of great New Empire(Book One: The Enthropy) part 6

On the basis of Hevenburg forces:

Belle: Yugo you must understand that this is important. Most likely, the one who calls himself Hondao begin to hunt you.

Yugo: But why am I this Hondao?

Harlock: He wants to take away your abilities. Mayor Bonner found the whole lab, which was prepared for what would take away the ability. Hondao wants to create an army.

Belle: Do not be afraid ,Yugo. Captain Harlock and my friends will be able to protect you. Ty is now one of the fighters Hevenburg forces.

Yugo: I ... but ...

Harlock: We will teach you. Ty will manage to fight with the soldiers of the Great New Empire. It comes pretty dark time ...

Belle: I and others will help you get started.

Belle: Yugo, meet, this is Stacey Bonner

Stacy: Hello Yugo. Welcome to our base. Our organization protects the security of the world. We especially have to watch out for the organization, which calls itself the Great New Empire. It has created a Hondao and it really does not know anything. But aware of the order of the Empire. Its members want to destroy all the worlds, that they call "the new Order of the Multi-Universe". Great New Empire - is our primary enemy.

Yugo: Well, well ... And what? They have already destroyed something?

Stacey Bonner: Unfortunately yes. Many of the worlds has become a space referred to as the "Land of Lost Dreams" .These places are unsuitable for life. And it would not be suitable for it ever. As we learned, the Empire prepares to build an army of soldiers with abilities.

Yugo: I think I begin to understand. And we are ready for them to attack?

Stacy: Try to be prepared.

Neuro: My name is Neuro and I can read your thoughts!

Yugo: who is it?

Belle: it -voin Ninja Neuro. He can read minds.

Yugo: Hello .tak I think about anything right now?

Neuro: The fact that I have a strange haircut, I'm guessing?

Yugo: Wow?

Belle: well it's Jules .He has written many books.

Jules: So you have the same brand new? Excellent! I'm just going to write a book about aliens.

So Yugo found a lot of new friends. But his enemies are on alert, too.

In the old railway depot, in the wastelands Hondao already knew everything.

Hondao: Well, these robots spies. Gradually all the sniff out!

Griffith: you need to hurry, Hondao. Giygas waiting.

Hondao he waits not in vain. I will go to his temple.