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General Information
Name Ara Astaroth
Kanji アラアスタロト
Romanji Araasutaroto
Alias Anti-Christ of All Anti-Christs, Yama, Ara Yama, Diodora Astaroth, Ara Rosenkreutz, The Troll, Princess of Hell, Light Breaker, Fu, Violator, Ara the Explorer, Yama Raja, Hindu Destroyer, 72 Pillars, Qlipoth Dictator, Kyoufu, Mistress of Lake of Fire, Khaos Queen, Astaroth King, Switch Princess, Tyrant of Blood, Black, Sister of Blood Cult, Head of Hell, Head of Astaroth Clan, Chief, Troll Mistress, Phenex, Sirzerchs Ara, The Leviathan, Ara the Agares, The Corrupter, Scarecrow, Devil Fist, Sabnock, Glasya-Labolas, Bloody Yama, Anti-Christ of the Nine Worlds, Anima Comedenti (Devour of Souls), Mina Harker, Qliphoth's Stone, The Beautiful Devil, Beauty of Lazarus, Ara the Tyrant, The Deliverer of Darkness, The Shogun of Sorrow, Hydra, Living Evil (by Rama and Zeus), Skaath, Ddrez, Daughter of Devil, Ara the Genocider, Ara the Ravager, The Queen Of Madness, The Devil of the Rhine, Yama the Oppressor, Argent, Mithril, Black Silver, The Eradicator of Christians, The Ambassador of the Seven Deadly Sins, The Crooner of War, High Priestess, Dealer of Destruction, The Hawk of Darkness, Ultimate Evil of the Underworld, The Absolute, Tao Mistress, Blackheart the Deatheater, Goddess of Evil;
Race Pure-Blooded Devil; Nosferatus
Age 403,000,000,000 years old (18-years old physically)
Gender Female
Status Imprisoned in the Undead Land
Birthday 30,000,000,000 BBY - Multi-Universal Calender
Height 1,56 meters (physical human form), 8,04 meters (physical demon form);
Weight 47kg (104 lbs) in base form, 50kg (106 lbs) in Anti-Christ form;
Hair Color Dark Bloody Red;
Eye Color Lighty Orange Eyes in human form, White eyes in Anti-Christ form;
Blood Type ???
Professional Status

Triggers Hell, Leohart's Cult, The Revelation of Qliphoth, Fallen Roman Catholic Church, Astaroth Clan, Mafusa Gang, Fallen Roman Catholic Church, Astaroth Empire, Satan Cult, Knights of Astaroth, Intergang, The Researchers of Divine Hand, Tzoah Rotachat;
Previous Affiliation Nine Demon Gates, Blood Cult;
Occupation Founder and Leader of Leohart's Cult, Ruler of Qliphoth, Ruler of the Underworld, Mother Superior of Fallen Roman Catholic Church (de facto), Head of Astaroth Clan, High-Priestess of Blood Cult, Mafusa Gang founder and leader (de facto), Empress of Astaroth Empire, Goddess of Revelation of Qliphoth, Founder of Intergang, Goddess of Tzoah Rotachat, Fonder of Divine Hand, Mistress of Knights of Astaroth
Previous Occupation Leohart's Servant, Former Cultist of Blood Cult, Ruler of Low Demon Army, Former Enforcer of Nine Demon Gates;
Partner(s) B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 (crush), Leohart the Prince of Hell, Tomas Sev, Malcom Graves, Roland Cox, Fenrir, Loki, Fafnir, Two Spirits, Etrigan, Scabarous Scrotus, Vali Lucifer, Azazel, Kronos the Genocider, Arlong, Black Mind, Black Heart, Diva, Daemon, Darkrai, Aku, Raven, Reynare, Meliel, Petelgese Romanne-Conti, Satella, En, Kureto Hiragi, Melisandre, Lust, Gluttony, Shikiari, Eclipso, Konstantin, Blaster Dark, Akira, Wrath, Nibiru Entity, Trigon, Clarize di Lanza, Envy, Mileena, Thetis, the Black King, Sasha, Vira, Aki Honda, Tomoo, Elesis du Tirial, Michael Langdon, Fire Elsa, Mephisto, Mephista, Blackheart, Jobe;
Previous Partner(s) Scathach, Jeanne, Haruko Couteau, Slan, Void, Ubik, Conrad, Malcolm Dreyfuss, Moloch;
Base of Operation Hell, 13rd Floor of Qliphoth, Astaroth Territory, Prime Earth, Russia and United States, Vatican, Arendelle;
Personal Status
Relatives Idea of Evil (creator), Leohart the Prince of Hell (father), Pshica (mother), The Morrigan (younger sister), Oriax Wheelahr (apprentice), Tomas Sev (son), Dark Couteau (younger sister), The Darknees (distant-younger brother), B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 (lover);
Counterpart Nu Wa, Michael Langdon, The Fallen's Essence, Maria Arzonia, Tomas Sev, Sunna, Lord Helio, Moloch, Elesis Du Tirial, The Fallen, Leohart the Prince of Hell, Darth Hades, Anti-Christ (DEM Empire), The Supreme God;
Hobbies Causing destruction in many places, mocking her enemies whenever she can and whatever she can, making sick jokes, killing low-level demons, watching CM's experiments, hugging and kissing CM whenever she can to see him mad, plotting against God, dreaming how her world will be once she conquer the Multi-Universe, feeding on the Spiritual energy, killing Christians, drinking blood, studying and appreciating fine artworks of Black Magic, killing Astaroths, investigating and studying Black Arts;
Goals Destroy the God: destroying everything that is good in this world... "It's something to do", Conquer all Earths, Become the Ultimate Ruler of the Multi-Universe, Destroy Balam Alliance and replace it with Astaroth Empire, Destroy all omniverses and create a new one in fear and despair;
Powers Portal Generation, Demonic Magic, Transformation, Immortality, High Endurance, Superhuman Strength, Red Energy Control, Omnipresent, Trickery, Evil Generation, Ability Bestowal, Ability Augmentation, Resurrection, Power Removing, Minion Generation, Dimension Ruling, Elemental Control/Manipulation, God-like Pyrokinesis, God-like Thermokinesis, Creation of fire-demons, Ability Absorption & Draining, Soul Collector, Troll Summoning, Brainwashing, Black Magic, Leohart's Dark Aura;
Type of Power Black Magic, Magic, Curses;
Weapon Claws of Azarath;
English Voice Hynden Walch
I am not the hero in my own story. I am the bad guy. I have no end in mind that justifies my means. There are no skeletons in my closet, no abusive childhood or inciting misery that might expiate my vile behavior. Nor am I insane. I know the difference between good and evil. And I am fully capable of empathizing with the pain, emotional or physical, of others. No sociopath, I. Rather, I simply prefer bad over good. Wrong over right. Dirty over clean. Sick over healthy. Untrue over true. I think I became like this when I stared at the abyss, but when it stared back, I laughed!
Ara Astaroth

Ara Astaroth is the second daughter of Leohart the Prince of Hell, the only daughter of the Demon Queen Pshica, the older sister of The Morrigan, Dark Couteau and the mother of Tomas Sev as well as the wife of B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 in the future. She is a Pure-Blooded Devil born as the Princess of Hell and Ruler of the Underworld, Tyrant of Qliphoth, Goddess of Undead Land and the Head of Astaroth Clan. She was fated to rule the Triggers Hell and all forces of Evil of the Multi-Universe, and could have been one of the most dangerous, deadly and powerful demons (stronger than Leohart himself) of all existence once she assumed the throne of Hell, ruling it to a more chaotic and horrifying place where even the most organized Devil and Demon Clans would start wars and fight each other for prestige, destroying Hell and Paradise at the same time, showing that she was not interest in keeping Hell as her realm and desired to turn everything in the reality in ashes. 

Ara was one of the primary antagonists of Saga AA (alongside Eckidina KnightWalker/Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, The Fallen's Essence, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, Michael Langdon and Aryana Westcott) and was one of the villains with most influence in the story, having created numerous story-plots through her actions and evil deeds that lead many of the main characters to become what they're today, be they heroes or villains. While she's usually presented as a serious and threatening foe that destroyed countless of lives using the dark side of mankind, Ara is also a source of comedy in the story, due to her outrageous beauty and sometimes wise-jerk girl behavior, supported by Ara's sarcastic answers. In the story she was introduced as the true leader of Mafusa Gang, the founder of the Researchers of Divine Hand, the Dark Empress of Astaroth Empire, Queen of Qliphoth, founder of the vicious side of KnightWalker Family as we know today, the Head of Astaroth clan, creator of Satanism on Earth, the current Supreme Mother of Leohart's Cult, the founder of Moon Terminator Company and finally the leader of Knights of Astaroth.

She is the main antagonist of the Madness Sub Arc, the Greater Scope Villain of the whole season 1', the Greater Scope Villain in Phoenix Sub Arc, the Bigger Bad in Godom Arc, and a major unseen antagonist in Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc of the second season of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AAShe is highly to be the Greater Scope of all seasons of LOTM: Sword of Kings Triggers Hell Saga even after her imprisonment, for she is the one responsible for making the Hell Realm strong enough to launch a powerful attack against the Paradise and 0th Multi-Universe. Despite being a Arc Villain, she can be considered one of the 20 Arch-Villains of the whole LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline thanks to her influence during the story on Prime Earth events such as being the first Devil of Triggers Hell to arrive on Earth, giving birth to Satanism  and Black Magic on Earth, and thus, starting countless wars plagued by Church against heretics, witches, monsters and demons. In addition, she is overarching villain of the LOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes, acting as the source of all evil appearing in the crossover.

In LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, Ara served as one of the major (if not main) antagonists of the storyline. In her first appearance in Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, Ara will be the main antagonist of the upcoming spin-off, Prophecy of the Light Lord. In this storyline, the Hexenmeister Community considered Ara as one of the (if not the only) demon appearing on Earth so far that would rival against Moloch, and they were highly alarmed by her actions. It was also revealed that Ara was the one behind Mephisto's actions in Arendelle in order to overthrow her father, making her the Bigger Bad of both Scorched Spin-Off, one of the Bigger Bads in Black Host Saga alongside Zadkiel and the Bigger Bad of Dreyfuss Saga. However, due to her actions that influenced Magic Side, Ara would be considered as a catalyst and, arguably, the true Bigger Bad of LOTM: WoSH storyline.

Born from a cosmic black mass of darkness inside of the Demon Queen Pshica, Ara was an evil tyrant, shapeshifting Pure-Blooded Devil that has taken over the countless worlds, including all Earths, and has ruled it for countless eons. Ara is highly considered the most dangerous of Saga AA as she sent the heroes 2,000 years ahead in the future, where she ruled the Prime Earth and the whole omniverse as her own kingdom and has brought genocides, death, pain, destruction, carnage and turned it into a Hellish world where satanists and High Priests from Astaroth Empire ruled over humans and inferior beings, allowing homicide, robberies, corruption, rape, pedophilia, necrophilia and even cannibalism and thus corrupting mankind and leading it to destruction slowly.

Ara, also known as Anti-Christ of All Anti-Christs, is the true AntiChrist prophesied to kill God in the Holy Bibly of God (non-Christian bibly) and destroy Hell itself, her own kingdom. She is a former member of the Nine Demon Gates and the creator of Black Magic, Curse  and the Black Bibly and by extension the religion of Satanism. She is a ruthless, diabolical, and manipulative Devil Princess who is the archenemy of Scathach, Tomas Sev and Imperia Deamonne, being directly responsible for all tragic events involving the main characters of the story such as Kyouhei KannazukiHaruko CouteauIruka CouteauIchabod CraneKatarina Couteau (on Prime Earth), Lusamine, Tomas Sev, Suzuya and many more... She is easily one of the most successful villains of the story, as she managed to rule all Earths of the Multi-Universe for centuries, by invading them and using her energy to make all humans kill themselves until no one was left, creating countless Hellish Utopias for her reign, there she would start her own kingdom of death until Leohart the Prince of Hell decided to pass his throne for her, and has been unstoppable for years.

From all villains in Saga AA, Ara is the villainess with the most high-body count, more than Aryana Westcott and The Fallen's Essence body count. She is seen as a shape-shifting agent of fear, darkness and death and ruin who travel to other worlds to spread Leohart's Words to help Triggers Hell expand its territory. She often visits Hell and enjoys bringing madness and suffering to inferior demons (tortured souls are among them). Ara is also a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on those who observe it. 

Ara was once a kind girl who only loved singing, but the days she was imprisoned in a tower in Hell merely for being weaker than her sister turned her into a woman full of hatred. When Ara was free, she wanted to bring peace to the world using brutal methods by killing demons in her dimension for a cult known as Blood Cult. However, over time she grew tired of seeing war after war and watching the world in ruins. Believing that if things were to go on, life would eventually perish, Ara eventually gave up on the life and decided to create a new world, a world where people were gentle and intelligent with no desire for conflict, however, this is just a Nazi-like utopia where demons will reign while all other races of the omniverse will be enslaved, exterminated and eradicated. Nowadays, Ara has shown to be haughty and self-assuming. She has also been shown to have somewhat of a goddess-complex, like for example, believing that she can just simply "destroy the world and create a new one" if the current one does not operate in the way she wants it to. When Kotori referred to her as "goddess of blackness", Ara, through she also stated that she never called herself that, thought it was a fitting title. Ara can be described as a Knight Templar who causes all kinds of cruelty, taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of living being but has dream of creating a world with peace where demons will rule and all inferior races will be destroyed. Thus after she notices her world still in conflict, she will simply destroy the Multi-Universe Core to destroy all creation and find peace in an infinite void of of darkness and emptiness.

Another curious fact about Ara is that she tends to switch back and forth between being played for laughs, and being a truly threatening villain, this makes Ara the unique type of villain in LOTM: Sword of Kings. She would either do something pettily "villainous" not to be taken too seriously, like telling stories to children to make them like her, or be extremely unsympathetic, like causing genocide and enslaving innocents and even watching her Trolls raping innocent human women to death. What makes Ara one of the most devilish female villains, is that she can easily be a funny villain while showing a controversial scenario, making it somehow black and white and more focused in 'Humorous black humor'.

Ara is the eternal arch-enemy of her counterpart, Nu Wa, the Guardian of Heaven and Earth. She is dedicated to consuming the multiverse if not the omniverse, which is the plural of "Multi-Universe", meaning that she was able to consume the souls of all Multi-Universes of existence. Her goal is to bring an end to the annoying creation boasting independence around her, and find peace by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite torrent of nothingness at the end of all things once she finished her fun of having sexual pleasure, drinking blood and bringing pain upon all living beings, including animals and Gods. To undertake this seemingly overwhelming task, Ara is able to travel across realities at will, a meandering plague upon existence itself. Integrated into her cells are incomprehensible quantum atoms which calculate probabilities forward and backwards in time, in perpetuity, giving her soul and mind an ever changing, evolving map of the multiverse, thanks to this skill, Ara is considered the strongest Devil of history, even more than her father and his masters; Lucifer and Devil.

Frequently, Ara will make deals with lesser beings, giving them vast new powers in exchange for their servitude. These minions are sometimes stripped entirely of their free will, but others follow her willingly. Service to Ara, however, is a double edged sword, for it causes insanity and loss of self. And in the end, no matter their intent, Ara's plans ultimately call for their consumption as well.


Design and Appearance

Between all villains from Triggers Hell, Ara is the villain who had more candidates for appearances and is considered the female villain with more than 2 candidates for her appearance.

First Appearance

In her first appearance, the CIS writers gave her a more demonic appearance without forms to keep her true appearance hidden. As she was suppose to be Leohart's daughter at the time of her creation, she was shown as High-Class Demon (instead of Pure-Blooded Devil) and was not strong enough like other villains from Saga AA like Eckidina KnightWalker in her Cyborg form (who has 6,000,000 in her power level) and had no transformations, meaning she was originally suppose to be weak-demon without much influence in the story and was created to be only a small piece of Triggers Hell's influence on Earth.

Second Appearance

After some discussion, Ara's form was changed and she became more human with some of Leohart's traces (like his white hair in his Full Devil Form and his horns) and had her Race inverted, now being a Demon Guide (a type of Low-Class Level Demon serving Pure-Blooded Devils who are the leaders of Demonic Clans in the Underworld), the opposite of Spirit Guide. Ara in this form was a humanoid who had multiple transformations and was superior to Eckidina KnightWalker in this design. Her power level in this design is around 10,000,000 but continued to be one of the weakest villain in Saga AA compared Heis and Aryana.

Third Appearance

Reaching her decisive appearance with the beginning of Eckidina Arc, the second season and final of Saga AA, she was developed by Prime ShockWaveTX and had become of the villains with most influence in the storyline, becoming a Big Bad to Triggers Hell's plot line (Magic Side). In this appearance, she was no longer a biological daughter of Leohart but the daughter of Idea of Evil. Long ago — very long ago — a single small fragment of an Eldritch Abomination fell to Underworld, wiping out the large saurian creatures that dominated that area of the Underworld at that time. It existed as a mindless evil for millions of years until the Demon Queen Pshica attempted to destroy it: the attempt to destroy it instead gave it consciousness as she was impregnated by the creature. It became Ara, a being of pure darkness and evil and was the very incarnation of Fear, Death and Darkness (and highly considered to be the Incarnation of Evil as well). 

Originally a violent and brutal girl, Ara became a vengeful woman fueled by hate due to the traumatic events she went through on her life, despite that she had the will to destroy everything MUCH before of these events, making it as a "Sore-Excuse" for her crimes against her own home. She fights with a blade mounted on her right-hand gauntlet, her feet, and her left arm as a daemonic weapon to devour daemons,demons, devils,  humans, and gods alike in an attempt to gain power to lead all life to destruction. Ara is one of the characters who had more influence in the lives of all members of the Rogues and was considered the most dangerous female villain so far for being successful in her plans and having ruled the whole omniverse for more than 2,000 years, leading all life to the brink of extinction.


The Araes

Ara's first name was in the Greek mythology, the Aras (Greek Ἀραί) were female Daemons who personified the curses, believed to be daughters of Nix by themselves, living in the underworld with the other Daemons. They are sisters and companions of the Erinias, but in general they are indistinguishable from them. They are described by Aeschylus in Eumenides:

"We Erinias are the eternal daughters of Nix. We are called Aras in our homes beneath the earth."


The name "Ara" (Latin: "The Altar") is a southern constellation situated between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe. Ara was one of the 48 Greek constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union. The orange super-giant Beta Arae is the brightest star in the constellation, with an apparent magnitude of 2.85—marginally brighter than the blue-white Alpha Arae. Seven star systems host planets. The sun-like star Mu Arae hosts four planets, while Gliese 676 is a binary red dwarf system with four planets. The Milky Way crosses the northwestern part of Ara.

The constellation is also known as Ara Black.


"Astaroth" (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell, in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. The name Astaroth was ultimately derived from that of 2nd millennium BCE Phoenician goddess Astarte, an equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar, and the earlier Sumerian Inanna. She is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in the forms Ashtoreth (singular) and Ashtaroth (plural, in reference to multiple statues of her). This latter form was directly transliterated in the early Greek and Latin versions of the Bible, where it was less apparent that it had been a plural feminine in Hebrew. The pseudepigraphal work Testament of Solomon, attributed to King Solomon of Israel, but thought to date to the early centuries CE, mentions "Asteraoth" (in Greek) as an angel, who is opposed to the demon of power. 

Lore - Hell on the Eyes of an Angel

--Outside of the Capital of Araravarez Planet--

--Military Base--

Tumblr o1tkaqyho1 500
In one of the many planets controlled by Triggers Hell, a heretic Demon King called Ouroboros, planned to overthrow the king of Hell, Leohart the Prince of Hell, and caused the entire population of the world to become a new race of demons called Araravarez Demons... And then...

"On June 12, 1023 (year 2011 in Earth) this Demon King was assigned to a small planet in the galaxy of Cheddar. He disguised himself as a priest to deceive most of the country where he was assigned to spy."

One of the generals of army spoke to the Supreme General of Revelation of Qliphoth, Vira, disguised as an office lady, as he showed a magic mirror showing an video. Vira's eyes hardened seeing the crimson eyes glitter in the moonlight and the blood seeping from his lips.

"One month later, the first wave of missing person's reports began flooding in." Vira looked down to the picture of the priest. He seemed normal -- he seemed human. She eyed that maniacal smile on the screen and sighed.

"The local police conducted the investigation, but the day before yesterday they were sent to the church to apprehend the suspect... All of them were reported killed. It was then when the authority ordered D-11 into action."


Vira gave a small sigh. She looked over towards the soldier who was now talking to her.

"Uh... Yesterday," his accent was clear. "The D-11 sent one unit of their elite troops. There were a few casualties, but it seems as if our men were killed by the men reported killed the day before."

Vira looked into his eyes; she could see the worry, she could see the suffering. "They're not human, anymore." She said plainly. Her eyes became cold as ice.

"What!" Both men said in unison, obviously not going to believe any one thing she said.

"These people have had their blood drained to feed the demon. They've become cannibalistic ghouls, whom of which cannot think for themselves but are controlled by the Master vampire."

She looked over. "You have taken the lecture, do not be ignorant.

"What are you talking about? I didn't know they weren't human anymore."

Vira sighed, letting her soft blonde hair fall into her face. "Lt. It's not my responsibility, nor my intention to dwell on your mistakes."

"What are you implying?" He asked, narrowing his eyes taking this as a slight insult.

"You are a LT. of the Araravarez Police Authority," she looked down into the caramel color of the tea in front of her and took a sip from it slowly. She set it down with a small smile. "That would lead one to assume that you'd possess the knowledge and possess the intelligence to accurately and sufficiently assess the current situation in Cheddar. And that you would know the correct response as well…" Her smile widened. "But somehow," she sighed. "You've forgot that there is only one way to resolve these kinds of problems." She stood, turned and started walking away.

"I imagine you were quite prepared for these sorts of consequences," she opened the golden shades slightly, letting the sun pierce her eyes with light.

He stuttered over his own tongue. "But, um… err… But, it wasn't like that!" He said. "I didn't forget about the proper--…"

"It's getting dark," Vira interrupted with a bright smile on her cheeks.

He sighed. "Sir Vira--"

"My organization has already sent assistance to the country's capital," she smiled and closed her eyes.

"How many agents?"

She turned around slowly, a smirk crawling up the paleness of her cheeks. "One." She said. The men immediately gasped and yelled.

"ONE! JUST ONE?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" the man in suit yelled at Vira who simply shook her head.

"To tell the truth, our organization didn't send "her". It was our leader herself who decided to go there personally to take care of the problems... It seems that demons has some business with her, or better, it's her that has business with that poor fellow."


--On the middle of the flaming streets--

A beautiful police officer girl ran through the city in the capital her clear purple piercing eyes saw everything, the ghouls and the demon, the men that had died. Alongside her, there was one of her friends who was bitten by one of the ghouls of Ouroboros. Right now, the town is in total chaos and screams and shots can be heard everywhere as well as explosions and sounds of bombs being dropped from the sky.

The police officer girl called Mileena rushed from the van with medical supplies, her heart beating so fast. She knelt in front of her fallen comrade, seeing the sweat pouring down the side of his face. "Mileena..." He whispered, moving his injured arm slightly. One of those things had bit him.

"Try not to move, Jack. You'll be alright." She gave a comforting smile, but she didn't know if it would be herself. She looked around for a moment, making sure none of those things were around. "Reinforcements will be here soon." She said, cleaning the wound best she could.

"I wasn't ready for this…" She said to herself. She looked up to see him close his eyes, the breath escaping his lips. "I can't… It's- it's too much." She closed her eyes, trying her best not to cry. "I'm trying to be strong; I don't want to have the name kitten for the rest of my life." She watched him closely, feeling the cold and clamminess of his skin. "I'm sorry…" She said, knowing that he was already dead and there was nothing she could do. She had failed. "I'm sorry."

She opened he eyes to see Jack's teeth ready to chew through her. She gasped and backed away, her eyes wide. He grabbed her and pulled her forward. "JACK!" She screamed, forcing him away from her as she threw herself up and pointed the gun towards him. "Don't make me do this. Please?" She looked into his eyes, which were nothing but black -- like he wasn't there anymore.

He came at her and she hit him across the face, turning around and running towards the van. She paused, seeing the rest of her friends in the van were looking the same way and walked towards her with hunger rushing through them. She recognized one of her friends on the middle of ghouls, Eugene.

"Don't you recognize me? It's me.... Kitten." A ghoul Eugene rushed towards her and she shot him, the bullet flying straight through his shoulder but it didn't stop him, not at all. They just kept on coming. "Oh My God." She said, turning and running as fast as she could away from them.

As Mileena was running, she looked behind and saw three ghouls chasing her. During this time, she accidentally fell on the floor and the ghouls prepared to devour her to pieces until someone reached the group of 3 ghouls from behind and slashed through them with some black shadow similar to a knife. That person who cut those ghouls in half was a woman around the age of Mileena but she never met her before, she had a very long black hair and was wearing torn clothes. She then looked at the police girl, "I'm sorry, these ghouls are mindless automatons, disposing of them is mercy." She looked into her eyes, wondering what she would do next.

Akane 3
​​​​​​Mileena gasped and pulled up her gun, pointing it towards her. She looked into her crimson eyes.

"Y-You're not… human!"

