Brother Blood

Brother Blood is a villain who was a main antagonist in The V Team Island Adventure and who serves as the Joker's teacher in evil. When he hears of Bender's murder of Joker, he swears revenge on him and his friends

Physical Appearance

He is a old man who who dresses like a minster but is teaching a school on how to be a successful villain

Greatest Strength: His Charisma

Greatest Weakness: His Smugness




The V Team Island Adventure

He only appeared in the side story playing a villain against both Eddy and Bender. He helped invade the attack against Tamzarain but Bender fought and bested him. Then he came across the V Team and he terrified them with his calmness, but he was defeated again, this time by Slade. During this time he upgraded himself into a cyborg to get revenge on the robot twice, but he was destroyed by Jorgen and Hades in a tag team battle. He never knew about Marceline's dad being the real man behind Uka Uka.


Brother Blood reappears here as an ally of THe Legion of Past, Present and Future Evil led by The Reverse Flash through Time Travel and book travel into the past villains syndicate. He joins with The Joker to his old rogue gang with the other old villains as a result of Thawne bringing him through Deathstroke.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Uka Uka and his men, the Joker, Eobard Thawne, The League of Past, Present and Future Evil

Enemies: Bender and his gang, Eddy and the V Team, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades