans since I was born. War, murder, theft. This cycle repeats perpetually. Humans are disgusting. Eventually, they will kill themselves but before that, a TRUE divine being should kill them all, and it's Me. The Angelic Messenger of God, Kanon Rihavein!

    Kanon Rihavein is a sneering, arrogant maniac with an angel complex who specializes in the Mind Rape of young people. Operating as the princess of Aldegyr Kingdom, Kanon turned her kingdom in a living hell, allowing corruption and leaving many people to die. Since her childhood, Kanon thought humans were a cancer and seek the help of God to know how she can clean to world in his name. And doing so, Kanon started to get insane and thought God was talking with her. Years later, Kanon started to punish her kingdom with diseases and extermination to show God her faith and as the time passed by, Kanon started to think she was an Angel since she was the only one to hear God's words and became a sociopath narcissist with a twisted sense of religion. In order to get her Angel powers from Sonia Nevermind's technology, Kanon gladly sold more than 5,000,000 women of her kingdom to turn them into sex slaves of Sonia's soldiers. Using her authority, Kanon captured her twin sister, La Folia Rihavein, and executed her in the eyes of the entire world in cold-blood as Katarina watched. Even in her final moments whole fighting the heroes, Kanon tried to turn the entire planet into a dead rock to wipe out humans so she can be the guide of the new future race in Earth. Kanon's goal was always wipe out humans because she thought they are a failed creation of God. Interestingly, while most Sword of Kings villains know that what they do is wrong (and either do not care or take pride from this), Kanon actually believes that she is a good person, making her something of a insane delusional teenage girl. She repeatedly refuses to find fault within herself and is quite self-righteous, declaring herself much purer than "the common vulgar, weak, licentious crowd" and to be above the biblical doctrine that all men are equally sinful. She believes that everything she does is in the name of God, Kanon is a psychopathic narcissist who despises all humans in the world, while relishing any and all forms of wickedness humans are capable of using God's name to hide her sadism, racism and cruelty. Curiously, Kanon and La Folia are "Cain and Abel" example sisters... And... Kanon is the "pure angel" while her sister, La Folia, is a sinner human.
    • 60839259 p21 master1200

      "You wanted to know who I am. This is who I am, the Apocalypse is not coming in the form an Angel, Meteor, Anti-Christ, Pope, God, Demon, Devil, war, Aliens, natural disasters or diseases... But in the form of a girl. Just like when Lilith gave Adam the Forbidden Fruit of life, women exist to bring disgrace. As my duty as Angel of the new world, I'll clean this planet from all heretics and build a new race, a better world from the ashes from this wicked reality."

      Growing up means you're mature but if you're evil, that you become something much worse, that's what happened with Kanon Rihavein when she became the heartless Heis. The Angel Sub Arc, dedicated to exploring whether there is such a thing as pure evil, concludes that while anybody, no matter now heinous, can be redeemed, it is Heis' refusal to seek redemption that makes her the titular Angel of the sub arc, and shows that Demons are not the only evil entity of the world. A sadistic chessmistress and Manipulative Bitch who loves to inflict pain in humans, Heis murdered her own mother and manipulated over 50 adults and children into massacring each other after the destruction of Aldegyr Kingdom,  Heis is on a personal journey to become, in her own words, as dark as possible in order to work for The Fallen as his Fallen Angel (thinking that she is an assassin who works on the shadows to serve the "light"). She is also trying to find out if there is anyone as "pure" as she is out there, or, failing that, forcing the heroic Lucas Kellan, and/or her own pacifistic sister, La Folia Rihavein, to kill him in cold blood. In this way, she hopes to establish that even the best people can become heinous sinners, showing the true dark nature of humans to the world. Along the way she convinces children to jump from rooftops, gets a recovering criminal into killing himself for the lives he took, sets a highly-occupied library aflame, and convinces various innocent people into becoming serial killers to murder many people across the world, creating several Jack the Rippers of 21st Century, as part of her quest to become a non-human and show she is above all humans. In the end, Heis tries to manipulate the population of an entire town into slaughtering each other by using B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130's New Gen Virus to brainwash them all, and, failing at this, prepares to kill am infant just to torture Katarina Couteau. Numerous Freudian Excuses are proposed for Heis' behavior, saying she is doing it for a new peaceful world, yet each one is ultimately undermined because what lives in this sophisticated, calm and generous woman is just pure racism and tendencies to neo-Nazi laws as she claims she hates non-white people, revealing that in the end, Heis simply is an Angel much worse than many demons and devils out there.
  • EDKDmnev

    "I hope you're prepared to feel a pain worst than hell."

    Minerva Liddell is a former Ace Wizard of Sith Empire and current Magi-Tech Wizard of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire as part of their psycho mercenary outfit, and utter a child hate who becomes the Big Bad of LOTM: A Draw of Kings 5th Arc. Minerva was born in a slum in Deus Ex Vectron and started her evil career by killing thieves in her street and recording torture in her camera at young age. At some point, Minerva enjoyed killing people and joined the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Waffen-666 as a servant of the ruthless dictator Aryana Westcott. Her only apparent motivation in life is to killing and causing mayhem, including raping and killing children in front of their parents. She has no concern for other DEM members, and when they rebel in order to save Eve Fullbuster from being brought to the Light Side, Minerva willingly turns on them, getting a real kick out of how badly she gets to hurt them. She's as unhinged as DEM Wizards come, and dies trying to harm anyone she can in her last moments.
  • Yuuki-Terumi-Phase-Shift-Artwork

    "After all, if all death in the world is lost... That'd be just another reason for despair!"

    Yuuki Terumi, unlike the rest of the assassins and mercenaries of Manufacturing Progressive Sciences, has no real Freudian Excuse, while Reaper lost his family during a genocide, Nnoitra was forced to serve CM 130 and Vergil suffered brainwash, Terumi joined CM 130 by his own free will once he saw a chance to commit death and violence as much he could under CM 130's command. An Ax-Crazy Psychopathic Manchild and member of a Religion of Evil, Yuuki worships violence and death, and sees mercy (or indeed, anything other than full-scale slaughter) as a sin. He and his partner, Vergil, corner and capture the Black Demon, Revy, delivering her heart to CM 130 for draining its power, but not before using her in his insane ritual by cutting her body in pieces while using his energy to keep her alive the whole ritual to make her feel pain, leaving her parts inside of toy boxes as a part of his faith. The two of them subsequently slaughtered a temple's worth of monks in order to follow the orders of CM 130 that explicitly says to leave no Christian and Jews alive. During the battle at the CM 130 station, Yuuki engaged Sonia in combat, and used a religious ritual to bind their souls together, then began mutilating himself in order to torture Sonia, ultimately leading to the Princess's painful death. When Kyouko confronted Yuuki, Yuuki mocked her lover's memory, and attempted to inflict the same fate on Kyouko and everyone she loved, including Gwen and Katarina Couteau. In the end, Yuuki Terumi is just like CM 130, while the insane scientist droid defiles science turning it in a tool to torture and kill, Yuuki, on the other hand, defiles religion, turning it a sore-excuse to kill innocent people in the name of his God, and all other Gods of the Multi-Universe.
  • 041c8e89b678b46731ac2144bc87c2e7

    "Do you know how difficult it is keeping organs viable? And these aren't just any old organs. No, these possess the secret of unimaginable power. And why's that? Because they were all harvested from mutants just like you... Now then, it's harvest time, and I see we have a proper crop. I'll start with the girl's organs. After all, she was here first! But don't worry, I'll get to ALL of you."

    Akrak Couteau
     (literally from "vile" in Khmer language) is a mad scientist working for Manufacturing Progressive Sciences in Brazil and was the sister of Haruko Couteau, the adoptive mother of Katarina Couteau. Akrak a Mad Scientist obsessed with immortality and tried to create countless virus to turn people into undead living things to turn their bodies ageless. She keeps an Amazon Brigade consisting of elven women she's used expert Mind Rape powers on to keep them trapped in a state of eternal agony, but unable to disobey her while Akrak conducts a Holocaust in the forest of the Amazon in Brazil, killing poor and Indians with virus tests, turning them into zombies. She conducts experiments on Brazilians to kill them, or turn them into living abominations for her usage in her personal guard, and regularly bleeds women dry to harvest their blood for her use. Akrak was so vile that even Katarina's mother left her side and married Iruka Couteau years later while trying to erase the memories of her inhuman sister. Akrak is vile so her boss, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, she was even considered his best scientist for she lacks any kind of "useless moral".

Sith Empire & Scathach's Cult

  • Tumblr o736vq3vOI1qaz9jlo1 500

    "I lived for quintillions of years but after many years in the darkness, I'll finally get my fun! Come! Let me show you the true meaning of death! Let me show you the truth of all life! The truth of this Multi-Universe! The truth I call DEATH!"

    Darth Hades, the Dark Emperor of the Sith Empire, is a pointlessly cruel man who sacrificed all life on his homeworld, Nathema, so he could become immortal. He mind raped Valk for 300 years just so he could get intelligence on the Jedi Multi-Universe Forces of Peace. Hades periodically takes young Sith apprentices and alters them to become his Children, instruments of his will. Many of the Children are sent to the Republic and Multi-Universe Force planets as sleeper agents and often have no clue of their true nature until they find themselves compelled by Hades' will to kill their own friends. To complete his ascension to godhood, Hades attempts to destroy several planets. He attempts to destroy a massive power core on Belsavis, which would destroy the universes and several surrounding universal systems. He attempts to release Sel-Makor on Voss. Finally, he attempts to eradicate all life on Corellia, one of the more inhabited planets in the galaxy and a member of the Empire at that time. If these attempts had succeeded, Hades would have proceeded to conduct a ritual that would have consumed all life in the Multi-Universe to grant him the ultimate power. During his reign that lasted for 500 billions of years, Hades killed, enslaved and destroyed countless of lives and universes; destroying entire planets and galaxies only to bring darkness upon the Multi-Universe for immortality. Hades, alone, destroyed countless of races and civilizations, killed octillion of lives, destroyed billions of universes and brought war and despair to the 1st and 5th Multi-Universes for billions years. Hades is so cruel that the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords have made multiple attempts to kill him as a matter of principle, not only the ancient Sith Lords tried to do that, but even some of his officers in his Sith Empire tried to kill him as well.
  • Scathach 
    Abyssanchorage56490757 p0 master1200

    "The next time you open your eyes you'll be seeing a whole new world... a new world of death! Things are getting really fun!"

    is an interdimensional bio-weapon created by the Sith Empire, despite her Faux Affably Evil demeanor and twisted sense of humor. A being of chaos who killed her friends years ago and destroyed her homeworld to feel the fear of living beings. Scathach sought to escape her decaying realm by invading another worlds she could wreak havoc on, and set her eye on Earth's universes. For 600.000 years, Scathach convinced her mother, Kali, that humans are the true enemies of Darth Hades only to start destroying countless Earths across many parallel universes. A chessmistress extraordinaire, she manipulated all the history of mankind and was responsible for EVERY single wicked, cruel and catastrophic event that turned the wheel of human civilization. Every war, every massacre, every murder, every death, every suffering, every birth, every happiness, every genocide; all of this was generated by her in the hope to find a human who had the ability to withstand the power of Tech of the End to free her mother from the Tech of the End cube. Scathach not only acted to free her mother, but she loved to see the death of billions and billions of human beings who were killed in her game throughout history. Scathach was a being motivated by a lust of chaos and random whims, and happily conducted torture and brutal murder of infants to further her goals. A sadistic torturer and Manipulative Bitch since she was born, Scathach murdered her own mother, Kali, at the final battle and manipulated over 390.000 adults and children into massacring each other in 192 year in Ancient China. In this devilish way, Scathach killed BILLIONS personally in many ways, along the way she convinces children to jump from rooftops and men to kill their pregnant wives. Scathach is the monster who started the World War I and World War II, the two most deadly conflicts in human history. In the end, Scathach tries to use the Tech of the End to destroy the 0º Multi-Universe and destroy the Milky Way galaxy for the sake of chaos. Scathach is a unique-type of CM in the storyline as she is one of the most realistic villain in so far in terms of human history, showing that she is the definition of Illuminati organization, the group manipulating the human history. Scathach is simply pure evil.
  • Hundund

    "There is no hope, only annihilation!"

    While Darth Malgus has his share of crimes, the true monster is his master, Hundun, an unscrupulous Mad Scientist from Gystroic Organization who values the Dark Side of the Force solely for his scientific curiosity. Hundun's experiments with Darth Nihilus helped to turn Malguns into the Ax-Crazy creature we see in present. Hundun handles most of the planning for Malgu's team, and has no compunction killing anyone he thinks is a threat, even Darth Hades' own Chevaliers. Hundun's actions lean to numerous deaths from the Chiropteran outbreaks and when Malgus is dead, all Hundun cares about is stealing his daughters to experiment on later. Hundun is among the most cruel scientists of Sith Empire.
  • 6de24d42613cc952260925b0c833f3fe

    "You asked what about me? It's simple. I love cutting up live people, and I like killing people so much, I can't stand it. I kill; therefore I am! I am who I am. That's all the evidence I need!"