She backed away, her finger quivering to pull the trigger but she knew she was empty. She backed away and turned around starting to run again. Reinforcements were coming, she knew they were. This really wasn't she expected when she joined D-11. She had ran pretty far until she finally came to a graveyard.

After some time, she looked to her left, seeing the lights of the church flicker. She stepped forward and took a deep breath. She took another step forward and walked towards the front door. She opened it slowly and watched as the light fell into the darkness, lighting up some of the pews and the isle. She pulled up her gun, just in case.

Mileena stepped forward hesitantly and saw a young handsome man with brunette hair and green eyes. He was playing the piano of the church while dressed as a priest's black outfit, a common outfit of priests of that religions. She raised her now-loaded gun,

"Good evening… Father."

He looked over to her slightly, "and a very good evening to you young lady so fresh so full of life so frightened by the evil creatures that walk the night, you poor thing,"

Mileena looked on, "are you really a priest?" He turned head bowed and said, "I am merely a guide to the weak of heart." Mileena voice got weaker slightly as she said, "well... I'm on a mission and were supposed to deal with the priest who..." Her words faltered as she realized her statement. "But you're not like the others."

The priest walked forward a fanged smile shone brightly, "you're speaking of the ghouls that you saw outside?" Mileena was stunned, "ghouls?" The priest laughed slightly, "yes the undead servants of the master vampire, you see when a demon or vampire drinks a humans blood the corpse will move under the vampire's control."

"Vampire? Demons?" Mileena echoed again. "Of course, "the priest continued, "demons and vampires can't turn every human they meet into one of their own, for example.,.." Mileena's vision blurred as the priest extended his hand, she found herself being drawn into his embrace.

"Let go." was all she could manage in a weak voice, "changing you into a ghoul would be such a waste, the blood that courses through your body are warmer and sweeter than you can possibly imagine." he laughed as Mileena said, "let me go or ill blow your brains out and then everyone will know." the vampire continued on as if nothing had happened, "I know you're feeling pain but I will give you pleasure, and it will last forever."

Just then the door burst into small chunks and fell to the floor, and that woman with torn clothes and long black hair walked through the now open doorway, 

"Knock! Knock!" she grabbed the hilt of her sword but saw the priest had the officer girl Mileena in his grasp.

The priest, who was revealed to be Ouroboros, the demon responsible for turning that capital into a Hell on Earth, stuttered, "who the hell are you?" the woman with black hair shook her head. "An assassin but don't bother asking my name, Sir. I cam here to dispatch you for plotting against our Lord..." The woman with torn clothes walked further with a big slasher smile in her face.

"How pathetic you disgust me with those priest clothes, and using the girl as a shield, how truly pathetic, don't bother revealing your morons in the pews either, you'll be dead soon enough." Ouroboros then snapped his fingers as the ghouls rose up from the floor behind the seats of all church and opened fire at her, the bullets ricocheted of her creating sparks along her body as they did so. The woman in torn clothes opened her eyes and a wave of black energy washed the ghouls into dust.

Tumblr p312zyhICV1tnc30zo1 500
Mileena's eyes widened as she saw them open fire. She closed her eyes for a moment, scared of what would happen. She opened them slowly, hearing silence for a moment.

She saw that woman was there, there was nothing wrong with her at all and the things that were firing at her were nothing but dust. She looked up to the demon holding her and back to the other man. "How did she do that?" Her eyes could show the complete and utter fear her body was reeked in. What would happen?

The  scowled at the vampire, "release the girl, and I will give you an honorable death a quick death. Do not and I swear you will die painfully and slowly." Ouroboros couldn't believe what he had just seen, he then held the girl closer, "you won't kill me you'd have to go through her and I doubt your human masters would allow it! But come with me were alike were both demons, or even just let me escape!"

Ara shook her head a she giggled, "I? Working to humans? Don't make me laugh, I'm here to punish you for betraying Leohart the Prince of Hell. You were not listening to me when I said I came here to kill your personally for treason against Hell? I'm Ara Astaroth, I believe I didn't introduce me yet." 

Hearing that name, the priest known as Ouroboros widened his gaze and began to shake in fear, "you're LYING! It's impossible for the daughter of Hell to be summoned here just to deal with this minor case! You're an imposter of Astaroth Queen!"

Tumo854bYOLI1qb6mdoo3 540
The female assassin looked to him and her eyes changing to a dull gold again, "You and I alike? Don't insult me, you are like a cockroach to me! Both in standing and skill! Now let her go! I hate mortals but I have codes, I don't like creating unnecessary victims unless it's truly necessary" The demon couldn't believe it. and held her closer, Ara wondered what she should do, a thrust attack would have her dead but... it would kill the girl.

"You, police officer, I don't know you but I know you don't want to die tonight. Tell me, you're virgin?" Mileena and the Ouroboros were deeply shocked with that perverted question in such dangerous situation.

"WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING?!", Ouroboros yelled at Ara while he held Mileena tighter... It was obvious he planned to take her away with him to use her as his "plaything".

Her eyes widened; she could barely breathe with the demon holding her up from her feet. She looked into her eyes as they turned to a bright blue. What… was she? She was like this demon? She was a demon? She closed her eyes and took a short breath. "Yes…" She said without any further hesitation. "Yes!" She said again.

Her eyes flashed and in a moment he was moving faster than any other thing in this world or any other, each time she made a footstep it was as if a small crater was created, she leapt up and the craters appeared on the ceiling floor and all walls, the priest swung around trying to track him.

"It's not possible even for a demon ITS NOT POSSIBLE!" Ara saw her move and the opening attack from the front target is the back! As she launched from the back wall she swung her Azarath claw, when she hit Ouroboros, an incredible shockwave blew out from their position destroying most of the church, what she saw afterwards both pleased and horrified her, the priest screamed as he went flying hit the one remaining standing board and ashed away but Mileena, she had pulled around at the last second and, it was fatal.

Mileena fell to the ground blood dripping from her mouth and the wound on her chest. She landed on her side. She knew right when she saw Ara's claw that she was going to die, no matter if it was purposeful or not. She couldn't move, she could barely breathe but she could hear her heartbeat. She looked up to see the cross that led her eyes to the ceiling. She saw that woman seeing the blood-ridden blade as well and the ash that fell around her. That demon called Ouroboros was dead. She blinked and gave a small but painful smile.

Tumblr p0uyiv1mDe1qcrw61o1 500
"Why are you smilling? You're going to die", Ara let out a sarcastic smile as she watched Mileena losing her life on the ground, "w-what was the purpose of asking me if I was virgin?", Ara got in her knees and pet Mileena.

"I was interested on you... People can turn into demons if they are still virgin. I can feel a powerful spirit coming from you so I thought it would be a waste to kill you... But I'm a patient woman so I want to hear your answer: do you wish to become a demon like us? The meaning of becoming a demon means you will never be able to return to your humanity but this is a small price to live, right?", the female voice of Ara echoed in Mileena's ears as her vision started to fade away but not before she could extend her arms to each Ara's hands.

"So... This is it..." Ara whipped her claw out and returned it to its normal form. She saw her nod slightly, she nodded in return, and bent down, "you should close your eyes now." Mileena closed her eyes as Ara's fangs penetrated the skin of her neck.

--22 years later--

--Earth, Russia--

--Leohart's Cult HQ--

"It's been 2 decades now.... Since the day I became a Black Demon thanks to Astaroth Queen. After I became a Black Demon at that day, on the capital where the Demon King Ouroboros tried to build an army to overthrow Leohart, I joined the Revelation of Qliphoth and now I'm serving Her as one of the Archbishops of Sin from Leohart's Cult. I lost my humanity, my identity, my morales, my codes, my dreams in life, my family, my friends, my home, my loved ones and even my life. At that day, I became a demon with a new identity... It's sad but I must endure it. I choose it myself; to serve her", Mileena was standing on the top of the base of Leohart's Cult on the top of a mountain, where she could see the sunrise on the Horizon.

"But you know what? It's sad but I don't regret it...", as Milenna was deep in her throughts, Ara Astaroth appeared behind her with a friendly smile, "Ohh... Mileena, to think I would meet you here." Mileena quickly turned around to see Ara right there, leaving from the darkness of the walls behind her.

Tumblr ovwuoyMZlS1t21bwlo3 500

'"My Queen! What are you doing here?", Ara stepped out of the shadows with calm and cleaned her clothes,"me? I was just passing by, I'm free from Qliphoth for now since I believe my guys there can handle it so I decided to see how things are going in all worlds controlled by us!"

Mileena's heart began to beat faster at each moment she stared at the face of Ara, the latter never did use charm or some kind of attraction magic to make other fall for her, "I see. Well, things are going well here...", Ara then found the stairs and began to descend, "just in case, I'm going in..."

Before Ara could disappear in the darkness of the stairs, Mileena grabbed her Azarath claw, making Ara uncomfortable, "Mileena, I believe I taught you to NEVER touch me, right?" Mileena's face got red as Ara's serious gaze faded to a confused expression.

"My queen! I need to tell you something... I simply can't handle it anymore...", Ara looked deeply in the eyes of her servant."

"I love you..."


  • 59845446 p0
    Name: Ara Astaroth
  • Nacionality: Kragovian (Hell's Main Capital) 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Classification: Cosmic Being, Embodiment of Darkness, Ancient Evil, Delusional Tyrant, Destructive Qliphoth Devil, Slaver Princess, Queen of all Demons, Hell Ruler, Queen of all Devils, Evil Priest, Homicidal Maniac Serial Killer, Oppressor of Souls, Mistress of the Undead, Ruler of the Underworld, Goddess of Blood, Incarnation of Evil/The Dark Side of God, Living Blackness, Destroyer of Worlds, Eater of Galaxies, Abstract Embodient of Fear, The Muti-Universe's Ultimate Death, Fragment of Primordial Evil Force
  • Age: Billions of years old (predates the existence of life)
  • Powers and Abilities: Super strength, Durability, Speed, Reality warping, summoning, Time manipulation, spatial manipulation, Necromancy, Resurrection of the dead, Immortality (types 4 and 7, if killed she simply returned to the Land of the Unliving), Dark lightning manipulation, can kill any mortal through touch, Soul manipulation, Her power increases for every death she causes, Pyrokinesis with total manipulation of fire, Telepathy, Magical and cosmic energy manipulation, Matter manipulation, Entropy Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Quantum Absorption, Big Crunch Inducement, Big Bang Inducement, Quantum Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Blue Sun Creation, Hollower Creation (her probes alone also power these Hollowers), Universal Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Weapon Creation, Transmutation (with Hollowers), Does not need food, water, or air to survive, Energy projection, Illusion creation, can grant power to others, regeneration (low-high), apparently immune to all attacks save divine weapons (no limits fallacy), Can create evil copies of people, Hypnosis, can infect others to turn them evil, Weather manipulation, Fire breath, Brainwash, Can shoot laser beams from her eyes
  • Weaknesses: Imprisoned in the Land of the Unliving and cannot exist in the main universe without a link. In order to properly interact with the living, Ara requires a link between between the universe and the Land of the Unliving, such as a tear in space-time, Divine weapons and powers, Usually can only possess someone feeling fear, Time manipulation requires the use of her lifespan, although except for time travel, this isn't really a problem in combat, her clones are weaker than herself
  • Destructive Capacity: Universe level+ (was able to trap and kill the Morrigan and nearly succeeded in destroying all life in the 0th Multi-Universe), possibly multiverse level via powerscaling
  • Range: Multiversal FFF+ (in both human and devil forms, showing that her transformation only increases 5% of her power since she is already using her 95% in human form)
  • Speed: Massively FTL+  (can be compared to a meteorite passing beside Earth in the speed of light)
  • Durability: Island Level +A, despite having destructive abilities, her defense is weak because she is more focused in using her energy to attack and not defense, cannot truly be killed, although she can be banished to another dimension
  • Strength: Class 100+, can be increased greatly by the deaths she causes
  • Stamina: Virtually limitless and can fight for eternity
  • Standard Equipment: Black Matter Central Power Battery, Claws of Azarath
  • Intelligence: Immensely intelligent, has vast knowledge of the universe, orchestrated events leading to The Blackest Night, Commanded a vast army of powerful beings, constructed magic devices and armor to amplify her influence, masterminded a plan against the Paradise and succeded once Leohart used her plans to strike the Multi-Universe, possesses a 12th - level intellect (By comparison, 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a "Sixth level" intelligence), considered one of the most intelligent beings in the universe and the most intelligent Devil in Hell Realm, capable of processing the knowledge of over 7 octodecillion beings with her Death Virus and 70 times that with her brain, has mastery in Chemical weapons and created the Black Tao, Created the Satanism religion, wrote the Black Bibly, Manipulated and tricked countless kings and emperors throughout history, Countless millennia of political and battle experience, incredible planner and schemer, has technical knowledge almost on par with The Fallen and Scathach, knowledge of martial arts, capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, intimate knowledge of the workings of the multiverse
  • Summary: Omnipotent Devil Princess of the Undead Realm
  • IQ: 495,034+
  • Notable Attacks/Techniques:
    • - Dark Lightning: She has the ability to fire bolts of a force called dark lightning from her hands, powerful enough to hurt and even kill the Guardians of the Universe. Despite being immensely powerful, it is not unstoppable. Katarina was able to block it with her Abyssal Swor, although the force still threw her across the room.
    • - Necrotic Empowerment: Ara gains physical strength from the deaths she causes and can use the lifes of those she killed to replace her own; that means if she kills and devour the souls of 10,000 people, you have to stab her 10,000 time to finally reach her TRUE lifespan.
    • - Reanimation: As the Queen of the Unliving, Ara can reanimate corpses into fully functioning zombies working entirely under her control, and retaining semblance of their past personality.

Personal Information

All personal informations of Ara, such as her hobbies, her favorite things, etc

  • Fegghhf

    The Baphomet Festival

    Favorite colors:
    • ​Grey, black, dark red, brown, red
  • Favorite foods:
    • Human flesh, blood of virgins, young souls, quail eggs, Tucuma, Açai, heart of Gods, Black Tao, red wine, Demon rations, candies, Underdone beef
  • Favorite cloths:
    • Black dress, torn clothes, office lady clothes, small shorts, demonic attire, black jacket
  • Favorite hobbies:
    • 7cecabe69e32680c495ddfad67ddb2a0

      Ara's Thousands of Blades torture

      Causing chaos, Making rituals, Sending women to her trolls to rape, Humiliating, mocking, and tricking Nu Wa, Seeking vengeance on those who got in her way, Destroying anything divine she can find, Possessing people, Torturing and manipulating low-class Demons, Burning Churchs down, Torturing Christians, flirting and teasing Katarina, Killing Angels and Gods, Experimenting on children, Collecting nuns and holy-maidens, Playing ping-pong and pool billiards, Ruling over Qliphoth, Creating wars between all humans from Earths, Cursing virgin girls, cooking, drawing scenarios of torture from Hell, Murdering High-Class Demons to satisfy her bloodlust, planning to kill Leohart, Scheming plans, Wreaking havoc across West Russia and Argentina, taking down governments of all nations, sending monsters and demons to Human Cities to create wars between the Church and her army (Middle Age)
  • ​Favorite allies:
  • ​Favorite enemies:
  • ​Likes:
    • B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 and his experiments, Hellish scenarios, Black Suns, Primordial Evil forces, Blood, Cannibalism, Fanatism, Satanism, Wars, Conflicts, Genocide, Famine, Poverty, Winter, Dark Magic, Corrupted Souls, Savage people, Masoquism, BDSM, Darkness, Tears of children, Fear, Nuns, Pedophiles, Carnage, Necrophilia, Phobias, Poisonous Insects, Snakes, Killer wasps, Pain, Blackness, Hellish paintings, Discord, Mankind's history, Conquesting Earths, Qliphoth plants, Chains of Qliphoth, Spree-Killers, World War I, II & III, Death, Zombies, Blasphemy, Greedy, Political Greedy, Suffering of animals
  • Religion:
    • ​Aranism - Yuu Vong Church (Ara's original religion)
  • Hates:
    • ​Human happiness, Children's smile, School, Robots (safe for Unit CM 130), Liars (hypocrisy), Pop songs, Opera, Soup Operas, Homosexual men (hypocrisy), Communism, Policy, Christianism, Balam Alliance, Muslims, Mexicans, Jews, Brazilians, Indians, Japaneses, Angels, Family, Weak people, cowards in her army, infants, technology, space ships, KnightWalkers, Global Pact Defense, Events, Cultural festivals, Carnival, Arrogant businessmen
  • Political types:
    • Hardly take part in political parties but most of her appearances is controlling extremists parties like Fascism and Imperialism using genocide and black magic instead of military
  • Favorite musics:
    • American Rap, Turkish Rap
  • Age:
    • 403,000,000,000 years old (current age), 18-19 years old (current body)
  • Gender:
    • ​Female
  • Hated allies:
  • Hated enemies:

Physical Appearance

ToL Velvet Artwork5

Ara in her formal attire at Tenguu Festival

As described by Katarina, Ara is a beautiful and attractive woman between 19 years old or 20 years old and had the body of a model, leaving Rentaro Satomi excited around her. Ara has extremely long and black hair which drops to floor-level; towards the bottom her hair is plaited into big braids that are tied off by a bandage-like band. Her hair-strands curve towards the left-side of her face and she has mid-length hair which is plaited and tied by a smaller bandage-band resting on her left shoulder.

Her outfit consists of a revealing ruby-red corset which reveals her midriff and the top half of her breasts. It is possible her clothes have been torn during her battles with other demons. The red corset has an insignia visible below the belt which it hinders below. The same belt rests of her hip and above her torn, black jean trousers, which now look like shorts. The jean trouser has a chain, multiple belts wrapped around her right leg and a few which spiral towards the lower half of her left. Over her corset, she wears a black jacket in the form of a robe with red-velvet lacing; the jacket is ripped towards the bottom and is tightened towards her chest by the belt.

She wears protective armour on her footwear as well as one extra armour plate on her right shin. She wears the same armour in the form of an arm protective gauntlet which rests above the same material as her coat; the material arches its way up to and wraps around her middle finger, highlighted by a rhombus-shaped piecing. The same gauntlet is where she rest her lance-blade in battle. Her left arm is wrapped and bandaged up because of the alternate appearance it could take in public, and battle.

At 5-17th century, prior the beginning of the story, she used to fully plait her hair before tying it off with a red hairband. She used to wear a red shirt with belt-pouches and brown pants as well as maroon boots. She also used to wear a different gauntlet without having the need to bandage her arm up.


Ara's old outfit during 5-17th century


4wto1 400

Ara eating flowers in front of the Rogues

Ara, unlike Leohart the Prince of Hell, is evil incarnate; she embodies the very essence of an evil overlord. Cruel, uncaring, omnipotent, domineering, and authoritative to all she meets, it is obeyed or obliterated with Ara. She is truly selfish, cunning, arrogant, deceitful, oppressive, temperamental, uncontrollable, destructive, egocentric, and sadistic by default, so she has ruled hundreds of planets for thousands of years and does not take kindly to disobedience. An example of her cruelty can be shown when a plane had crash landed on her territory and begged for her help because they needed to get back to their village to stop an invasion; Ara had their plane confiscated and ordered them thrown into a forced labor mine where they would live "miserably ever after" while laughing about it.

When their son companion objected to this treatment, Ara smashed him into the ground without hesitation. Ara also showed disgust for animals and had dogs in her castle being tormented by electrocution and whipping for unknown reasons. Although she is extremely treacherous, bloodthirsty, unpleasant, merciless, and inhumane, to say the least, she has enough of an understanding of humanity to manipulate their feelings to her advantage. Ara is as intelligent as she is powerful, and her cunning knows little end, from manipulating various races into serving her and using promises of power to miserable people to use them as she wishes. She is also extremely dishonest, traitorous, and manipulative, so she has no shame or remorse, and she routinely goes back on her word either to serve herself or simply for amusement.

29ac05a8ee43cd99ea1bde41ba144d441e5bdd6f hq

One of Ara's Spirits eating a human's face as part of the sacrifice

Despite this, she possesses a dry sense of humor and often jokes when in a good mood, mocking Christ whenever she can and however she can. She is also rather "genre savvy", and will occasionally lean on the fourth wall or lampshade either her own villainous tendencies or various cliche situations. She is also a frequent, pervasive, and ubiquitous source of comic relief in the show, due (in prime) to her reactions to the things around her.

While Ara seems to have a soft spot for children at times, this seems to be mostly indicative of her views of seeing immense value in not simply eradicating them, but rather convincing them via various means to view her as the "hero" to make a new generation of cultists, making them useful servants in the future to shape successive generations. This can be seen in Ara's Fairy Tales where she attempted to make children admire her by telling them tales that depict herself as a heroine while Christians were the villains. Unfortunately for her, the children weren't impressed hearing her increasingly ludicrous tales, causing her to vanish in rage after roaring "the end". She hypnotized children, again showcasing her lust to indoctrinate young kids into her evil ways, making them dance for her (while naked) and commit crimes. Despite this, Ara's many genocides of countless nations have included children as well, showing that Ara was a neutral person about children and would kill or even give them to her trolls to rape them to death or at least using them as sacrifice in her rituals.

C3ff12a61d1f245571c520489426fb4d68713d01 hq

Ara brainwashing people using her "false" speech

Ara has a unique personality. She has a penchant for provocation and power games. The stronger the resistance to her will, the more she seems to enjoy the test of wills. With insight rarely associated to violent antagonists, Ara appears to both observe and appreciate the concerns and intentions of her opposite numbers. This gives her a serious psychological advantage in most contest of wills, as she is able to anticipate and pre-empt an enemy's plans.

She is very intelligent and logical, and a brilliant strategist. While she can be very intimidating and brutal, she is also strangely charismatic and has a twisted sense of humour, and with this humour comes frequent cursing. Also, while she can be very casual and jolly when speaking to an ally or enemy, she has a temper that can frighten just about anybody just by giving them a smile.


Ara getting excited during her fight with Imperia

Ara is normally cynical and ruthless but has a serious anger management problem, she can easily get angered and and screams many obscene names, however, she is the character more patient and cool of the storyline by far, to let Ara angry is necessary something very annoying. As a Devil Princess, she is immortal and specifically has authority over the dead. Though temperamental and destructive, she is a fast-talker and a shrewd bargainer. Ara is shown to be completely aggressive and resentful of Leohart's position as King of the Hell and makes long-term plans to overthrow and kill him.

Also, unlike most villains, Ara really doesn't like arrogance, and most of the villains inside of the story have serious arrogance problems, but does have constant mood swings, being entertaining, whimsical, comedic, and laid-back one minute, and then inimical, conceited, persuasive, egotistical, obstreperous, argumentative, confrontational, short-tempered, materialistic, cantankerous, quarrelsome, unmerciful, indignant, uncaring, furious, savage, and angry the next. Despite her villainy, Ara can be quite honest, like... She does not like to hide her atrocities and say EVERYTHING she did to hurt someone in front of their faces. 

H443tgv zpseff8348a

Ara's Spirits eating a GDP soldier

Despite her comic relief, she is one of the most bizarre, traitorous, sly, and insane beyond measure, so she delights in the suffering of others, both physical and mentally, relishes pure chaos. She happily provokes and manipulates others for her own amusement, and ruthlessly tortures anyone who irritates her or get in her way. Unsurprisingly, this has earned her the contempt of almost every character in LOTM: Sword of Kings universe, most notably Imperia, Scathach, and Nu Wa.

In her Demon form, she is more collected than Ara in her human form, but beneath the seemingly stoic demeanor is a boiling, explosive rage. She hates being bound to the Demon Form, and use that hatred to fuel her destructive tendency. She still looks down on others, but instead of displaying a playful and mocking attitude, she treats them with utter disgust, referring to them as either trash or waste. She constantly reminds those who dare to defy her the fact that she is a true Goddess of the Underworld. Ara, being the Demon Queen of Hell, has shown immense cruelty through her slaughter of many innocent humans, seeing them as living beings similar to bugs.


"All shall be stained in black."

Ara, however, is a calm, collected woman who has a habit of making allusions to the structure of books in her speech, however, like all the other devils, she is incredibly cold and calculating, as well as extremely merciless as demonstrated when she unhesitatingly forced Elesis to attack Imperia, and then proceeded to use her as a hostage so that she destroys the Ratatoskr's space ship, even smirking, and blushing upon seeing the apparent realization of her plans completed with the spaceship explosive destruction. She is also extremely loyal to, and bordering on infatuated with, Unit-CM 130, referring to him with the honorific suffix "-sir," and engaging in implied sexual behaviors with him. 

Often seen smirking, Ara is also collected, yet playful woman who plays herself off as being extremely intelligent; she quite regularly refers to herself in the third person. Additionally, Ara takes great pride in being a Goddess; she also has a habit of referring to Astaroth Hell as her "garden," and appears to love it enough to make the Rogues pay for bringing harm to it, even though she noted that ultimately, it didn't matter in the slightest.  

Ara's Mental Illinesses (Wikia sources)

Lust Murder 

Chaos Child Screenshot 0168

One of Ara's fetishes is strangling by strings

A lust murder is a homicide in which the offender searches for erotic satisfaction by killing someone. Lust murder is synonymous with the paraphilic term erotophonophilia, which is sexual arousal or gratification contingent on the death of a human being. The phrase "lust killing" stems from the original work of Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his 1898 discussion of sadistic homicides. Commonly, this type of crime is manifested either by murder during sexual activity, by mutilating the sexual organs or areas of the victim's body, or by murder and mutilation. The mutilation of the victim may include evisceration, displacement of the sexual organs, or both. The mutilation usually takes place postmortem. Although the killing sequence may include an act of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse does not always occur, and other types of sexual acts may be part of the homicide. 

