"He's a sex offender with a record. Got six months at Chino for exposing himself to an eight year old."
— Walter Sobchak, describing Jesus Quintana's possible nature.

Perverts are individuals who have abnormal sexual behavior. For the sake of villainy however these perversions must be notably abhorrent or obstructive to other people's life and not merely a "kink".

Types of Perverts

Perverts can come in two main subtypes - the mischievious but (relatively) harmless kind and the more sinister and/or evil kind that prey on others. Both are considered villainous if their behavior negatively effects others.

Mischievous Examples

Perverts whom nasty behavior are merely in mischievous level but the said behavior negatively effects those around them - if it does not then its a "kink" and doesn't count).

  • Streakers: Perverts whom have nasty habit in running or appeared while nude.
  • Peepers: Perverts whom love to peek someone for fun.
  • Lecherous: Individuals whom possesses disturbing obsession which mainly set on the flesh.

More Serious Examples

Perverts in this case tend to be having worse sexual fantasies.

  • Pedophiliac: Perverts who take a sexual interest in minors of at least 12 years of age or younger.
  • Necrophiliac: Perverts who take a sexual interest in corpses.
  • Incestuous: Perverts who take sexual interest in those biologically related to them (sibling, sons, daughters, etc.)