    Vincent Nightray is a 400-year-old man with a penchant for Body Surfing; he's stayed alive this long by jacking innocent people's bodies, ditching them when they start to rot, and repeating the process infinitely. When his own Philosopher's Stone runs out, he sets in motion a plan to cause so much misery in Fiore Kingdom that someone will be desperate enough to recreate the Stone, allowing him to steal it with no risk to himself. He's abusive towards his "children" as well, and turns out that he is the father of Atala Arck, and later everyone knows from where her "evil personality" came from. Vincent attempts to steal the body Atala's Love Interests, who had already been severely traumatized by torture by Scathach's Cult, solely so that he can force him to rape Atala, forcing Atala to hate men. He later shatters the mind of one of his Neo-Black Demon servants when he dares to miss his dead friend, turning him into a mindless eating machine. He's never shown in a sympathetic light, comes off as an overconfident Jerk Ass in person, and doesn't even have the excuse of not being human to protect him, Vincent Nightray is indeed the most cruel cultist of Scathach's Cult, bringing Atala and Azul nothing but happiness for his death at the hands of his own superior, Scathach.
  • UIAA8em5 (6)

    "I am the thing that keeps you up at night, the evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest-and neither will you."

    Scathach is not the only Black Demon out there that can make even their own creators, the Sith, tremble in fear for creating such creatures. Jeanne is unique among the few Black Demons in that she has no discernible Freudian Excuse and no motive behind her atrocities apart from research or personal enjoyment. Jeanne is the leader of the Research of Spiritual Activities from Sith Empire and is known for being the most civilized and organized Black Demon woman, sophisticated and intelligent like a mature woan, Jeanne is actually a cunning manipulative bitch who have tendencies to kill people who worked with her, unlike Scathach who is a rogue. Said atrocities involve experimenting on a young girl possessed by an Energy Being known as Sprite, to the point where she was physically and mentally exhausted. When she tried to force her to continue, she unleashed a surge of power that would have killed her if her father hadn't saved her from Jeanne. Years later, we see she's continuing her experiments, and after learning the girl is still alive and more powerful than before, she gives an expression that can best be described as arousal. Jeanne has her own hand in Prime Earth incidents by having a contract with Scathach to send her more chips to put them into humans to support her in the New World Order.  When she was still working for the Scathach's Cult, she was in charge of the "Holy Sword Project". She was so obsessed with wielding a holy sword, that when she learned she couldn't, she turned her attention towards those who could. She kidnap dozens of children for the "Holy Sword Project", where she would perform heinous experiments on them, with fatal results for many. When the children weren't capable of wielding a holy sword, she simply has them all killed with fire; there was only two children who survived, who turns out to be Yuuji Kazami (Captain Wataru) and Lucy Sheev KnightWalker (she then discovers her Healer powers came from Jeanne's experiments). The Scathach's Cult was so disgusted with Jeanne, they excommunicated her, resulting in her seeking revenge against Scathach. Years later, when she notices that Yuuji Kazami, the one boy who survived, became a knight of Alliance of Freedom, she mocks him with the fact that all of those children who died were worthless and that he should have died with them, showing how little she cares for the children and her lives and said she was glad Lucy was killed by Aryana Westcott on Earth. Most of the technology coming from Order of Terror came from Jeanne's laboratory, a place where B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 would love. During the battle of the Universal War III, Jeanne tried to destroy both Alliance of Freedom and New Conglomerate using the dead bodies of their deceased friends just to study their emotions. It is soon revealed that the Big Bad has hired her to create an army of Super Soldiers of Black Daemons during the events of LOTM: Destiny, just for the heck of it to continue her horrible experiments in organic life... Removing their limbs alive while putting bio-organic parts in their bodies in terrible pain. Most of her subjects have died or lost their sense of self, and she shows no remorse and uses their bodies as food for her pets known as Sith Puppets, zombies of the deceased members of the defeated Sith Empire, all of them were people who created her and rose her... Her parents and creators. Later in the story, she calles herself a fool several times for her past mistakes. At first, this seems like a form of redemption, but the very next time we see her, she used some bio-device created by Hundun to heal herself and reveals she only called herself a fool for not realizing what went wrong with her experiments, and now she has successfully created his Super Soldiers, children and men that were brainwashed and were cut in pieces milimeter by milimeter to become beings known as Daemons. She overshadows even the Idea of Evil in terms of her sheer depravity and is the Black Demon who is treated as irredeemably evil and possibly insane while even Scathach had her own standards and started to hate science because of her. Utterly heartless in her endeavors, it was no surprise that many would consider devils and demons having more humanity than her.

Triggers Hell & Astaroth Empire

  • Leohart Stitched Cap (Shinmai Maou Testament Burst 05)

    "We at, hell shall feast upon the raw flesh of the Multi-Universe itself! We will crush this deception and bring forth the truth! Now! Go my minions! Eat, kill, torture and have fun! This Multi-Universe of 900,000,000 centillion of lives will be our dinner today! Hail Triggers Hell!"

    Leohart the Prince of Hell is the instigator of the Multi-Universal War and the Dark Demon King of the ancient malevolent Dark Empire, Triggers Hell. Desiring an army of Satanism users to serve his will, Leohart hired Cad to kidnap infants, so that Leohart could perform horrific and potentially fatal experiments upon them, coldly disregarding their possible deaths. When he felt that Momonga was growing too powerful, Leohart commanded Albedo, Momonga's lover, to kill him, ignoring her protests and mockingly praising his apprentice for her "loyalty" when Albedo believed that she had carried out the order. Later, after deciding that his former apprentice, Judas, had grown too powerful, Leohart attacked him on Myggu, brutally murdering Judas's brother, Muris, and sadistically torturing Judas himself into submission, later using Judas in a plot to kill Deon. Leohart then corrupt Littlefoot and many other heroes to make them fight each other on hell while their friends are tortured by demons on Hell. Leohart, in his life time, enslaved, devoured and killed trillions of people with his own hands and brutally crushing any hero faction to ensure power. Leohart is the monster who had the most high body count in the entire Multi-Universe, personally eating women and children alive and transforming them into his undead slaves and sending to the battlefield to defeat the enemy and give them nightmares. He even invaded Minecraftia world and killed all kings and queens to eat their souls. As always, Leohart is a malevolent, sadistic monster who employs exceptionally cruel methods in his quest for power.
  • Betelgeuse OpeningIOJ


    Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti is an insane powerful Archbishop of Leohart's Cult who represents "Sloth" and operates a massive underground network that includes the Cannibal Restaurant where humans are slaughtered by "scrappers" for the pleasure of the audience who are then served the victim, and human trafficking operations where humans are auctioned off, often selling human parts to the Black Market or in Deep Web where he can extend Leohart's words to other people. Petelgeuse's personal depravity extends to his human "pets," such as Suzuya, who Petel used as a scrapper to kill human victims. Petel had Suzuya tortured to dull his sense of pain, and it is strongly implied he molested him as a child as well. To make certain Suzuya would never become "masculine," Petel castrated him with a hammer in name of Leohart.
  • 3eaa7cc5ed1c1fb96a60f2d0835f37d0

    "Your daughter has nice screams."

    Chantique the slaver is a leader of the slaving operation Crucible from Triggers Hell, and as the Magister Impressor, is responsible for educating and teaching new slaves. Chantique proudly presides over a legacy of misery and torment, forcing slaves to battle one another in pointless gladiator fights, with one slave in particular having to carry the memories of every other slave who had ever suffered in the past. After the slave's suicide, Chantique proceeded to mock his would-be savior on the meaninglessness of his death. A brutal sadist who was not above outright murdering his victims, Chantique also possessed a grudge against her old rival Sephiria Arks KnightWalker and would stop at nothing to make her suffer and destroy all the relationships she had formed. The crowning moment of cruelty for Chantique was seeing that ever since she rose to lead Crucible, she celebrated by having one of her old schoolmates buried alive. When she learned her father was coming to collect her old classmates, Chantique buried them all and gleefully mocked him that he should have taught them how to hold their breath.
  • Melisandre

    "You can do better than that. Now SCREAM! Not so tough anymore. I love the way you squirm beneath my boot heel. God, you're such a weakling. And I was so sure you'd be a challenge. You're trash, like all those men I killed. Now, how to end this? Maybe I should just cut your head off. I've seen what's in there; this is a kindness! Now... die!"

    Melisandre was a sadistic Serial Killer in life who died shortly after murdering a woman named Shibata when, while she was walking to land the final stab, her infant son, Youichi, grabbed her shoelaces, causing her to fall out of a window. Stealing Youichi's soul and putting it inside of a parakeet, the Demonized Melisandre promises that if Youichi can escape her for three months at a time, she'll bring the child's mother back to life (something she can't do). Able to track Youichi's soul, Melisandre kills and devours anybody who tries to help Youichi, feeding off the psychological torment it causes, as much as the actual souls. Between all members of Lust Sin Section from Leohart's Cult, Melisandre is the WORST of them all.
  • Velvet crowe tales of series and tales of berseria drawn by daoli c678ee5c6a1ca6f13e528ce57563e1ac

    "Kill the humans, slice their meat, cut their bones, and use their blood and guts to hold the most extravagant party. Come now! And we will engrave into their corpses, our everlasting fantasy world!"

    In the Multi-Universe, there are COUNTLESS Anti-Christ, they come in many genres, forms and appearances but there is NO Anti-Christ able to overthrow the TRUE Anti-Christ, whom is the second daughter of Leohart the Prince of Hell and the older sister of the Morrigan. Ara Astaroth, the Greater-Scope Villain of Mafusa Revenge Sub Arc and Arc Villain of Madness (Leohart's Cult) Sub Arc is the True Anti-Christ of all Anti-Christs and one of the main reasons why Triggers Hell was so feared. Originally, she was sent to Prime Earth to open a portal between Hell and Earth to connect it with Leohart's Essence, and so bringing Hell on Earth by using Leohart's Cult as her main supporters, but the main reason behind of this is because the Prime Earth is the Pillar of the Multi-Universe and she wished to bring down the laws of the Multi-Universe to live in a existence filled with nothing but death, where she could have much of sexual pleasure and drink blood for all eternity. She first seems like a girl hopelessly in love with Katarina Couteau when she first met her into a normal day, using a cheerful personality to hide her darkness, even trying to bargain with Imperia Deamonne to obtain her, but when Imperia rejects her offers, some of her true colors shows when she kidnaps Jellal and put him into a device that would drain his life force and eventually turning him into a Ghoul. When Katarina and her peerage tries to rescue him, she reveals that she was the reason that Satanism was brought to Earth and was considered a evil religion for centuries, and even wrote a Bibly for satanist, teaching black magic and laws of Leohart, their King. Some of Shigure's backstory was influenced by her as well, such as having her family being captured by her cult and being offered as a sacrifice for a Low Level Class Demon and sending women to Trolls, where they're raped to give birth to a new Generation of Demons on Earth, if the women are infertile or dies during the brutal rape of giant trolls, Ara order the trolls to throw their bodies in a river where they become food for Dark Spirits. If the rape succeed, the sperm of the trolls quickly grow up into ugly-beast and devour the women from inside while Ara watches it with pleasure. Ara is complete and utterly atrocious being who cares for nothing but herself. She has absolutely no morals, enslaves or murders entire species because they irritate her, especially races that have peaceful cultures, and makes a sport out of Kick The Dog. She also betrays pretty much every ally she could possibly have at one point, safe for the twisted B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, whom she fell in love because of his sick mind. When the Rogues invades their insane cult HQ to rescue Suzuya, Rentaro's childhood friend, it turns out Ara is a sex fiend with a nun fetish who goes to various churches, captures various nuns, and turns them into her sex slaves against their will, keeping them as her personal playthings. She not only reveals this with glee, but when fighting Imperia she says it may be fun to rape Katarina everyday whenever she calls out her name, showing she never loved Katarina but just sees her as part of her nun collection, and would force the Red Haired Demon to cosplay as nun only to satisfy her desires. Ara, as the Empress of Astaroth Empire, was a diabolical tyrant of a Dark Empire that had no rules and was far the more CHAOTIC and DESTRUCTIVE empire of all existence. In her reign, Ara allowed all types of crimes in her kingdom that extended until the limits of all Multi-Universe, from homicide to genocide, Ara and her supporters created campaigns that allowed the worst types of people to do WHATEVER they wanted to all planets and living beings of existence without laws or morals. Ara, unlike her fellows folks, displayed signs of "Encephalopathy", meaning that she was a normal living being but had a twisted sense of morality, similar to homosexuality, showing that she was not INSANE or a person with some mental illness and commit all her atrocities for pleasure. In her search of revenge, Ara wiped out God from existence and become the Ruler of the Multi-Universe—where she revealed her true colors by massacring civilians and noncombatants whose only crime was being slaves of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. Ara frequently displays a tendency to betray and kill those who work with her, including her Sin Archbishops of Leohart's Cult and showed no mercy when En failed to kill the rebel leaders, sending him to Unit-CM 130's laboratory after removing all his powers to be dissected while he is alive. Ara showed resentment towards the Angels and happily tried to have all Fallen Angels of her own Empire executed, despite the Fallen Angels having previously worked with her. Ara also crafted the Ara Doctrine, which laid out principles of Astaroth Empire, would repeatedly demonstrate her cruelties as a Empress, upon her promotion to High-Empress, she taxed the subjects of all universes to starvation. During the earliest days of the E.N.D. a bio-technological weapon built to destroy planets, Ara sanctions the obliteration of rebel city NiLaha and claims the victory as her own and said she now have the power of the Gods in her hands. Ara later has the E.N.D. fire on the Astaroth base on Deus Ex Vectron (the former homeland of DEM Empire) to quell rebel activity, killing countless members of the Empire's own men, while also wiping out the remainder of the Resistance. When Imperia finally defeats her, Ara still made an attempt to summon a giant pentagram around Russia on Prime Earth to suck the souls of many people she could to gain immortality again. Ara's only response to any of her atrocities is a cold, smug sense of satisfaction. A Knight Templar par excellence, Ara exercised cruelty nightmarish even by the standards of the Demons and Devils and is known to be the most cruel Empress of all times. Instead of Idea of Evil, many heroes thought she was the TRUE incarnation of evil despite her jerk and comic relief behavior.
  • 29397f21e4afe2180e8decfbe45c145b1419893905 full

    "New Genesis is a stinking cosmic sewer! I have fouled Paradise beyond repair and broken in the mire the shining cities of the Gods! We have won, this war is over! Why do you keeping fighting? Ara Astaroth controls this omniverse! Is this rebellion? Then I will remake the entire universe in the image of ours soul, Pure-Blooded Devils. And when at last I turn to look upon the eternal desolation I have wrought... I will see Blackness, as in a mirror... and know what fear is."

