Carter in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

"I'm Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue, Red Ranger." - Carter

Carter Grayson is the lead character of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

He is portrayed by Sean Cw Johnson.

Carter Grayson is a firefighter for the city of Mariner Bay as one of the best. His daredevil maneuvers risked his life, but save those in danger.

Carter serves as the Red Lightspeed Ranger.

Ranger Forms

Trans Armor Cycle

"Trans Armor Cycle! Armor Mode! Complete Transformation!"

Trans Armor Cycle
The Trans Armor Cycle is the Battlizer used by Carter, created by Angela Fairweather. The Battlizer is the first that came in two modes, Cycle mode and Armor Mode. This is also the first Battlizer to act as a mode of transportation as well.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Before Season 9

Carter met Captain "Mustang" McCracken in Liberty City after Hargrove attacked. Carter and the rest of the Lightspeed Rangers arrive to drive away the remaining Space Pirates in the city as well as rescue any suvivors of the attack.

Carter is most notable in the Multi-Universe for being the first to be recruited into the Knights of the Just.

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Carter had been sent to recruit Derrick "Freeze" McCrackenTyler Navarro (Dino Charge Red Ranger), and Lauren Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger) to team up with the Red Rangers to stop Cinder Fall from reactivating and using Serpentera.

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Carter is seen with Dana tending to Sunset Shimmer's arm dislocation. He tells Freeze of how he met his father and how the Knights of the Just was formed.


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