Episode 6: Charon's Final Stand.

(The pelicans arrive at the rig. From one, only three of the members of Fireteam Mesa exit.)

Kimball: Alright, Mesa! Move out!! Clear the rig!

(Meanwhile, another pelican flies towards the Staff of Charon.)

Mustang: Overlord, we are approaching the target ship.

Overlord: Roger that, Knight. Give Hargrove our regards. We'll be on station if you need us. Good luck. Out.

(Back at the rig...)

Harper: CONTACT!

(Harper eliminates a number of Space Pirates. the rest of the team follows.)

Space Pirate: I ain't gonna let you assholes bury me. I'm gonna get my money! I ain't... (ran over)

(Matthews arrives driving a Ghost.)

Harper: Nice job, kid!

Matthews: Thanks. I think I'm getting used to this! (accidentally hits the boost button) WHOA! (Speeds off)

Flash: Next time, we shouldn't let people use alien tech.

(Doc arrives on a Ghost.)

Doc: (O'Malley) Speak for yourself. Mwahahaha!

(California and Buck drop from the sky.)

Buck: Contact!

(California and Buck takes out multiple enemies in their way. They regroup with the fireteams.)

Kimball: Had to make an entrance?

California: How else?

(Matthews takes out another group of soldiers.)

Matthews: I got them! I GOT THEM!

(Rocket fire destroys Matthews' Ghost.)

Yolei: Matthews!

Dr. Grey: Don't worry! I got him! (Starts to treat Matthews' injuries.)

Harper: What the hell was that?

(The heroes see an enemy Mantis.)

Mantis: Engaging targets!

(The teams try to attack the Mantis, but to no avail. All of a sudden, another SPARTAN drops onto the Mantis and destroys it. The SPARTAN is revealed to be Spartan Locke. Meanwhile, on the Staff of Charon, Mustang and Freeze arrives at the bridge and come face to face with Hargrove.)

Hargrove: I was wondering when you'd show.


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