    Zarc also known as the Cataclysmatic Anti-Christ Acnologia was once a Demon Slayer who was supposed to be a savior of humanity and a bridge between them and spiritual-kind to free all living beings from corruption of Idea of Evil. Instead, he became a scourge upon both, slaughtering countless humans and angels, even the ones Fallen Angels kind to mortals, for fun. Becoming a dragon did nothing to improve his demeanor. During the rise of Astaroth Empire, Zarc wasted no time and joined the heinous Ara Astaroth in her evil cause; everywhere he goes, he spreads death and destruction in Ara's name and for his own pleasure. He doesn't even speak most of the time because he thinks mortals are vermin that are beneath him, despite the fact that he used to be one. When he finally speaks, it's mostly rants about how he desires nothing but destruction. Then he brutally murders Kyouhei Kannazuki right in front of his friends. Unlike nearly every other villain in this story, Zarc has never shown a single redeeming quality. Acnologia is such a hateful and destructive monster that even the Leohart the Prince of Hell is wary of him.

    "Enjoy the few seconds of life which remain to you! I will teach you a thousand subtle shades of pain, a hundred ways to die, until I finally lay your lifeless body at my master's table!"

    Da Ji, in this story, is MUCH worse than in the Chinese Mythology. Da Ji was once a human in her previous life and was a war criminal who, during the Bosnian wars, led her troupe of soldiers into a village while the men were away and slaughtered the elderly and the children. The women suffered worse. Any woman in their teens or over where taken and subjected to endless rapes and tortures in the Ancient China. To escape justice, Da Ji became a Chiptorean with the help of Ara Astaroth or monster in the Slavic tongue-a vampire. She then joined Ara and carried out "purges" of any leftover clans in Leohart's Cult's territory. After fleeing to Russia years after, Da Ji was confronted by one of her victims who had become a magician and empress to hunt Da Ji down, who turned out to be none other than Sephiria Arks KnightWalker, who she sold to the pirates and pedophiles in Middle East years prior the beginning of the story. When presented with a picture of all Sephiria's friends that she'd tortured, Da ji sneered she'd done "thousands of Bosniak sluts" and only remembered them by how they looked "down there" before mocking her about having probably slept with her boyfriend because "Chinese demons loves to control and steal what people loves." She then proceeded to assume her true form to kill Sephiria, unaware that the rage inside a grieving Sephiria was far more powerful than Da Ji knew. Daji, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is the most devilish God from mythology that CIS Productions has to offer and shows that even gods of evil like Hades, Thanatos, Ravana, Kali and Bakasura has their standards and desires nothing less than the total destruction of Da Ji and her disgusting hobbies that made Ara "proud" of her.

KnightWalker Family & Order of Terror

  • Iunhjik

    "Just like a feeling of pain setting off a world war, pain has the power to throw this world into chaos! Thousands of human falling over like dominoes... ahhh... that sight was so beautiful! I thought my brain was gonna melt..! Hey...isn't this world of preexisting harmony boring? To me, pain isn't goal or a cause or a way of life or an instinct... It's what defines me as 'human'. Do you know why? Because... There's nothing more contagious than pain!"

    Eckidina KnightWalker is the new Director of KnightWalker Family and the driving force behind all evil in Saga AA. Eckidina is a sadistic chessmaster and Manipulative Bitch since she learned to walk and talk and is the most evil and abnormal being who walked in the face of Earth. The GDP, which are pacifists forces, are regularly attacked by Eckidina's Elite Guard, a squadron of soldiers, some of whom are children turned into Cyborgs, that Eckidina brainwashed into becoming fanatics of her cause, while also performing painful experiments on them that, while upgrading their abilities, shortened their life spans by decades and destroying their humanity. Showing no regard for her own troops, Eckidina regularly sends entire squadrons on suicide missions, has the limbs of those who doubt her sliced off, and kills any who outlive their usefulness. Desiring to awaken the dark side of humanity, Eckidina commits countless attacks in countries, kills millions of innocent people per day like a hobby, destroys laws and peace in the entire world, allows rape and murder in her own nation, destroys entire cities, kills their loved ones in front of them, and tortures their loved ones in front of them in order to make them go insane like her. Eckidina then plans to become the LN-666 Project and use it to make herself all-powerful, then remake the world in her image. Eckidina is even considered the Anti-Christ in person by civilians. Though putting up a polite, friendly exterior, Eckidina, is a true monster under the sky of a beautiful and hot teenage girl. She is a psychopathic narcissist who despises all that is good in the world, while relishing any and all forms of wickedness humans are capable of for no logical reason, claiming that "life" is nothing but a dream and humans are nothing more than a thought. At the end, Eckidina killed more than 12 billion people at the end of World War III and changed the history of the world, however... With this... What was left from mankind finally found redemption as the Bible said: "After the defeat of the Anti-Christ, the peace will reign on Earth for 1 thousand years". Eckidina is THE most evil human villain in the story, the most disgusting and cold person who walked on the face of Earth.
    • 56624673 p0

      "I must bathe this planet in death."

      Diabla is even MORE of a monster compared to her original counterpart, Eckidina KnightWalker. After Karma suggests that Diabla forget about the Peace Foundation, Diabla critically broke his legs and step in his head several times until his skull crashed, thus killing him. After becoming a Spirit, Diabla tried to test her new powers but there was nobody to help her, and doing so, Diabla used children of her slaves to use them as her "partners", torturing them to the brink of death every day for the next 5 months. She thought using them is more efficient because their bodies are fragile and so she ordered her scientists to use sperm sample to force her sex-slaves women to get pregnant again and again to use the newborn infants as "sparring targets". In order to show the world what she could do, Diabla ordered her scientists to open a hole to the center of the earth, where she would place the LN-666 Project in order to change the behavior of the planet and generate countless natural disasters that would eliminate all life on Earth, and without a second twice, Diabla began several natural disasters by killing billions. After that, Diabla killed all her slaves in cold blood using the earthquakes after keeping them on constant torture for years. She was responsible for killing the adults while the children were sent to the gas chamber. While the war raged on, Diabla also sent more than 1000 nuke bombs to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, which killed the entire population of South America and destroyed 40% of the planet. With the war, Diabla used her words persuade the people from the West to worship her, as a result, many people created Religious Groups that started to use thousands innocent people in heartless rituals, believing their lives will make Diabla stronger. When Katarina fought Diabla again for the second time, Diabla showed the head of her sister, Eugen Katsuragi... In a deposit. Diabla claimed that she opened her grave and cut her head off only to show it to Katarina, leaving Katarina in Rage Mode. Yet, Diabla's most evil act was to kill Rentaro Satomi in cold blood in front of Katarina as she cut his members off one by one and forced La Folia to watch Katarina dying. In the final battle, Diabla summoned a black hole using the LN-666 Project to suck the entire Earth to finally put an end to human race that she loves so much, as result, the entire mankind was destroyed, leaving only 200,000 people on the planet after the end. When Katarina was about to kill Diabla, she don't hesitated and used her own boyfriend, Misogi Kumagawa, as a decoy. When Katarina attacked Misogi, Diabla used her claws to kill both Misogi and Katarina. After her defeat, Diabla continued to cause chaos by using atoms of the universe to become one with all existence, and doing so, she completely erased all life on Earth leaving only 10,000 humans in the planets as she destroyed countless stars and planets around the universe for fun while laughing like a sick monster. Combined with a psychotic sense of life and lack of empathy, Diabla stand up as the most evil Spirit of all times, an estimated 12 billion people died because of her when she started the Apocalypse and World War III, and her genocidal insanity is legendary to this day. Diabla is de facto the most evil villain in Saga AA.
  • Aki Honda,
    19100909 p0 master1200

    "This is so cute! That worm did not know her place, buzzing like a fly! This is what happens to an insect!"

    an elementary school student who, along with her Girl Posse, relentlessly bullies and torture to death several kids, one of them know as Hiro-chan, with daily mocking or beatings. At one point, Aki forces her to eat worms. She later rapes Hiro-chan with a test tube, threatening to kick her in the stomach with the glass tube inside her, causing Hiro-chan to utterly snap. Aki Honda attacks Tenguu City with her mega-gang under the orders of Eckidina KnightWalker, killing 2 millions of people in the process, and mind rapes Katarina by delving deep into her memories and forcing her to relive her painful childhood, where she had to watch her  be murdered by gangsters and her La Folia's corpse being raped. While Katarina is trapped in the illusion, the psychotic Aki Honda hacks off her arm, stabs her through the back, and cuts her eyes. Eugen arrive and manage to temporarily disable Aki Honda by knocking her. Eugen tries to escape with the badly wounded Katarina, but Aki Honda kills her by stabbing her through the back with her katana. To top it all off, as Katarina cradles her sister's dead body and cries for her, Aki Honda mocks Eugen, calling her an "insect," and prepares to kill Katarina and her fellow soldiers. Aki Honda is the most realistic villain in the entire storyline and the most hateful female characters on the story. Thanks to Aki Honda, Tenguu City will curse her name for all history, similar to how the world cursed Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin; her name will be remembered as the symbol of madness.
  • The 
    Emperor Tathagata Killer12345

    "Do you wanna know my wish? I want to see God's face smeared with tears."

    Big Bad of the 5th Sub Arc of Season 2 of Saga AA, is the corrupt, ironically-named, Emperor "Tathagata" Killer, a masked, cruel magician who ruins the Godom Empire from behind the scenes, manipulating his officers into committing suicide in his name, and is the source of the Empire’s corruption. Throughout the season 2, Tathagata allows torture, execution, genocides and helps to grow the monstrosity of corruption in the capital of his Empire so nobles do whatever they want at the expense of the lives of those beneath them as the poor are sent to the battlefields of World War III. The Emperor has the military launch brutal campaigns of conquest. Aware of his own mortality, the hedonistic Tathagata plans to corrupt his daughter, Chinatsu, so even after his own death, the corruption of the empire will go on. Using communism as a tool to hide his dictatorship, Tathagata plans to put the entire world under his thumb and wipe out all Americans of the planet. And doing so, Tathagata killed more 100,000,000 people. Tathagata is the best example "Joseph Stalin" style dictator and his actions left the entire world in ruins.

Brotherhood of the Abyss

  • Unicron
    Unicron destroyer of worlds by cgfelker-d5pkpya

    "The past shall consume the future, the dead shall consume the living, and chaos shall reign supreme!"

    is the God of Evil, and exists as a Multi-Universal singularity, traveling across dimensions in pursuit of his goal: the eradication of not only all life, but all existence from the multiverse, leaving only a swirling void centered around himself. With that goal in mind, Unicron has devoured numerous planets, scouring the life from them, made frequent attempts to destroy Cybertron (actually his brother Primus), formed cults centered about his worship, and recruited numerous beings, often against their will, to serve as his Heralds (at one point having his servants Hook, Line, and Sinker torture a future version of Galvatron until he agreed to serve Unicron). Immortal, omniscient, and omnicidal, Unicron remains the single greatest threat to all life in the universe.
  • Unknown man

    "Let's try playing with a human girl for a change."

    Stan is a racist alien hunter, assassin, and sadistic pedophile who, in order to find Mana Takamiya to sell her in the black market of Balam Alliance, crafted a radar system made from a near-human silpelit Spirits who was still alive. Among other things, this involved having a surgeon remove the lower half of her body so that he could carry her around in a sort of backpack, and keeping her in a special tank that left her in excruciating pain to make sure she couldn't use her powers against him. He also cut her vocal cords to keep her from screaming, leaving her in a state of hideous agony and begging for death. He felt that it would have been a shame to let her body go to waste, so he raped her before he had her legs removed; she very likely wasn't the first as he confessed to love his job for more than 10 years. Finally, he attempts to rape Sephiria Arks KnightWalker, the ruler of Chronos Empire, for the chance to "play" with a human girl for once as he never saw humans like the human beings from Earth. Even the infamous Joker, who kills for fun, is disgusted. His actions inspired many villains in Brotherhood of the Abyss... To kill and torture this type of person. When all Clans of Brotherhood of the Abyss discovered about this man, they wasted no time and tortured him to death for 20 days. In the entire multiverse, only the inhuman Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire was the organization who give total support for his actions, but even other officers like Bismarck Bodewig and Albert Wesker were disgusted and tried to assassinate him many times on the past. 


