Look out People.Theirs Another Commander in Town,The Sixth one is probably The Captain of the Team or Just Another Commander who is Smart or Strong.

Moe and Geno To Knuckles

Nina Cortex to Dib and Edd for The Multiuniversal War of Destiny.

Axel, Phineas, Isabella, Asami, Ice King, Professor Pericles, Pinkie Pie, Scorpion, Stan Smith and Master Chief to Bender

Cynder, Katara, Aang, Klonoa, Fox Xanatos and Obi-Wan to Protoman

Cyrax, Kenshi, Ermac, Zorua, Han Solo and Laval to Riolu

Mojo Jojo and HIM to Slade

Count Veger and Alec Trevalyn to Vilgax

Puma Loco and Hank Scorpio to Marceline's Dad

Ursula and Hexadecimal to Malefor

Ivan Ooze, Randall Flagg, Xemnas, President Snow, Wiseman and Pinhead to Mungar

Colonel Volgin to Discord

Hiroshi Sato to Iron Queen

Jeff and Hal to Kratos

HP to Sigma

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