I.M Waul 0007
Cat R. Waul is a villainous feline that hails from the American Tail Universe. Affable, cunning and cultured, he is a villain with charm and master plans. Waul has given many tries at eating the mice of the U.S with his men and schemes. He does this because he believes that chasing them and then eating them is a waste of calories and prefers to have it done the easy way as opposed to the traditional way. After being foiled many times and his sidekick and owner dead, he didn't know what to do until Slade took him in and recruited him as a member of his team. Waul swore his allegiance to him and began working for him ever since.

Waul is put in charge of the reverend at Slade's wedding to Celes since of his high glass culture and he preferred to be a highly competent reverend.

He is voiced by John Cleese.

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