  • Killzone-shadow-fall--the-insurgent-pack023

    "Defenders of the Vesgas Dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"

    Tor MaelzSven's Arch-Enemy, is the founder of the Death Bringers extremists bent on returning the Sttepens to their worst warmongering ways and is responsible for every tragedy in Sven's life. When Sven was a young boy, his entire family was killed by Tor and his men when they got caught in the crossfire of his war with Mereel and the True Steppen faction. Later on, when Sven had succeeded Mereel as leader of the True Steppens, Tor conspired to trick the New Conglomerate into believing that the True Sttepens were slaughtering political dissidents (the "dissidents" were actually armed insurgents) along with women and children; evidence for the latter was provided by Tor's men. This resulted in a horrific battle between the Sttepens and a task force of NC that left almost everyone on both sides dead.
  • T TheMorrigan

    "Only fools follow the raven!"

    Fate is an unusual thing. An unseen force predicting every action of every bring. Some deities can see it, recognizing the flow of the plan. There are none, save one, that claims mastery over it, that manipulates it with such cold intent, that steers it ever toward war and the red demise of heroes. In truth, she is many Goddesses, with many names and many forms. But there is only one title. The Morrigan. More than 607 octillion years ago, three twin sisters, daughters of Leohart the Prince of HellAnu, Macha, Badb were born in Gates of Tartaros and were abandoned by Triggers Hell to die for being undesirable daughters of the Emperor Leohart. Individually, these three Goddesses were sisters, progenitors of sovereignty, war, and death and spent their life killing innocent farmers to live in their houses and eat from their hard work, the three sister even forced pregnant women to dance over fire for pure pleasure and sadism. One day, Morrigan's sisters decided to fuse to become one with just only ONE purpose; to lead all living beings in killing each other for the sake of war. For she is the war itself, she is the pain, she is death, she is insanity,  she is fate, she is everything that evil spirits are able to evoke upon the reality. She's been seen in many shapes. The lurid seductress, the wrinkled hag, the screaming crow, and worst of all, the washer in the river. For those who witness her cleaning their bloody armor prophecies a violent end. Subtle and manipulative, there is no war The Morrigan did not incite, for she is war itself and becomes the first sin entity of the Multi-Universe. No dying breath she did not collect. Just secretly be of her making. The Morrigan controls the fate of every single living being. As the daughter(s) of Leohart the Prince of Hell, there nothing evil that this seductive princess of hell is capable to do.

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

With its story as the dark fantasy genre fulled of a great number of malicious fiends, LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow had proved that Satan is not the only monster in the world as we know it.

United Kingdom of America, Triggers Hell & Fallen Roman Catholic Church

  • Moloch Second form

    "There were Horsemen before you and there will be Horsemen after you. Be grateful for the chance to sacrifice yourself for my glory. Today begins my reign."

    Moloch, or "King George Washington, First of His Name", is the infamous Demon king and the founder of a dystopia region named the "United Kingdom of America" or the "UKA" in an alternate reality. Being the Thirteenth and Final Tribulation, Moloch is a sadistic, horrible and cruel fiend, a children slayer and a corrupter. Being the darkest presence in Sleepy Hollow, even far beyond the Headless Horseman, Ancitif, William Howe, Atticus Nevins, the Pied Piper, Henry Parrish, Solomon Kent, Gina Lambert, Pandora and Banastre Tarleton, Moloch shows himself as a ruthless and relentless Fallen Angel whose only goal is to unleash the Apocalypse and destroy and subjugate all who live. Unlike most of the villains mentioned above who are either tragic or having reasons/excuses to do their crimes, Moloch's vile is absolutely unreasonable. He merely brings chaos for chaos and nothing more. Trapped in Purgatory, Moloch steadily corrupts humans to act as his servants. Throughout years, he led his fanatic ritual to rise terror on the land. Moloch turns humans into monsters and orchestrates murder after murder, punishing failure with brutal execution or torture. His Hessian minions killed poor Abraham van Brunt, the former best friend of Ichabod and the ex-fiancé of Katrina, and Moloch made Abraham to Deal with the Devil by transforming him into the Horseman of Death. Abraham becomes the Horseman of Death in return for Moloch promising him Ichabod's beloved Katrina, while Moloch imprisons Katrina in Purgatory and never though of her again. 13 years prior to Ichabod's resurrection, Moloch corrupted Ichabod's son, Jeremy Crane (later known as Henry Parrish), turning him into the Horseman of War and setting him against his parents while informing Henry he is only a servant who should follow his will. In process, Moloch brushed the memories of both the witness Abbie Mills and her sister Jenny, causing Jenny went into the Tarrytown Psych. Later, Moloch corrupted Abbie’s cop friend and partner, Andy Brooks, making him as his pawn and soon killed Brooks brutally when he failed to arrest Ichabod, just like he did to zillions of zealots who worshiped and assisted him. Even so, Moloch then revived Brooks as an undead necromancer and later transformed him into one of his demon minions, causing Brooks' mental state worsened. What is worse, in Moloch’s mind, none of his Horsemen is meaningful for him. Even Henry had realized how selfish and ruthless the Demon King truly is, and he was so horrified and disgusted that he ultimately ended up betraying the demon to save his parents. From everything we know, Moloch is a pure, deliberate evil monster. He seeks to corrupt, destroy, and bring about the End of Days without any costs, much like a Machiavellian dictator. His minions, whoever they are, are all but expendable pawns to him, and he does not suffer fools, being very unforgiving of failure. He's also a liar, who is manipulative, cold-hearted, inhuman, hypocritical and dishonest to the people who trust or need him. Any promises he makes mean nothing as he will break any if it suits him. He will make use of any method possible to meet his ends, no matter how deceitful and underhanded, and cares not how many lives suffer to achieve his goals, unconcerned about whether the acts would plunge humanity into Despair Event Horizon - for he is always there in order to make humanity hopeless, no reason other than that. When Moloch rose from the ashes after he was seemly destroyed, he soon rises up stronger and even worse than before. He managed to conquer a parallel universe and build his own Dark Empire, lurking and watching the Witnesses fighting against many malevolent creature before luring them into a painting to his dystopia kingdom. Eventually, Moloch revealed his dystopia kingdom to the whole Multi-Universe, the influence went so far that even Leohart the Prince of Hell could feel it. Moloch finally reached to the peak of his power into Multi-Universal threat and start corrupting, destroying and crushing anyone who dare to stand into his way.
    • Tyranny Washington render

      "Do you want to know what people really wants? They don't need a president. They need a king, and so let me give them one true king of this whole world God forsook many years ago!"

      Being the human form of Moloch in the original timeline, King George Washington is the founder of UKA. Being an alternate version of the original George Washington, the "King Washington" is exactly the original founding father's polar opposite counterpart. Serving as one of the final antagonists in Moloch Saga, King Washington established a ruthless tyranny not better than King George the Third, the King of England. Moloch's King Washington form is more deceiving and manipulating as he had controlled Freemasons of alternate reality into joining Illuminati against their free will, and he started his conquest by using Four Horsemen to unleash terror and pain. King Washington believed that people need a king instead of a president, so after his return from the grave, the power of Moloch extends so great that he managed to track down the Grand Grimoire. Using it, Michael opened a portal and helped Moloch went through the time back into an alternate reality in 1781, the year when Ichabod costed his life. Moloch altered the reality. There, Moloch tortured and killed the parallel Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. He killed and took over the body of the parallel George Washington, taking his King Washington persona, and then finally he trapped Katrina and her unborn child in Purgatory, making Ichabod unable to revive. He turned the supposed-to-be peaceful republic nation into a horrible kingdom of chaos, known as the United Kingdom of America. The alternate Katrina begins to suffer torture from Moloch, succumbs to her insanity and becomes ruthless and corrupt, just like her evil stepmother is. Then, she abandoned her name of Katrina and renames herself into L'amor Van Brunt, becoming an enforcer of the UKA, husband of the Horseman of Death, and the slayer of her family. As the parallel Betsy Ross refuses to sew a flag with a reverted pentagram, knowing it to be a symbol of the devils, Moloch/King Washington starts to deceive her as George Washington. However, Betsy then sees through the lies and accused "Washington" in front of her to be a pretender. King Washington is so furious that he turned the parallel Betsy into the Spreader of Poisons and sews the flag himself, announcing the new reign of the Hell have succeeded.
  • Rs2 28 05 13 by kutty sark-d671ub5

    "On a Monday, God created the world. On Tuesday, God drew the line between Order and Chaos. On Wednesday, God arranged each and every number. On Thursday, God permitted the ebb and flow of Time. On Friday, God explored every nook and cranny of the world. On Saturday, God rested. And on Sunday, God... forsook the world."

    Michael Langdon, the usurped Fifth Tribulation, is the son of Tate Langdon and Vivien Harmond and conceived via raping. Being born by a ghost as his father, Michael is also an Anti-Christ of legends and a spawn for disaster. After crushing a Jack-O-Lantern to make a trick-or-treating child cry, Micheal set a horrid rule known as "Ten Anti-Commandments" and turned his worshiping of Anti-Gods into precisely worshiping Moloch, who had been already defeated for good by the Witnesses' team at that time. Then, he sacrificed his grandmother and Billie Dean Howard in front of the guests of Hotel Cortez as they were celebrating Halloween, encouraging them to break their promise not to kill anyone. He made a pact with James Patrick March and forced John Lowe to succumb him or he will slaughter Scarlett Lowe. Micheal proved himself by tainting so many blood on his hands, but he always wanted more, so he planned to put Roman Catholic Church under his control by assassinating every single pope by traveling through time, and he supported Nazi's Anti-Catholicism persecutions. In the process, he nearly framed La Folia Rihavein for his crime and made a pact with Eckidina KnightWalker by lending her Grand Grimoire, but he soon outranked her in order to wipe August Corbin's existence and successfully summon the Horseman of Death, eventually causing Corbin's destined death. In the final showdown between him and the Witnesses' team, Micheal managed to change the history by locking Jasmine Porcelain in Nine Hells and usurped her place as the Fifth Tribulation. He splited himself into thirteen Micheals and travelled to different eras in order to wreck havoc. Despite his young age, Michael is a horrid monster. Both Katarina Couteau and Ichabod Crane both felt repulsive about Michael Landon, this born-to-be-evil whose only goal is to made holy order into unholy oppressions of sadness.
    • Avenger.(Edmond.Dantès).full.2087335

      "Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to HATE you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer-thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles, it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. HATE."

      Unlike his past counterpart who was focusing on power as well as strength, Future Michael Langdon is a sneering, narcissistic, heartless and arrogant Knight Templar who bragged about his own might as someone so special that he was meant to be a Chosen One. He believed in his own delusions of grandeur and was as narcissistic as (if not worse than) Kanon Rihavein before her transformation into Heis. Even so, their brutality are the same. Deeming human as inferior, Future Michael turned into a misanthrope who outright joining Ara Astaroth to build her Dark Empire, Astaroth Empire. He joined Ara immediately after betraying his former superior, The Fallen's Essence, whom he deemed as simply a part for his next part of ascension, and he torn the eyes of Lusamine out with his own hands to clarify his true loyalty towards Triggers Hell as well as his ugly, sadistic and naked ambition. Then, Michael helped Ara to set out and destroy all Ara wanted to destroy, including the Rogues, and he even devoured the soul of Maria Arzonia after overpowering her. After the end World War III, Future Michael managed to change his former plan of changing the past and serving Moloch. Instead, he managed to locate Ichabod Crane as well as his comrades under the protection of Hexenmeisters. Future Michael gleefully killed all of Ichabod's friends before eating their souls. Then, Michael activitaed some brutal tortures towards Ichabod with nothing but sheer spite, deeming him as one of the inferior scums he wanted to kill, before ending Ichabod's misery by bashing his skull. Before the foundation of Astaroth Empire when Leohart was overthrown, Future Michael managed to enhance his immoratlity and strength strong enough to become a true, powerful demon, helping to bring forth Ara's ascension and killing Darth Hades. When the main timeline of Michael Langdon arrived at the future as he was tracking Katarina, Future Michael pacted with his past self and the two fought against Katarina and the Rogues from main timeline together. When Maria Arzonia and Future Michael confronted each other, Future Michael started to torture savagely all the time expressing his savoring in the feelings of killing the alternate Maria before, and therefore, he tried to kill the main timeline Maria so that he coul savor the feelings once again. Even the orginal Michael Langdon was confused by his future self's attitude and wondering that this narcisstic and sadistic man would be himself in the future. Ironically, it would be true, since Future Michael ultimately fused with his past self and became one stronger and more malicious entity. When the two counterparts fused together, the fusion Michael finally started to merge his sadistic personality his past self had and his narcisstic personality his future self perfectly, claiming he would made humanity suffer before turning even MORE like a monster. Being the key part in Michael's plan and despite some differences, Future Michael Langdon was just as sadistic, horrible, treacherous and malicious as his past self, being a catalyst in Michael Langdon's path to destruction.
    • Demons by fasslayer

      "I expected to take some damage from him. Any worthy opponent is going to inflict injury. If he doesn't, he's not worth troubling with. Let a few monsters be destroyed. Let Crane think he's getting the best of me. As long as he believes he's succeeding, I have him in my grasp. And as long as I hold him, the more vulnerable he becomes to the unfathomable power of the dark side. Think what he'll do when he is fully mine, when he is working for the Empire, working to help us win!"

