Buzz Lightyear

Name: Buzz Lightyear

Race: Human/Rayborg Hybrid

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Safety, justice and freedom throughout the galaxy.

Dislikes: Injustice

Biggest strength: His courage

Biggest weakness: His tummy is ticklish

Occupation: Space Ranger pilot

Quote: "To infinity AND BEYOND!"

Youtube portrayer: bobobobobofan

Voiced by: Tim Allen

A smart, courageous Space Ranger, Buzz has been dubbed "The Pride of Star Command", "The Galaxy's Greatest Hero", and "The Ultimate Space Ranger", just to name a few. He is always willing to risk his life to ensure the safety of the innocent, including Angewomon. Being part of the Disney family, he knows that it is essential to protect both her and Myotismon. In addition, he loves Angewomon very much and has given her an oath that he will protect her and stay bound to her in love.


Laser - Buzz fires a laser from his right glove

Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney


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