Sexual Sadism Disorder

Sexual sadism disorder is the condition of experiencing sexual arousal in response to the extreme pain, suffering or humiliation of others. Several other terms have been used to describe the condition, and the condition may overlap with other conditions that involve inflicting pain. It is distinct from situations in which consenting individuals use mild or simulated pain or humiliation for sexual excitement. Sexual sadism disorder has been found to be potentially dangerous if paired with symptoms of borderline personality disorder or psychopathy which increases the likelihood of one acting on their sexually sadistic fantasies.


Sem títuloojojijd

Ar's brutal punishment for those who brake the law

Psychopaths are people who exhibit a constellation of antisocial personality disorder traits which include antisocial, sadistic, narcissistic, and borderline behaviour, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships and extreme egocentricity. They also do not learn from failure and take it out on others. Psychopathy is sometimes used synonymously with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disordercharacterized by persistent impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. Different conceptions of psychopathy have been used throughout history. These conceptions are only partly overlapping and may sometimes be contradictory.

  • Machiavellian Egocentricity: A lack of empathy and sense of detachment from others for the sake of achieving one's own goals
  • Social Potency: The ability to charm and influence others
  • Coldheartedness: A distinct lack of emotion, guilt, or regard for others' feelings
  • Carefree Nonplanfulness: Difficulty in planning ahead and considering the consequences of one's actions
  • Fearlessness: An eagerness for risk-seeking behaviors, as well as a lack of the fear that normally goes with them
  • Blame Externalization: Inability to take responsibility for one's actions, instead blaming others or rationalizing one's behavior Impulsive
  • Nonconformity: A disregard for social norms and culturally acceptable behaviors
  • Stress Immunity: A lack of typical marked reactions to traumatic or otherwise stress-inducing events


Sadism involves gaining pleasure from seeing others undergo discomfort or pain. The opponent-process theory explains the way in which individuals not only display, but also take enjoyment in committing sadistic acts. Individuals possessing sadistic personalities tend to display recurrent aggression and cruel behavior. Sadism can also include the use of emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence.

There were four subtypes of sadism, which he termed Enforcing sadism, Explosive sadism, Spineless sadism, and Tyrannical sadism.


Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others' feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations.


Bloodlust or bloodthirstiness refers to a desire to see blood being shed; it usually refers to a desire to see blood being shed in combat. It can also refer to a literal lust or desire for either the sight or drinking of blood, such as blood fetishism, or for drinking blood in vampire-like behaviour.

Pathological lying

Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. Although it is a controversial topic, pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime". The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth. Sometimes however, the individual may be lying to make their life seem more exciting when in reality they believe their life is unpleasant or boring.


In modern psychology, Machiavellianism is one of the dark triad personalities, characterized by a duplicitous interpersonal style, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and personal gain.

Machiavellianism is also a term that some social, forensic and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to be unemotional, and therefore able to detach him or herself from conventional morality and hence to deceive and manipulate others. In the 1960s, Richard Christie and Florence L. Geis developed a test for measuring a person's level of Machiavellianism (sometimes referred to as the Machiavelli test). Their Mach - IV test, a twenty-statement personality survey, became the standard self-assessment tool of Machiavellianism. People scoring high on the scale (high Machs) tend to endorse statements such as, "Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so," (No. 1) but not ones like, "Most people are basically good and kind" (No. 4), "There is no excuse for lying to someone else," (No. 7) or "Most people who get ahead in the world lead clean, moral lives" (No. 11). Using their scale, Christie and Geis conducted multiple experimental tests that showed that the interpersonal strategies and behavior of "High Machs" and "Low Machs" differ. Their basic results have been widely replicated. Measured on the Mach - IV scale, males are, on average, slightly more Machiavellian than females.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. The elevated mood is significant and is known as mania or hypomania, depending on its severity, or whether symptoms of psychosis are present. During mania, an individual behaves or feels abnormally energetic, happy, or irritable. Individuals often make poorly thought out decisions with little regard to the consequences. The need for sleep is usually reduced during manic phases. During periods of depression, there may be crying, a negative outlook on life, and poor eye contact with others. The risk of suicide among those with the illness is high at greater than 6 percent over 20 years, while self-harm occurs in 30–40 percent. Other mental health issues such as anxiety disorders and substance use disorder are commonly associated.

Brief Psychotic Disorder

Brief psychotic disorder is a period of psychosis whose duration is generally shorter, not always non-recurring, but can be and not caused by another condition. The disorder is characterized by a sudden onset of psychotic symptoms, which may include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech or behavior, or catatonic behavior. The symptoms must not be caused by schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder or mania in bipolar disorder. They must also not be caused by a drug (such as amphetamines) or medical condition (such as a brain tumor). The term bouffée délirante describes an acute nonaffective and nonschizophrenic psychotic disorder, which is largely similar to DSM-III-R and DSM-IV brief psychotic and schizophreniform disorders.


Pyromania is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification. The term pyromania comes from the Greek word πῦρ (pyr, fire). Pyromania is distinct from arson, the deliberate setting of fires for personal, monetary or political gain. Pyromaniacs start fires to induce euphoria, and often fixate on institutions of fire control like fire houses and firemen. Pyromania is a type of impulse control disorder, along with kleptomania, intermittent explosive disorder and others.

Sexual Masoquism Disorder

Sexual masochism disorder (SMD) is the condition of experiencing recurring and intense sexual arousal in response to enduring moderate or extreme pain, suffering, or humiliation. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) of the American Psychiatric Association indicates that a person may have a masochistic sexual interest but that the diagnosis of Sexual Masochism Disorder would only apply to individuals who also report psychosocial difficulties because of it.

Complete Monster Proposal

This one is COLOSSAL so it was divided!


Velvet crowe tales of series and tales of berseria drawn by daoli c678ee5c6a1ca6f13e528ce57563e1ac

"Kill the humans, slice their meat, cut their bones, and use their blood and guts to hold the most extravagant party. Come now! And we will engrave into their corpses, our everlasting fantasy world!"

In the Multi-Universe, there are COUNTLESS Anti-Christ, they come in many genres, forms and appearances but there is NO Anti-Christ able to overthrow the TRUE Anti-Christ, whom is the second daughter of Leohart the Prince of Hell and the older sister of the Morrigan. Ara Astaroth, the Greater-Scope Villain of Mafusa Revenge Sub Arc and Arc Villain of Madness (Leohart's Cult) Sub Arc is the True Anti-Christ of all Anti-Christs and one of the main reasons why Triggers Hell was so feared. Originally, she was sent to Prime Earth to open a portal between Hell and Earth to connect it with Leohart's Essence, and so bringing Hell on Earth by using Leohart's Cult as her main supporters, but the main reason behind of this is because the Prime Earth is the Pillar of the Multi-Universe and she wished to bring down the laws of the Multi-Universe to live in a existence filled with nothing but death, where she could have much of sexual pleasure and drink blood for all eternity. Formerly one of the Enforce of Nine Demon Gates, and an Inquisitor of Blood Cult, Ara was driven out when it was revealed that she was a Serial Killer, who had performed sick experiments on captured Demons and Angels as a cultist of Blood Cult, genetically altering infants in order to create super soldiers, and murdering others in an effort to unlock the secrets of immortality.  He joined up with the Leohart once her cruelty was discovered, but was expelled, Ara then started recruiting lost sentient children with promises of power to turn them into her servants.

Hell's Entrance

Once she was free to do whatever she wanted, she worked to Leohart as his The Dragon. In her quest for territory, Ara fought the Sith Empire for the control over Sister planet and brutally killed Kali's sister in front of her, resulting in the birth of Scathach years later. She is first introduced torturing a defenseless woman, and in that same scene also "talks" to a man she just hanged. Ara is established as an Ax-Crazy psychopath who gleefully assassinated the Reality Council. She then goes on to force not one, but two Sadistic Choices on a former Reality Council member and a pregnant woman. Amaterasu forcing them to choose between their own life and their granddaughter's life, and the life of the Reality Councilor and a pregnant woman respectively, and says that her only real motivation for doing so is that she see Gods and mortals as playthings. She then later kills one of her own guildmates right in front of Nu Wa for the crime of annoying her. Some years later, she creates the Curse through sending thousands of Bunny Demons to small villagers has millions of people devoured in the most brutal and extreme ways that no sentient beings dared to imagine. Later, she invaded Paradise itself and killed dozens of innocent souls that were sent to Heaven after a life full of despair and sent them to Hell alongside their families with the solo purpose of destroying their peaceful lives and kills many Arch-Angels on the process in front of their loved ones before being punished by God himself for her wicked crimes who finally notices that she has no salvation.

World of the Gods

She infiltrates the Divine exams, corrupts Cu Chulaain with the curse mark, and then triggers a war between the Hell and Gods that followed by the Great Cataclysm that lead to the death of thousands of Gods. Uncaring for anyone but herself, Ara has a habit of using and betraying anyone close to her. In order to destroy the world of Gods from inside, Ara kills the Nordic Hero, Thor, and disguises as the hero. She then proceedes to kill the God Council by brainwashing them and making them killing themselves. Examples of this include trying to kill her subordinate Ravana once he had outlived her usefulness, and impaling Thor devoutly loyal lieutenant, Neith, while hugging her, leaving her traumatized for months. Later, Ara would outdo himself by creating illusions that tricked Neith's best friend, Atena, into nearly killing her. Ara also used Fenrir as a tool, erasing all of his intelligence, speech, memory, reasoning and emotions just to turn him into a Power Nullifier against one man's weapon. Once Fenrir had successfully absorbed the flames of this person's weapon, Ara had arranged it so that Fenrir self-destructed, nearly taking out a planet with him in the process. 


Ara is responsible for orchestrating all of the evil in all Earths of the universe in her quest for godhood. Ara manipulated her fellow worshippers into betraying their own race, infecting them with a virus that dragged them down from their Divine Protection and sent shockwaves of destruction and anarchy throughout the cosmos. Following this, Ara began waging war on anyone that wouldn't cow to her whims, with atrocities that turned all Chronicles Books in Black after exposing their pages to the Blackness. Ara then has her own minions that were once innocent kids killing animals and pregnant women in satanic rituals that took the lives of ore than it can be counted. Even when seemingly beaten numerous times by rebels that seek to be free from her cruel Church, Ara always reaches out with her mind and corrupts other righteous rulers like La Folia KnightWalker, the parallel version of La Folia Rihavein that ruled over KnightWalker Dynasty and corrupted her into becoming her servant, using her to enslave and butcher entire nations alongside overrunning islands and lead her to become a sexual-insane monster who thought nothing more than having sexual orgy and left her people to die in hunger and diseases. Once gaining the god-like power she has so long craved by sucking the life essence of all souls from all Earths, Ara annihilates her former human worshippers while treating all life as playthings for her to torture and sadistically kill as she pleases before making her way to Prime Earth. Ara also subjects many rebels to horrific fates worse than death, and goes on to torture and brainwash the former heroes of Celica Arfonia's Academy into becoming her personal attack dogs. Ara as alaways, was depraved, shockingly vile villain for a story originally where Abyssals were the worse enemies, and stands out as the first irredeemable Pure-Blooded Devil in the setting, with her monstrous personality and billions year campaign of darkness made all the worse by the fact that she was fully capable of redemption, yet rejected it at every turn.

Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine

During the dark war between KnightWalker Family and KnightWalker Funeral Parlor that dragged many countries to war, Ara was responsible for nasty experiments on children, which resulted in many of them suffering permanent trauma, all so that he could create a powerful Cyborgs. Being the person who created the Cyborg Project, Ara had no compunction murdering people in her path and was willing to even use her own cultists as guinea pigs in her Magi-Tech experiments to give Cyborgs immortality. The success of this project would allow the KnightWalkers to utilize Cyborgs in battle and turn the tide of the war in their favor, the Cyborgs are beings who use magi-tech under their favor to destroy their enemy and are equivalent to 500,000 men. Unfortunately for the KnightWalkers, a young Kureto Hīragi tracked their operations to Warsaw, Poland and seemingly destroyed their research. Ara, however, was not present at the time as she and the Researchs of Divine Hand were busy creating the Black Tar in West Russia. Without wasting time, Ara went to see Kureto and turned him a Sin Archbishop and happily accepts more than 500,000 men from his army to become her sacrifices and blames the KnightWalkers for using chemical weapons against Kureto's men to escape from the sight of the world. Ara then spent days consuming their souls one by one while getting "wet" of hearing their screams of having their skulls being crushed and their guts leaving by their anus. Using her contact with Eckidina KnightWalker, Ara requests more sacrifices and have Will Williamson on the task to capture more civilians to send them to Ara's HQ in Russia without knowing that Ara indirectly killed Maria Jissele and turned Azul Jissele's life in a living hell in the Slums of Paris. As a research of Moon Terminator Company, Ara used Revy's young sister, Catalina, as a sample to her insane tests with the Tech of the End. Abusing her and breaking her limbs little by little before erasing her memories and healing her body and sending her back to the hospital like if nothing had happened just to repeat this cruel cycle all over again. Later, it's revealed that Ara was involved with the Artificial Demon Weapon Project in 1932 and used hundreds or maybe thousands of war prisioners of WWII as guinea pigs and turning them into Artificial Demon by leaving them awake for weeks; thus turning them insane and forcing their evil spirit to wake up to seal their bodies, minds and souls inside of weapons. In all of her appearances, Ara is a petty, hypocritical, and sadistic torturer who thinks that the world should be reshaped in her own vision while putting everyone on the world in crucial pain before turning them into her servants; completely putting them into an eternal state of suffering to the point that even warmongers like Ashaus and Mal wished to die to free their spirits from such hellish state where Ara used them as sock puppets and playthings.

Raizen High School Arc

Even during the events of Season 1, Ara on the move and was acting behind the scenes alongside The Fallen's Essence. During the events of Season 1, Ara was defined by selfishness. While most Demons are satisfied with a single corpse a month, Ara indulges in killing and devouring multiple humans in a short time and goes to other countries to do spree-killing, not caring that it brings the authorities on her own minions from Mafusa Gang while she skips on to other Wards and leaves others to face the consequences of her actions. Ara is also a vicious sadist who relishes the fear, despair and pain of her victims and has on occasion committed gruesome murders without even eating the victims. Not even members from Mafusa are safe from her depravity, as Ara has shown herself willing to slaughter them should they attempt to interfere with her pleasures.  A skilled manipulator, Ara tricks a despondent Vipéra into aiding her with her goals, claiming that she'd turn him into a demon but when Eckidina KnightWalker sell weapons to Aki Honda to be part in a bigger game, she lost control over Mafusa Gang and decides to see what is happening only to see Aki Honda being destroyed by Katarina but she leaves her daughter to her death while mocking her cowardice and seals her soul inside of her claw. Working behind the scenes days after the invasion of Tenguu City and Tokyo, Ara masterminds the Golden Cataclysm in Spain, a catastrophic event in which a special forces unit is deceived into massacring over 2,000 people via improvised gas chambers and blames the KnightWalker Family for the insane attack by killing soldiers from KnightWalker Family and putting their bodies on the scene of crimes; and thus starting the World War III officially during the events of LOTM: Sword of Kings Special: "From Hell" Letter

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Scorched

Redeemer by lave2217-db3cez5

"I think the reason I would spare your life, Lara, is possible because you were just a tool used against Dreyfuss in case he gets out of our control, which both Moloch and Michael Langdon agreed with me, but that does not mean I like you. In fact, you remind me of her so much that I almost want to rip your heart out with no hestitation. She lives inside you, is she not? That wretched Abbie Mills? Don't worry. I will not kill you, but I guess your life will be filled with all sorts of setbacks if you walk alone. There are so many torments in the world, Lara. I want to know if one day you can stand the feelings of solitude when you died alone."

If there is anyone in LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow who could rival against Moloch's might, it would be definitely Ara Astaroth. Serving as one of the Bigger Bads in the storyline, Ara is the key person who broke the innoncence of a then 11-year-old Ichabod by possessing his father, Lord Crane, to murder his mother, Lady Crane (who is a benevolent witch herself) within an iron lady inside a torture chamber, breaking Ichabod's innoncence and turned him into a man once only believed in reason. Ara's attempt was not for sheer fun, but for trying to break Ichabod's mind so that he would never seek out his destiny as one of the Two Witnesses. She also erased Ichabod's memory of his mother's death but never try to interfere when Ichabod had this sad past remembered and felt haunted. Beside this, Ara is also the mistress of the aforementioned Jobe as well as the one who manipulated Malcolm Dreyfuss to sell his soul before putting his former friend, Ansel, into her torture for many years. Later, in the Scorched spin-off, it was also revealed that Ara was also the one who gave Blackheart his intellegence and made him a tool to invade the Kingdom of Arendelle and gain the Sapphire of Ice so that she could have another artifact to overthrow her father, Leohart the Prince of Hell, but after the betrayl of Blackheart and his defeat at the hands of Elsa the Snow Queen, she put him into torture chamber and made him an unintellegent demon once again, forcing him to suffer a fate worse than death. Even with her plan of manipulating Blackheart failed, Ara managed to deduce the real identity of Hexenmeister Leader, the real identity of Fire Elsa, and the real identities of the Twin Gaolers, before anyone else. However, with no attempt to interfere, Ara manipulated all of them to destroy Arendelle and allow Michael to gain the remaining pages of the Grand Grimoire. Once, Ara and Moloch fought against each other within Purgatory, and it ended in a tie. Ara formed a partnership with Moloch but never trusted him, so she made Malcolm Dreyfuss a spy to Moloch's side. However, she quickly tried to dethrone him as soon as she found out that Dreyfuss was playing with both sides in order to take the Prime Earth for himself as its immortal leader. She soon manipulated Lara Thomas to meet with Ichabod once she travelled across the time, making her and Ichabod to come to Qliphoth to visit her before granting Ichabod a new Philosopher's Stone, only in an attempt to claim his soul for Jobe and enslave him for eternity, trying to corrupt him like she corrupted Dreyfuss before. However, Ara soon revealed her true nature and vowed to destroy Lara one day, since she reminded her so much like her deceased predecessor, Abbie Mills, and would became a thorn in Ara's shoes if she just let Lara go away. Ara's presence in LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow is no surprise, showing that she had already trying to take control upon Prime Earth long before Ichabod accepted his Witness mantle.

The Corbin Files

With the foundation of the Researchers of Divine Hand, Ara appeared as a biological-scientist that worked to the RDV and helped the ruthless Shou Tucker in his experiments by gathering the Three Elements of Hell and injecting them in Haru Zageko after she brutally tortured him for weeks. Ara was also his partner and apparently helped him in his research. But along the way, Ara proved to be cruel enough to happily receive orders from the superiors to sacrifice hundreds of people for the sake of her research to revive dead people. Soon afterwards, she proceeds to betray her superiors and turn them into mindless chimeras while she put an insane child named Krul Rose on the command of the organization. When Evans reported their crimes for the Global Pact Defense, he asked Ara to disband the organization but Ara's answer was a stab in his stomach while Haru was watching. In an attempt to destroy all witnesses from her presence in that HQ, she went to Haru and proceeded to stab her numerous times in his belly while Evans was watching in despair. Possibly, Ara finished Haru and continued to stab Evans to kill him once for all. Later, it turned out that Haru was alive and Ara proceeded to throw him out of the laboratory in a hellish winter, where he died from the cold. Before Ara could escape, she altered the memories of her "puppet", Krulcifer, an artificial Black Demon created by Ara using Haru's DNA to suit her needs. Her alteration included throwing her emotions away and turning her into a machine but it failed when she met Krulcifer met Katarina.

Mafusa Gang Sub Arc

After Katarina Couteau was corrupted by the Black Tao and became Elesis Du Tirial, Ara's Shadow, a wraith entity similar to Fallen's Essence took control over her mind and made her kill hundreds of innocents, including burning people alive in satanic rituals. Upon creating the Black Tar, Ara became uses Elesis as sock puppet of Mafusa Gang and tries to make her use the Black Tar in all oceans of the world to infect all water of the planet to kill all living beings and destroy the Earth's atmosphere through the global warming. Elesis then starts a civil war while Ara took pleasure in using the body of the righteous Katarina to make evil deeds in her name and forces Elesis and Katarina in the same body to torture her best friend, Imperia Deamonne. Unlike all her previous actions, Ara reached a new level by making heroes to commit evil acts while putting them into eternal state of suffering.

Phoenix Sub Arc

More than 18 years ago, Ara tried to experiment a Death Plague in a small village that lead to the death of countless animals, killing the weasel of Klarion, who was a small and innocent child at that time. Without wasting time, Ara has her demonsn slaughtering a village of innocents and abducting all of their children, Ara painfully transforms all of the children into psychotic killing machines to be used as weapons by training them in a brutal trainings that took the lives of their families. Klarion, was the most affected by her methods of training and literally went insane after witnessing his friends being eaten and raped by Ara's Trainers and cultists that were nothing bunch of pedophiles and cannibals. Ara brutally tortures Klarion upon capturing him with clear lascivious intent, gloating that children are easily manipulated tools— and that people's refusal to hurt them only makes them a "righteous fool." 

After creating the Phoenix's Stones 4 years ago, her stones are stolen by Catholics and tried to seal it but Ara sent her forces to their Fire Tribe and had all their members mutilated to death, forcing the young Mash to curse herself with the Phoenix's Stones. Nowadays, Ara sends the now-insane Klarion and his comrades to Veronica nation where she set up the prince of the nation, Alois Trancy, to destroy the world using the Phoenix's Stones but her plans are ruined when Klarion betrays her and tries to get immortality to avenge his friends. In Klarion's last moments, he refuses to die before he sees Ara dead. After Klarion's partners managed to escape from their punishment, Ara personally kills them by slowly ripping their heads for assisting Klarion in his rebellion.

LOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes

Madness Sub Arc

She first seems like a girl hopelessly in love with Katarina Couteau when she first met her into a normal day, using a cheerful personality to hide her darkness, even trying to bargain with Imperia Deamonne to obtain her, but when Imperia rejects her offers, some of her true colors shows when she kidnaps Jellal and put him into a device that would drain his life force and eventually turning him into a Ghoul. When Katarina and her peerage tries to rescue him, she reveals that she was the reason that Satanism was brought to Earth and was considered a evil religion for centuries, and even wrote a Bibly for satanist, teaching black magic and laws of Leohart, their King. Some of Shigure's backstory was influenced by her as well, such as having her family being captured by her cult and being offered as a sacrifice for a Low Level Class Demon and sending women to Trolls, where they're raped to give birth to a new Generation of Demons on Earth, if the women are infertile or dies during the brutal rape of giant trolls, Ara order the trolls to throw their bodies in a river where they become food for Dark Spirits. If the rape succeed, the sperm of the trolls quickly grow up into ugly-beast and devour the women from inside while Ara watches it with pleasure.

Ara is complete and utterly atrocious being who cares for nothing but herself. She has absolutely no morals, enslaves or murders entire species because they irritate her, especially races that have peaceful cultures, and makes a sport out of Kick The Dog. She also betrays pretty much every ally she could possibly have at one point, safe for the twisted B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, whom she fell in love because of his sick mind. When the Rogues invades their insane cult HQ to rescue Suzuya, Rentaro's childhood friend, it turns out Ara is a sex fiend with a nun fetish who goes to various churches, captures various nuns, and turns them into her sex slaves against their will, keeping them as her personal playthings. She not only reveals this with glee, but when fighting Imperia she says it may be fun to rape Katarina everyday whenever she calls out her name, showing she never loved Katarina but just sees her as part of her nun collection, and would force the Red Haired Demon to cosplay as nun only to satisfy her desires. Ara, as the Empress of Astaroth Empire, was a diabolical tyrant of a Dark Empire that had no rules and was the most CHAOTIC and DESTRUCTIVE empire of all existence. In her reign, Ara allowed all types of crimes in her kingdom that extended until the limits of all Multi-Universe, from homicide to genocide, Ara and her supporters created campaigns that allowed the worst types of people to do WHATEVER they wanted to all planets and living beings of existence without laws or morals.

Ara, unlike her fellows folks, she displays signs of "Encephalopathy", meaning that she was a normal living being but had a twisted sense of morality, similar to homosexuality, showing that she was not INSANE or a person with some mental illiness and commit all her atrocities for pleasure. In her search of revenge, Ara wiped out God from existence and become the Ruler of the Multi-Universe—where she revealed her true colors by massacring civilians and noncombatants whose only crime was being slaves of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. Ara frequently displays a tendency to betray and kill those who work with her, including her Sin Archbishops of Leohart's Cult and showed no mercy when En failed to kill the rebel leaders, sending him to Unit-CM 130's laboratory after removing all his powers to be dissected while he is alive. Ara showed resentment towards the Angels and happily tried to have all Fallen Angels of her own Empire executed, despite the Fallen Angels having previously worked with her and her faction for thousand of years.

Ara also crafted the Ara Doctrine, which laid out principles of Astaroth Empire, would repeatedly demonstrate her cruelties as a Empress, upon her promotion to High-Empress, she taxed the subjects of all universes to starvation. During the earliest days of the E.N.D., a bio-technological weapon built to destroy planets, Ara sanctions the obliteration of rebel city NiLaha and claims the victory as her own and said she now have the power of the Gods in her hands. Ara later has the E.N.D. fire on the Astaroth base on Deus Ex Vectron (the former homeland of DEM Empire) to quell rebel activity, killing countless members of the Empire's own men, while also wiping out the remainder of the Resistence.

