An amazingly large number of children in the media suffer from having no parents or losing a parent Other children are "lucky enough" to have both parents, but unfortunately live in worlds where there are no families happily married. For most such children, life is an endless series of disappointments and let-downs. A lucky few, though, manage to find a Parental Substitute

They are an adult friend who fills the children's lonely life with guidance and often love . They guide the child and teach them how to stand on their own feet, how to have fun, and how to not be so bothered by the fact that Mommy or Daddy isn't around (or ignores them). If the parent is dead, they may have known him and are able to answer when the child asks about their parents. They often tell the kid they are proud by them. Usually, by the end of the story, they leaves as well, but at that point the kid is able to stand on their own two feet.


  • Princess Celestia towards Twilight Sparkle Twilight herself towards Spike
  • Applejack towards his little sister Apple Bloom
  • Big Boss seems to becoming one for Lizbeth
  • Bender towards Finn and Sari
  • Magneto and Protoman towards Blue
  • Nava towards Aleu
  • Terra towards Gilbert, Shiny, Derek, Petey and Leslie
  • Tuxedo Lovelace, Xaldin, and Shadow Queen towards Terra and Gatomon
  • Lucario and Tigertron towards Riolu
  • Zoroark towards Zorua
  • Pacha towards Kuzco and Kronk
  • Iroh towards Zuko
  • North towards Jack Frost
  • Lady and Tramp to Patch, Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly
  • Zoe and Martian Manhunter towards Luna, Brandon and Shane
  • Dorulumon towards Logan
  • Darth Vader and Queen Beryl to Darth Menslady
  • Angewomon to Tails
  • Angewomon and Myotismon to Kittymus Prime
  • Marie Mjolnir to Crona
  • Optimus Prime to Angewomon, Myotismon and Mia
  • Samus Aran to Ruby Rose