Bill Hawks
Bill Hawks is a character from Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

He is voiced by Christopher Robin Miller.

Hawks is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a former scientist, being one of the three individuals responsible for the construction of the Time Machine, the others being Dimitri Allen and Professor Layton's love interest Claire.

When Dimitri found a fatal error in the Time Machine, he begged Hawks not to go on with the expiriment, but he ignored his former friend and ran it anyway, being offered a lot of money and a prototype component of the machine. The expiriment caused an explosion that killed Claire(which actually shot her 10 years into the future) and many others inside the neighboring appartment block (including Clive's parents).

He is described as a greedy, stubborn, and overall unpleasant man.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Hawks once served as Prime Minister of the UK in the Fire Rebellion Storyline, but was forced out by FLEETCOM.

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