Pawns are Characters who are tricked or uses by Villains for their scheme and plan.


Greg, Tamara, Maximilian and Blue to Peter Pan

Uka Uka and everyone but Lizbeth to Hunson Abadeer in The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Travel ADventure

Knuckkes, Vilgax, Pete and his allegiance  to Discord

Rarity and Katara to Dr.Weil

Aleu to Mister Sinister

Haytham Kenway to Rodrigo Borgia

Grovyle to Eirik, Khorne and The Tall Man

Emperor X to Slade, Bender and The Joker at points of Slade Strikes Back and to Galvatron in LOTM Season 2

Kingpin, Johan Liebert, Darkonda, Zorg, Sylar, Controller X, Beelzeboss, and Zeus to Chakravartin

Raiko to Palpatine and Vader

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