Like First, Second and Third in Command there is a fourth command. 4 is a number of death so it works well.


Edd, Captain Flamingo, Boomer and Gosalyn to Dib. Only the 2nd of them will stay in 4th in command

Django of the Dead, Jimmy Neutron and Finn to Bender. Axel and King Julian join the roll as well

Death The Kid to Cap Knuckles

Tarus Bulba and Scorpion (formerly) to Marceline's Dad. Following Tarus's death and Scoprion's rebelion, Agent Smith, Death and Dracula have became this to him

Brother Blood to Uka Uka

Megabyte to Slade

Dr.Nefarious and Fiona to Eddy

Darkseid to Malefor

Zant, Xemnas and General Scales to Dingo The Wolf

Selvira Bles to Dormammu

Abe Sappien, Aleu and Perry to Protoman

Sunil Nevla to Dr. Strange

Kodi, Lioyd Garmadon, Ratchet and Omi to The Shadow

Pterano, Brainiac, Albedo and Eli Pandarus to Shinnok

Azog, Ansem, Visser Three and Shang Tsung to Mungar

Dorian Gray,Epsilon and Baron Mordo to Zeus

Hannibal Bean, Makrov and Omega to Discord

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and General Shepherd to Sigma

BlackMetalGreymon, Darth Nihilus and Theodora to BlackGarurumon

Neyla to Mister Sinister