When Imperia finally defeats her, Ara still made an attempt to summon a giant pentagram around Russia on Prime Earth to suck the souls of many people she could to gain immortality again. Ara's only response to any of her atrocities is a cold, smug sense of satisfaction. Ara was a purely evil devil who would kill first billions, then insurmountable trillions, just to satisfy her raging desire to be the only Goddess of the Multi-Universe, and stands out as the most iconic female villain in the storyline for this very reason. Aside from that, she was a Knight Templar par excellence, Ara exercised cruelty nightmarish even by the standards of the Demons and Devils and is known to be the most cruel Empress of all times. Instead of Idea of Evil, many people thought she was the TRUE incarnation of all evil despite her jerk and comic relief behavior. Ara is also highly considered the most evil CIS Production villain from Magic Side and her appearance in the show proved to be the most disturbing and darkest episodes of all CIS' stories, ever.

LOTM: Destiny


"Good job... Shiva. The mission was a success. No matter how many times you step in your shadow or how many times you throw a rock at your reflex on the water. The shadow will not vanish nor your reflex will disappear. This is how life works."

Working as the second main antagonist to appear in the story, Ara was the very first villain to true become a threat to the Wolf Pack Squad as the first villain of the story, Lord Boros, who was nothing more than a seeker for fun in battles. After her death, Ara lost all her comedic elements and was considered the first true serious antagonist of the story, making her a dark and emotionless monster.

After being trapped inside of Undead Land for 5 billion years, Ara decided to kill herself and take her most hated enemy with her. Using her influence to contact the cults of the living world, Ara made a pact with her fellow fanatical cultist, Shiva, the leader of Cult of Ara and impregnated her with her Blackness to give birth to 5 children to train them as assassins to kill Katarina Couteau. Ara had Shiva training small children in terrible condictions and even forced them to jump in a pit of magma to become one with her, so they can share the same pain and ordered Shiva to take one of their teeth if they failed in their training, turning their lives in a living hell of pain. After Ara finished their training, Shiva had them to hunt Katarina to kill her and her daughter, Rinslet Couteau. When they fought Katarina, Ara didn't hesitate to possess Shiva and take over her body to unleash a spell to kill Katarina cowardly as she was fighting her children. However, it turned out Ara killed only her children by exploding them into pieces. When one of her daughter, Isuke Inukai, joined Yato Stinger to know more about the nature of the world, Ara planned her second attack by removing the Destiny Team from her face and regrouped all her cults scattered across the Multi-Universe to take down the New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries.

During the invasion to the planet, Ara bombed  millions of cities and states, burning down whole countries and peaceful states while sending her troops to devour, destroy, torture and kill all people they encountered. Making her way to Wolf Pack Squad's guild, Ara possessed another body of her cultists and used her to show the Wolf Pack Squad and its allies the true hell by using her vampires to brutally kill her enemies by literally cutting them into pieces while alive, eating their friends and painting their guild with their blood. When Ara faced Isuke in a final battle, Ara showed her nightmares of her childhood and cut her arms off while she was distracted, however, when Dante noticed her screams and went to rescue her, Ara impaled him while he was trying to carry her away, making the now-redeemed Isuke to cry over his dead body while Ara mocked him for being such stupid bug. With this being her last appearance before she returned to the Undead Land, where she will be imprisoned forever, Ara was considered the first true villain of LOTM: Destiny to truly be feared by her power and cruelty, and the loss of her comedic side gave her the darkest appearance of all villains from Magic Side so far. Like always, Ara is the only person in the Revelation of Qliphoth from 5 billion years later to be considered a true Devil.




Idea of Evil fighting the Gods

Long ago in the vastness of space, a great, formless, mindless entity of evil arose from the emptiness, this entity was known as Idea of Evil. Before it could do harm to the universe, it was set upon by the three prime deities of the Greek Egyptian, and Hindu mythologies: Zeus, Ra the Sun God, and Rama, the Supreme Universal Guardian. The three deities fought a fierce battle against the Idea of Evil, burning the entity almost completely out of existence with their divine power. However, during the battle, one small fragment of the entity was incidentally cut from the whole by Zeus' lightning and did not burn away.

Unnoticed by the three deities, this seemingly small fragment floated way from the site of the battle and drifted through space for an untold amount of time, until it eventually, and violently, landed in a dimension, destroying all creation and turning it in black, there, it would use as its main realm.

Arrival on the Underworld

Gremory Territory

Astaroth Territory at Underworld

After recovering its true form that took more 20 million years, the Idea of Evil sent a small piece of blass mass to outer space. 790 million years later, it would arrive in Hell Dimension, where Triggers Hell had total control and fell at the Astaroth Territory, a planet controled by the Demonic Clan Astaroth. 

Over eons, the fragment evolved into an ever growing ominous forest of black tree-like spikes, surrounding a tar-like pit at its center that devoured any living thing that dared enter. Eventually the forest grew so large that the Demon Queen Pshica decided to kill it for consuming 4% of her territory. But as they flew, the forest began to kill her men, leaving the Demon Queen herself as the only survivor. Once she arrived at the black lake in the forest's center, a spike of black mass penetrated her womb and expelled sperm-like black fluids. This was enough to make the Demon Queen fall in her knees while screaming in pain of having her uterus being stained in black.

Noticing the Demon Queen of Astaroth Clan was dissapeared for 3 days, Leohart the Prince of Hell, the Supreme Devil of all Underworld, sent some of his minions to the Black Forest, where they found the Demon Queen fainted beside the Black Lack of Tao.



Pshica mocks Leohart for being worried

Some days later, the Demon Queen was sent back to her palace in her territory and awakened in her bed, feeling extreme pain inside of her wombs and was forced to stay in her mansion under the cares of her underlings. One day, Leohart himself visited her and asked her if she had no reason for him not kill her for mission for 3 days as Phsica's faction was at war with the Reality Council at that time. But instead, Pshica mocked Leohart for being worried with her, the latter ignored her and left saying she will live for now for he sensed a life inside of her womb and thought she was impregnanted by some kind of cataclysmatic force not related with Devils or Demons.

Diva's children
3 years later, Pshica gave birth to two children (as it takes years for demons to be fully completed inside of a woman's womb). As more bizarre it seems, Pshica denied that she had sexual relationships with other Demons for years as she was busy with the war. Leohart, however, knew she had two pregnant of two infants but he decided to not tell for pure pleasure to see her in shock.

Pshica and her clan decided to take care of them and as they were the daughters of Pshica herself, the were fated to rule the Astaroth Clan in the future or even Triggers Hell itself as the Astaroth Clan is the strongest and powerful clan of all clans inside of the Underworld, and so Pshica gave a names to one of them, her name was Ara Astaroth. It's implied Pshica gave a name to Ara's sister as well but it was never presented in the story so the name of her twin sister is unknown.  

Life in Confinement

Velvet crowe tales of series and tales of berseria drawn by sendrawz sample-cc511be42051b5af8664cfafa3a764ed

Ara inside of the tower

However, one day, Leohart decide to choose just ONE of them to rule Astaroth Clan in the future. Intrigued by what Leohart said, the Astaroth Clan separated the babies and formed a social experiment. While Leohart took Ara's [unnamed] sister infant for himself to rule alongside him, Ara was confined to a locked room within a cage at the top of the tower.

The first 80,000 years of Ara's life had been abysmal. She was caged within a locked room and were given mere rags to keep warm while her power started to increase everyday, being feed by her hatred, Ara started to climb the stairs of power and surparssed her mother that she never met.

During those years, Petelgese Romanne-Conti had been her caretaker whom later becomes her first Apostle and the latter would get friendly around her, treating her like his daughter he never had and planned to help Ara get her revenge after watching her anger increasing everyday, turning her into a High Pure-Blooded Devil in a matter of centuries, while normal demons takes more than 90 billion years to reach that level of power. One day, her [unnamed] sister was finally able to meet Ara when she drew her by the sound of her singing, what Ara was talented. In the following years, she told to her sister that she wish to be free from the cage and tower.

Bloody Party

Gore zpsirfxw172

Ara killing the Astaroths

On the day of her sister's birthday of 81,450 years, Ara's wish to leave the tower is finally granted when her sister found the key from Petelgese's office and unlocked the door to Ara's cell and released her.

While her sister wanted Ara to sing for everyone to make everyone hear how amazing her voice was, Ara, however, massacred the party-goers of Astaroth family instead and had set the Zoo by summoning her Trolls to devour the Astaroths in retribution for the years of torment and isolation she had suffered, little did know that Petelgese was the one who let her sister enter in his room to get the keys of her cell, purposely allowing Ara to kill everyone inside of that hall.

Tumblr oozw4lNY1O1qb6mdoo1 1280

Ara licks the blood of her deceased sister

Her mother, Phsica, immediately recognized her and started to cry while running towards her saying that she missed her for so many years only to have her head separated of her body by Ara's telekinses. She was holding Phsica's body and drinking her blood by the time her sister returned. 

The sight of destruction and death Ara caused her sister to run away as her powers were still asleep while Ara's were now on its full power, Ara wasted no time and captured her sister to have her trolls rape her to death right in front of her while she watched her spin being torn apart by the immense monsters. With that, Petelgese entered in the hall and praised Ara for her efforts and said she was free to go.

Meeting Eclipso & Satella


Satella faces Ara

After she escaped from the tower, she proceeded to increase her Black Magic by devouring the souls of other demons and became a serial killer in the Underworld. One day, Ara returned back to the tower and sang once more. This unknowingly made Vali Lucifer follow the singing and he confused Ara with her sister.

Hungry, she drank most of his blood before Satella arrived and witnessed the scene. They broke into a fight, however, Satella was no match for Ara's savage strength because of her immense hatred. Instead, Ara wanted to make them her servants and offered power if they joined her cause to overthrow Leohart, whom vowed their lives for her as they were Medium-Class Demons and she was a Pure-Blooded Devil, and according to the tradition, a lower demon must swear his life to the High-Devil.

Becoming Leohart's Sucessor

Tumblr inline onqv3jvyfe1uulzns 540

Ara captures Yolda

At some point, 50 years after she escaped from the tower, Ara joined the Blood Cult and acted as a Cultist while hiding her identity from Leohart's Royal Guards as she was now a serial killer and personaly murdered 705 demons after consuming their spiritual power to increase her power. Ara and her partner, Petelgese Romanne-Conti were ordered by Blood Cult's leaders to capture a demon known as Yolda who was an affiliated of Chaxfuarin Clan, a rich demonic clan located in the West of Tartarus. Together with, they raided Chaxfurian mansion and captured Yolda. Ara informed Kerubiel, a Fallen Angel who was the leader of Blood Cult, that they captured Yolda and would bring her to Conti's place.

While in her custody, Ara decided to turn Yolda into her next "toy." Conti had found out about Anti-Blood Cult's planned escape attempt, so Ara foiled their escape, killing two Demon Guides of Chaxfuarin by breaking their neck right in front of Yolda. She offered Yolda to overlook the other members of Anti-Blood Cult in exchange for Yolda becoming her underling, for she needed powerful allies and killing Yolda, who was a High-Level Demon, was a total waste of potential. Left without a choice, Yolda accepted Ara's offer.

Darth Cordas' Sith Cult

Leohart's minion break into Blood Cult HQ

After Ara and Yolda had entered Ara's torture chamber, Ara then tortured Yolda for ten days. She injected Yolda with Rc suppressants to suppress her deon powers and cut off her fingers and toes like nails. When the injection's effects wore off, she forced Yolda to eat so her fingers and toes would regrow. Later, she also placed a red-headed centipede in Yolda's ear.

During her insane torture section, Ara was interrupted by 500 Dark Mages from Leohart's Personal Army, Nine Demon Gates, and claimed she was under arrest after killing all members of Blood Cult, with the exception of Petelgese and Kerubiel, who escaped before the invasion. The dark mages had orders to take her to Leohart's palace. Ara then released Yolda and went to Leohart's palace to be received as a "guest" for her work she did in the past 500 years after her escape from the tower.

2e8df7a9bc46daf69c6d6eb746c2c3a824c31db6 hq

Leohart stares at Ara

Arriving in the palace, Ara immediately had her spine removed from her body and was forced to fly while her spine was being pushed by some kind of unknown force, being exposed to the guards whom were scared. Screaming in pain, Ara's spine flew in the air and went towards Leohart's Hall, where she met Leohart the Prince of Hell, who is the supreme ruler of the Underworld. When he put his upon Ara, he proceeded to cut her arm off while she was still flying to express his hatred for killing Pshica and countless of his bests officers in the past eyes.

Ara's wounds immediately healed while she smiled towards the Demon King with pleasure, saying that he strikes like a girl. Despite that insult, Leohart had other plans for her as he saw her a potential ally and admired her increasing power that was growing every day. Leohart than says that his attacks where just a 'punishment' for giving him a hard time looking for her. Ara was chosen by Leohart to assume his throne for she is the sister of the princess he choose to rule the Underworld before she was killed by Ara and the strongest Pure-Blooded Devil he met in years. At first, Ara denied the offer but she finally saw the chance to leave from the Underworld and see the world of the livings, planning to have fun with the livings for her own pleasure.

Maxresdefault (4)

Ara accepts the offer

Before she could finish her words, Ara said she accept the offer while hiding her smirk behind a "it can't be helped" expression.

Leohart orders Ara to travel to other worlds to spread his word to turn many mortals as she can into his servants, cultists, satanists and heretics to extend his terrotory and increase the numbers of people that serve Triggers Hell. Hearing this, Ara had an idea and thought about founding her own religion where people saw her as a Goddess intead of Satan or Leohart.

And so, Ara left Leohart's palace saying that he made a right decision to choose her while mocking for firstly choosing her sister, who was weaker. Leohart, however, yelled at Ara and said her to leave before he changes his mind.

7746df142bf180029c8ae391dfee80e3315eeb35 hq

Petelgese is surprised by Ara's hidden agenda

And so, Ara regrouped with Eclipso, Petelgese and Satella, who were now her fellow soldiers and were loyal to her and ordered them to go with her to other worlds to help her to extend Triggers Hell's territories by teaching the mortals the Black Magic and the "righteous" side of the Underworld, however, Ara explained that she had othe plans and planned to create her own cult to take over Triggers Hell and overthrow Leohart for thinking he was "too soft" as he was more focused in using the souls and destruction caused by Balam Alliance to feed his minions instead of keeping the souls and all the dark energy of the sins caused by the war to himself to grow stronger.

Petelgese warned Ara that her plan might fail for Leohart was the second strongest living being on the Multi-Universe at that time. Yet, that was not enough to change her mind and the Demon Princess went to Qliphoth, the Realm that Leohart the Prince of Hell gave to her to rule as she pleases. Using her realm, Ara summoned 753 billion demons to help her in invading other worlds. And so, the rise of the Astaroth Empire began.

Rising to Power


Ara's servants about to attack the Leviathan clan

As her first question for power, Ara decided to destroy all the demonic clans living inside of Qliphoth and considered them a interference in her world. 

Her first target was the Leviathan clan, where she sent 903,000 of her Dark Mages to slaughter them all without mercy. Before the leaders and military of Leviathan clan could reace, Ara disguised her servants as members of the clans and attacked from inside, killing all combatents in a battle that lasted for 5 days and took the lives of 40,000 demons. With the war over, Ara tortured and killed all women and children to use them as an example to other demonic clan living inside of the Qliphoth.

F511e5 c88b0abbc0cf4815a84382533173a1f3

Ara capture and humiliate the leaders of Blood Cult in public before killing them

In another mission for power and seach for allies, Ara proceeded to travel to the 5th Floor of Hell, where the leaders of her form faction, the Blood Cult, were located and killed them all with her own hands to take control of the organization as the members of the cult were suppose to follow the strongest person inside of the organization.

After killing the main leaders, she captured the vice-commanders and excuted in a public park where other low-class level demons and fallen angels were forced to watch. As the years passed by, Ara gained countless allies through fear and oppression and eventually founded Leohart's Cult, a cult dedicated to serve Leohart in other worlds when in fact the faction was suppose to work for Ara's cause while keeping their disguise as fellows servants of Leohart.

839bd85e182d1ae5df154836f985abb6a77548d7 hq

Ara's legion of cultists

When her forces invaded Tartarus to conquer more territories, Ara showed no mercy and killed all 9,000,000 Pure-Blooded Devils from Tartarus alone, showing her high-power level and put fear in the hearts of all Demons, Devils and Fallen Angels living inside of Triggers Hell Dimension as she had immunity to punishment from Leohart's office.

10 years later, Ara creates her own secret cult in Qliphoth and kidnapped countless human infants from the living world to her realm, where they were forced to train their entire lives to serve Ara's cause. After training them using brutal methods such as throwing them into fire pits, swimming in lakes of monsters and being abused physically by demons, Ara gives them the clothes of her cult and weapons and sends them out into the world to capture more children for her cause.

In one of the training sections, one of the children were distracted by a small-cute creature of the underworld, a small chimera-bat. When Ara saw that, she grabbed the bat and squished the bat with her own hands for "distracting" her from a sparring session, saying that it was not part of her order.

Fighting Kali

Screenshot 0015

The Battle of <Sister>

40 years later, after many wars evoked by Ara, she went to another world called Sister and had plans to take over that planet to use it as the main HQ of her cult, where she could rule her own faction without interference from the superiors.

However, before she could even act, the wicked Sith Empire invaded with a massive fleet. Countless cities were dragged to destruction, races enslaved and women raped in front of their loved ones to give Darth Hades more energy of the negative emotions of all living beings. However, during the attack, Ara got angry and dispached all her forces to the planet, creating a magic shield around the planetary system to prevent the commanders of the Sith Empire from asking for help outside. Despite the Sith Forces were in large numbers, the demons possessed immortality and squased them all. 90 days later, when the battle was almost in its end, Kali (also known as the Tech of the End) and her sister, Koruta, engaged the demons in combat and defeated most of them without breaking a sweat. However, things got tense when Ara joined the battle and fought the two, who were being an interference in her plans.


Kali holds her sister in her arms

The result of the battle is not shown. However, Ara had lost one of fingers arms in the conflict but it quickly regenerated by itself. At the end of the fight, Ara had won the battle and managed to kill Koruta by erasing her soul from existence, leaving Koruta dead in the arms of Kali. After that, Ara proceeded to leave the planet and said she changed her mind about keeping that system as her base, as the battle between her cult and Sith Empire killed 82% of all life, saying that it was now a useless planet. Ara then left the planet using a portal, leaving Kali alive to eat all the sadness, sorrow and despair of having her sister dead in her arms.

As Petelgese raced back to headquarters, he demanded to see Ara over not being told about the raid on Sister's planet. However, much to Petelgese's frustration, he finds that Ara was in the middle of a ritual treatment to recover her magic, she said that she lost a big part of her mana during the fight with Kali and Koruta, despite they did not inflicted a serious damage on the demon princess, they still managed to dodge most of her attacks. That fight was the main catalyst event for the beginning of LOTM: Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroinefor the loss of Kali lead her to create Scathach, whom was born as her daughter and was Kali's replacement for her deceased sister. Actually, it can be said that this fight was the main incident that lead mankind to its evolution. And so, the events of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA is started.

Journey through the Stars

Maxresdefault (3)oih

Ara blushes after seeing Kurumi's angel

More than 10,000,000 years later, before Scathach and her mother, Kali, could arrive on Earth, Ara was hunting down Spirits' Angels for her research to create demons with powers of agels.

Kurumi Tokisaki wanted to meet Ara, while pretending to be cornered by her, because she had thought Ara knew something about the unknown First Spirit that was born years ago and knew that the DEM Empire was planning to use the Spirit in some kind of horrible experiment, but this was later found out to be a false assumption. When Kurumi had used her Angel, Ara had watched in fascination. This caused her to be distracted as a shard hit her left eye, she fell laughing while Kurumi tried to run away for sh knew Ara was too powerful for her.


Ara interrogates the human

Years later, Ara stared to work mechanical methods, despite she hated technology with all her might. When Leohart the Prince of Hell informs Ara that the Reality Council is planning to seal the entrance of Hell, she is seen in a room after she receives his message via telepathy and returns her attention to what she was doing.

She looks at a man who was hanging by a rope and says "to talk, or not to talk, is the question" and orders some men in the room to "roll him". She proceeded to follow Leohart's orders to hide her true intentions and kept her loyalty to Leohart until the day she can overthrow him once for all.


Ara destroys the Reality Council HQ

As the Reality Council is having a meeting at their headquarters, Ara attacks the building with her Curse, causing a hefty explosion that destroys the building. Many individuals inside die, including most of the seated members of the Council. Ara, finding one of them has survived the attack, pins him head down on the rubble, stating that letting him live is not an option. With her hand on the member's head, Ara starts charging her Curse while introducing herself to the Multi-Universe the woman who massacred the a leadership of Magic Council for the first time in the history of the existence, and then finishes him.

Ara later attacks Rá's homeplanet, aiming to kill the former Council member with a huge explosion living in his realm. She appears in front of Rá, Sunna and Amaterasu, the three Gods of the Suns, commenting that she expected them to be in pieces after that explosion. Curiously, Ara met Rá for the time, without knowing he was one of three Gods that almost killed the Idea of Evil billion years ago prior her birth. As Rá says the name Ara Astaroth, Ara glares at him questioning how he knows that. The former then exclaims that he is Rá and knows everything and that he is going to start putting Triggers Hell in body bags.


Sunna fights Ara

At that moment, Rá decides to fight Ara while the Reality Council's former member flee with the help of Amaterasu, but Ara follows the member. She makes a quick work of her Black Magic and Curses to reflect most of Sunna and Rá's attacks, saying that Black Magic and Curses are a greater power than Magic, it being something that a mere God cannot stand against.  She finishes the job with Exploding Spiral and continues pursuing the former member of Reality Council. 

After finding him, he begs her to stop, but Ara laughs that she even ditched his granddaughter to make that possible. They are then approached by Amaterasu, but Ara is ready - the Goddess is caught in a Landmine Curse, unable to move without causing an explosion. Ara then makes two bombs out of the member of the Reality Council and an innocent pregnant woman, having Amaterasu to choose which of the two will live and which will die. She continues urging Amaterasu to pick, while laughing about Gods being just toys. However, out of nowhere, Nu Wa, the Guardian of Heaven and Earth appears to perform a destructive attack, successfully defusing the bombs and sending the psycho Devil flying. And so, the battle between Nu Wa and Ara starts.

Fighting Nu Wa

Tumblr ojvzw4KOUF1w0ptszo8 500 (1)

Nu Wa faces Ara

Utterly confused at how Nu wA managed to enter in the planet without noticing, Ara asks Nu Wa who she is, and upon being swiftly punched in the face, the Demon screams her name. Laughing at the fact that Nu Wa has touched her and sent a small energy of dark energy, Ara shouts for Nu Wa to explode as she engulfs the woman in an explosion; Ara's laughter doesn't last for long, however, as Nu Wa reveals herself to be relatively unharmed. Shaking in fear, Aea backs away and ponders if Nu Wa truly is an average; internally screaming that her being afraid of an common God is impossible, Ara shifts into her Anti-Christ form and immediately lunges at Nu Wa, striking the Goddess and creating a sizable explosion upon impact.

Ara then proceeds to continue by striking Nu Wa once more (and creating another large explosion) whilst stating that Gods are incapable of besting Pure-Blooded Devils such as those from Qliphoth. Screaming for all Gods to perish, Ara moves to envelop Nu Wa in another explosion but her attempt is negated by the delivery of a swift kick to the jaw, surprising the Demon. Ara is then sent violently hurdling through several buildings, courtesy of Nu Wa, who has entered in Goddess Mode.

Kriemhild gretchen by leomitsu-d8shiab

Ara enters in her true form

On the ground, defeated and immobile, Ara laughs as light begins to encircle both the town and herself, whereupon she states that it's the first time she's been overpowered to such a degree and was the first time she used her Anti-Christ form; the pillars of light grow taller and vaporize the surrounding architecture, all as Ara apologizes to Leohart and states that at the very least, she'll take everyone down with her.

Being asked to stop, Ara replies that she cannot, as she, herself, is the explosive, and even if she were to die, it cannot be stopped. Laughing maniacally, Ara shouts that she'll see them all in Hell, however, Sunna grabs Ara's hair and takes her to the skies, prompting Ara to Curse the Goddess of Sun. Ignoring Sunna's snear, Ara screams in anger as she explodes in the sky, unable to accomplish her final objective, killing Sunna in the process. However, Ara managed to survive and regenerated her body using atoms and left the planet and returned to her realm. When she arrived there, her minions received her and said they will help her to recover her energy. That was the first time Ara was defeated and promised that she will kill Nu Wa one day, starting her first rivalry.

Creating the Curses

Db4881d94262e04f20f8ff31eaf45167eaa2e9cd hq

Ara's demons killing students

Ara got interest in sources of powers over the years and started long journeys looking for magic artifacts and sealed objects left by the Old Ones that were mages and powerful Gods from the past. Ara was more interest in black forms of divine powers that were not magic, but powerful sources of powers able to kill Gods.

