These are that have died in some different stories but they did something before they died that served as inspiration to others. Whether they have come back or not (and some have come back), these people will always be remembered.

Special Case: Villains who have Died With Honor

Not just the heroes, but even the certain villains who have accepted the fact that their demise is inevitable and had enough dignity to face it can be consdiered as such. Many of the villains who died in this way are honorable ones. Thus, circumstances were includes:

  • Chooses to Die Rather Than to be Saved: Villains defeated by the heroes choose to take his/her own life, preferring to die with honor than to live in shame like cowards (e.g. Heis). When they killed themselves, they can either give the heroes sometime to escape from disaster that they already started but cannot undone it (an example being the battle between the hero and the villain took place in the damaged ship/building that about to explode as result of the villains' own mistake or heroes' effort to foil their evil plan) or have the hero whom defeated him/her gave him/her mercy kill (e.g. Doctor Octopus and Obito Uchiha).
  • Heroic Sacrifice: when a villain commits a heroic sacrifice before death, it is regarded as a way of redemption and dying with honor (e.g. Maria Arzonia sacrificed herself to stop Aleister Crowley's dark plan of blowing up London).
  • Accepted their Death as their Fate and Faced it with Dignity: In this case, it needn't be a redeemed villain to die with honor. Even a villain that is Pure Evil can somehow die with honor if they accepted the death with no fear. Some of them also held no grudge when the Hero killed them as they simply accepted their fate. Examples of this are Stannis Baratheon (in TV series), Kefka PalazzoMichael LangdonYuuki Terumi, Makuta Teridax, Inspector JavertLord Cutler Beckett and Theo Galavan.
  • Fought with Honor: Villains who fought with honor in order to avenge, protect or defend themselves with no fear can die with honor (example: Hephaestus died at the hands of Kratos after attempting to back-stab him, but it soon turned out that Hephaestus was trying to protect his daughter Pandora from certain demise. Kratos was deeply moved by it and promised to a dying Hephaestus that he will protect Pandora).
  • Remorseful Suicide: the villain goes aware of his wrong actions, and thus, they discover it's already too late to their redemption. Instead, they take their own life to fix their wrongdoings, it can overlap with Heroic Sacrifice, most probably if the villain was a Pawn or Brainwashed/Possessed.
    • A good example of both of this is Shade (Cyberbots). After Jin defeated G.O.D., Shade, a brainwashed soldier of G.O.D., attacks Jin, so he can't destroy the weapon, but after Jin defeated him, he gained consciousness. Shade felt bad about the assassination of Jin's father, Ken, which was also his best friend, the responsible of this hideous action was G.O.D. Thus, he used himself to destroy Earth Force’s Super Weapon as a form of redemption towards both, Jin and Ken.