К3х11 Ба Синг Се в огне


Chronicles of the Great New Empire (Book One: The Entropy) Part 1:

City Ba Sin Se in the earthly realm, the streets are maintained fierce fighting with the forces of the Great New Empire.

Cassie Cage, Takeda, Kung Jin and Jacqui  Briggs trying to evacuate people.

Takeda (lead by the hand of the old man): cautious Grandpa!

Old man: I ... do not ... so old. Takeda: Yes ... we are all young at heart ... ...

Cassie: (spoke on the radio) We break the enemy forces! The inner wall is destroyed! The enemies are trying to ... (illegible)

Kung Jin shoots from a bow in one of Kazakhstan Marines.

Kun Jin: this is not funny. They climb and climb ...

Jacqui: shoot, and do not talk! (Shoots another grunt).

At that time, the nearest house is destroyed Not-Mehagodzilla.

Kung Jin: What is this thing? It is huge!

Cassie: we were warned about the monsters in Ba Sin Se ... But nobody has said that they are ... strange

... At this time, out of nowhere jump  shoktruper. Jacqui shoots it...

Takeda's Voice-over: if we did not know that the Ba Sin Se ... This is just the beginning. And there appeared another powerful enemy ... powerful enemies. The enemy called "Great new empire" . Bunch's villains, who dream to destroy all the worlds!

Takeda is sitting in his office on against him - Asami Sato.

Asami: leaves, Ba Xing Xie was lost ...

Takeda: unfortunately so is Ms. Sato. We did what we could, evacuated residents. This is a new unknown enemy.