Chuckles the Silly Piggy

Chuckles the Silly Piggy may look like a cute little pig, but he is no nice pig. Believe it or not, Chuckles is a dark lord. He schemes constant takeover of his home world of Udrogoth only to be foiled by Dave the Barbarian. However, the tide was turned when he joined Luciaus in his plans to take over the Multi-Universe and while he still failed, it was good to know that he had allies.

Chuckles wanted to be leader of the group and when the gang joined Slade, he eventually back-stabbed Luciaus and joined Joker with Hinkle and the Noid to get even with the other members who joined force with the good guys. He was defeated, though.

Angry, Chuckles needed to think of a plan for revenge. The plan eventually came when Marceline's dad arrived and murdered his nemesis. Amazed, Chuckles offered his partnership with the other 2 traitors to him. Marceline's dad accepted and they helped him in his plan by devising schemes to get Luciaus. Eventually, like his team, he was killed by a turn coat, Darkwarrior.


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