The current or deceased members of the team made and lead by M.O.D.A.B's right hand man Bender and founded with Jimmy Neutron, Skipper, Starfire and Jorgen Von Strangle they are The B Team

While Dib is leader of the team, When a situation is made and he's not there Bender shows up and leads a team of heroes, some are allies of Dib as well such as Starfire, Skipper and Jorgen Von Strangle while some are not with Dib and form his team with him such as Twlight Sparkle, Frida and Jack O Lanturn. But Some of his allies have meet Dib such as King Julian, Ice King and Finn in TGTTA.

They are rank #2 in best hero groups in the multiuniverse after their fellow allies group The Children of The Autobots. The B Team has made several allies teams such as M.O.D.A.B, The V Team, Slade's Ensemble, The P Team and The Scorpion Squad. While they have many enemies including Vilgax's alliegance, Iron Queen's Syndicate and Uka Uka's forces.

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Bender: Leader, one of the founders of the team

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Skipper: 2nd in command, founder of B Team

Bender's main allies in this group usually vary depending on the story

The V Team Island Adventure: Bender's main allies are Starfire, Skipper, Lizbeth, Jorgen, Eddy and The V Team

The Great Time Travel Adventure: His Main allies are Starfire, Skipper, Lizbeth, Marceline and Jorgen

The Great Summer Season Trek: His Main allies are Skipper, Heloise and Twilight Sparkle.

Totally Mobian Spies: Skipper, Heloise, Lizbeth, Eddy and The V Team and possble others

The Great Multiversal War of Destiny: Skipper, Heloise and Twlight for a second time as the four of them specfically went after Discord.

Legends of Light and Darkness and LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour: Skipper, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella were this in both stories

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Heloise: 3rd in command, founder of The B Team

Line of Authority

1st. Bender

2nd. Skipper and Heloise. Jimmy Neutron also had some hold  on this early on

3rd Starfire, Marceline, Jorgen

4th Finn, Django of the Dead, Phineas, Isabella

5th King Julian and Twilight Sparkle