Astra (Child)

Astra Evangelina Fienox

Adult Astra

Mother: Ja'ynde

Father: Black Saber

Step-Father: John Yamato

Husband: Phantom Fienox

Sons:Dyron and Lance Fienox

Daughter: Amira Fienox

Powers/ abilities: Spell Casting, Twin Katanas, Transfroming into a Cybertronian, (null rays, ray guns, robot stuff)

Species: Hybred- Natallian/Decepticon

Youtube portrayer: MyHeartofJade1

Back Story

Astra was raised for the first several months of her life by her 'uncle', Josh to be a warrior for Natall. After her mother managed to recover somewhat from Black Saber raping her, Astra traveled with her mother around the universe. She was always at odds with her step-father, John Yamato, especially after her tried to kill her because, 'her father's evil had infected her. She then moved in with her uncle again, her hatrid of John growing. After the death of her mother's adopted father, King Ch'an, Ja'ynde took her daughter back, fearing Josh's growing madness. On the road again, Astra met many people such as Johnathan Tangelo, Lillian, Ethan Letric, The Skeleton King, Ikari and many more. She also fought many villians along side her mother. Sarcasim became her weapon of choice. After one villian, Phantom Fienox became a threat, she was given the Cosmic Sword, and the quest to find the missing crystals. Phantom stole the sword from Astra, combining the crystals she had found along with the rest he had collected. Now unstoppable, Astra went with Johnathan to a place to train, where one Earthen rotation equaled twenty years. Now a mature adult, Astra went to confront Phantom. Something strange happened, not a blow was exchanged, but they confesed they had feelings for each other, other then hatrid and fear. The two teamed up and kicked some Eclipse butt, and went out with each other. After a few months, Phantom asked Astra to marry him.

Together they had a son, Dyron Fienox, and lived in the Fienox beach house with Ikari and Chase, and Kerri Fienox and Ethan Letric. Things went well, for a little while....

Dyron joined the side of evil, he returned...only to leave once more out of jealousy of the twins, Lance and Amira.

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