Starting her vicious plan, Ara firtly attackd a small village with her disturbing demons and ordered them to kill all living beings, from people to animals as she formed a barrier around the town to prevent people from leaving and capture their souls. 


One of Ara's demons eating the villagers like barbecue

Upon leaving her demon to do whatever they wanted, they began their onslaught by eating everyone in the town. They are responsible for devouring and killing the entire population of the town using terrible methods of killing. After having all habitants killed and all their corrupted souls stained by despair and fear, Ara proceeded to use a talisman that sucked all souls from the town and said the operation was a sucess after leaving the destroyed town.

Without wasting time, Ara went to her Realm and started numerous rituals to corrupt the captured souls into sentient dark energy, destroying their memories and everything they once were. Without mercy, Ara consumed their knownledge as a matter of principle as she thought wasting their knownledge about their planet would a waste. And so, Ara got knowledge of how to clean and cook by getting the memories of countless mothers that were devoured alive, this latter would become one of her hobbies, turning her into a ideal housewife...


Ara's minions starting the ritual

Starting the ritual, Ara's minions dropped a drop of their blood inside of the pentagram filled with corrupted souls and focused it with Ara's demonic energy, creating a new type of devilish energy, more darker and disturbing than Demonic Powers and black magic. Ara then proceeded to test her powers using curses and noticed her new creation was a unlimited source of power as it consumed the souls of all living beings around her, including bacteria.

Later, Ara would use it to offer immortality to other mortals from other planets in seek of allies and cultists to help her in her cause to conquer the omniverse and destroy it. 


One of Ara's book about curses, it can only be read by people baptized by Ara's blood

Ara did the same thing she did with black magic and created countless books teaching curses to her followers and ideologists, sending more than 45,000,000 to countless worlds spread across the universe in the hope to reach the hand of someone twisted like her to follow her paths.

Later, her curses became one of Triggers Hell's most favorite weapon and proved to be strong enough to wipe out all their enemies, leaving the Reality Council in despair after knowing the demons had a new kind of power with absurd source of destruction and darkness.

Invading Paradise & Fighting God


Ara watches Leohart's council speech about their plans

At some point after Ara created the Curses and developed the dark magic from Triggers Hell, she was called back to the Underworld alongside countless Demon Guides to hear about the plans of the Nine Demon Gates to overthrow God, launching another attacking in his realm and bringing down his laws.

At first, Ara thought they were a bunch of useless as they took more than 500 centillion years to come with a plan to defeat their so hateful arch-enemy. For all Fallen Angels, that plan was a amazing piece of a mastermind's move, but for Ara, she considered that low as they were being too calculators and were more concerned about what would happen to their clans, wealth and territories caused by the war.

Taigen&#039;s Stoic Visage

Leohart finds Ara outside

Leohart, who was watching their speech, saw Ara leaving the crowd and followed to the outside of the neo-dimension and called for her, asking why she was leaving all of sudden. Annoyed, Ara tried to yell at him for calling her attention like if she was her daughter, however, the Demon Princess kept herself cool and answered his question, saying she was going to Paradise to kill God herself for she thought his underlings were being coward instead of attacking directly. Leohart immediately laughed and said she was crazy, for she didn't know the force of her enemy. Yet, Ara ignored him and continued her way to the portal, where she would prepare herself to invade the Paradise alone without troops to aid her.


The Paradise

Leohart then smiled and said that she was going to suffer her worst nightmare. Upon arriving at her base, she immediately corrupted a Angelic Portal used by spirits from the living to enter in the Paradise and turned it in a Demonic Portal that allowed her to enter. Arriving in Paradise, she followed a powerful lighty energy coming from the very center of the dimension, it was where God the Creator of the Multi-Universe was living in his castle. 

During her way to this castle, she ruthless slaughtered innocent living souls that were there, living a kind life away from the chaos and war of the World of the Living. Ara then invaded the castle using stealth abilities and killed at least 50 Arch Angels by wiping out their souls and essence. Without wasting time, the Demon rushed to God's Hall, where he was sleeping in his throne after creating universe (which would later be invaded by Balam Alliance). Seeing that God was actually a young man instead of a old man with beard, she admired his appearance before having idea of using her own hands to open his face and destroy his beautiful face and get his skin as a memory of her victory. 

3422568 1386075685697.44res 500 292

God faces Ara

Ara tried to sneak around and used a dagger to penetrate his heart but when she did so, the supreme being grabbed her hand and said to back off. In shock, Ara jumped away and stared the supreme living being looking at Ara with kind but sad eyes, his expression showed sorrow and sadness for seeing such young beautiful girl with a heart full of darkness and cruelty.

As he introduced himself to the intruder, Ara powered-up and strike the God with all her force only to be slapped away as the God continued his introduction and requested for the young girl to leave before he tries something hostile and hurts her, saying that he hates violence and would hate hurt someone like her but she ignored his warnings and shots countless curses and black magic at him in an attempt to erridicate his from existence but all her attacks passed through him and had no effect. 

17587298 406814776341758 6058800645232656384 n

Ara heavily damaged

After some minutes, Ara continued attacking until God finally got dissapointed with her actions and grabbed her left arm after she tried to destroy his face with her nails, ripping off her arm and kicking her in the stomach, sending the demon flying.

God begged her to leave as she stared at him with hatred, he admired and praised her for knowing such powerful attacks able to destroy whole planets but said she was following the wrong way and that she still had chance to redeem herself from her sins and be a righteous-demons like the Neo-Demons, Pure-Blooded Devils and demons that are against the will of their race and follows the path they believe to be true. Ara, however, shot another laser beam at God and penetrated his heart, only to see that her attack was useless again, without choice, Ara had to retreat when she saw more Arch-Angels approaching after the mess they made in the hall with their battle. From the beginning, Ara knew that he was not even considering her an enemy and was not using any energy to fight her, that made her extremely furious as she escaped from Paradise.


Ara creates her Azaroth claw

After leaving the realm, she went to Qliphoth and decided to stay out of sight from all demons and tried to hide the fact she invaded Paradise alone with the goal to kill God. But what she feared the most was the fact that her battle with God might became rumor and will spread across the dimension of Hell, messin up her reputation as Leohart's Sucessor and Ruler of the Underworld. 

To stop the pain of her ripped off arm, she destroyed a black tree of her realm and inject black magic on it, turning it into a living sentient weapon and making it consume her blood to become one with it. Ara could easily regenerate her arm but she was too prideful to hide her battle scars and wanted to make that claw a memory of her first defeat to never overestimate an enemy again, no matter his position or race. The hatred of her defeat would lead her to kill God in the future and destroy everything he loved by enslaving the whole omniverse with iron fist, bringing the death of googol of lives.

Creation of Leohart's Cult

Shade Troopers

Ara's legion of wraiths

Ara returned to Hell where she is received by many demons wishing to join her, she first appears in a trial in which she defends her "church" of accusations of heregy, which people accused for trying to backstab Leohart the Prince of Hell.

After the interview, she kills the judge for "blasphemous" insinuations and returns to her lair. Ara has built a bio-machine in which she tests on Diodora Astaroth. At a cemetery, she meets Zorc the Dark One whom she hired to kill some of Hell Lords.

Later, Ara killed the Hell Lords and forced countless of their cultists to join her, if not, they will be killed. Leohart was aware of that but he ignored her actions and continued to protect her from the justice of the underworld. And so, Leohart's Cult was founded when the heads of Hell Lords were placed in front of their mansions.

Arriving at 560th Earth

Black Bibly

Behemoth press photo

Ara's cultists killing a pig to collect its blood

When Ara arrived at 560th Earth, she studied their society and discovered that Earth was living in the year of 2607, however, in this Earth, the religion never existed and so mankind managed to evolve in the arts of science and logical. 

To conquer more souls to grow stronger and turn their bodies into ghouls to make them her soldiers, Ara started to visit small villagers that were poor and had little knowledge and gave them books of dark magic to teach her ways while showing herself as a prophet of the future. She turned most of the younglings in her cultists and placed them as Sacrificers, killing the animals of the village to collect their blood and take gruesome baths with it.

Devil codex Gigas-590x406

The Black Bibly

She also forced many villagers to drink blood from pigs and dogs, which was part of her ritual to become one with Ara. For 50 years, she used her influence to create a satanist church which was suppose to be a Religion of Blood and worshipped Satan for power and immortality when in fact it was a dangerous religion that sought to bring souls to the Underworld, making Ara and Leohart strong.

The satan church however was just a facade to hide Ara's true intentions as she was using the church and the innocence of the humans of that world to corrupt them to turn them into serial killers and sick monsters. Around this time, she wrote the Black Bibly explaining dark magic and the laws of Hell and how to reach "salvation".


Blue Exorcist Screenshot 0035

The Satan Universal Catedral in USA, the symbol of Ara's presence

Around this time, people who thought the world does not need a religion of blood rised to fight Ara and her church that now found all countries of that planet. People were tired of being forced to cut themselves in drink their own blood for Ara while unleashing a painful feeling of killing their most loved ones as sacrifice for Satan (when in fact it was all for her). 

People became serial killers against their will and were forced to go to churchs everyday to give 80% of their salary to Ara to keep her priests working for her. At nights, people will go to forests and dances around fire while using drugs and having group sex as a part of Ara's lust ritual, a ritual where people can show their true desires of being free from the difficulty of life. 


The Great Gote

During these days, parents would go to church to sacrifice their children for being born deformed or diseased and should be killed to sent their souls back to Hell where they belongs. One of Ara's laws. In orgy rituals, normally, there is a person with the head of giant goat that is the "Priest" of the heretic rituals that realizes the orgy in name of their God.

People who shows no interest in the religion, are immediately sent to torture chambers of the government and suffers violence and torture until their death, such cutting of their tongues, removing their teeths, breaking their nails, removing their fingers, cutting off their ears and many types of brutal torures. Sometimes, Ara personaly goes to one of those chambers and watch the torture section with sadism and pleasure of suffering from humans that she hates so much.

Ara never show herself in front of her sub-leaders or priests and always go to Earth using a disguise of a normal person to study the society and their culture because she loves study different types of culture before turning their civilization in ashes for knowledge.

Opera & Downfall of Manking

Tumblr om9zawRb7z1r2ea3qo1 500

Ara's singer outfit

At young age, Ara was very talented in singing and considered it as the only thing that she could truly express her feelings. That's why she sang many gothic musics that were depressive and sad.

Ara, without wasting time, turned her voice into a Transformer by focusing all her black energy in her throat. Everytime that Ara sings, people hearing her song will automatically be droven insane and became creatures known as Chiptoreans, a species of tall-humanoid creatures that suck blood of its victims to feed themselves.

After years training her voice to give mankind a special "service" Ara brainwashed the Music International Company, the corporation that seeks to find the best musicians of the world. Ara used all her magic to make directors of the company fall under her control to force them to put her into a international media of TV to make a world watch her music performance. Upon arriving at the stage, where millions were watching, Ara started to sing, enchanting everyone in the audience and viewers with the delicacy of her voice as she lightly moved her body to the beat of her voice.

Blood The Last Vampire 9

A Chiptorean attacking a human

Suddenly, all people watching her perfomance felt a strong thirst for blood and attacked each other. As the people started to become monsters all over the world, public chaos took over the planet in a matter of time as the people listening to her voice in TVs and radios were being infected by her magical plague. She continued singing for 3 hours until almost 12% of human population had become Chiptoreans and started to infect other humans with their virus, creating more Chiptoreans. Including her cult, was destroyed during the Apocalypse that lead mankind to destruction in a matter of 2 years.

Ara then left the planet with satisfaction, saying that she was already tired of that planet and destroyed it by corrupting the core of Earth with her black energy, turning Earth into a dead rock with pure rotten ground.

The Morrigan's Birth


Leohart informs Ara about Morrigan

340,000 years later, Ara was called to the Underworld to receive a specific order from Leohart himself. Arriving in the castle, Ara bow down before Leohart and is oriented to find and kill his newborns daughters, Anu, Macha and Badb. Ara says that Leohart is naughty and should use something that humans from Earth calls as "condom". Leohart, however, ignored it and said to Ara leave to find his children that he abandoned. Ara got confused why he abandoned them and later ordered her to kill them and asked why. Leohart explains that he committed a mistake in letting them live for he knew that they might become stronger and overthrow him one day, and as Ara had goals to kill Leohart, the second strongest living being on the Multi-Universe, it might become a problem for her in the future as well.

Ara proceeded to leave the castle and started her hunt for her bastard sisters in the Underworld. According to her research, someone adopted the infants and had at least 495,000,000 demons from the Underworld killed for thinking the culprit will deliver the children, however, it was useless as the person who took the children was now on the world of the Living.

Until nowadays, Ara put 4% of her forces after the 3 kids to kill them and blames Leohart for bringing such threat to the world and will claims that she will cut his penis off if he try to impregnate another High-Level Demon woman again.

Arriving at Prime Earth - 670 B.C.

Alliance with Scathach

Abysshea61818650 p0

Jeanne makes visual contact with Ara

After entering in many Earths and conquesting them using force, Ara Astaroth finally found the Prime Earth, the pillar of all Earths. As a first mission to explore Earth, she sent countless shadow demons around the world to watch the life and noticed that there were already two living being with a high power level living on Earth; that turns out to be Jeanne and Scathach. Ara visits Scathach's cave in Egypt, where a group of 500 cultists were worshipping Scathach as their Goddess while Jeanne was seated on the top of the cave looking at the sky.

Ara then talks with Scathach and said that Earth was too small for two factions as she notices they were both from Sith Empire. Scathach, who proved to intelligent as well, discovered that she was from Triggers Hell and started to fight Ara in a death battle that destroyed the whole continent of Egypt.

Despite that, Ara used only 12% of her power against Scathach who was far weaker just to create a false scenery where she thinks she can win. Yet, Ara got bored and decided to finish Scathach with just one hand while Jeanne watched the fight with sadism. Ara continued ripping off Scathach's arms until she decided to give up and create a treat of truce to divide their territories. Ara choose Russia because of its size and beautiful lands while she left Scathach with the rest of the world as she was not interest in getting the BIGGER gift first and said working hard to get the big prize is more fun.

Scathach and Ara create business routes where their factions divided magic subjects of their own factions, while Scathach was interest in the curses of Ara to use it to change the fate of mankind, Ara was interested in her followers and planned to use the humans from Earth as weapons.


While eating, Ara was approached by Petelgese after investigating Scathach's dimension. She noted tears in it and that its space curvature was over 16, which was very abnormal and must be reported to Nine Demon Gates. Wondering what Scathach did do, Ara told him to prepare to depart instead. 

Ara and Petelgese encountered Awilix in another dimension as she was seeking information on a threat greater than Scathach to Triggers Hell at that time. In a blizzard, Petelgese fought against Awilix, while Ara watched from afar and was enticed by the power of Awilixi. After Awilix escapes, Ara and Petelgese eventually made their way to the Prime Earth and began their quest to backstab Scathach and end their truce. They first encountered Scathach's minions, and Ar easily manages to defeat them by absorbing their attack and using it against them. She then absorbs their life energy and kills them all, putting them in eternal state of suffering. Unsatisfied with her consumption, they then focused their attention on their next objective: to betray Scathach and kill her if possible.


Ara plotting against Scathach

Ara and Petelgese appeared in Scathach's dimension and created massive chaos by summoning a pentagram around her planet and sucked the lives of all her minions. Once Scathach notes their presence, she goes to where they were and notices that her planet was now just a dead rock without life, in a matter of seconds, Ara managed to suck the life essence of all the planet and stained the Chronicle Book of that planet in black. Ara calmly walked past a Scathach, who tried to use her Kote to attack her but all of her attacks were absorbed through Ara's Claw.

When asked by Scathach what they wanted, Ara explains she and Petelgese decided that there is no need for two different factions controls over at least 604,000,000 planets like Earth and says Triggers Hell shall free those planets from the Sith control by killing her and her cult. And so, the two started to fight again but this time, Scathach was completely defeat. All the while, Ara laughed hysterically at her efforts. To end the battle, Ara created a giant black ball that was amplified by the powers she stole from Scathach and launched it upon her, destroying the planet that they were in. It was believed that Ara killed Scathach but in fact, she survived and started a small cult on Prime Earth, hiding her presence from Leohart's Cult for thousands of years.

Rise of the Heretics


The Qliphoth Stone

Ara creates the Qliphoth Tablet that ad been in the Catholic Church's possession for generations. The Stone Tablet was a stone with a demonic language that allowed to turn people in demons just by staring at it. Because of that, the Church looked it down in catacombs of Jerusalem and was never mentioned to anyone after that, not even the next generation of Popes were informed about that as they sealed the Catacombs with magic. However, in 304 B.C., the Prophets of Holy Bibly prophesied about the stone and wrote in Jeremiah 19, Zephaniah 1:4 that there are three doors on Earth: “There are 3 gates to hell. One in the desert. One in the ocean. And one in Jerusalem.”. The latter presumed the stone would one day destroy the seal by itself once the Three Stars of Destiny shine upon the Earth and start the Night of the Judgment.

Catholics tortured and killed by Ara's Heretic

Through careful study, Ara was able decipher enough of it to learn of the history of Christianism: of the endless cycle of failed peace and the destiny of battle between good and evil, but also a means of unity for the world. With this knowledge, Ara decided all religions were a failed experiment and used this corrupt people to turn against God and its corrupt representants. She tried to convince the Church's own clan and even priests. After learning the twisted truth of Ara, more than 32,000,000 people around the world left the Catholic Church and joined Ara in a journey to spread the word of their true savior, Ara Astaroth herself; throught using her beauty and power to seduce people to her side and start a civil war between the Holy See (the warriors of Catholic Church) and a new Heretic Clan known as Revelation of Qliphoth that sought to bring down the laws of the world and destroy the false illusion of God. 

With the ascension of Catholic Church in Europe, Ara took interest in the organization for being a large continent-wide cult, which she later joined after learning more of the nature of humans from Prime Earth. She was part of Iscariot's division and had Felix Faust alongside her to develop several projects, such as the containment facility below the old coach house of one of Aras properties, and also the Transfer Device to turn humans into mindless beasts.


The Inquisitors fights the heretics

As a deeply cruel woman, Ara believing Idea of Evil had sent her to Prime Earth as a savior to show humans the true truth of nature, the darkness and evil. She later found the church to be disgusting for controlling the people and blocking their true nature... Again...

Later, Ara had her minions invading whole villages to kidnap the civilians and turn them into countless mindless beasts like Chiptoreans, ghouls and zombies to fight the Holy See and Catholic Church and overthrow their disgusting ranks. Personally, Ara thought that she could destroy the Catholics alone including destroy the entire planet but she thought it was not fun if there was no war to show humans how cold is the true world that they live.


Ara appears before the catholics

Discovering that Catholics had entered in her territories to kill her, Ara subsequently gave a speech at the center of Ara-speaking Ara gives her speech. Ara claimed the "Demon" was among them, referring to all Catholics who claimed to size their control over humans to keep them away from the logical thinking, which she was of course right. Ara then exclaimed that all "deviants", referring to Catholics would be defeated by the Militia, the faction of heretic that she formed. 

And so, a terrible that plagued the whole Europe for 10 years had started with 13 million people dead from both sides. This is when that the Catholic Church started the Purges that sought to burn all heretics and witches in the stake, thus giving the representation of what the Church is see nowadays. Ara sent raids in numerous cities around the world to corrupt human race and created the Black Demon Army book around this time, using victims of the war from countless worlds.

In the end, Scathach and Ara fought again for messing up with their plans, Scathach needed the Church for a short period of time, but the way that Ara was using to destroy it was too brutal and cruel and she refused to accept to corrupt humans even more than they are right now so soon. In the end, Ara got tired of that war and gave up on the idea, opening doors to the rise of Fallen Roman Catholic Church.

Destroying Atlantis


Ara's goddess disguise

One day, as Ara travalled across the world, searching for more civilization, she found the mystical Atlantis, the city that has been said to have dissapeared thanks to a giant tsunami thousands of years ago. When Ara decide to approach Atlantis, she disguised herself as Ancient Goddess and approached the empress of the nation. She is shown to be a skilled manipulator of emotions, using the Empress' of Atlantis grief and acting as though she understands in order to gain her trust and become the new her sock puppet to lead Atlantis in the shadows, ruling Atlantis behind the back of the empress.

At the same time, Ara, still in her Goddess disguise, seduced the empress and made her swear that she was loyal to her divine presence.

When Ara created the Black Magic years ago, she firstly created a deadly virus known as the Black Plague and seduced the empress to test the virus in her civilians, saying that this virus can turn all humans from her kingdom into Gods just like her, giving them power and immortality. Working behind the scenes, Ara masterminds the Great Atlantis Disaster, a catastrophic event in which demons from Leohart's Cult is deceived into massacring over 2,000 people via improvised gas chambers, using the Black Plague that would later, thousands of years later, be used in Europe, killing 200 million people. Ara then creates a cover up story to neighboring nations, citing that sulfide gas spread throughout Atlantis, killing everyone. Viewing the empress as only a tool, she attempts to dispose of her as to severe any loose ends, and ultimately leaves her to take all of the blame, forcing the leaders of Atlantis execute her as Ara later used her gravity magic to push Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean, where its trace elements would be forgotten forever.

In the modern days, Atlantis became a legend and myth. 

Terrorizing above Sleepy Hollow - Revolutionary Era

Will of Van Tassel Family


The crest of Van Garret Family on the will of Balthus Van Tassel

Some time not long after the destruction of Purgatory, Ara had sensed the power within Purgatory, a place where souls moved on to Paradise after being cleansed, was controlled by some kind of demonic power that was caused by some kind of strong demon power, and soon Ara was trying to detact the source of the power, which turns out to be Moloch who left the side of Leohart.

Enraged by the plan of Moloch which might endangered her own, Ara disguised herself as a simple wench and soon she arrived at the colonies in order to find the key to defeat Moloch.


The future 2nd Lady Van Tassel (then Mary Preston; at the right) before snapping the branch in her hand and betraying Kent, as seeing in Ara's vision.

In 1650, Katrina Anne Van Tassel was born, and she was alledged to be the only surviving child of Lord Balthus Van Tassel and Lady Elizabeth Finwick-Van Tassel. Katrina's elder brother, Karnival, was alledged to be dead and was buried, but in fact, Karnival was still alive and was raised by Hubert Zodiak, a minion of Moloch who worked with the demon princes known as Twelve Nethers.

Unknowning that his first-born son survived, Lord Balthus Van Tassel made a new will that after his death, the legacies will be split averagely for his daughter, his wife, the Van Garret Family (relatives), the midwife Mrs. Killian and her family and the servant Masbeth. During this time, Van Garret had made the house (which was formerly sheltering place of Preston Family) a house for Van Tassel to live.

ToL Velvet Artwork2

Ara glared at Alicia Preston before attacking her.

However, there were one girl who was resentful to all of this, and her name is Mary Preston, who would meet Ara during the latter's attempt to reach Moloch despite his efforts to keep himself away.

In 1756, Mary Preston was noticed by Ara when she found her in the woods. At this time, Preston had sold her soul to Moloch, and Ara hoped that this would ultimately solve the problem for her. Ara was fraustrated for Moloch's tendency to avoid her, and she needed someone that will lead her to him. Ara met Mary Preston and saw her past. Upon seeing Mary Preston's memory of her first encounter with Solomen Kent, Ara was mildly impressed that the young lady betrayed someone who asked her for help when she was just a young girl. Then, Ara asked Preston to lead her to Moloch, in an attempt to kill her when she is done with her.

However, the sister of Mary Preston, whose name was Alicia Preston, was secretly serving the White Witch. While she was trying to save a child Karnival, Alicia was horrified when she witnessed Ara's presence in front of her sister and was shocked when she saw through Ara's true form. Alicia was horrified and she immediately tried to send a child Karnival back to his father in order to cleanse him, but she was ultimately discovered by Ara.


Karnival Van Tassel, as he was shocked by Ara's sheer power.

In rage, Ara mercilessly used her magic to hurt Alicia badly, and she turned the poor white witch into a hideous crone as Alicia tried to cover Karnival to escape from Ara as well as her sister. Karnival watched in horror and shock before he was almost fainted by the demonic arm of Ara. Alicia then fell on the ground, slowly losing her beauty, as Karnival tried to help her to leave, but Alicia urged Karnival to leave, saying, "Run, Karnival... Promise me, you will not be a monster like my sister." Karnival ran away as fast as he could, and Alicia disappeared into a mist. It was later revealed that she survived and went on hiding, but later she will die by her sister's hand.

After Alicia and Karnival's escape, Mary Preston promised Ara that she will find Moloch for her, but then planned to backstab her. Ara noticed this and the two started to fight, and Mary Preston was no match for Ara. She scornfully cursed Ara before calling Moloch, informing him about Ara's arrival, and then she escaped. In order to plan revenge, Mary Preston snuck into the house of Van Tassel Family and eventually poisoning the original Lady Van Tassel (Katrina's birth mother) and eventually took her place. Ara never got a chance to manipulate this insane woman.

Battle in Purgatory

The demon by thornspine-daf8fqs

In front of Ara, Moloch started to reveal his mangled true form.

However, Ara did not give up in searching Moloch who she deemed as a traitor, and she would punish him by treason. Realizing that she could not rely on anyone, Ara then started to search Moloch on herself, and after years of searching, soon she had found out that Moloch was inside his lair of Purgatory when Moloch sent her a letter, right in the time she was going to find him.

