Chronicles of the Great Empire (Book One: The Entropy) Part 4:


Everlost -the most fortified prison, which contain the most dangerous criminals. It was there that was imprisoned for many years Mirlok alien - the greatest evil genius in one of the worlds. In Mirlok was an unusual ability, he could control the mirror images. You could even capture the person in the mirror.. Therefore, there are absolutely no mirrors in his cell.

At this time, two guards were talking near the the chamber of Mirlok:

First Guard: And what of it? What did he do this?

Second Guard: He killed the Red Ranger. To cheat and rob. Served monsters referred Trobian empire. And then served to those who recently burned the city Ba –Sing –Xe. Real monster!

At this time in the prison yard car drove - gray car with attached trailers. At its entrance stopped the guard-duty: Duty: in the van? The driver of the machine (Massive): a gift to the warden! Duty: but it was not the reason for it! Massive with help of his forces pushed on duty so that he crashed into the wall and lost consciousness.

Then Massive climbed out of the car. The car turned into Steeljaw, and got out of the van Kokatorimon.

Kokatorimon: nice to have some fun! What will become! I want to make a monumental sculpture!

A minute from the the chamber Mirlok.

The first guard: wrong ... What the hell!

The second guard: it is that of a mutant chicken ?!

Kokatorimon (turns them into stone): About time! About Manners! No respect!

He then knocked out of the cell door. On the threshold appeared Mirlok.

Mirlok: Recently, I was waiting for you again .Hondao not do without my help?

Kokatorimon: probably yes. Get ready.

At this time in the Kazakh Federation, in the residence of General Mikіel:

Hondao: everything goes according to plan, comrade. Soon we will release a monster of a mirror.

Mikiel: and these wealthy will have his own! I am happy to serve you comrade Hondao. Previously, I served Grandmaster ... But he did not meet my expectations.

Appears Griffith.

Gen. Mikiel: that is! Rather - who!

Griffith calm. I own.

Hondao: It's okay. Let Comrade General, to introduce you to its ally, or rather one of them -Griffit. He, too, by the way, General. With him and my other allies, we will destroy our enemies. Time consuming! Thank Entropy!