      It is almost impossible for a whole group to be Complete Monsters, but what if this team were manisfaction of just one manMichael Langdon's Legion is a horrible and rare example of this, and those demonic soul fragments in the Legion are even WORSE than the original Michael before his damnation, appeared as uglier and more violent creature driven by hate and revenge. Michael's Legion is far more savage and violent compared to the orginal cold-hearted Michael, turning from a chaotic Evil Pope to a group of omnicidal fiends and thus becoming more dangerous. Even Michael himself hated being presented as this kind of form, but in order to bring destructions outside of the Hell, he had no choice. In fact, being controlled by the strings holding in a condemned Michael's hand, the Legion are zillions of souless demon speaking one man's words - Michael's words. In his Legion form, Michael became even WORSE than his human form, since his power had now spreaded throughout the whole Multi-Universe and will seek to corrupt and destroy anyone he hates. The Legion first target on a new ally of Team Witness, Diana Thomas, aka the Third Witness, and "they" use her daughter as a hostage, forcing Diana to surrender and become Michael's new host before possessing BOTH of them. The Legion also possess the skeletons of Lady Crane (Ichabod's mother, killed by a deranged Lord Crane) and Balthus Van Tassel (Katrina's father, killed by Lady Van Tassel), turning them into hideous undead abonomations in order to taunt Ichabod and Katrina. When one of the Legion targeted on a vessel and completely corrupting every cell of them, the vessel need to be completely destroyed. If not, Michael will decay their corpses in an accelerated speed, making them polluting source that pollute the soul and courrpt everyone 100,000,000 km near the corpse in mere days, and it made several planets became barren wastelands full of deranged zombies controlled by Michael's mind. The Legion also include clones that contained Michael's soul fragments, and Michael used his clones to taunt Ichabod and Abbie, in order to corrupt them. When one fragment of the Legion possessed an old music box, it began to posess and corrupt Ichabod, trying to turn him into an insane DEM Abyssal so that he can make Moloch and the Fallen work together to combine a dangerous force, and Legion itself will become the next ruler of Balam Alliance once it planted its "seed" anywhere in DEM Empire and the chance for Michael to overthrown Moloch, the Fallen and Leohart the Prince of Hell had come, so that he can escape the Hell and start his new plan uniting the Balam Alliance into one unique Dark Empire ruled by a brand new Fallen Roman Catholic Church. Even after Moloch's final defeat, the Legion has not done with its horrible corrupting influnce in Multi-Universe, and it eventually becomes one of the greatest "legacies" given by Michael's New Timeline.
    • 62819536 p0

      "It was your mother, Lara. The Horseman of War is your mother. I guess Jennifer Mills has her point. Smart girl. Even so, you are never going to kill this world... and you will never ever leave it, either."

      The United Kingdom of America version of Future Michael Langdon was even MORE like a monster who is both treacherous and sadistic in the core. After his resurrection, Michael found the infant Katarina who was just coming into Earth and killed her with no mercy, knowing that he had ended the life of the Last Exkreig and future Prime Abyssal Punisher forever. This proved that Michael was no better than B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 who was using infants as his test sujects. Horrified by Michael's action of killing an infant, Plaisir (who was turned back to Melancholia once more, albeit not a pure evil entity like the Serum Melancholia) wanted Michael to forget about the Witnesses and focusing on ruling the new world as its benevolent ruler. However, Michael (who only wanted war, chaos and destruction instead of order and peace) was enraged before he start bashing Melancholia's skull and sent her in his own torture chamber for one week of torture. After that, Michael left a half-crazed Plaisir/Melancholia in the torture chamber to die while secretly helping Ara to take down both Moloch and Malcolm Dreyfuss, so that the reign of Astaroth Empire would be ensured. Trying to make Lara a merciless killing machine like him, Michael also mercilessly crushed the resistence raised by Jenny Mills and almost killed her brutally. When Lara discovered the truth behind the Horseman of War, who turned out to be her mother, Lara tried to confront the Future Dreyfuss about this but Michael appeared behind her, trying to electrocute her until she could barely moved. Soon afterwards, Michael found Lara stealing the Grand Grimoire and tracked her back to past. In the past timeline, the Future Michael worked together with Dreyfuss and Jobe. They tried to turn Diana into the Horseman of War almost immediately, but Ichabod managed to interfere and turned into War himself. When Dreyfuss and Jobe showed some mild surprise about this, Michael sadistically laughed and claimed that the First Witness was dead completely. After knowing Ichabod was saved by Lara, Michael immediately turned himself into the Horseman of War out of spite, and he maintained his free will when trying to get Ichabod and Lara killed. When future Michael managed to merge himself with a soul fragment of the ORIGINAL Michael Langdon, things get more and more vicious as the "two" danger counterparts had became "one" and same, fueling the first step towards Michael Langdon's resurrection. When Helena Donovan (Dreyfuss' Famine) failed to kill Lara, Michael mercilessly killed her and casted Famine out of her body, punishing Helena for her failure. He then tortured Jeremy Crane in front of Katrina in order to drive her into despair, but not after he laughed at Diana Thomas' loss on her husband and Ichabod's "uselessness" in protecting Abbie. Overall, this version of Michael was the most sadistic and horrendeous villain appeared in Dreyfuss Saga and would finally becoming a reminiscent of the Team Witness' worst nightmare.
    • 61965133 p0

      "Remember me one day if your New Republic burn into ashes!"

      In LOTM: Destiny, Michael Langdon returned back from the dead thanks to remaining cultists from Triggers Hell and became even WORSE than ever before. Calling himself with a new alias, La Apostasia, Michael became a sadistic successor of Ara Astaroth and started to expand Triggers Hell's remnants after lurking with five billions of years with his new body in order to bring back the rule of Triggers Hell by assisting Triggers Hell, finally becoming one of the primary antagonists of Magic Side. Michael was aware of the presense of the Darkness and started his attempt to take control of it with pure greed and self-serving purpose. In order to annouce his resurrection, Michael expanded his Legion troops and multiplied their number by 100 times in a matter of seconds (which shocked the entire New Republic), before sending a message to Wolf Pack Squad, heroes like Katarina CouteauEve Fullbuster, Maria Arzonia, Plaisir, Matt Butcher, Lara Thomas, Yato Stinger, Echidna StinWalker, and many, many more, in order to annouce his own return. Michael's return had raised a sudden explosive increasing of the attack coming from dark cult fanatics who worshipped Anti-Christs, and Michael set up a great chain of plans in order to achieve his goals, and first and the foremost, killing Katarina Couteau after mocking her with the death of both Ichabod Crane and Imperia Deamonne. Michael scoffed at the idea to rebuild Balam Alliance, and was even jealous of Aryana Westcott who managed to return back to life even before him. In the war to take over the Multi-Unverse, Michael rivaled against Aryana who was also resurrected and took over the body of Eve Fullbuster, and he outright started wards against the 2nd DEM Empire as much as he could, even with no concern that the war shall destroy lives and planets once again. He also made a plan to bring back Ara Astaroth from her imprisonment in order to fuel his purely will to spread Satanism. While confronting Aryana, however, turned out that Michael was more interested in taunting Eve who was possessed by Aryana's evil soul, and he even delved into Eve's mind to confront her, bringing back Eve's sad memories and taunt her with it in order to break her soul so that she will stop fighting against Aryana's control. Unlike Aryana who was breaking planets, Michael was fond of breaking people's mind by revealing their worst fear. Having his power enhanced, Michael's ability of delving into his enemies' darkest memory had caused mental breakdown all over the Multi-Universe, leaving many lives who was weak-willed suffered in a permenant catatonic state and took over by Michael's Legion Demons and became a living dead, and therefore Michael could create an army made out of lunatics and possessed people to burn the New Republic back to ashes. Only strong-willed and pure-hearted heroes could be immune to his attack, but even so, this action committed by Michael caused another crisis and numerous losses around Multi-Universe. For the reason of Michael's undying nature, Eve and Bismarck had both theorized that Michael had binded himself with the ideology of chaos itself, and he would be revived even whenever there was a tiny "spark" that stir the situation. Even after his return back to Hell before the story came to an end, it was implied that Michael would even return back to Multi-Universe once again, inevitably.
  • LadyVanTasselTrueNature

    "Dear stepdaughter... you looked as if you'd seen a ghost."

    Lady Mary Van Tassel, born Mary Archer with her ancestry is Preston, is Katrina's stepmother and is born to be a sadist. Even as a child, she was merciless. She exposed the trace of Solomon Kent to the coven chasing him right after he advised her to be quiet, so that one day she could enslave his soul. Despite being a follower of Moloch, all she did was pure self-serving. To seek vengeance upon Van Garret and Van Tassels, she helped dispose of the first Lady van Tassel to marry the widower. She then sets about consolidating her fortune by eliminating anyone in her path, including a pregnant widow. She slandered and killed for Balthus Van Tassel's fortune and managed to fake her death by burning a maid alive. When she thinks the widow might have informed another woman of the pregnancy, Lady Van Tassel sends the Horseman to murder her and her husband as well as their little boy. She murders her own sister when said sister assists Katrina in defeating Serilda and shows no remorse for any of it, simply gloating how she'll have the Horseman murder Ichabod, her stepdaughter Katrina and their friend, securing her power and fortune. Being the main antagonist of The Cranes Arc, Lady Van Tassel is the one who was directly responsible for Ichabod's death and his family's suffering. After Ichabod's death, Lady Van Tassel forced Katrina's coven sisters turned against their former leader. Years after banishing her stepdaughter to Purgatory, Lady Van Tassel buried her step-grandson Jeremy with no second thought, but not before speak ill of Jeremy's parents and framing them to be cold-blooded and selfish. Selfish, greedy, perverted and hubristic, Lady Van Tassel easily became one of the most hated female villains ever appeared in the storyline.
  • Sleepy-hollow-006-valentines

    "Must die. I will kill her. I will kill Abbie."

    Ancitif is a beastly demon possessor just similar to Satan himself. As a minion of the demon king Moloch, he possessed Jenny Mills and threatened Sheriff August Corbin that he would influence Jenny to kill her elder sister Abby, before Corbin saved Jenny by exorcising with a circle of salt, one of the least favorite things of the demon besides a French lantern. Anticif achieves From Bad to Worse when the evil influences of him have always happened on Jenny, even after he fled. Later, Ancitif possessed a vendor as his vessel, threatening Captain Frank Irving with his daughter Macy’s life. While Frank is making protection to his wife and child and moving to another place, Ancitif possessed Devon Jones and later Luke Morales, spying beside Irving Family. While possessing Luke, Anticif let Devon brushed off the salt that the reverend spread in front of the door and killed Devon by snapping his neck, killing him. He later left Luke’s body, leaving him in deep coma, and then possessed Macey as his new vessel. After that, Ancitif killed the reverend who were casting exorcise on Macey, and then he threatened Frank to give in George Washington’s Bible to him. Otherwise, he would send the whole family of Irving to their graves.
  • Hungary.full.1598623

    "That woman...Serilda! Her brutality and body counts. How many? Seven? At least? And her name all set to haunt this village for thousand years. I have already tripled her score. Think how long they'll talk of me!"

    A spoiled and narcissistic child prodigy who joined the Order of the Blood Moon with her family, the real Christine Van Bilj became General William Howe's advisor at the age of twelve. She was an entitled sadist with a serious god complex. She aided her brother in murdering and experimenting on their father, tortured a classmate to death (and recorded the session) for being almost as smart as she was, and eventually sold her soul to the Devil and earned some magical power coming from the evil, which she planned to use to ascend to a higher plane of existence. During the crossing of Delaware, Christine ordered a spy to sabotage Washington's plan before placing a black magic charm on the neck of the spy to give him eternal life... while wiping the spy's own humanity and driving him insane. Reawakened from centuries-old sleep in her twenties, Christine kills her brother, Colin, for not waking her up on time. Then, for a spite of amusement, she transforms Ichabod Crane's friend, Betsy Ross, who was already demonic but was nearly cured, into an even more mindless monster. In front of Abbie, Christine proudly announced her act of fratricide and revealed that she did all of those dreadful atrocities for nothing but her own excitement. She also committed the vile atrocity (including plunging Betsy's mind into madness and despair once again) to make Abbie watch, making it a live snuff film to break Abbie's mind. By doing so, Christine forces Betsy to fight Ichabod to the death so that she could enslave Betsy's soul forever. After the soul of Betsy managed to escape, Christine tries repeatedly to kill Ichabod and Abbie for no other reason then their presence at her facility. She reveals that her plan is to infect the world with the remaining ashes of evil witches, driving anyone who defied her into paranoia and painful death, thus becoming a new Superior Witch of Darkness and enslaving most of the humanity under her will. When Sister Mary Eunice was disgusted and asked why, Christine just gloats about how, as a superior specimen of humanity, she deserves to be Queen. Thankfully, her karmic death is a particularly nasty one that involves being torn apart by both of Betsy Ross' enchanted flag along with the Holy Spirit Punishment cast upon her by Sister Mary Eunice and dying with agony. Unfortunately, it may be that she's not quite dead after all due to Gregory Grape's creepy experiments... and becoming a monstrous, voiceless and mindless shell of her former self thanks to Gregory's experiments on her. The only thing about her that remained, however, is the pure hatred to the authority itself, the thirst of revenge upon the Witnesses, the greed for power, as well as enjoyment of violence and violation of others.
  • 241I41264A

    "Some of you may know I died. Take it from me - death is dull! Coming back, there is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life and I would like to share that with you. Tonight, Multi-Universe - in the darkness - there are no rules. So tonight, Multi-Universe, do what you want, kill who you want. And when morning comes you too shall be reborn."