The letter was full of disrespectful words by Moloch, and it was clear that Moloch declared war upon Ara in order to take her place. Furious, Ara immediately took actions and plotted her attack upon Moloch. She made her way into Purgatory with a powerful artifact know as the Gehnna Key, and soon she faced Moloch. At first, Ara offered Moloch a chance of surrendering, whereas Moloch declined the offer. Enraged, Ara and Moloch battled against each other, and Moloch soon found that he underestimated Ara's power.

Finding that Ara was stronger than him, Moloch then summoned Twelve Nethers to strike Ara with no honor. As Ara was struggling with the Nethers, Moloch started to show his final resort by entering his true form - with a mangled and twisted face that nobody could describe what it was like. Then, in rage, Moloch tried to absorb the souls of his human minions and gain a full-power attack upon Ara, but soon it was stopped by Kaysie Virgo, who reminded Moloch that their human minions was still useful and it was too soon to launch an attack, but her "brother" and one of her 11 colleagues, Sorensen Sagattarius, encouraged Moloch to do so in order to take down Ara.

Velvet by painted blank-daz3oys

Ara angrily cursed Moloch before she left Purgatory.

However, Moloch decided to stop in order to keep his human minions to survive. He allowed Ara to retreat, and he demanded Ara that she must not disturb what he was planning, or he will not merciful and will make learn Ara how to fear him. Then, Moloch told Ara about the identity of the First Witness, Ichabod Crane, who was still a child then, and warned her about their true enemies.

Despite still wanting to kill Moloch, Ara faced the menacing stares from the Nethers and decided that she would deal with him later since it would be a waste of time dealing someone like Moloch. After that, Ara reluctantly made a truce with Moloch, and she decided to leave Moloch before trying to traumatize Ichabod by herself. She then left Purgatory after silently cursing Moloch with rage.

The battle had caused severed damaged on Moloch even though he remained his position as the warden of Purgatory. Moloch had to went hiding inside Purgatory ever since and allowed his minions to do his biddings.

Killing Ichabod's Parents

IMG 7556

The red door of the torture chamber for the Cranes.

After her confrontation with Moloch, Ara had searched for a child Ichabod Crane who was inside London, and soon she discoverd that Ichabod's mother, Lady Adaline Crane, was a benevolent white witch descendant of a Salem Witch Trials Residence, who was protecting her son from the evil spells, making Ara hard to get closer.

However, Ara soon found out with delight that Ichabod's father, Lord Thomas Crane, despite unaware of his wife's true identity, was a hater of witches, no matter good or evil witches, and she discovered a torture chamber in the Cranes Family Residence with all kinds of tortures for the ancestors of Ichabod to torture witches.


Ara erased Ichabod's memory of Lady Crane's murder.

Soon, in one stormy night, Ara possessed Lord Crane and tortured Lady Crane in front of a furnace, pointing about the magic charm Lady Crane drew for her son, and soon she (while possessing Lord Crane) dragged Lady Crane in a torture chamber, placed her inside an iron maiden, all the while Ichabod was looking at the scene with horror.

Even though not presenting her real form, Lady Crane saw through Ara's true nature and tried to object, but she was overpowered and met her demise. Soon, Ichabod went into the red room and found his mother's bleeding corpse inside the iron maiden, causing him to fall unconcious.


Kaysie Virgo, aka Nether Kaysie the Demon Princess.

Ara discovered this after getting out of Lord Crane's body, leaving him unconcious. Ara intended to kill Ichabod, but again, Kaysie Virgo appeared in front of Ara and interfered. Kaysie explained to Ara that her "father", Moloch, would deal with the life and death of Ichabod, as he was planning many more things on the First Witness before killing him. After she reluctantly kept Ichabod alive, Ara erased the memory of Ichabod and his father, making them to think that Lady Crane died in sickness, before she left the scene with Kaysie while cursing Ichabod. Soon, the two departed, and Ara went on her way trying to make more cultists. She was never interested on what Moloch was planning on Ichabod and planned to leave both of them alone... for now.

Hunting Gabrial & Carmichael

Warning: Spoilers from the upcoming "Prophecy of the Light Lord spinoff"


Lord Helio (above) and Crow Faux, formerly known as Carmichael Clearness and Karnival Van Tassel, respectively.

At some point of the Revolutionary War, in late 1776, after the seemly death of Abraham Van Brunt, another comrade of Ichabod Crane, known as Carmichael Clearness, was seemly killed in action. However, Carmichael was turned out to be alive, as his friend Gabriel Karnival Van Tassel, who managed to survive all the ordeals, managed to save Carmichael.

Due to Karnical's gratitude, the two soon became very close friends, and Carmichael said that his father told him a fable story of the so-called Light Lord, and the both men went on a journey to find it in order to confront the forces of Triggers Hell with the Light Lord's help.

Nevertheless, the journey soon got rough when a naive Carmichael met Ara, who was hunting for an escaped Gabriel. Carmichael did not who Ara was, but he was fraustrated that Ara was trying to block his way. When Ara questioned Carmichael about Gabriel, Carmichael refused to answer.

Enraged, Ara attack Carmichael and tried to rip the heart out of him, but then she suddenly stopped after seeing a vision of the future, with Karnival becoming an evil and diablolical harpy known as Crow Faux, and Carmichael shall become the Light Lord, albeit an evil and melevolent one instead of a benevolent and kind one. Surprisingly, Ara then spared her helpless prisoner and let him went away, and Carimichael soon returned back to Gabriel and informed him about Ara. Hearing Ara was still hunting him, Karnival was panicked and tried to leave.


Katrina cried when she reunited with her long lost brother.

As Carmichael and Karnival was attempting to leave the place, the Sisterhood of Radiant Heart had participate an action in order to help George Washington to stop Christine Van Bilj's devious plot to infect innoncent citizens with witch ashes so that the forces of General William Howe will conquer the area.

However, Christine was not so easy to give in. Due to a sabotage committed by a spy from General William Howe, the crossing of Delaware almost failed in violence. After the victory of colonists upon Trenton and Christine Van Bilj's alleged "death", Carmichael heard about the acts of the Sisterhood and secretly found Katrina Crane for help, telling her that her brother, Gabriel, was alive. He also informed Katrina about Ara's presence as well as her connection with Moloch's actions.


Katrina was awared of Ara's presence.

Despite having a strange feeling that someone was looking at her (which turned out to be Ara in disguise), Katrina was overwhelmed by another feelings due to her family reunion. After assuring that it was really her elder brother, Katrina was surprised and she met her brother, tearfully embraced each other and sighed about the seperation for more than two decades.

As Katrina attempted to introduce her brother to Ichabod before sending him back to his father, Karnival refused, saying he didn't want to let Ichabod into this mess in order to assure his safety. Even so, Gabriel claimed that he would summon someone that would help Katrina to apprehend the Horseman of Death. During this time, Katrina was wary about the mysterious dark presence inside her tent,


The Tree of Death.

Soon afterwards, Gabriel used his magic ability to summon the soul of the Crone, also known as Alicia Preston, without knowing that it was disguised by Ara, who had already sealed the soul of the Crone inside her arm. Katrina was supicious, but Carmichael said Katrina was overeacting. Then, Carmichael asked "the Crone" about the Horseman's whereabouts, and "the Crone" told them the way to search the Tree of Death after sunset. After the spirit of "the Crone" had disappeared, Karnival followed the advice of "the Crone". Secretly, he started his actions and was accompanied by Katrina and Carmichael, without knowing that they were followed by Ara, who was showing her true self. 


The heads of victims

At this time, Ara was sort of fraustrated when Katrina entered this mess, and she was also fraustrated that Ichabod managed to overcome his pain after her mother's death. Knowing Katrina was a powerful witch, Ara decided to bury her alongside her brother and Carmichael so that one day, she will have less threats in conquering Sleepy Hollow and destroying the Witnesses. They arrived at the Tree of Death, and then they found all the heads of the Horseman's previous victims, as well as roots made of fleshy hands. Then, Carmichael used a large axe to dig deeper before he chopped the root of tree and found the Horseman's body, in comatose. Gabriel realized that someone was controlling the Horseman, not the Horseman was willing to kill so many people connected to Van Tassel Family or Van Garret Family.

Just as Gabriel was about to unmask the Horseman, Ara suddenly appeared and revealed that she was looking at them all along, and she would claim the control of the Horseman. Nevertheless, the Horseman of Death was soon awakened as well and the groups of people went into a fight. Ara tried to control the Horseman, but she was unable to control it or take it down. Ara soon found out that the mastermind was Mary Preston, also the current Lady Van Tassel.

Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by paperfinger sample-1ae8d8fb9469012a4468e5512f2a1ab7

Melancholia appeared in front of Ara for the first time.

Even so, Ara had made a seemly partnership with the Horseman of Death, and she managed to recapture Carmichael. Katrina and Gabriel was forced to retreat, and Ara mocked that the Van Tassel siblings had abandoned Carmichael, but the latter refused to believe.

After sending Carmichael into Purgatory and let Moloch deal with him, Ara planned to find Van Tassel siblings and deal with them herself, but Moloch actually won't buy it. Just at this time, a dark fairy who called herself Melancholia and seemed to know Ara for many years, appared in front of Ara, holding a skull which once belonged to one of Horseman's victim. Melancholia adviced Ara that she should find another assistant to capture them.

By using some sun beams she collected, Ara managed to produce the sinister Withering Mourners under Melancholia's advice. The Withering Mourners are a kind of evil entities made of evil light, to give human corrupting light power and turn them malevolent. After that, Ara managed to insert one of the strongest Withering Mourners into Carmichael and then, it started to corrupt him.

Playfully, Melancholia informed Ara that it shall take one week to completely turn the host into a controller of evil light, so that they would create a false hero that will fool humans, since Melancholia believed that the so-called Light Lord was only a forged myth and never existed at all.

Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by bison cangshu sample-00d36e57d1ad5b9d89a7920a74afaf43

With a demonic smile, Melancholia watched Carmichael started to turn into Lord Helio.

Despite happy to see Carmichael turned into the false Light Lord Ara considered Melancholia as a false demon after seeing through her fairy nature (Plaisir), and Melancholia said it did not bother her at all since it was all she could do to Ara, and all it remained is to turn Karnival into a diablolical human monster with dark powers. Ara soon realized that Gabriel would become the polar opposite of what Carmichael will be, and they will both represent the evil side of light and darkness, respectively.After that, Melancholia successfully forged an alliance between Ara and Moloch, and then she merged the Withering Mourners all together into a red beryl, claimed to be a magic stone, in order to enhance its power.


The Stone of Wisdom

Ara immediately recognized it as the Stone of Wisdom, a legendary gem that can grant its owner whatever they wished for, albeit with a price to cost in their humanity, and it had caused mischief for all over the centuries. With a grin, Melancholia gave the enhanced Stone of Wisdom to Ara, saying that this would be more efficient than any blades or attacks against Gabriel, before she left while laughing mad.

Then, mildly satisfied, Ara left Purgatory to hunt down Gabriel, while Melancholia tried to take dominant over Carmichael, but much to her chagrin, Carmichael rejected the corruption and broke free, escaping from Purgatory after snatching the Key to Gehnna from Melancholia. He went back to mortal world to find Ara, but inside his mind, he was in fact going after the Stone of Wisdom, apparently falling under its corruption

Broken Friendship

Stone of Wisdom - Fatal Temptation

Birth of the Light Lord

KnightWalker Crusade

Splited Factions

Eclipsefullmetalalchemistbrotherhood301280x720h26498046559-mkv snapshot 09-02 2010-08-25 06-18-5

The massacre

Ara had one of the notable roles in the history of the KnightWalker Family, if not the most notable. In 1780, the KnightWalker had total control over Germany and Switzerland, however, a group of KnightWalkers lead by a megalomaniac known as Jude KnightWalker (the great-great-grandfather of Juria KnightWalker) tried a coup d'etat in the government, starting a civil war between two factions for power. However, no one actually knew that Ara was the person financing the civil war with the first biological in the history of mankind and was guiding Jude KnightWalker in his conquest.
What s wrong by fu reiji-db55u4u

Ara talks to Jude

One day, Ara secretely possessed Jude to givbe a speech to the Holy Knights (this is how Jude called his faction) to prepare for the Holy War (the civil war). Ara tells Jude that the speech was very gaudy but Jude ignored and yelled at her saying that he needed the powers of a God which she promised him. In the first day of their meeting, Ara promised Jude the power of a Demon by making him drink the blood of a Qliphoth demon and this is the only reason why Jude joined her.

After showing Jude and his most powerful allies the corpse of the Qliphoth demon, she explains to Jude and his allies about demons existing and not being only objects of folklore, and handing them the demon's blood to drink, informs them about its power-enhancing qualities. After they hesitate, and then drink it, she is seen smirking, and then commenting that just one between 10 is compatible to the blood when more than 9 of the KnightWalker Separatists, being incompatible, explodes and Jude survives, turning him into a Neo-Demon, a half demon with blood manipulation and illusion control.

Eclipsefullmetalalchemistbrotherhood301280x720h26498046559-mkv snapshot 08-13 2010-08-25 06-15-21

Jude sends an assault at a village

And so, with devil-like powers, millions joined Jude's cause for considering him superior over humans and treated him like a God figure, increasing the scale of war to continent-level conflict where even civilians from both sides were forced to join the military to fight each other in a war that they were not even related with. 

Ara then gave the Legitime KnightWalkers (the victims of Jude's coup), biological weapons by forming a contract with them to win the war, without knowing that Ara was actually controlling both side of the war.

50851141 p0

Ara appears before Jude

10 years later, at the end of the war, the biological weapons that Ara gave to the Legitime KnightWalkers proved to be far superior than their fire-weapons and launched an attack in the capital of the Separatists. With Europe divided by its first most deadly war, many countries colonized by Legitime KnightWalkers were forced to invade the West Germany, the territory of the separatists. However, Jude with his demon-like powers, managed to summon whole armies made of blood demons (similar to Michael Langdon) and managed to turn the table of the war to his will. 

When everyone thought the war was over, Jude, alone, managed to recover his lost territories and all Legitime KnightWalkers were defeated. This was known as the most supernatural events of mankind but for Ara's sake, she killed every single separatists and legitime KnightWalkers who knew about Jude's true power and had to summon a pentagram around Europe to destroy the memories of all humans who saw the blood demon and so demons became just monsters of foklore and mythology again.


Jude KnightWalker's death

Despite she erased the memories of all humans, some traces of the black demons were left behind and soon became the symbol of ear by church, where the Catholic Church used the rest of blood demons as the prove they were true to bring more people to their arms.

Jude KnightWalker, 50 years later, found his death when the blood demon inside of him proved to be too strong, killing him from inside while Ara watched his death with pleasure, saying that he made his part very well done and it was time to say goodbye for a person who knows too much about her is fated to never live for so long. Despite this, Jude had two sons, who later would become the Legitime KnightWalkers by wiping out the true heirs. 230 years later, Juria KnightWalker, the former leader of KnightWalker would born and so his daughter, Eckidina KnightWalker.

Invading DEM Facility


Ara meeting Black Diamond

At some point, Ara secretly visited Black Diamond, King of Fallen Gems and Lord of Gem Homeworld. She and Black Diamond engaged in a light conversation, with Ara asking Black to look at her Claws. When Ara asked Black if he was happy in his position and if he would join her in a new world where he would be granted more power, Black dismissed this notion and stated there was no power higher than his. Releasing her Claw's energy, Ara showed Black the decimation of his army, thus subjugating him in turn. Despite this, Black Diamond admired her and vowed to fight for her, who was even more powerful than him.  In the next years, Ara and Black Diamond developed a friendship and they were now like Father and Daughter, with Black giving Ara advises in her conquest and helping her to destroy whole races such as the Malaks.

Ara appears at a zoo in a planet controlled by DEM to investigate reports about nazis dabbling in forbidden research. When the DEM Empire notices her presence, they send Ellen to fight her for they knew Ara was not a normal person. Ara then appears before them, surprising Ellen, and she easily defeats Ellen and her forces. Ara then orders her demons to destroy the DEM forces before Ellen can order them to destroy the enemy forces. She breaks Ellen's left hand and many other bones when Ellen attempts to block her rattack. Ara is amused by her survival and says she is uncertain if she can still call them human. She then breaks into DEM laboratory and steals a sample of Abyssal Plague and says she will left Ellen alive for her intelligence of not moving after her defeat, utterly unconcerned about the humans behind her.


Ara calmly intimidates En

When DEM Empire discovered her location because of her previous attack, they invaded her kingdom in Nibiru in an insane attack with 604,000,000 ships and more than 320 trillion droids. Calling the Sin Archbishops to a meeting, Ara invites them to have some tea. As they are drinking their tea, Ara reveals to them the presence of Ellen Mira Mathers and Eve Fullbuster. When the Sin Archbishops begin to dismiss the group as not dangerous, Ara warns them to not underestimate the duo and reveals their powers to her underlings. On the middle of the conversation, En begins to leave and states he is going to go eradicate the threat in Ara's name. Stopping him, Ara resorts to intimidating En with her energy when the latter hesitates to back down. As En is brought to his knees by Ara's immense energy, Ara tells the other Sin Archbishops to return to their palaces and wait patiently. Telling them not to be overconfident, Ara says they do not to be afraid because no one can defeat them as long as they are with her.

Arriving in the battlefield alongside Petelgese-Romanne Conti and Zorc, she stats the smell of death is splendid, Ara walks free with her two comrades and says the smell fits the occasion. As everyone is alerted to Ara's presence, Ellen fears DEM Empire may have lost, only for the Alisa Ray Peram Westcott and Hades Izanami to arrive. After a short battle against a group of DEM leaders, Izanami confronts Ara. Attempting to slash at Ara, Izanami is stopped by Petelgese as Ara looks on. As the battle continues, one of Ara's minion comes close to his death and throws his blade at Ara in a desperate attempt to kill the person responsible for making his life a living hell, only to see his blade being destroyed before it can even reach Ara, who looks away. 

Observing her last minion dying in front of Eve and Ellen, Ara tells this is enough and states it is time to end this fight. Using Black Hand, Ara appears near Ellen's battle and slashes her straight across her torso with her claws, seriously wounding her. As Ellen expresses surprise, Ara tells her it appears she is not strong enough to fight for her before turning her attention to Izanami and Eve. However, under the orders of Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Eve and Izanami teleports away and the DEM forces retreat from the planet.

First True Love 

Absolute Duo Screenshot 0177

Ara's new HQ in Prime Earth

During her wave of conquest on Earth, Ara ventured across many continents, spreading black magic and racing children into cultists.

One day, she found an island on the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and proceeded to make it her colony, enslaving a tribe of primitive amazons and turning them into her worshippers after teaching them magic and many skills of survival. Ara would lead the amazons in cruel raids that sought to impregnate them by raping male pirates to death to give birth to more female-cultists.


Ara arrives in DEM death camp

Ara's influence spread across the world and had more than 88 countries that were already organized and formed under her control. Knowing that she needed sperms of men that were more acessible to the spiritual world to create an army of half-demons, Ara decided to travel to another universe to find sample of genes of aliens that were more sensible to the spiritual world, but for that, she needed to leave Earth and find a planet with spiritual alien species such as Min-Angels or Spirits as well but most of these races were already destroyed by DEM Empire, yet Ara knew a place that might have samples of these extinct species, it was a specific Death Camp of DEM Empire where millions of alien species are sent to work as slaves and then executed once new prisioners arrive, a place full of suffering and can only be considered worst than Hell itself.

Rshals fl03

Ara is welcomed by CM and his guards

Upon arriving in the camp, Ara invaded the laboratory of the scientists working on that camp, however, she invaded the laboratory of one of the most cruel scientists living there, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130. In the hopes to find samples of extinct alien species. However, she was welcomed by shots from countless robots and security guards, yet she easily defeated them all. When Ara broke into CM's laboratory, he was conducting a sea-war experiment and forced a pregnant woman to drink it to see the effects in living beings. 


CM prepares to attack Ara

CM immediately stopped it and asked who dared to enter in his habit. However, during his question, his guinea pig managed to escape and ran towards Ara and begged for help only to have her heart ripped off from her body by Ara, the person that she thought was there to save her. CM got enraged for killing his guinea pig and said that woman was the last female of her race. Yet, Ara said she doesn't care and went to his showcase where there were countless samples of sperm from many races that he killed in the past.

However, he refused to humiliated by an organic being, and even more, it was a woman. CM proceeded to grab a syring full of poison and penetrated her neck with it, but Ara kicked him out of her way and said it was useless against her as she was a demon and his technology could never kill her. She took at least 10 minutes to choose the sample until more security guards arrived and tried to kill her, yet, with one single hand, Ara chop them in half in front of CM. Each second that passed, CM was getting more annoyed for there was a demon in his laboratory claiming everything that he built as her own. And so, they started to fight that science and magic are superior in their respective sides.


Ara stares at CM

As Ara choose her sample and was about to leave, she stared at CM with hatred for he was the very incarnation of science and wished to destroy everything that DEM built so far and judging by CM's personality, she could notice that he was a not a simply robot. And just for curiosity, she cut him in half with her energy to see if he felt pain. The droid fell on the ground with his body cut in half but he was not screaming but swearing that he will make her feel pain that will make even God will cry for her and said that he force her to show her painful side after putting her into eternal torture.
Tumblr opwdwmK39D1ri2kwbo1 540

Ara visits CM again

At first, she thought he was insane and had no real judgments of what he was talking about, yet she took interest in his final quote that people can only show their true face when exposed to crucial pain. That was enough to make Ara look around and saw all people that CM killed, with hundreds of naked bodies stacked one top of the other. 

With that, she left without saying a word and returned to Prime Earth to sent the sample to her female cultists. However, months later, she took interest in the droid she met a few days ago, much like because of the great hatred he had towards organic life and emotions. One day, Ara visited CM again, but this time, without breaking his walls and destroying his guards like last time. When she entered in his laboratory, he immediately cut her head off with a scissor but her limbs easily regenerated in front of the droid, leaving him confused and asked how she did that. And like last time, she said it was magic and no matter how he deny it, he will never get rid of her. CM called the security and ordered them to shoot her down, and like last time, they were destroyed. CM yelled at the demon and said for her to leave.


Ara smiles for the first time

Knowing that he could do nothing against her at that time, he let her get whatever she wanted in his laboratory under the promise she would leave. Since those words were coming from a droid, she found it kinda cute for someone who was just opening an infant a while ago. However, she said she was not there to steal something but to see his work as she took interest in his methods of inflicting pain. However, CM got angry again and accused for inflicting pain for pure pleasure while he said that he inflicts pain with the solo purporse to help mankind evolve with his technologies. And for the first time in her life, Ara laughed and mocked for trying to find a sore excuse for his actions as no matter what is the purporse behind something evil, the act of inflicting pain will be always the same.
Tumblr olt6k0s7oc1qdpytgo5 1280j

Ara proudly teaches CM how to inflict real pain

The droid stayed in silence and continued his job as Ara seated beside him, hearing the scream of pain of his guinea-pig with pleasure but at that point, CM was already getting annoyed by her presence. As the years passed, Ara always got a chance to leave Earth to visit him only to be received by some kind of sharp tool at the entrance of his laboratory, she had her head cut off, her arms smashed, her heart ripped off and her guts removed. During her first days visiting him, she admited that she did not like that pain but got used to CM's "welcome" and didn't care about pain anymore.

Ironically, Ara even tried teach CM more ways to bring physical pain upon his victims as a "reward" for trying to kill her. CM was the first person that Ara have truly opened herself as he was a entity very similar to her and knew everything about him for they had the same thinking. The only thing that they were different is that believed in different kinds of force, CM believed in technology while Ara believed in magic. At some point, Ara created a strong bond with CM and wished to bring him to her side at all cost, for she believed that he was a potential ally in her side, using his tactics, tortures and strategies to wipe out whole planets without using her army to deal with them. However, CM refused as he said he still hates Ara from the bottom of his programming and wanted to see her dead at all cost, but it only made her feel more attracted to him as she said that if conquesting something must be difficulty, because once you won this thing, you'll show more value to this trophy. 


CM tries to strngle Ara

At some point during 10 years, Ara fell in love with CM for he was the only person who understand her and her desire of destroying the inferior. She started to tease him to an extreme level instead of just watching his job in torturing people. At times, she jumped in his back making him fall and interrupting his surgery or used his body as bed while he was offline to recharge his power. Cm tried to strangle Ara countless and times and even broke her neck on the process but always survived that and even kissed him as a reward for trying to kill her again.

At time, Ara helped CM in his experiments by cutting the throat of his guinea pigs so they couldn't scream while CM was focused in removing some part of their bodies. Despite all her help, CM hated her but always showed a soft side for her as he considered her his partner. At some point, CM forgot she was a demon and considered her a human because of her appearance. It's implied that Ara met Bismarck Bodewig at some point when she was working with them but they never had any interation. One day, Ara asked more things about CM but he refused for days until he finally decided to speak that he was a droid with an independent mind and was capable of thinking by his own without interference of a computer programming. During her days with CM, she learned more things about technology and how to use it at her favor, that included manufacture of firearms and bio-drugs.

