"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am BATMAN!" - Batman

Batman (Real name Bruce Wayne) is a superhero and the most well known one as well.

Greatest Strength:

Greatest Weakness:

Best Friends: Alfred Pennysworth, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Jim Gordon, Terry McGinnis, Dib, Dr. Strange

Worst Enemies: The Joker, Bane and Crowley,Hondao

M.O.D.A.B. Storyline

He is secretly Bruce Wayne and the father of Dib and Terry McGinnis who is the leader of M.O.D.A.B. Batman has many enemies but his main foe is the Joker who Bender and Marceline share with him as an enemy. Batman was revealed to be his father late on in Slade Strikes Back when everyone was trying to stop Joker's plan

He wishes to find Dib and assist him and the Children of the Autobots against Galvatron so he doesn't lose another kid who was like a son to him such as Dick Grayson or Tim Drake.

LOTM Next Gen Island Tour

Batman finally makes a return and joins up with Dr. Strange. He meets back up with Slade, Bender, Anti Cosmo and Skipper by working with him.

The four tell him the death of Dib and about Discord, Batman as a result is the only Multi-Universal Resistance member not to trust Discord. Batman like Mr.Gold and Suede is sympathetic to Bender`s plan to bring Dib back with the star but secretly knows like them, he wants the penguins back for Skipper. Batman wonders why is Bender the only one there and where is Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd and Nina, he explains that Dib is dead and that Discord has a hand in it.

Batman gets a call from Bender, Skipper, Phineas, Heloise and Isabella go inform the team of the base's destruction under Predaking. Afterwards when Flash goes to aid Dr.Strange, Batman tells his allies about the importance Flash had when in The Justice League. Batman leading the team with 16 and Tony find exactly what they thought and go off to stop what Sinister is up to. Batman reveals he scanned the isle and found what Sinister is up too though he has no idea of who put magic near the door and that each area in the forest tests strength, smarts or both. He finds Dr.Strange and they find Big Barda in bad condition and things get worse when GBF Jr. shows up

Batman suspects they are working for BlackGarurumon or Minster Sinister, though he learns they're working of their own accord. Batman also defends Anna from their weapon in her sister who they captured and are using her as a puppet. After this, Sunil, Android 16, Dr.Strange, Grey, Carl Clover, Tony, Zoe, Batman, Terry and Alexander discuss what's next on their agenda that being BlackGarurumon. Alex with Batman and Carl begin to suspect that Blue will do something stupid and as a result advises the team not to do something stupid. Batman and the crew are attacked by Zangya and Myers which has him and Norman find a way out which Zangya tries to prevent.

Batman prepares a escape pod for the resistance to escape which them and the members who escape arrest. Batman’s pod works and gets the heroes away when they reach a rocket ship and get into contact with the other members about what’s really going on. Batman captures Bloom after sending Shinzon's fleet down and he recognizes a now fallen Blue. He calls him out on why he turned on them for his own reasons. Batman with the others save Zoe after the others stop the train. The teams led by Skipper, Katara, and Tony attack Sinister's castle while they're distracted so Strange and Bender can enter the castle and get Sinister in which they all fight many members of the Sinisters of Evil

Batman and the others land in the Paradise Lost Kingdom where they meet Lizbeth's doppelganger Lady Anastasia who helps them and Batman also learns of Pan's Great Grandson Henry who Batman opts to save from his nightmares. Batman works on a machine to allow them to go in his dreams and save Henry, Brainiac though fucks it up meaning they must get the heroes in quickly and out before Braniac fucks it up further. Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.Batman and the resistance land on their next island which resembles Zim Universe and they all work to stop BlackGarurumon and Loki/Wesker's plans with the mutagen and Sentox. Strange and the guys as well as Batgirl stop BlackGarurumon's men form doing doing so only to get a beating from Nihilus and then getting kidnapped by Crowley. Batman retaliates when he works with Strange against Sector 32, When Crowley appears, Batman gets away and has Crowley's bones which he sets fire to and this kills Crowley.


Batman returns while he's not in focus helping the Star Alliance with the other Multi-Universal Resistance members. He and the other members help in Acts 2, 4 and 5 of LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour.


Alfred Pennysworth




Talia Al Ghul

Commissioner Gordon


Terry McGinnis



Allies, neutral and enemies

Allies: Alfred Pennysworth, Robin/Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman (love interest sometimes), Talia Al Ghul (love interest sometimes), Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent (formerly), Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Dib (his son), Bubbles, Bender, Lizbeth, Emperor X, M.O.D.A.B, Slade (possibly), Anti-Cosmo (possibly), Dr. Strange, Alexander Fox Xanatos, Batman Beyond (his older son) Jessie, James, Grey, Dan (Dan Vs.), Mysterion, Blythe Baxter, Sunil Nevla, Zoe Trent, Sam, Norman, Carl Clover, Josh Sharp, Tony Aimelda, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Eska, Android 16,  Sora, Princess Anna, Mr. Gold, Blue, Salem, Protoman, Magneto, Aleu, Ozymandas, Jesu Otaku, Saul Goodman, Death the Kid

Neutral: Ra Al Ghul, Scorpion, Discord

Enemies: The Joker, Bane, Anarky, the Penguin, Two-Face, the Riddler, Killer Croc, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy,  Mr. Freeze, Solomon Grundy, Hugo Strange, Clock King, Gotham City criminals, Darkseid, Brainiac, the Nightospere Empire, Sari Sumdac, BlackGarurumon, the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, Sinisters of Evil, the Templar Order, Haytham Kenway


The Lego Movie - Batman's Song (Untitled Self Portrait)

The Lego Movie - Batman's Song (Untitled Self Portrait)

Batman's humorous song about darkness. Performed by Will Arnett.