Episode 4: Charon and the Changelings.

(Fireteam Mesa arrives in Canterlot, where it is swarming with Changelings and full of Space Pirates.)

Buck: Hargrove's forces have allied themselves with Chrysalis' Changeling Offspring. Bring them down and secure Canterlot.

Freeze: Copy all, Buck. (Opens the back of the pelican.)

Harper: Ugh. I hate these disgusting pricks.

Kimball: You aren't the only one, Harper.

Freeze: Let's move! Frost, with me!

(Freeze and Frost move to deal with the Space Pirates on the ground while Kimball and Harper deal with the Changeling swarm in the air.)

Mustang: Queen Chrysalis is inside the castle. Secure it so we can bring Celestia back home.

Freeze: Copy!

(The team meets up with Buck and Carolina at the castle.)

Buck: She's in here.

Carolina: Giving the boot. Stand back!

(Carolina busts the door down. They see Chrysalis in the foyer.)

Chrysalis: Well. I thought I'd never get to see you.

Freeze: The feeling ain't mutual, Queen! Give up!

Space Pirate: Fuck off!

Chrysalis: Destroy them!

(Chrysalis runs off into the throne room. The team kills off the Pirates and Changelings in the foyer. They catch Chrysalis.)

Chrysalis: You never quit, do you?! (Blasts magic at Freeze. Freeze dashes out of the way.)

Freeze: No. I guess not.

(Freeze sees Rarity Sci-Twi inside a cacoon.)

Chrysalis: You're interested in that human aren't you?

Freeze: Mesa, secure Twilight!

Chrysalis: Destroy them!!

(Freeze and Chrysalis engage in a fierce fight. Harper, Frost, and Buck kill most of the enemies while Kimball and Carolina free Sci-Twi.)

Carolina: Are you okay?

Sci-Twi: I'm fine. Thanks.

(Freeze successfully finishes off Chrysalis and the Changelings and Space Pirates retreat.)

Sunset: (comms) All friendly teams, enemy forces lost a commander and are retreating. We are no longer on the defensive. Consolidate and counter-attack!

Team Leader: This is ODA Foxtrot! The Pirates and Changelings are disengaging! We've got them on their heels!!

(Later, back on Infinity.)

Princess Celestia: I'm grateful for your hard work for all these years, James.

Mustang: Thank you, Princess.

(Freeze enters.)

Freeze: Dad. Princess.

Princess Celestia: Good morning, Derrick.

Mustang: You did good securing Canterlot, son.

Freeze: Thanks.

Princess Celestia: You've put together a great team, Derrick.

Freeze: Thanks, Princess.

(Spartan Sarah Palmer arrives)

Palmer: Princess, Captain Lasky needs to see you all.

Princess Celestia: Tell him and the guard ponies that I will be there momentarily.

Palmer: Yes, Ma'am.

(Palmer leaves.)

Mustang: Let's go see what he wants.

(As the trio leaves, Freeze notices Mich in the infirmary with a serious head ache. They arrive on the bridge.)

Mustang: What did you find, Captain?

(Lasky pull up a report of the Staff of Charon dropping Mantises to destroy a colony.)

Lasky: He destroyed another colony.

Mustang: I think it's time to do this. Captain, let's find him by any means necessary!

(Mustang and Freeze leaves.)

Lasky: What's the problem, Princess?

Celestia: I'm worried about what will happen after Hargrove is dealt with.


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