Tumblr ol5dl7kHwN1rtqr8go1 500

Ara cleaning CM's laboratory

In her last years with CM, she started to make jokes and created a fun side that destroyed her image as the feared goddess that everyone thought years ago. That probably happened because her depressive and cold personality had finally opened when she met a person who thought like her. But the fact that her personality was now playful just make her apperance more darker, for people thought that jokes and smiles during a sacrifice twist the environment, creating an even more black and white climate.

Aside from that, Ara learned how to clean and discovered she had the traces of a housewife by cleaning CM's lab from blood, insects and throwing dead bodies away. During the same month, she thought about a husband to rule alongside her once she ruled over Triggers Hell and eventually the Multi-Universe as she claimed that ruling such vast land alone is boring, CM heard that and called her stupid for emotions like love are insignificant and expose the weakness of a powerful-tyrant of power. If he was trying to warn about the weakness that love might bring to her or if he was merely taunting love, it's unknown.

60550507 p4 master1200

Ara waiting for CM to appear, refusing to admit he's dead

Ara and CM's relationship came to an end when one day Ara left the death camp and stayed on Earth to destroy a group of rebels. After defeating them, she cruelly tortured them all using CM's diabolical methods of torture. Proudly of using the methods of her loved one, she went back to the DEM Camp where CM lived only to see a giant crater in the middle of the death camp. It turns out that some kind of divine force sent a meteorite to the death camp after the Gods saw so much suffering in just one place, the meteor destroyed the camp after all prisioners were saved by the New Conglomerate, including Bismarck Bodewig.

Curiously, Ara would turn CM into an organic living being that day, even if he was against it. It took 4 days to Ara finally admit that CM was dead, during in these days, Ara acquired more hatred for the Gods and vowed to destroy everything they loved for taking her loved one away from her while crying tears of blood. Ara was probably the only person who showed respect towards CM and so she threw a Lyrocis Radiata flower in the crater as her gift of farewell. 

Back to Prime Earth

59602015 p18 master1200

Ara crying

Returning back to Prime Earth, Ara become depressive and almost returned to her former self again. But this time, she was darker and could be considered as the very incarnation of hatred itself. Ara pressed her fists even more and turned her cult into a fascist-like party, creating oppressive rules to the families of her worshippers.

Ara often went to other poor planets to exterminate whole nations and destroying continents with her immense power, killing billions to unleash her rage and burning hatred towards the Gods for taking the person she loved the most and was already planning to make CM her husband once she turned him in an organic being because of his twisted and sick mentality that can be described as abnormal and bizarre.

Ara killed her own cultists for no reasons at all and even made lines with her most loyal servants to devour their life essence, killing them one by one. When Ara was almost completing her plans, she said she would avenge CM by killing all Gods and finishing what he started. Years later, she returned back to her playful and funny side, making black humor to everyone around her.

Conquesting Nibiru

3BCE1BE700000578-0-image-a-1 1483442702059

Comparison of Nibiru with Earth

One of Ara's dreams was to control over Nibiru planet for she always admired how that planet could cause cataclysm wherever it goes.

One of the things that Ara always wished was to find two planets as the capital of her empire, one of them is a lifeless planet where she shall estabilish her government and another one to built her kingdom, a planet that will be responsable for organizing the business of the empire while another one is suppose to be the symbol of her power; a dead planet with that will be like Hell itself.

In her quest for power, Ara teleported most of her forces to Nibiru that was located in the West of the Milky Way galaxy of the 0th Multi-Universe and proceeded to explore the planet alongside her allies only to discover the planet was occupped by unknown alien parasites that seemed to be giant bugs. Without thinking twice, Ara got interest in the creatures and decided to enslave them to turn them into her pets, ultimately using them as one of the many races under her thumb. Ara then declared war and alone used her curses to brainwash the creatures into her personal servants. Ara sent at least 504,000 of the creatures to Earth and created a nest for them in the most deep level of the Pacific Ocean, where the creatures wait for more humans to be devoured.

Creating the Black Army


Ara slaughtering the Kushans

In 2015, Ara began setting her schemes into motion, having her minions create an upsurge in demon attacks by capturing people and turning them into artificial vampires and personally went to the Kuh planet to kill Kushans and use their dead bodies as vessels to her new demon army.

When God the Supreme Creator met Celica in a local art museum in an unknown planet to talk about Ara's creation of vampires and demons, Arawas watching from a nearby diner. Satisfied that the "new" breed of demons had gotten the attention of both Paradise and Celica's World, Ara sent the Black King and Roland to attack Celikca Manor during a meeting of the Convention of Twelve. Although the duo's stated objective was to kill the Convention of Twelve, their true goal was to slaughter as much of Celica's forces as possible while also gathering information on their combat capabilities.


Grimoire Heart

The Black King then reports to Ara that they were defeated by Celica who was the sister of Leohart the Prince of Hell himself. Ara then decides to create an army of demons that will able to kill people like Celica who are Demon Gods and are immune to all kinds of black magic and curses.

Using her blackness combined with ancient artifacts of the past from deceased gods, Ara created two books with power enough to kill Celica Arfonia, Pure Blooded Devils, Demon Kings, Supreme Gods and Celestial Entities, one of those book was the Grimoire Heart; a book that allows a moral to have the same powers of Ara Astaroth combined with the energy from Core's Hell. However once Celica is dead, the Grimoire Heart will immediately turn its user in ashes and will return to Ara's hands.

The other book was the Black Book, a book that only High-Class Level Demons and Fallen Angels can use. Using this book, the person can cast a curse to summon the Black Army and use at least 500,000,000,000 of demons under his command, giving him near-immortality and omniscience as well as a side-effect of the Black Book. Aside from the Black Army, the Black Book also has at least 32,000 differents spells that allows the user to control all elements of nature and darkness, including haemokinetisis, telekinesis, telepathy, pyrotic powers and even some of Ara's minor abilities like Superhuman strength and Soul Draining.

"Curse You, Ara!"


The World of the Gods

For a while, Ara thought about destroying the world of the Gods for everything they done to her on the past, mainly because they destroyed many of her worlds that she once conquered. The opportunity presented itself when she forms a partnership with the Fenrir, the wolf who is the son of Loki said to cause the Ragnarok, who desired Gods' destruction like her, planning their invasion during the Divine Exams, an exam where new Gods test their abilities to become supreme rulers in the future.
Tumblr mrjfnnQ6vm1su5d7go1 500

Ara's Goddess disguise

Prior to the commencement of the second part of the Divine Exams, Ara murdered a team of Nordic Gods to impersonate its leader Shiore and infiltrate the Divine Beings. Using a demon summon to separate the warrior Cu Chullaain from his team, the disguised Ara subjected Cu Chullain to his Killing Intent with the youth unable to fight due to the fear instilled into him. However, the fear subsided with Nezha's timely appearance and convincing Cu Chullaain to muster his courage before Ara interferes with the God seal while knocking him out for the duration of the fight. After being subjected to Cu Chullaain's Dragon Fire Technique as it partially burned off her disguise, Ara expresses pride in Cu's abilities before branding her target with her Cursed Seal of 72 Pillars and taking her leave.

As she sends the Two Spiritys as sacrificial lambs to test Cu, having a disguised Petelgese accompany Cu's team to witness him use the curse seal's power, Ara is confronted by Loki himself as she tells him that the World of the Gods will continue the exams under threat of her retaliation if they cancel it. Of course, Loki liked the idea but he refused to work with a demon and said he was going to watch her burn that planet to ashes.

During the preliminary rounds of the Divine Exams, Ara disguised herself as the leader of her team to watch Cu's performance against Baco and more obsessive upon seeing him suppress the Cursed Seal with sheer will. After Nezha was able to seal away the mark on Cu, Ara confronted him. She made no attempt to hide her envy of Nezha's immortality, and noted before leaving that Cu will eventually come to her seeking power.

Cygames shadowverse and shingeki no bahamut 8319de4fd0730cef30ed7282947d7209

Ara's demons are summoned upon the World of Gods

Eventually, on the day of the final round matches, with all attack preparations complete, Ara murdered the Zeus and assumed his identity to sit next to Odin to oversee the proceedings. However, the World Crush began, Ara  makes her move to kill her archenemy, Odin. Having the Sin Archbishops discard the guises of the Zeus' bodyguards, Ara has them erect a barrier to hold the other Gods back to prevent any interference. Having regretting letting Ara escape years earlier, Odin agrees to battle the Pure-Blooded Devil. Exhilarated that she could finally fight the Gods of all Gods, Ara used Reincarnation to summon his deceased brother Hiruga. During the fight, Ara reveals to Odin the fruits of her labour from mastering Reincarnation is to all Gods and turn them into her eternal undead servants who will obey her blindly and said she was going to make them kill their own people that they once fought to protect.

Horrified on how far Ara has truly went, Odin resolves to stop Ara with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, sealing away the soul os his brother before going after Ara herself. Not wishing to join the Odin's brother soul in being trapped within the Ankhseram's stomach, Ara stabbed Odin through the back of his chest with her Claw of Azarath before the weakened Odin resolves to only seal the part of Ara's soul within her heart, where her abilities are being saved. Ara's energy then goes wild and she lost control of most of her abilities. Cursing the dying Odin for cursing her with Ankhseram Black Magic. Ara is carried off by Sin Archbishops with the invasion halted.

The Great Cataclysm

Tumblr osxxe7WuWP1snpo44o2 500

Leohart summon Ara

With the invasion to the world of Gods, all Gods turned their attentions to Triggers Hell, which Leohart was not pleased. Around this time, the Gods discovered the Revelation of Qliphoth corruption and treachery and rebelled. They struck by surprise, overpowered the Dark Hunters guarding Ara's stronghold, and stole the Kanohi Avohkii magic artifact. At some point during the battle, they confronted Ara herself and most of them were killed. However, during their escape, they were ambushed by the Two Spirits, two of Ara's servants, who used their Rhotuka to mutate them into ghoul-like creatures they dubbed "Rahaga". They managed to escape, however, and safely hid the Mask of Light, so that when it was time for it to be used, the Revelation of Qliphoth couldn't stop it.


Ara kidnapping Nemesis

When the Plan was a year from fruition, Ara kidnapped Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge, the leader of Griet Planet, and, posing as Nemesis, began sending the Gods that guarded the city to close the sea gates - a mission from which none of them ever returned; purposely sending them to death. To aid in this, she hired two Dark Hunters of Hell: Fulgrim and Barbamon who helped inside the city, while the Hunter codenamed Fulgrim stayed outside and killed the Gods who had been sent out to close the gates. She also brought in a predatory pet bird named Nivawk to act as a spy.

Eventually, only the God Chaac was left. "Nemesis" also requested that the planet's best mask-maker, Erlang Shen, try to make the Mask of Time that would help in hierplans, then created the Chimeras to drive the Guardians (Guardians were the chosen species of the Multi-Universe's protector, the Supreme God) to the center of the planet. During this time, Quiron became suspicious and decided it was time to choose the Guardian to become new Supreme God of a Multi-Universe. Ara, tried to subtly influence this decision so that Quiron would choose a God who would not be able to stop her.


The Great Cataclysm

While the Gods were able to destroy the Ara's Brotherhood HQ, Ara instead had the city's Vahki enforcers continue to kidnap Guardians and put them into spheres that would erase their memory, allowing Arato "save" them from their imprisonment.

By the time the Gods discovered her plot, it was too late and the entire population of Griet had been put into the spheres. In addition, Ara had also infected Nemesis with a virus that put her into a coma, causing her to crash onto Aqua Magna and bringing about the Great Cataclysm to the worlds of Gods.


Ara defeats 53 Gods at the same time

The Gods tried to escape the city with a few spheres, intending to return for the rest, but Ara gave chase; boosting hierpower by absorbing the city's power supply into her body, along with Fulgrim and Barbamon, killing them and becoming a monstrous amalgamation of their bodies.

Ara then chased down Quiron and Chaac until Sunna, herself, appeared to face him on her own. Ara offered her a position within the Revelation of Qliphoth and as part of her essence and said she was willing to forgive her for her past mistakes, but Sunna refused; however, Sunna's inexperience led to both of them getting caught in the mask's time-slowing effect. Ara fired a Shadow Hand at Sunna, though Chaac intercepted the attack, killing him in the process.


Ara threats Sunna before leaving

Inspired by Chaac's sacrifice, Sunna began to truly challenge Ara, and with the help of the other Gods, fought Ara in a destructive battle, however, no matter how powerful they were, Ara was stronger and killed at least 34 of them before Leohart the Prince appeared and ordered Ara to stop for he needed the Gods to help in his master plan in the future. Ara and Leohart then retreat after Astaroth threats Sunna for entering in her way of destroying the world of Gods.

Leohart the Prince of Hell then slaps Ara and threats to kill her for ignoring his orders and for invading the world of Gods but then Ara attacks Leohart and easily rips off one of his horn and break his bone while showing him her true power... Leohart, shocked to see that her power increased so much attacks her but miss the attack when Ara simply denied his energy. Ara then says to Leohart that she is no longer his dog and leaves the hall saying to him to wait in his throne in the security that she gave to him after years of countless wars. Leohart regenerates his wounds and could do nothing to stop Ara as she left him speechless.

The Demon Slayer


Ara kills Thor

When Nemesis is brought back to Soul Society with the Hōgyoku concealed within her body, Ara manipulates everyone into an elaborate conspiracy by killing all the members of Core Council and beginning to move Nemesis' execution date up, incriminating her for forming a pact with Ara Astaroth, leading to the Great Cataclysm. She begins to plant suspicion within the Paradise, initially speaking of the possibility of a conspiracy with the Goddess Awilix, and tries to use her subordinate, Ravana's intrusion in repelling Sunna and the rebel Gods who were against this execution to orchestrate suspicion among the gathered Gods, especially the young and naive Guardian Jing Wei who witnesses a conversation between the two personally. Later, Ara goes to the hero's mansion, Thor and kills him and then disguises herself as Thor and uses her Illusion's ability to trick everyone into believing she has been killed, and has Ravana lead everyone to believe that Ravana himself is the murderer.

Ravana suspect that Nike might ruin Ara's plan

Ara (in Thor disguise) sets up Thor's lieutenant, Neith, to believe he was killed by Jing Wei, her childhood friend, to get her out of the way. Because of the nature of Nemesis' sentence and execution method, the Paradise splits into factions and the Gods begin to fight among themselves. During the turmoil, Ravana executes the overt aspects of the plan, which begins to be revealed when Nike, the Goddess of Victory begins to suspect there is something wrong with Thor's supposedly dead body.

Using a camera fly, Ara watches Sunna fighting Skadi, the Goddess of Winther, in order to rescue Nemesis from her execution. At this moment, Ravana approaches Ara and wonders if Sunna is an ally of Nu Wa and probably know about her hand into this war. When Sunna defeats Skadi, Ravana becomes disappointed, but Ara tells him there is nothing to worry about. Stating everything is going according to her plan, Ara says it all begins now.

62804789 p0

Ara reveals herself to Jing Wei

Ara  reveals herself by nearly killing Thor's lieutenant and defeating Jing Wei. Commenting on how nice it is to see ice at this time of year, Ara is stopped by Nike, who has figured out something is wrong with Thor's corpse doll, only for Ara to bring out Thor's corpse doll and disclose to Nike, her illusion abilities. This allows Nike to deduce the ritual for being affected by the hypnosis, after which Ara reveals that Loki, has always been her subordinate since her invasion to the world of Gods. Ara has Ravana bring the two of them to Sōkyoku Hill, where Loki had brought Sunna and Nemesis to her.

When Ara asks Sunna to put Nemesis down, Sunna refuses and says that she is going to end Ara right there. Commenting on Sunna's stubbornness, Ara says that it is acceptable if Sunna wishes to hold on to Nemesis, but she will have to leave the arms she is holding her with behind. Drawing her sword, Ara attacks Sunna, but Sunna is able to deny the attack in time to dodge Ara's attack, leaving only her right arm damaged. Applauding her ability to dodge, Ara expresses happiness with the improvements in Sunna's skill because she was one of Ara's subordinates in the past during the Great Cataclysm. Telling Sunna she does not want things to be harder because while she finds it difficult to hold back her strength, Ara states she finds it unbearable for a subordinate to die.


Ara fighting Sunna

Challenging this assertion, Sunna asks Ara why she killed Neith. When Ara states it was an act of compassion because she using Thor's appearance he has trained Neith so she could not live without him, Sunna says Ara is not will be never the person that Thor was, prompting Ara to state she was the same person, but neither Sunna nor anyone else had realized what she was. When Suna attacks Ara with his Blazer Weapon, Ara blocks it with her bare hand and easily cuts the segments of the blade apart while also cutting up Sunna. When Sunna refuses to give up Nemesis, Ara prepares to kill her, only to be stopped by Nu Wa.

Turning around, Ara prepares to draw her Dark Sword in order to finish Nemesis herself, but is stopped by Awilix. When she is threatened with death Awilix if she moves, Ara calls Awilix a nostalgic face and notes how not even Awilix will be able to come after hrr while fighting the hypnotized Gatekeepers. As other Gods like Nezha and Raijin arrive to assist them, Ravan is restrained by Nike and apologizes for being unable to help Ara. As they are surrounded by every God of the omniverse still capable of moving, Ara smiles and says it is time. Realizing something is wrong, Awilix runs away. When Ara, Ravana and Loku are bathed in light, the Supreme Gods calls the others off and reveals Ara, Ravana and Loki became completely untouchable the moment they were covered in this light, called a Negacio, a separate world created by Pure-Blooded Devils when rescuing one of their own which transports them to Hell.

As Ara and her allies ascended to the skies, Ara announces her goal to stand atop of the omniverse in the other worlds and take the place of the absent gods, something no one has ever done before. Before finally ascending into the portal created by the the Revelation of Qliphoth's arrival, she bids farewell to all of the Gods and Guardians present and tells Sunna and Nuwa they were very interesting. She later is seen holding the Matrix, the key that can create and destroy universes according to the wish of the god using, she says that she stolen it from the Supreme God's throne and is now ready to start her own world.



Ara's horse form about to...

At some point, Ara got interest in destroying the sanity and innocence of religious people, especially Christians that worshipped a God that doesn't exist (at least in LOTM: Sword of Kings) and was one of the few that knew that they were worshipping the wrong God.

It was stated by Diodora that due to her nun fetish, which she possessed after arriving on Earth, she had preyed on famous nuns and Holy-maidens in various countries around the human worlds. She would seduce the maidens with her passionate words in order to make them fall in love with her. After the nuns and maidens were cast out by their churches, which was devastating for them (mainly for falling in love with a woman), she would appear to save them from the depths of their despair, only to eventually rape them in both body and heart. Ara would then reincarnate them as her servants who slavishly pledged their loyalty to her by turning them into brainwashed slaves.

For at least 5 years, she captured more than 402 nuns and still keep them alive to this day to force them to live like her sex-puppets and even turned them in immortal beings to avoid them being killed by her own brutality during the H hour.

Rising Aki Honda


Aki Honda under Ara's captive

At some point in time, Ara found a girl abandoned in a trash can and adopted her as her daughter, she named her as Aki Honda. "Aki" in her world, means "malice". She then found other gangsters from Tenguu CIty and forced them to serve Ara and help her to rise Aki Honda. Ara, using her Curse, replaced all of Aki Honda's soul with Black Soul, a corrupted version of a soul that go to the Lake of Fire even without committing a sin in life. 

With Aki, Ara raised her child to be a killer. One of the lessons they were taught was killing. Faced with a child who was conscious of other life and therefore couldn't "deal" with it. As her first test to become Ara's true child, Ara put a small dog in front of Aki Honda to kill it, however, she was denied and said she couldn't. Ara would lock her own child in a dark room for days on end with her demons under the presumption of them being "punished" for not following her instruction. Finally after a few days, Aki Honda's sanity broke and she did as she instructed, killing the puppy with a knife (what influenced in her future, one of her hobbies was KILLING dogs). Ara then remarked that they would have puppy for dinner that night.

Later, Ara regrouped the best criminals of Japan and gave a small group of traffickers to Aki Honda to create her group to help the Intergang's business on Japan. And so, the Mafusa Gang was founded, the group quickly grew up and took over the streets of Japan at night, terrifying neighborhoods with robberies, oppression, mass rape and and larceny. Aki Honda, who lead the group with iron fist of a mad girl, was saw as a symbol of madness and insanity by the population of Japan and became the most dangeorous criminal of Japan's history at young age. Ara still helped Aki Honda's operation by giving her office drugs and weapons to sell.

Control Over the World of the Crime

Militia Cutscene

Ara's thugs

No one in the whole existence of the Multi-Universe managed to take full control of all factions, militias and mafias, and the first person was Ara herself. In a matter of 2 years, Ara managed to take control of every single criminal faction on Earth, be controling them directly or indirectly.

Ara's mafias were a cult-like organization that manufactured weapons financed weapons of mass destruction for several criminal and terrorist factions, resulting in numerous civil wars. Due to the large influence of weapons on the black market, Ara has gained control of the entire arms sector of the planet, her main points of trade were located in South Africa and Colombia. Some of these weapons were used by KnightWalker Family, including pieces of other weapons with the powerful Hand of Apocalypse satelite. 

Dust Men Party

Drug Lords

Ara divided types of weapons in 5 sectors, Sector 1 is the points of trade for pistols, Sector 2 is the points of trade for white weapons, Sector 3 is the points of trade for explosives, Sector 4 is the points of trade for biological weapons and Sector 5 is the points of trade for heavy fire weapons like rifles, miniguns and machine guns. 

95% of all weapons used by criminals came from Ara's factions that are locared all over the world and 91% of all weapons used by civilians came from Ara's shops. Umlike the Fallen's Essence who had a hand in governments, Ara had total control of all over the criminal world and can be considered her minions who commits crimes to increase her energy.

At the same time, Ara controled all drug trafficking points of the world, most notable the points of drugs in United States and Mexico, where the presence of drugs was highly present. Countless laboratories of drugs were created in USA and Europe to create new types of drugs, crack was one of the most notable types of drugs created.

Ara's drugs lords are most located in Africa and Russia, where they're sold to children in schools or sold in clubs, prisons and parties. All money that Mafia get from the business are sent to Leohart's Cult HQ in West Russia, however, despite the drug lords work indirectly for Ara, no one knows who is the head of all crimes around the world.

All drug recipes are made by Ara and her cultists with the solo purpose for inducting pain and suffering upon humans, mostly notable teenages and children who suffer family problems thanks to their unlawful vices, which is one of the many ways to increase Ara's energy.

Ara has at least 257 countries under her control and her influence spreads to corrupt government where her corruption pays bribe for corrupt party politicians, leading nations like Venezuela and Brazil to a state of total poverty.

Affiliation with KnightWalker Family

59344302 p3 master1200j

Ara looking down on the KnightWalkers

With someone controlling the underworld of crime, the KnightWalker had the attention of the boss of all crime of the world. Ara Astaroth was already planning to take over the KnightWalker Family once they were about to start a worldwide conflict just like Germany and Russia in the past but the influence of the Fallen's Essence on KnightWalker Family were already too strong and planned to kill him in the right time.

One day, the KnightWalkers searched for her using her allies all across the world, using violence to find her, Ara go enraged with them for destroying many business points of her faction. When the KnightWalkers, lead by Griffith, invaded her HQ, she answered them by cutting all their forces in half but left Griffith alive for she knew he was in charge of that operation. He then said that her brutal welcome was not too warm and invited her to meet the KnightWalker Council to form a contract. At first, she refused but she saw a chance to increase her influence in the KnightWalker Family without the knowledge of the Fallen's Essence.

Death Parade Screenshot 0003

A KnightWalker leader meets Ara

Upon arriving in the KnightWalker Council, she looked down in all KnightWalker Chairmen, blaming them for using tactics too stupid to keep themselves in power. Of course, they did not like it and tried to kill her at that moment only to have their hands cut off from their arms. She then said she don't need to sign a contract of alliance between them and her Underworld of Crime, for she already have Eckidina KnightWalker on her side and said that she will help Eckidina raise to power to keep them all in check.

Just like many of her appearances, the KnightWalkers hated her with all their might for judging them as weak. Ara prefers using more "deceiving" methods of control. She prefers giving "presents" to other nations to gain the trust of the people so they'll follow her no matter what... Unlike the KnightWalkers that already goes shooting and killing everywhere, gaining many enemies across the world. Ara and the KnightWalkers then formed a trade lines and sold them countless weapons of mass destruction while the only thing they had to do was to sent more civilians to her HQs in Russia, Venezuela and Italy.

Daybrooke School Influence


A student from Daybrooke School going insane after drinking the Black Tar

With the foundation of Mafusa Gang, its influence got stronger in Tenguu City, mainly in Daybrooke School, a school made to delinquents that works as a reformatory.

Under the orders of Ara, Tomoo started to take actions in Daybrooke School to recruit more members to the Mafusa Gang by selling drugs and supporting their wicked wishes of assassination and trafficking.

At least 60,000 students from Daybrooke School became members of Mafusa Gang while Katarina started to fight them to sastify her hunger for battle.

One day, Ara personaly went to Daybrooke School to see her minions face-to-face, only to be attempted raped and had her trolls devouring them to punish them. The rest of the followers started to follow her by fear once they understood that Ara was their true leader and goddess. Under her command, the Mafusa Gang became one of the worst and most evil gang streets of history by raping and destroying whole poor villages in Japan, resulting in the death of 70,000 people in a matter of 2 years.

Kumagawa Family

Kumagawa child by eliza0808-d9zfzrk

When Ara affiliated her organization with KnightWalker Family, it took not so long for Ara put an hand in all her families working for KnightWalker Family.

