"Do you think that miserable oaf would've sent you into the woods if I hadn't suggested it? Do you think Cedric Diggory would've told you to open the egg underwater if I hadn't told him first myself? Do you think Neville Longbottom, the witless wonder, could've provided you with Gillyweed if I hadn't given him the book that led him straight to it?"
— Barty Crouch Jr. (disguised as Alastor Moddy) reveals how he masterminded Harry Potter's entire fourth year to get him to touch the Portkey and revive Lord Voldemort.

These are villains expert in manipulating events and people alike to serve their own schemes. They rarely show themselves directly to their enemies, as they prefer to manipulate behind the scenes, unless they are certain of their superiority. Sociopaths and Psychopaths tend to be, and are likely, Master Manipulators.

How Master Manipulators manipulate his/her pawns vary in terms of degrees, ranging from gaining advantage over other people's feelings to controlling every single event around them at the same time.

Examples where the manipulator fails

  • Joker couldn't anticapte Bender and later Marceline to mapulate him through insults to lose his temper.
  • Discord could not see King Julian managing to find him and with the ponies out of their control. Also in Totally Mobian Spies he didn't see Bender, Skipper, Heloise and Pericles stopping his plan to destroy Lara and the others with Tarkin's Death Star.
  • Hunson Abadeer in The Time Travel Adventure failed to realize that Lizbeth turned his own master plan against him.
  • Terrance Lewis didn't succeed  because somehow Bender, Pericles and Skipper found out both of his plans to have the girls placed under mind control and his plan to frame Jerry was foiled when Skipper and Bender tricked him to exposing his plan to the public.