    Nether Sorensen the Demon Prince, the malevolent demon prince with a self-proclaimed La Persona Superiore a Dio ailas as well as the true final antagonist of both Anti-Christ Saga and Zodiak Saga, was a total monstrosity made of misery sealed within the Staff of Eden by the Chinese Assassins. Representing Sagittarius of the zodiac, the Ancient Sorensen was responsible for the creation of Hubert Zodiak as well as the entire Wild Card despite being sealed. Therefore, it directly participated the creation of the infamous Zodiac Killer. Despite it was sealed, it was still restless and was later summoned by Chinese Templars to oppress the citizens 2 centuries after Borgia's downfall, and it was behind some horrendous supernatural events in Ancient China, most notably the infamous Wanggongchang Explosion occurred on 30 May 1626 in Beijing, China, killing around 20,000 people. It was also responsible for Emperor Jiajing's death of mercury poisoning since he tried to take over the ancient China itself. Fortunately, the staff was retrieved by Chinese Assassin, Shao Jun, who preserved it and soon no one found the staff. However, when Michael retreived it, things became dangerous once again. After combining with Michael, Sorensen became his final form, and they combined into an even more horrible, cruel and malicious entity compared to the original Michael. If the original Michael still had some sanity left, then his Sorensen form shall be an absolutely insane omnicidal maniac who planned to devour every souls he attack and even kill God himself to make Fallen Roman Catholic Church a Dark Empire. Combined with Michael's child form, whom he summoned to the Multi-Universe, Michael/Sorenson directly confront everyone in Multi-Universe and caused Darth Hades' premature demise (non-canocial to the storyline thanks to Reality Council as well as Grace Dixon who erased this alteration successfully) so that he could crush Sith Empire and lived as the new "Immortal Emperor". Being the very first villain who managed to invade Heaven itself, Sorensen planned to unleash the ultimate power of blackness to shut down every light in the entire Multi-Universe, leaving it to rot within the dark energy and caused Big Freeze, and so he could rule the whole Multi-Universe as its only Emperor after wiping Balam Alliance. Soon, he went so far that he start banishing the loyalty towards Moloch and outright supported Triggers Hell. The monster had no qualm of killing people to became God, and it even tormented and tortured the souls of Lady Crane and August Corbin in front of Ichabod & Abbie, trying to make them fall into despair. Despite it was destroyed successfully with the combined power of the Chinese Assassins, Team Witness, Holy Spirits as well as the Reality Council, and despite most of its alteration was successfully undone by Reality Council, the monster shall not be forgotten forever since it made the Heavens' weakness being exposed. The devilish Demon Prince full of madness had perfectly combined with Michael's cruelty to form a monstrosity that shall haunt Ichabod forever. Because of Sorensen, villains like Zadkiel and Light Emperor invaded God's realm following the demon prince. Because of this "labor", Michael laughed happily in Hell.
  • PiperSH

    Beth Lancaster: "He must takes one of the children, or THE CURSE SHALL TAKE THEM ALL!!!"

    Being the major reason to make Daniel Lancaster depraved in Ichabod's mind, the Pied Piper is an extremely sinister homicidal maniac who is known for mass slaughter of soldiers and for what it does with children. He was hired by Daniel Lancaster and slaughter every British soldiers who flirted with Daniel's daughter. After his murder, Moloch brought the Piper back to life as a part of his plan to raise Hell on Earth, and thus the Piper started his malevolent murders of vengeance by casting a curse on Lanchaster's children. Each generation, the Piper preys on a daughter of this specific family. The girl, when she is 10, is kidnapped and taken to the Piper's lair to await her fate: Her bones being made into the Piper's instruments. What's worse, however, is what happens when the girl is rescued. Out of nothing but spite, the Piper proceeds to infect all the girl's siblings with a fatal illness to force the parents to either return the chosen girl to the Piper or watch their other children die. While the Piper was betrayed by his employer, who was far away from a saint according to Ichabod, his Revenge by Proxy far outweighs this excuse (not to mention, considering he seemed to enjoy killing and made a Deal with the Devil beforehand, he was psychotic from the start). Even in the village of Sleepy Hollow, the Piper remains one of the worst Ichabod has ever faced.
  • DahliaTrueColors

    "From the day I was born to the day I died, I never helped anyone! I lived for myself and, in the end, I died for myself. I thought that was obvious."

    Like Eckidina KnightWalker who raised war across the world right after the end of Years of Tribulations, Dahlia Hawthorne was some spoiled kid who was both devious and selfish. Being the main antagonist of Famine Arc, Dahlia was born in 18th century and was as selfish as Eckidina and Christine, if not worse than them. Once born from an English aristocrat family, Dahlia was shocked that her family strongly against the war and oppression towards American Colony, even to the point that they abandon their title and moved to the colony and support the colonists. Even so, Dahlia was so power hungered that she exposed her English ancestry and forced the local villagers to bow down in front of her family, causing the colonists to turn against them in pure rage. Having chased by the enraged villagers and seeing her mother's death, Dahlia became insane and killed her father right in front of the angry villagers of Sleepy Hollow, shocking them. Later, Dahlia sold her soul to Moloch in order to gain immortality, and she even forced her twin sister, Iris, to do her dirty work so that she won't be exposed. Her hunger towards power and wealth had consumed her that made her being some creature filled with nothing but greed. She willingly asked Moloch to make her into a Horseman after knowing about the Horsemen's human vessels, becoming the Horseman of Famine and rested for years until the time for her to wake up, leaving her sister, Iris, being trapped inside the Purgatory. Dahlia was very abusive towards her twin sister, who did everything she wanted with no hatred. After the breakout of Purgatory, Dahlia appeared in Sleepy Hollow after knowing her sister escaped Purgatory, and she committed a murder before framing her sister for the crime. In order to fuel Moloch's power and bring forth his return, Dahlia worked with Michael Langdon and start consuming more and more people's soul, turning them into empty shells before feeding the souls to Moloch's energy, giving a condition to spawn the United Kingdom of America after Moloch's secret return. According to Malcolm Dreyfuss, Dahlia was so horrid and demonic that even monsters like the aforementioned Christine Van Bilj (after her first resurrection) was disgusted by her actions in hunger for power and was determined to take her down in order to keep her place as the High Priestess, as Christine knew that Dahlia was thirsty for the place.
  • ?6?6?6.2014108

    "If you don't understand, I'll repeat until you CAN understand! Your name is Melancholia. Your name is Melancholia! Your name is Melancholia! Melancholia! Melancholia! MELANCHOLIA!!!"

    Melancholia, or at least the SERUM Melancholia, departed from her original counterpart and took away no empathy, no insecurity, no bound on her evil deeds. Born when her good counterpart suffered from a tragedy, the serum Melancholia was a zealot who was obsessed with Michael Langdon's power and might. Even when she resided in her host's body, the serum Melancholia indirectly manipulated her good counterpart, Plaisir, to becoming a enforcer of Michael Langdon, but due to Plaisir's own good personality still existed inside her body, the evil Melancholia could not take her over completely. However, Plaisir (while under her Melancholia persona) had committed numerous crimes that her original good self shall feel disgusted, including creating a savage sea monster with dead bodies of people she and Michael killed, forming Neo-Hellfire to continue Moloch's legacy, killing a minion who simply did not wake her up in time, and torturing Carl Robinson out of sheer spite. While the good Plaisir (or the good Melancholia) fell in love with Michael simply for some gratefulness, the evil Melancholia manipulated the gratitude in order to drive her original heroic counterpart insane so that the two will become one and the same. She and Michael shall make a plan to overthrow Moloch and corrupt the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, when some part of the original Melancholia/Plaisir started to awaken, the evil side of Melancholia started to plunge her good counterpart sloiwly into nothingness, forming an internal conflict. The good Melancholia was strained and had to commit those horrid acts or she shall saw her torturous past once again. The pure good side of Plaisir noticed Michael's plan and urged her body to kill him for redemption, but as the evil side took charge, this could not come true. The internal conflict ended after the evil Melancholia was casted out from the body of the good Melancholia, thanks to Dr. Jekyll's serum. However, instead of fading away, the evil Melancholia (now known as the Serum Melancholia) turned worse and became a heartless embodiment full of boredom and void of redemption. Feeling empty after losing her body, the serum Melancholia desperated trying to send her heroic counterpart back into insanity so that they could fuse together. After killing Dr. Jekyll and, indirectly, killing Mr. Hyde, the serum Melancholia realized that the original counterpart's death will kill their evil counterpart casted out by the serum as well. Therefore, the serum Melancholia started to hurt herself to make Plaisir feeling pain, and she forced Plaisir to choose between turning back to madness again, and die alongside her evil counterpart. After her crimes being foiled, the serum Melancholia tried to plunge Plaisir back to insanity by torturing Plaisir's new friends in front of her, trying to recreate the similar event which drove Plaisir into Melancholia. The serum Melancholia was filled with nothing but evil and madness. She stood out as the most hateful version of Melancholia, ever. She was such a zealous and insane embodiment of evil that her spirit shall be damned in Hell for eternity.
  • Rodrigo1

    "It's not approval I'm after. Just power."

    Rodrigo Borgia, who became Pope Alexander IV, is the secondary antagonist in Borgia Sub Arc of Anti-Christ Saga. Being a power hungry and perverted man, Rodrigo committed numerous unforgivable atrocities in order to allow himself gain the highest rank of the Catholic Chruch. After becoming the Pope, he lived in a corrupt life full of greed and murder, often poisoning his guests with poisonous wine. He crossed Moral Event Horizon when ordered the execution of not just Ezio's father, but his two brothers (one of whom is a child.) When Ezio confronts him later he gleefully admits that he didn't really need to kill the brothers as well, he just wanted to prove a point. He's also described as being a ruthless psychopath and an incestuous pedophile during the target briefing, with one particular visual provided of him standing in the middle of a field of corpses, smiling happily. Also, Ezio maintains a pretty professional attitude most of the time- except with Borgia, whom he calls a "bastard" and beats the scream out of with his bare hands. Thankfully, the Karma itself gives old Rodrigo a rather nasty punishment: apart from the vicious beating, he finds out that not only is he not the prophet (every one of his crimes were commited in the belief that he was) but that his sworn enemy was the prophet, and he only lived thanks to said enemy's mercy. In the end, like many controversial Popes before and after him, Rodrigo's place in Hell is reserved on Leohart's special list.
  • Cesare14

    "Father, do you not see? I control all of this. If I want to live, I live. If I want to take, I take. If I want you to die, you die!"

    Being another infamous Borgia even to the real-life history, Cesare Borgia is the true main antagonist in Borgia Sub Arc of Anti-Christ Saga. Cesare was an illegitimate son of Rodrigo Borgia and was a nacissistic, cruel and devious man with sheer power hunger. Cesare was born into the Templar Order and, like many of his siblings, was raised by his father into his personal weapon. However, Cesare was naturally an aggressive and ambitious person, and would do anything - including having his own family or friends murdered - in order to obtain power. He was proud of the countless lives taken by his blades. Even during his assassination, he mercilessly stabs an innocent man to death. Cesare was a skilled manipulator, amassing many followers under his campaigns. While some followers merely used Cesare to further their own personal gains, Cesare himself was manipulating them, with plans to dispose his followers should they either betray him or outlive his usefulness. Even his once manipulative and powerful father became nothing more than a figurehead in Cesare's quest for power. Machiavelli himself admitted respect for Cesare's skill in consolidating his power. Ezio also was well aware of what Cesare was capable of, that as long as he lives, whether he be imprisoned or removed from power, he would always remain a threat. Cesare maintained an incestuous relationship with his sister, Lucrezia Borgia, and promised her that she would be his queen when he ruled Italy. As such, he frequently descended into jealous rage due to her many dalliances with other men – those of which she would normally woo in order to spite her unfaithful brother. However, in his attempts to discover the location of the Apple, Cesare physically attacked her, answering her tearful question if he had ever loved her by saying, "You are my sister, nothing more." After being tired of Michael Langdon's manipulation, Cesare orchastrated his father's death by poisoning, and finally stand against Michael's will. After he succeded, Cesare basked in his successful particide and dreamed whether he could become the Pope one day, proving himself to be a monster no better than his father or Michael. What is worse, Cesare also developed a god-complex personality, believing that he would not be bound nor killed by a normal man. That made him highly narcissistic. He maintained this belief throughout his life, even in his final moments, despite being aware that his death was imminent.

Lord Helio's Forces

  • Lady Peach concept art

    "Human life is like a water balloon. You smash it and it burst into water. However, why don't you just drink the water instead?"

