Clemont is gym leader from the sixth generation and main character of the Kalos Anime who travels with Ash.

He is a master of electric type Pokemon.

The Wrath of The God Of War

Clemont makes his debut in The Wrath of God of War and meets with Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Kick Ass, Hit Girl and Vinny. He also eventually meets with the other members

Clemont also get involved in a love triangle regarding Lizbeth and Boomer as both him and Boomer both have a crush on Liz though it's one sided on Boomer's part which makes The Great Time Travel Adventure ironic in hindsight as he is acting just like Nina acted towards him and Liz. Clemont actually likes Boomer despite their mutual interest and doesn't wish to fight with him over her.

Meister of War


The Final Stand


The Legend of Maka Albarn


LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

After they helped Maka and Knuckles and Crona. Clemont works with Lizbeth, Boomer and Hunson in resurrecting Dib though they find their memories of them are non-existent and they work on recovering their memories as Boomer and Lizbeth talk about their situation when their friend Garak shows up and tells them what happened with the Paradise Lost Kingdom. Lizbeth, Boomer,, Nina, Hunson and Clemont all go off on their own in which they go the Kwie E Mart where they find out Garak is there and that Bender is there too. The Five go after him and eventually corner, Bender, Isabella, Skipper and Suede who they ask why they're there and they explain, Lizbeth, Nina and the others lead the others to him where they reunite only for Discord to arrive and scare the crap out of everyone. Clemont works with the V Crusaders and goes against Pan after that and Niburu, Clemont and the others leave for a normal life.

Ten Legendary Warriors-United Heroes

LOTM: Arrival to Earth

Clemont, Steven Universe, and their friends have visited Kamen Rider Kabuto and his brothers. They tell the story about the Dark Dragon Balls. After the story, they must prepare a new war against Kamen Rider Eternal and his men.