Ariella Cortania
Ariella, The original Queen of Cortania


Ariella Defoe Cortania


Her Majesty Queen Ariella, Ari (by Narek), Mama (by Dia, Ikari, and Vasuki)


Late 40-Early 50s


13th April


Narek Cortan-Husband; Dia Fienox-Daughter; Ikari Young-Daughter; Vasuki Cortan-Son;Astir Fienox-Son-in-Law; Chase Young-Son-in Law, Phantom Fienox-Grandson, Kerri Fienox-Granddaughter, Kera Young-Granddaughter


Jewel on her should plate holds vast amounts of energy which she can manipulate and use as a weapon, rarely used


Former Queen of Cortania



Ariella Cortania was the Queen of both the original and new Cortania. An off-worlder, she met Narek when the latter snuck off Cortania to her planet. They fell in love and married, leading her to become the Queen of Cortania. She had two daughters in the original universe, Dia and Ikari. She also had a son, Vasuki. However, Ikari was her only child in the reformed universe. A kind woman, she avoided conflict where possible, even refusing to raise a hand against Dia when she took over Cortania. However, she was not above fighting, but would only engage in battle in dire circumstances.

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