    Lady Phyllis Peach was one of the 11 archmembers as the Order of Flourish, a witchcraft cult led by the mysterious "Light Lord" that worshipped a Greater Evil known as the Withering Mourner, whose real name is a great taboo to speak. She used horrendous torturing methods to the witches of Zoe's coven by trapping those white witches into gigantic peaches to absorb light magic powers. After that, their power was drained and they became dry corpses. The white witches' family became her victims as well. She managed to gain trust of Lord Helio and assisted him to commit murder, but soon planned to backstab him by altering Katrina's magic. She is also a deceiving figure who made Selena Strawberry corrupted from a innoncent young girl to an insane monster by plagiarizing all of her composed poem and disfigured her with acid, causing her to live in disfigurement hidden under a mask. Lady Peach was also utterly mean to her minions and companions, and she admired Moloch's punishment towards his worshippers. Even other fruit cultists like Lord Albert Apple, Lady Selina Strawberry, Lord Harold Honeydew and Lord Gregory Grape was disgusted due to her cruel ways to disgrace the light. When Albert Apple complained to her about her lack of empathy, Lady Peach cut off his hand without remorse and was glad to see him screaming and suffering in pain. Her gluttonous nature had endangered the whole world's life and Ichabod race against the time to stop her before the whole population of Sleepy Hollow become her dessert, since long as she lives, Lady Peach's demonic life-sucking conquest will never end.
  • Lord Orange Concept

    "You really think so? I am a thief? A lair? A crook? This is the way to gain money! Tsk... if one day I am rich, I will use a mountain of money to crush and smash ANYONE who dare to cross my way... PERIOD!"

    Like Lady Peach, Lord Orlando Orange is absolutely far away from saint, either. Once a petty and greedy beggar, he started to be a crook to the passenby and stole an acheologist's wallet. When he was arrested and later released for his crimes, Orlando vowed to have power and wealth in order to seek vengence on anyone who dared to cross him. After he found Lord Helio's seal inside the wallet, Orlando opened it and pacted with the Fruit Mourner in order to gain wealth and prosperity. For that, he contacted Michael Langdon to work with him and start to target Frank Irving's family in order to destroy him - long after Ancitif failed to do so. Knowing Cynthia and Macey are descendants of a voodoo witch once resided in New Orleans, Orlando Orange start to brainwash Cynthia to make her into an insane puppet possessed by the power of Lord Helio, out of nothing but hurting Frank Irving. What is more, Orlando had turned Cynthia into a living voodoo doll and when he stung her, he added pain not only on her, but also on the person whom he only looked into the eye. Not only he used a drill installed on his right hand to torture his enemies, Orlando also used some of the remaining Tyrian shekels in order to spread greed and malice in order to wreck havoc, trying to produce more maniacs and even traitors like Benedict Arnold. His evil deity once gave him a small bag and made him not to open it unless he was cornered. Eagered to find what it is, Lord Orange opened it prematurelly and thus turned into an insane monster after his heart of greed finally exploded and unleashed evil light energy, activating the power of the enhanced Croatoan Virus inside him. Eventually, when he turned into this form, he allied himself with the Horseman of Famine (the aforementioned Dahlia Hawthorne) by force and went on plundering, and he saw everyone as gold and murdered many by turning them into solid gold statues. Totally lack of empathy and full of greed, Lord Orange is a completely selfish fiend who only cared about wealth and nothing else.

Faerun Evil

  • Lolth the Demon Queen of Spiders

    "The Queen of Spider is everything in our society."

    Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders, is the goddess of the Drow, of spiders and of chaos. Once a member of the Elven pantheon, the Seldarine, and named Araunshee, Lolth betrayed the Seldarine out of growing malice, discontent, and lust for power. She betrayed her husband, the chief elven God Corellon Larethian, to his enemy, the Orc God Gruumsh, and tried to help the destruction of the Seldarine. When she failed, Lolth fled to the Demonweb Pits and led her chosen race, the Drow, into the Underdark, becoming a twisted and cruel goddess. Lolth would soon trick her own grandson into absorbing the essence of a demon lord to corrupt him into serving Lolth as her champion forever. Lolth had the Drow establish a society built on sadism and backstabbing, solely for her own pleasure, with cruel edicts consisting of demands for the sacrifice of every newborn male child at birth and demands for her priestesses to carve out the hearts of males they grow too fond of. What sets Lolth apart from other evil gods is that she cares nothing for her race or her worshipers, viewing them as merely tools for power. For her own amusement, she will capriciously withhold her favor from loyal Drow just for the pleasure of seeing them die. Lolth has nothing less than genocidal fury towards all surface elves and routinely directs her followers to murder them. After becoming more powerful, Lolth proceeded to purge the Drow pantheon of other deities, ending her victory by seemingly murdering her own children, Eilistraee and Vhaeraun, with savage glee.
  • 472309f790529822cfa67312d5ca7bcb0b46d44e

    "I am not a sea elf! I am a drow! I am the Mouth of the Queen of Spiders! I - AM - MATRON PORCELAIN!!!"

    Jasmine Porcelain, the fifth (later sixth) tribulation, was an aquatic elf that is ironically devoted to the malevolent Lolth, Queen of Spiders, is a charismatic and depraved fiend who was ashamed of being a sea elf instead of Drows. She was fond of drow supremacy established by the Houses Xolarrin and Banere and so she tried to make herself like a dark elf by devoted herself into the evil worshipping of Lolth. Posing herself as a fake matron, Jasmine Porcelain falsely accused Drizzt Do'Urden as a heathen and gathered her slaves of grey dwarves to do her dirty work of capturing him. Anyone resisted her shall be punished by her and her Illthid companions. She was also the woman who expressed Lolth's Will in front of Gromph Banere to make him unleash the demon princes from the Abyss. She had also became the woman behind the Temple of Spiders' evil acts and the Cult of Crushing Wave's genocidal actions, as it was her who desired to purge the whole sea elf society with devastation orb, not Gar Shatterkeel as many thought. In Crushing Wave Arc, she was the Bigger Bad who orchastrated the purge of acquatic elves by disguising herself as an advisor of the water cult, so that she could wipe the existance of her kin. She will complete this atrocity before turning herself into a drow - later even a Drider - so that no sea elves will ever exist. Even evil people like VaniferAerisi Kalinoth, Vizeran DeVir, Valindra Shadowmantle, Thurl Merosska and Marlos Urnayle expressed great disgust in her actions. In Moloch Saga, being revived by Moloch and became his helper, Jasmine Porcelain became the one of the hidden major antagonists in Tyranny of Dragons Sub Arc. She started working with the rebuilt Cult of Dragons after her resurrection to regain slavery in Rothe Valley, and she was in fact manipulating Severin in their actions to deal with a savage blue dragon. Later, when some slaves resisted with the help of Emerald Enclave, Jasmine electrocuted the resisted peasants by the lightning and thunder of Blue Dragons so that no one will ever resist her might with the help of a deranged dragon. She also envisioned to make Tiamat, the Queen of Chormatic Dragons, to become a slave of Lolth after placing the Cult of Dragons under her thumb. Being a corrupt, fanatic and deranged racist, Jasmine Porcelain immediately became a dark figure who exceeded Matron Baenre to be one of the worst Lolth enforcers in history, and is even considered to be an avatar of Lolth herself.
  • Red wizard by vargnatt v-d45yrkn

    "This is your last chance to save yourself from all of this pit, Drizzt Do'Urden."

    Sylora Salm, one of the major antagonists in Valindra Saga, is a Thayan sorceress working under the orders of the Archlich Szass Tam to complete the construction of a Dread Ring, a powerful necromantic artifact. To go about this, she follows her rival Dahlia Sin'felle into the bowels of Gauntlgrym and mind controls the dwarf Athrogate into unleashing the Fire Primordial Maegera imprisoned there. This causes a volcanic eruption of Mount Hotenow that destroys the city of Neverwinter and kills tens of thousands, setting the later events happened in Faerun and also the malevolent forces that focused on attacking Neverwinter, most notably Valindra Shadowmantle's siege. After the Mount Hotenow's erruption, Sylora uses the corpses to empower the Dread Ring and to create an army of ash zombies that constantly assault the survivors. Sylora is also shown to be pure evil on a personal level when she manipulates a cultist named Jestry into falling in love with her and then twists him into a constantly suffering abomination to serve as her bodyguard, and dominates the now insane undead Valindra into being her servant.


  • HiddenOne

    "By sundown tomorrow, I will be the one true God, and I will wipe away this world, you included. Then, you will see just how far my reach extends. You love these humans so much. You wear their clothes. You feel their petty, worthless emotions. If you want to live among them... then you shall die among them."

    The Hidden One, who is the true main antagonist of Pandora Saga, was a cruel, arrogant, hot-tempered deity, driven by lust for power and a hatred of mankind. Ten thousand years ago, due to his evil nature his fellow gods banished him to the Catacombs, where he seduced Pandora, promising he would make her his wife if she freed him. Giving her a box which could steal a god’s power, he sent her to slaughter his fellow deities, leaving him as the one all-powerful god. However, using a mystical artifact to strip him of his power, the humans imprisoned him in the Catacombs. In the present, Pandora managed to free him, however due to Abbie Mills' interference, his power source was lost. Obsessed with restoring himself, his minions summoned monsters from all over world to Sleepy Hollow so he could feed off them, causing many deaths. Despite initial appearances the Hidden One proved too only care about power, mistreating and berating Pandora. Attempting to kill the witnesses the Hidden One trapped himself in the same spell that originally defeated him, where he learned that acting in good faith Pandora had told the original humans of its existence. Not caring that she saved him for a second time, the Hidden One proceeded to torture his wife. When Jenny Mills tried to stop him from restoring himself, The Hidden One cursed her boyfriend Joe Corbin to become a Wendigo, forcing Jenny to kill Joe. Finally regaining his former powers, the Hidden One imprisoned Pandora then bragged how he would wipe mankind out gradually, so he could bask in their fear and suffering.
  • Ertong 5f515b685d49a72db6e8fa36c473af73

    "I am real Kres the Wise, and I am not as kind as you people think."

    Being one of the major antagonists in Mateus SagaDiabolical Krell is the main rival of Emperor Mateus as well as evil counterpart of Kres the Wise, the latter being the twin brother of Kloea the Courage. Krell  is born from Michael Langdon's horrid personality separation on Kres. He was born from his vessel's demonic envy and hatred towards his glorious brother. However, this kind of hatred has its own thinking and has hatred towards its vessel's homeland, a Light Empire known as the Fiery Shimmer Empire, a hatred so horrid that it drove its vessel into matricide and blamed Kloea for the crime. It was the major reason to make Kloea escape towards Earth. Then, after making the Racoon Prophet who had the power to seal him into comatose, Krell managed to use a piece of Sorensen Crystal to fuse himself with it, therefore completely taking over his good counterpart. Using Dr. Zomboss and his zombies as nothing but mere tools, Krell tormented and tortured several zombies, and even Dr. Zomboss was disgusted by his actions. He also tried to take over the Zombie Castle and capture Crazy Dave who know how to release the Celestial Dragon and defeat the wicked devil. Then, when the original Kres tried to resist, Diabolical Krell left his body leaving him to become zombie food. After making himself to leave his vessel Krell managed to gain his physical form in order to take over the LightRay Empire. Krell later became such a threat that even Emperor Mateus was forced to join the heroes to wipe it out of existence. Diabolical Krell is the first notable member of the Dark Heaven appearing the storyline, and its faction is a mysterious organization formed by all kinds of dark fairies and mystical creatures that worked with Moloch, trying to purge the Witnesses' eternal soul. Krell's presence can show how horrid that the Dark Heaven can be.
  • BlackHeart live action movie

    "Leohart is such a miserable creature, and I believe it is time to make the order of Hell to change a master. Leohart replaced Satan as its master, and it means that the master of Hell is replaceable! I will raise my own Legion from San Venganza and then my glory shall start. I will surpass Leohart and become the new king of Hell, and no one... not even Moloch or Zadkiel... will stop me."

    Blackheart (after being reconstructed into a far more intellegent being than original) is a prince of Hell and the son of Hell Lord Mephisto. Jealous of his father's power and angered by the fact that Mephisto gave the power of Hellfire to a lowly human instead of him, Blackheart plans to obtain the contract of San Venganza. This contract would grant him the power of a thousand evil souls who made a Deal with the Devil, turning him into a Legion. For his Moral Event Horizon's crossing, Blackheart crosses it while murdering guests within an entire bar just to have a spot where he and his minions can meet. The last kill was a waitress who was hiding behind the counter, knowing she was there the whole time but just waiting for her to peek out. Through out his plan, Blackheart murders almost every human he comes into contact with, only sparing those who can serve his plans later. Blackheart ultimately plans to use the power of the contract to create Hell on Earth and devour as many souls and then overthrow his father AND Leohart to gain his place as the new King of Hell.
  • F3a941187354712e495b8ef7537bf990

    "You're right. God is all-powerful, but His creations are anything but that. Trust me, the Celestial City is assuredly most vulnerable."

    Being a hubristic angel who was even more egotistic than Lucifer, Zadkiel, Jason Aaron's arch-nemesis, is the main and final antagonist of Black Host Saga, also one of the main antagonists in LightRay Saga as well. The lord of the Black Host, Zadkiel was also the angel in charge of the Spirits of Vengeance and began to desire to use them to overthrow both God and humanity. Zadkiel subtly influenced the lives of Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, destroying those close to them to make them vulnerable to the Ghost Rider spirits. Zadkiel as the Man Behind the Man negotiated multiple deals with demons and other monsters within Multi-Universe, allowing them to prey upon those they wished, while directing his other minions to murder multiple innocents in addition to those who could prove problematic- and everyone close to them as well. Even death brought no respite as Zadkiel showed a penchant for annihilating the souls of his defeated enemies. While manipulating Danny Ketch, Zadkiel showed no remorse slaughtering and torturing his angelic brethren until he finally had the powers of the Riders and banished Ketch and Blaze to earth to die in the apocalypse he would create. Even after his defeat, Zadkiel could not rest. By cooperating Emperor Mateus' dark half, Zadkiel escaped the Hell, and by using Emperor Mateus' light half, Zadkiel succeeded in conquering heaven and began to achieve omnipotence with his final goal to become the new God and then commence genocide on all of humanity and all other beings who didn't worship him.
  • Vykos Tzimisce

    "A soul is just another bit of clay, to be twisted between your fingers."

