Base Command Great New Empire, in the wasteland.

Depot 1 overview1

Base of Great New Empire in Wasteland.

Hondao: I congratulate you, ladies and gentlemen. The operation is successful. Captured in the Ba-Sing-Ce people useful  Herzog Shlange for experiments.

Tso Lan: Hondao seems nevertheless we noticed some... heroic societies. But with the help of the Kazakh federation, our plan will be more than successful.

Natla: Hondao you realize that they will have to look for?

Tang Sung-Moon: We have soldiers to repel the attack. We can also burn their worlds, as we have done with the city of Ba Sing Se and many more worlds.

Oghtar: I found the way that that interest you Hondao: a cheap source of energy is incredibly strong. Solar rubies. Once they fueled my car empire. Will now.

Hondao: It's great, Biggs.

Biggs: Pollution mentioned territories is successful. At the site of the city has an infected area. Slaves will be sent to the Shlange , and from him - to General kriptor.

Hondao: Of course. Soon, everyone will feel the power of our Empire!Ha-ha-ha –ha!

Elder Brother Honghuo: I have all his contacts, Honda. I think you sat firmly on the tail of a certain ninja.

Hondao: Ninja? And what was his name?

Honghuo: Takeda. On son even more powerful warrior, the last king - a warrior named Kenshi.

Hondao: teach him something that samurai once killed all the ninjas? Well, nothing ...

Zao that you have?

Zao We are looking for people with supernormal. Or do not - people ...

Hondao: The results?

Zhao: I think this one has discovered. Brain Drein will be very happy to study it in the lab.

Hondao: this is good. The meeting is over!