    Being the hidden primary antagonist of Sabbat SagaSascha Vykos, born Myca Vykos, is a monster whose legacy dates back to 11th Century Constantinople. Sired by the Tzimisce Symeon, Vykos eventually destroyed his sire by repeatedly consuming and regurgitating him before a final act of draining him to death. Changing his gender and taking the name "Sascha," Vykos became a major figure in the monstrous Sabbat, feared even by her monstrous Clan. Vykos invents new tortures, having perfected them upon countless unwilling victims whose agony she can prolong for years to centuries, alternating it with incredible pleasure to make the victim unsure if it is experiencing torture or rape. In modern times, Vykos plays a major role in the war for the United States East Coast, using her fellow Sabbat as Cannon Fodder or torture victims when she's bored. One luckless failed assassin is reshaped to her servant, tortured and broken so she may experiment with how loyal she has made him. She was also the one behind the murder of Matt Butcher's parents, and she almost succeeded when she tried to harm the child Matt. Vykos's sins had scarred Matt's life and made him an orphan who did not remember his own childhood memory. With a thousand year reign of horror, an insatiable hunger for knowledge and an unspeakable appetite for torture, Vykos is the one who shows the rest of the Sabbat what it truly means to be a monster.

The M.O.D.A.B and B Team Series

While this series does often bring in anti heroes and villains and have them redeemed there are always particularly nasty villains around the corner for our heroes, anti heroes and villains to deal with and none of these guys are pleasant.

  • The Joker is one of the infamous and monstrous criminals out there in spite of him having no superpowers. Serving as a major enemy for the heroes and being the nemesis of B Team Leader and M.O.D.A.B 2nd in command Bender as well as his former employer Slade he's earned a lot of hatred and fear. He starts working for Slade and uses this to murder The Untonium family and uses deceit and trickery to have them killed, and tortures Dib and Bubbles before he gets killed. Then in Slade Strikes Back he returns as the true main villain of the story where he learns that Slade kicked him out of the team for going too far in his methods. Joker swears revenge on Slade's Ensemble and targets them as well and goes about enslaving the Anime Empire and uses the Emperor's family as insurance, Joker then forces the Emperor to murder Bender when he mocks him too many times, tries to kill the heroes several times and traumatizes Lizbeth and Scoruge while blackmailing the latter by plotting to murder his girlfriend. He destroys and kills many people with his laser beam while chasing Starfire, Bender, Skipper, Jorgen and The Penguins and intends to unleash a virus to destroy the universe. All these actions were so bad that Slade and Bender decided to work behind their teams back and join forces against him and when Joker finds out he tries to blackmail them by revealing Bender is working and helping Slade with his plans and threatens to cripple Slade's organization by framing them for the crimes he's committing. Even though the two take him out. His memory still lingers in Scoruge as it shows in the V Team Island Adventure and when Joker returns in The Great Time Travel Adventure he tries to turn people into husks, murders his own allies when they try to kill Bender before he does as in his mind, only he's allowed to do it and abuses his partners when they screw up. Uses vicious Mind Rape on Lizbeth where he states the bad future is her fault and lies to a creation to his that Starfire is his mother and Bender is the villain kidnapping her. He was also very abusive to Marceline in the past and hates Bender for Marceline liking Bender over him, and when Hunson reveals that he plans to kill Joker after this is all done for his disloyalty and obsession. Joker plots to double cross him though he is stopped before he gets this off the ground. However the Lord of Apolokpis Darkseid finds a use for him in Legends of Light and Darkness to serve as his harbringer. Joker accepts gleefully and uses this spot to abuse another follower of Darkseid and then tries to drive Bender to suicide by using his deceased son which Joker killed on him and tries to gulit him that he killed Dib, though this is stopped by Skipper, Slade and Anti Cosmo. He decides to destroy their hometown and home with another death laser which he uses on Bender, Skipper, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Stan, Wendy and Dr.Manhattan laughing all the way. Then when he's finally killed another time, Joker revealed years later that he intended to bring Bender and possibly Marceline by using a Jack White Act to kill all machines and robots for their threat to humanity.
  • Dr.Weil is the personification of the true evil of humanity and it's potential and while he isn't a frequent antagonist on Joker's level he still is a true monster. His Debut story, he was revealed to be alongside Discord the leader of The Dystopia League where Dr.Weil has many of the heroes killed and frames the Maverick and also kidnaps Starfire so Discord so he can dish his proxy revenge on Bender. Then Dr.Weil's actions to conquer the multiuniverse will cause severe damage which leads Lizbeth, Zero, Hunson and The V Crusaders to stop him and even when he's stopped. His actions led to Dib and Bubbles safricing themselves. Weil was also a conspirator of Malefor and Galvatron but betrayed them for his owns reasons and thinking they were arrogant fools to think they could conquer the multiverse. Despite being dead his creations causes terror in his name in The Stih Stalker and Mechuckles where his creations led to all the trouble he made and he was split into MOdel W pieces that he mapulated Rarity and Katara to assemble him back while causing trouble for The B Team, The Alpha Team and Slade's Ensemble. When he's brought back by Issac and his syndicate and learns of Discord's disbanding the Dystopia League, Weil seeks revenge on his former partner and gleefully joins to get even with him and recruits another of Discord's former partner Terrance Lewis.
  • Malefor is the leader of his alliance that seeks the destruction of the multiuniverse and specifically Equestria his actions of conquest led to much damage being done to the worlds and Slade knew he was such a threat that he went looking for Bender to help him and then there was his actions did to Harvey
  • Darkseid is the tyrannical ruler of Apolopkis that wants to enslave the multiuniverse and eliminate the competiton including his son Orion. He lords his power over many people and backstabs his employer Malefor when convinced he shouldn't follow someone who isn't a god. He resseructs The Joker which leads to what Joker does and commits all the evil Joker did alongside him
  • Hazama is the real main villain of Legends of Light and Darkness posing as a helpful officer he pretends to have the heroes' best interest while looking for their macguffins. While it looked like he was killed, he fakes his death with Relius Clover's help to get the heroes to kill Malefor. He also corrupts their alley Sari to become a Deception in terms of hatred of humanity and heroes as well as to become a villain which she stays for the rest of her life because of him. And intends to crash Olympicus to the earth to cause destruction for the funnsies, His actions led to the death of Axel as well as other members of Slade's Team.
  • Blackgurumon is the front main antagonist of Isle Tour and served as a true despicable evil, 3rd only to the big two. He sets out to kill The B Team and Slade's Ensemble as well as The Multiversual Resistance just because. He manipulates Blue to work with him while framing the heroes for crimes they didn't commit and has his team execute many of them execution style. He tried using Discord for his owns end, which blew up his face and cowardly escaped. HE schemes to destroy the sun with a giant disco ball as just because he hated the sun, deals with Neo Nazis. These actions cause Discord and Bender to plan and succeed into slaughtering his entire army with poisoned alcohol. He manipulated Predaking to kill The B Team by eradicated his species and blaming it on him. Then tries to weasel his way out of fighting Bender and their enemy turned teammate Jesse that Blue wouldn't want it, though they don't listen and it earns him a shattered skull and karmic death as he is killed by that and execution style shooting.

The Miracle Elite Adventures

This saga carries the main villains that are dangerous for the good guys to handle. Izaya, Kousuke, Malmoth, Robert, and Elder God are the only ones who are meant to be one.

  • Orihara.Izaya.full.469438
    Izaya Orihara is the most dangerouse, slyest, powerful, and skilled underground information broker. Serving as major archenemy towards the gang of heroic freaks. Izaya wasn't part of the Joker's level of monstrous personality. First off, he longs to purge the multi-universe of the gang of freaks and their mentor/leader. Learning of Dormammu's involvement and hostages escape from Grapefruit, Izaya sets up another trap that nearly leads to Xigbar and his pack being pummeled by a barrage of life-size weapons. Xigbar refers him as Satan for insulting them. He is ready to kill of Xigbar until he was foiled by the Miracle Elite and killed off by Dormammu himself. Later, During Meister of War, Izaya was temporarily revived by Spawn. Soon after, he begins to backstab the Miracle Elite and target his former henchmen who turned aganst him.

Porfirio 739's Dynasty Warriors

This long-running crossover stories are currently based on the resepective franchises. It carries the main villains that are dangerous for the Pokemon Trainers, Digidestined, and other heroes in every season. Katsumi Daido, Ryubee Sonozaki, Kiyoto Maki, Lem Kannagi, Sue Fueki, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Michihiko Zaizen, and Lord Lucemon are the only villains who did not redeem themselves.

  • Katsumi Daido2

    "Now, enjoy your hell!"

    Katsumi Daido is the most intelligent, despicable leader of the evil organization from Kamen Rider universe. He is the powerful enemy of Souji Tendou. He shares many similarities with Megatron/Galvatron, the commander of Decepticons from Transformers. Both are complete monsters. His goal is to cause the genocide of all living creatures, including humanity. He refers himself to Adolf Hitler. He is ready to kill the past rivals of Ash Ketchum and his friends, but he failed countless times. With Ryubee Sonozaki's command, he is completely upgraded into Tyrant Eternal (the newest motif is based on either the Fire-Type or Dragon-Type Pokemon).

Rise of the Villains

Well many villains in the series are genenitc villains and some are played for laughs. some are darker and vile to the point where the heroes are indead terrified of.

Emperor Palpatine (1)

"Use your anger, unleashed the power of the dark side and we will have peace"

  • Emperor Palpatine is cold-heartd man who has no care for anyone but himself. Well not the cause of the destraction have Bad-Guy world he indeed convince the few remaining villains left to follow him. He also later ordered the The cyborg Astronema ( Karone) to murder her brother and did the same order to Tenaya to kill her brother. He later order Teddy to attack a city that the Rebels were protecting and kill all the people there. Palpatine himself drained Zordan have his power killing him along with it ( knowing from the start that it would kill him) just so Zordan coudn't unleashed the Z-wave to turn some villains good. Palpatine also the captured 13 Power Rangers and ordered them to be brainwash to become his brainwash slaves. Palpatine is indeed a monster that is pure evil.

Chronicles of Great New Empire

  • Giygas is a dark alien god, "Bigterian" and destroyer of Worlds.He is called "Idea of Evil", "Creature X" and "Evil loonatic god".He wants to destroy the multiverse, that would remake it in accordance with the image and likeness...
  • Griffith is a demonic knight and most evil villain in Berserk Universe. He is the right hand of Gyigas, which already speaks volumes.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

  • Megatron temper again

    "I alone will decide the future of the Multi-Universe and no one else! And I'll destroy ANYONE who stands in my way!!"

    It does not take a genius to figure out why Megatron/Galvatron fits into this category, what with his tyranny, powerlust and bloodlust. However, he has shown more traits that put him in here.
For some reason...which none know...Megatron has a terrible, ongoing appetite for
Galvatron hand drawn evil smile

"You see, souless being like Hunson Abadeer or Discord are no problem for me at all. I can stop the existence of anything or anyone with a single thought. So why do I let heroes and villains live? Quite simple. I love seeing them fight each other! They are nothing more than pawns of entertainment to me! The only exception is if I am hungry or thirsty! Then they are for nothing but to feed me!"

flesh, and has even been known to devour other Cybertronians! He also has a ghastly, unquenchable thirst for blood and is even known to feed on it like a vampire. Unlike vampires, however, Megatron will much of the time drink his victim completely dry! But it gets worse. Megatron is also driven by a HUGE passion of collecting souls, whether by corruption, killing, or just stealing. And if that wasn't bad enough, Megatron is also known to be able to devour a soul, making no escape for it, the only method of escape being if he is destroyed. Even scarier, anyone who dies at Megatron's hands goes straight to the Realm of the Condemned! They cannot escape unless they are not chained and an Autobot takes them.

But that is not all. As Galvatron, he showed to have some SICKENING traits! Attempting to get Myotismon back on his side, Galvatron caused him great pain and forced Angewomon to watch. For him, her terrified screams were "music", and Angewomon would "give a wonderful performance" if she saw someone she cared about suffering. Things became even worse when Galvatron declared how he could use a single thought to destroy someone...and the only reason he allowed heroes and villains to live was so that he could be entertained by their battles. For Galvatron, others were nothing more than either pawns of entertainment or food sources to him!

Of course, it didn't end there. At a later time, Galvatron made Angewomon join him in his throne room, where he had the audacity to not only restrain her and drink her blood...but forcefully take her virginity from her! Galvatron drank Angewomon's blood and raped her again when Myotismon again refused to join him as an attempt to break Myotismon's will to resist. If that wasn't bad enough, Galvatron had some of the Decepticons force Myotismon to watch the whole thing!

To top it off, Galvatron reminded Myotismon of turning against Disney and destroying Power Rangers HQ...and accused him of being that same heartless monster.

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