At young age, Misogi Kumagawa was forced by Ara to kill his sick mother with a gun to prove his value to KnightWalker Family, deceiving the youngling to believe that was needed to become a servant of KnightWalker Family. But later, his father tried to kill Ara with a knife in front of his son for using him to kill his mother, but Ara laughed and broke his legs and proceeded to give the same gun which Misogi used to kill his mother to shoot his father. Under her influence, Misogi killed his father and said he was ready to serve Eckidina KnightWalker (in her new child body as she changed her body once they get rotten). 

Because of that, Misogi grew up as a psychotic boy and fell in villany, becoming the worst servant of Kumagawa Family and was considered the most evil servant of Eckidina KnightWalker so far. Once Ara manipulated Misogi, the family became a cult-like organization that worshipped Ara and offered their blood in Aranist Rituals to sell their lives for Ara to increase her power.

Meeting Juria KnightWalker (Final)

98defb8d4c49f77422594a554d1af452f9acbfaf hq

Juria meets Ara

When Ara offered her services to the KnightWalkers years ago, she was forbidden from seeing Juria KnightWalker, the current director of the corporation at that time due to rumors that she wasn't reliable.

But as the years passed, she was invited to his office to met him for the first time, but Ara found that too exaggerated for he was not the big deal like everyone thought and considered him inferior in many ways after her alliance with the KnightWalkers.

Juria happily received Ara and praised her for her efforts she had been doing for the sake of his organization and that she was going to be paid anytime, but Ara interrupted him and said that he was too dumb for he thought only about money and business instead of using his powerful-military to cause chaos for the sake of war to increase the suffering in mankind's ignorant behavior and further more, she called him and his organizations as a bunch of fat-greed alcoholics. That was enough to make Juria pull out a pistol from his belt and start to shoot Ara, but the demon princess said that wasn't enough to kill her and left the building, but not before saying that Eckidina KnightWalker was going to be the one who will pay her for her works for she never wanted to meet him again.


Although that Ara had a hand in almost all events on the first seasons of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, even in episodes where her organization, the Revelation of Qliphoth was the main antagonistic faction such as the Will of Qliphoth episode in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc: Unit-CM 130 Arc, she never made an official appearance until the episode of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA 2nd Season - Ascension of Evil, the finale episode of Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc


Ara's cameo on the story

Ara's first true appearance was on the episode Tales of a Lost Hero in Katya's flashback where she saw watched her family being killed by thugs and was raped. Katya saw a devilish shadow staring at her from inside of one of the houses that the thugs burned to the ground. But it was revealed later that was Ara's Blackness, a shadow-like figure created by her darkness and soul.

When Katarina Couteau was suffering nightmares and illusions created by the Fallen's Essence using the Blackness inside of her during the invasion to Ward Walker 000, the base of Manufacturing Progressive Sciences in Paris, Katarina accidetally stabs Azul Jissele in her chest, making her be consumed by the Blackness and awakening Elesis Du Tirial. During her transformation, she could briefly see Ara Astaroth on the darkness of her mind saying she was waiting for her before completely being erased by Elesis in her subconscious.

LOTM: Sword of Kings AA

Kureto's Sin


The Cyborg Project; Blue: Low-Class Level Cyborg (tech-user), Green: Medium-Class Level Cyborg (Bio-manipulation), Red: Prime Cyborg, Horsemen of John (Magi-Tech)

During the beggining of Global Civil War or Cold War III, a war that was started by Eckidina KnightWalker soon after the destruction of Fiore Kingdom between KnightWalker Family and KnightWalker Funeral Parlor, Ara was chosen by the KnightWalker Council to execute a top-secret project (Special Order #666) to perfect an artificial vampirization process, in other words, the Cyborgs as we know today, using the corpse of Eckidina's clones as raw material.

The success of this project would allow the KnightWalkers to utilize Cyborgs in battle and turn the tide of the war in their favor, the Cyborgs are beings who use magi-tech under their favor to destroy their enemy and are equivalent to 500,000 men. Unfortunately for the KnightWalker, a young Kureto Hīragi tracked their operations to Warsaw, Poland and seemingly destroyed their research. Ara, however, was not present at the time as she and the Researchs of Divine Hand were busy creating the Black Tar in West Russia.

The empire of corpses 2015.mp4

Ara's scietists working on the project

Several higher-ranking KnightWalker officers accompanied the newly-formed Divine Hand to their South American hideout and attempted to exert their authority, but the KnightWalker officers loyal to Ara quickly executed them after a colonel tried to beat Ara into submission. Over the next 2 years, Ara oversaw the apparent success of Divine Hand's work, as they eventually transformed a thousand elite soldiers into Cyborgs, including Eckidina KnightWalker, who did the most role in the project. Soon after the sucess of the project, Ara decided to visit the man who destroyed her research.

Cv9vh cWIAAJmDc

Kureto interest in Ara's offer

One day, Ara invaded the HQ of KFP in Italy and met Kureto in person, but not before killing several of his man using her trolls, who ate them alive in exchange for destroying her research years ago. Ara then put her hand in his chest and notices that Kureto is the personification of Greed Sin and Kureto admits that he is a man who always wants what he cannot have, this is enough to make Ara offer him power and immortality if he decided to become her Sin Archbishop in Leohart's Cult.

However, the only thing that Kureto will have is just eternal youth and cannot age. Kureto, without thinking twice, offered all his men as sacrifices to Ara as a part of his kindness. Since then, Kureto started to work with Ara, who was manipulating both sides of Cold War III, the KPF and KnightWalker Family.

Velvet crowe tales of series and tales of berseria drawn by iio uo sample-66600c6392333b426ab1e7dab827fdf3

Ara talks to Kureto

Yet, Scathach's plans were growing and if she succeed, it might become a trouble for her. Using the disguise of a scientist, Ara entered in the laboratory of Moon Terminator Company and tortured the young Katalina for days while Revy, her older sister, was busy doing the tests of Moon Terminator Company to enter in their ranks. Ara opened her skull while keeping her alive, cut her limbs, destroyed her chastity and abused her to turn her into a new Black Demon by injecting source of power from the Tech of the End inside of her. She says to Kureto that Katalina will become the new vessel of Kureto and that she planned to use Scathach's own plan against her. With Katalina being the Black Demon that would turn Kureto into a new Black Demon to rule Earth, she ordered him to destroy the Tech of the End once he became a God, but instead, he planned to use it to become even more powerful, for as he said months ago, he is a man who wants more than he can have, so power is something that not missing in his agenda. 

The Global Civil War

Around the most dark era of mankind, the battle between KFP and KnightWalker Family started all across the world. With the destruction of Fiore Kingdom, many countries formed an alliance with the KnightWalker Funeral Parlor to destroy the KnightWalker Family, this never happened before.


Ara holding an Artificial Demon weapon

Years prior the destruction of Fiore, many nations considered the KFP a group of terrorists but when they started to invade strategic points of the KnightWalkers across Europe, they started to sent more weapons and technology to assist them. Ara, of course, saw a chance to overthrow Scathach, who was already putting her hands in the final stages of the Tech of the End.

In 1932, Ara and the scientist Dr. Phineaz Phibes worked in a deadly project to turn living people in weapons using DEM's technology that she stolen from DEM laboratories and used her curses to turn the DEM device into a magi-tech machine, the first magi-tech device of the world. With the project in hands, Ara abandoned it soon after she killed Dr. Phineaz to get rid of all witnesses. Years later, Ara used her contact in KFP, Kureto Hiragi, and sent him the plans, informations and projects about the Artificial Demon weapons that she created years ago, giving the Artificial Demon Weapons to KnightWalker Funeral Parlor to have a chance against Scathach, who is a Black Demon and the Cyborgs from KnightWalker Family.


Ara watches the battle between the rebels and Scathach

During this time, Ara was working in increase her cult by using souls of humans to turn them into ghouls to her personal army. And so, she requested Eckidina KnightWalker a group of people from Paris to use as sacrifice. It turns out that Azul Jissele's village was the target when Eckidina sent Bill Williamson to task. And so, half of the villagers were sent to Ara's HQ while Azul stayed on the Slums in Paris.

Later, when the First Apocalypse started by Scathach, Ara discovered that Hiragi betrayed her by ignoring her orders from destroying the Tech of the End, and instead, used it to turn him all-powerful. Before Ara could kill Kureto, he was already dead after becoming Kali's physical vessel. The death of Kali took the life of Kureto on the process. Ara watched the battle from distance but soon teleported away when Scathach was defeated.

Ara then started to blame herself for being slothful and not dealing with Scathach by herself, but she remembered that her power is too strong and might destroy Earth on the process, and she still need it because this Earth is the center of all Earths and planned to use it to conquer all Earths by turning it in the capital of her empire.

Beginning of World War III

Mafusa Gang's Invasion

Tumblr omhg7idVbc1s153hoo1 500

Ara senses a disturbing in the cosmic

When the WWIII broke out, one of her organizations affiliated to her cult, Mafusa Gang, received orders from Eckidina KnightWalker to strike Tenguu City, thus starting the World War III. Aki Honda, who was leading the attack in Tenguu City, created a new contract with Eckidina to cause much of destruction and pain that she could bring upon the people of Tenguu City. Originally, Eckidina was expecting for Aki Honda to be a distraction to Japan Ground Self Defense Forces, so the role of Aki Honda in the World War III was just a mere facade.

At first, Aki Honda thought that Ara would be happy if she killed all people of the town to turn them into slaves of her demon army but when Aki Honda contacted Ara via-telepathy (who was at West Russia), Ara called her a "stupid-whore" and said she was alone for she revealed her true military power too soon. But Aki Honda ignored her warnings and cancelled their communication as she finally got what she wanted, subjugate the people of Tenguu City for looking down on her. Aki Honda proceeded to face Katarina Couteau in the tallest building of Tenguu City shortly after her conversation with her "former" mistress.

When Ara finally decided to see what was happening, she discovered that Eckidina formed a secret contract with the Fallen's Essence, an evil entity coming from DEM Empire, in other words, her rival. However, not even the Fallen's Essence knew that Eckidina had a contract with Ara, meaning that Eckidina was using them both to have some fun to kill her boredom. Ara was the first to notice that while the Fallen's Essence took 5 months to finally notice this.

61609984 p0

Ara watches Tenguu City burn below the scarlet moon, the famous symbol of WWIII

Arriving in Tenguu City to see the town burning while it was being illuminated by the blood moon, which became the symbol of WWIII months later. She thought it was beautiful but she had other reasons to be there, and one of them was kill Aki Honda and take her soul for breaking her contract and her will.

However, when Ara found Aki Honda in the tallest building of Tenguu City, she found that she was already dead, with her head made in pieces and her body completely destroyed and injured. And beside her, there was a red haired girl, who was Katarina Couteau that had just defeated Aki Honda. Looking behind again, she found another corpse, it was Eugen Katsuragi, who was killed by Aki Honda a few minutes ago.

Ara wasn't interest in the person who killed her and left Katarina alone but before she could leave the building, she grabbed Aki Honda's soul before it could leave its body and devoured it using her Claw of Azaroth while putting her into extreme pain. In the end, Aki Honda was devoured by Ara and was doomed to suffer inside of her arm alongside all the victims she killed across the centuries and forced to hear the screams of millions for all eternity.

Facing the Fallen's Essence - Battle of England

Until the caos it end by bluanka-d8q2zv2o

The Fallen greets Ara

Shortly after the invasion of Washington, Tokyo, Tenguu City and England, the mastermind of WWIII, the Fallen's Essence, powered-up to force Ara sense his energy in England. Even without being told, Ara already knew that she was being called by her so called rival.

Using her teleport, she arrived in England, London Bridge, where she faced the Fallen, her rival. She teased and said his handsome appearance gave her a orgasm, clearly mocking his appearance, for she knew the Fallen's Essence was a shadow created by the emperor of DEM Empire, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, also known as The Fallen.

However, the Fallen ignored her arrogant words and proceeded to tell that she was on his way as her inflluence on the Underworld of the Crime might become a problem in the future, but for his fear, Ara got serious and was about to cut the shadow in half with her black magic. The Fallen dodged her attack and saw Ara about to summon her claws.

Tumblr o40jihqPK61s8nccpo1 500

Ara shows her claws to Fallen

Ara mocked the Fallen saying that he is not the original and has not enough energy to fight her and claimed that his shadow will be easily erased by her curses. Knowing that he had no real energy to fight Ara, the Fallen decided that he will kill Ara once the World War III is over and retreated but before he could escape, Ara said that her plans are far more advanced than his own schemes. The Fallen thought she was bluffing when in fact Ara was telling the truth.

Since then, Ara and the Fallen had a rivalry that has created conflicts among KnightWalkers from the Fallen's Essence faction and Ara's cultists from Leohart's Cult.

Corruption of Catholic Church

Michael Rises to Pope

Ara Astaroth was aware of what was happening in Vatican when Michael Langdon and his minions slowly penetrated in the Church thanks to countless Mafusa Gangsters that had a link with Ara. Before all official members of Mafusa Gang could be recognized as Senior Drug Lords (the highest-rank within Mafusa Gang), they submitted to a ceremony that they're forced to drink a small drop of Black Tao to create a mental contact with Ara Astaroth.

Thanks to this, she could saw what was happening in the Church as Acqua of the Back was taking part in an operation that sought to find the location of Junko Enoshima, the leader of Ultimate Despair. However, she ignored that and was more focused in her own plans, as she had total control over the Underworld of the Crime and the rise of another Anti-Christ inside of Catholic Church would be no problem for her as Michael had not hand in Ara's faction.

Tumblr objs486CNu1qdatp8o1 500

Ara beat the mindless beats that were once newborn infants

Some days after the beginning of Civil War in United Kingdom started by Carissa, she shows up during a ceremony conducted by the Leohart's Cult, an all-female cult of devout worshipers of Leohart. There, she watches a woman gives birth to three girls and puts them through painful experiments by forcing them to drink the Black Tao, turning the newborn infants into mindless strong demons. After turning them into monsters, Ara showed their mother and gave her as food for her new creations, who devoured her without a second thought and sent them to Aldegyr Kingdom, where they became serial killers at night and acted until the destruction of Aldegyr Kingdom.

1 day later, Ara is seen in a building where she's seen near a pile of dead bodies and is seen eating parts of the corpses. She continues to devour the flesh when she's approached by Petelgese, who informs her about the situation in Vatican and the Civil War that was having Carissa as the protagonist, but again, Ara said she was not interested and was more worried about the Fallen's Essence and his allies in the World War III that were preparing to launch an attack to her facilities around the world.


Ara about to Kill Haru

During this period, Ara was involved with the Researchers of Divine Hand, who whorshipped her as their Goddess of Magic and was directly commanding an experiment known as Project Revive Life, Ara was a biological-assistent that worked to the RDV and helped the ruthless Shou Tucker in his experiments by gathering the Three Elements of Haru Zagekio, the Black Demon that was once a friend of RevyNatsuki Minamiya and Azul Jissele 3 years ago. 

When Evans, a former member of Mafusa Gang reported Ara's activities to the Global Pact Defense, he asked Ara to leave the organization before the GDP can notice her activities (clearly acting like a spy) but Ara's answer was a stab in his stomach while his sister was watching her killing her brother in cold-blood. In an attempt to destroy all witnesses from her presence in that HQ, she went to his sister and proceeded to stab her numerous times in her belly while Evans was watching in despair. Ara then noticed his despair and decided to open his sister alive with the same knife for the evulz, forcing him to watch her killing his 9-years old sister.


Krulcifer, the off-spring of Haru

Later, it turned out that she was alive and Ara proceeded to throw her out of the laboratory in a hellish winter, where she died from the cold. Before Ara could escape, she altered the memories of her "puppet", Krulcifer, a Black Demon made of Haru's genes, to suit her needs. Her alteration included throwing her emotions away and turning her into a machine but it failed when she met Katarina during the events of Mafusa Gang's Revenge Arc.

Some time later, Ara and Shou proceeded to kill Haru while his skin was being ripped off to make a Black Demon stronger than him and Krulcifer using his limbs, which later would become the main reason of why Azul considered Ara her worst enemy since Yuuki Terumi from Manufacturing Progressive Sciences.

With the rise of Michael as pope, the Global Pact Defense and the SU decided to send more troops to Europe to ensure that the KnightWalker Family is not planning something. This would later force Ara to leave Europe and destroy all her scientific facilities to avoid being detected by enemy troops and to hide all her crimes on that continent. 

Meanwhile, Krulcifer escaped the laboratory and was now free.

Recreation of Mafusa Gang

58551138 p0

Ara in front of the leaders of Mafusa Gang

Months later, Ara worked to rebuilt what Aki Honda destroyed thanks to her reckless personality. But this time, Ara named a close friend to Aki Honda, Sasha, who was brainwashed and was abused by her years ago whe she was a child, turning her into a psychotic woman with sadistic tendencies. 

Ara then regrouped all gangsters in Russia and declared that it was not time to openly like last time, but time to take revenge upon the Global Pact Defense, Chronos Empire and Japan Ground Self Defense for killing her fellow soldiers, who were simple manipulated by Aki Honda's desires.

Ara was also awared of Arzonia Brothers acting in Spain but like all the others, they were from the lowest-rank of Mafusa Gang and barely knew that they existed. Ara then once again forced all gangsters around the world drink the Black Tao, but this time, they will drink with Ara's blood, turning all members of Mafusa Gang into vampire-like creatures with powers above human's knowledge. Like always, her drug, organs and weapon trafficking around the world were well administered. At some point, Ara got interest in meeting Katarina Couteau, the girl who killed Aki Honda and wanted to thank her for getting ride of that pest. And so, the Millennium Syndicate was founded.

Battle of Aldegyr Kingdom

First Armageddom

61034633 p0

Ara sensing Heis' energy

When the battle of Aldegyr Kingdom started, Ara sensed the strong intention of brutality and killing even if she was at Venezuela at that time. Despite she was not present, she watched the battle by sensing the huge power levels fighting on the country, however, no power was more notable than Katarina Couteau's power level when she became the Berserk monster, a huge demon hybrid creature that awoke when she saw La Folia Rihavein being killed by the hands of Kanon Rihavein, her twin sister.

Yet, she was not impressed at all, for she knew that power was too low to call her attention. Yet, she amused with such strong power for because she thought that beings with such high power did not exist on Earth.

When Kanon became Heis, that was the moment that Ara felt disgust, for Heis was a Fallen Angel using her the Black Army, a army made of Black Demons that she created 300 years ago. Ara enjoyed the moments of destruction when Heis summoned the Armageddom by enjoying the scenary of death. She managed to get some skills from her destruction, yet she holds a great hatred towards Heis who a Fallen Angel using her works to do her goals.

When the Armageddom had ended, Ara proceeded to look for the Black King, the demon she created to keep the Black Demons in check and ask what happened, however, she never found him. Later, it show that he was in his castle located somewhere around Prussia, where Heis would visit him often to do his biddings.

Rise of Unit-CM 130

Magic Vs. Technology

60133706 p19 master1200

Ara dreams about the humanized CM

Some months after the battle of Aldegyr Kingdom, Ara's rival, the Fallen's Essence revived the infamous B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, a scientist unit droid that Ara met years ago and fell in love with the latter because of his similities and saw him as the only person that could understand her.

One day, Ara dreamed about Unit-CM 130 in a human body, or at least in Demon humanized body, in this body, he had black hair, red eyes and right demonic eye covered with black skin, that was the ideal CM that Ara always dreamed for he was similar to her in appearance and wished again that he was alive, for she considered him to be a great help in her plans and only need him to be her side, willing to kill all her allies just to stay by his side.

When CM funded the MPS, he immediately kidnapped civilians around the world to turn them into guinea pigs. However, it turned out that CM unintentionally invaded her territories, however, he later discovered the existence of her cult and declared war against her for her cult was large faction composed by witches, magicians, demons and among other races. Yet, CM never expected Ara to be there, the woman he admired as well. For weeks, the MPS and Leohart's Cult entered in a war where the two leaders not even met each other to cease fire.

Later, Ara had a vision that CM was very close to her, she didn't know but she was sure that CM was alive somehow.

Hands of Apocalypse & Will of Qliphoth

Spoilers from future episode!


Ara's soul inside of Morte base

Ara began setting her schemes of turning South America in her continent-wide base into motion, having her minions create an upsurge in vampire attacks by capturing people and turning them into artificial vampires. After receiving news from Vira, her right-hand henchwoman, she discovered a piece of her Artifact of the Past was stolen by Manufacturing Progressive Sciences; the pointer of the Infinity Clock that was under the possession of Akrak in her Morte Base, located in Amazonas, Brazil. Ara then sent her minions to Amazonas under the command of Vira, including Burckheart, the Black King and Kruel Rose, three of her most trusted minions. However, Vira manipulated the Rogues into invading the Morte base without moving a finger against MPS and Akrak.

When Akrak Couteau started her plans in using her most new Hands of Apocalypse satellites, Ara was watching from a nearby Diner in her base, gleefully observing the barely-averned confrontation between Akrak and her rival, Jeremy Blaire. After some days of waiting, Vira and her allies attacked the Rogues in their base after they defeat Akrak by sending her Black Demons to their wounded camp and killing Gravik, one of Chronos Empire's soldiers that Sephiria Arks KnightWalker sent to Ratatoskr to assist them. Satisfied that the "new" breed of Blackness had gotten the attention of both Iscariot and Witch Cult, Ara sent her fleet to Rio de Janeiro once the Rogues had already defeated the MPS in Amazonas to attack Rio in order to unleash all Black Pentagram draw in the 4 different points in Brazil to create a black shield that would devour the entire nation in a matter of seconds.


Asmodeus in sent to Brazil

With the apparent defeat of Akrak Couteau and her project in Amazonas, Ara Astaroth sent Asmodeus to Brazil, where she promised several police and military officers from Rio de Janeiro immortality: the Revelation of Qliphoth would transform them into vampires if they successfully killed the leaders of Global Pact Defense that were going to have a meeting. In reality, Asmodeus did not expect his allies to succeed; his true goal was to leave Katarina and her allies with less stamina for their duel by sending thousands of police officers and demons to fight.

In any event, he observed the police and military's siege of the Rio de Janeiro hotel where the Rogues were staying, justifying his actions to the public by claiming the Rogues were dangerous terrorists and had caused many attacks in KnightWalker and Ally territory.


Katarina fighting Asmodeus

As Katarina fought her way out of the ambush, Asmodeus received a call from Ara, ordering him to confront the Red Haired Demon directly. To this end, the demon stood in the courtyard outside the hotel just as Katarina knocked the last members of the invading SWAT team through the front doors and onto the flagpoles around the courtyard. After politely introducing himself and declaring his intent to kill Katarina, Asmodeus attacked the Red Haired Demon with his chain-scythes.

Initially, Asmodeus kept Katarina on the defensive with trickery and an endless flurry of blood chains. However, Katarina managed to evade Asmodeus' killing strike and take the battle to the roof of the hotel, where the demon was attacked by Magilou' magi cannon. Although Asmodeus easily deflected the girl's magic gunfire, the distraction allowed Katarina to release her nControl Art Restriction System to Level One to use 5% of her full power and close the distance between herelf and Asmodeus. After tricking Asmodeus into attacking her shadow familiars, Katarina finally managed to grab the enemy, delivering a powerful kick that severed Asmodeus's belly.

In a last attempt to protect himself, Asmodeus attempted to slash Katarina with a scythe. In response, Katarina used her own hand to meet the attack, tearing both demon's arms apart. As Asmodeus reeled in pain, Katarina regenerated from her wound and seized the demon's head, explaining that she had been ordered to "thoroughly" interrogate him to learn more about Millennium. After Asmodeus was defeated, Ara used her implanted transmitter to cremate his remains while alive. 


The Black Eye Demon from the Black Army

Although Asmodeus failed and was consumed by Katarina, Ara was unperturbed, as everything was going according to plan. But before the allies of Asmodeus could run away, Lucas and Tomas stopped them, but not before Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti and Leohart's Cult attacking personality, sending an army of elite Black Demons to kill them.

With surprise, the Rogues fought the new type of Black Demons only to discover they were facing an actual satanic cult and that they had Black Demons, each one with 500,000,000 of power level, and that they were being controlled by someone, beings that were loyal and followed the orders of just one person, unlike common Black Demons that are weaker and has no real intelligence. That made Peace Foundation, Chronos Empire, GDP, VSA, ISA and Ratatoskr to join the battle as Rio became a battlefield of each demon had power enough to destroy whole states. 

60447850 p0

Petelgese shows his disappointment towards Katarina

Petelgese then personally meets Katarina Couteau and says that Leohart's Cult was planning to raise the Tree of Death, there, on Rio, but that they presence there ruined Astaroth's dream in corrupting the very center of Earth to stain the planet in blackness using souls of all people from Rio as sacrifices to the Demon King A'arab Zaraq to raise the clone of Qliphoth's tree on Earth, rotting all creation and life to blackness. Yet, they still had time and said that their preparations were done and that they formed 40 magic circles in a borders of Brazil to create a black-magic shield to surround the nation, preveting all life from entering and leaving.

The Black Demons then defeats every single heroic forces of Rio without effort, forcing Chronos Empire and Peace Foundation retreat while VSA and ISA were wiped out by the Black Demons from Astaroth Army that proved to be too powerful for the Rogues. Petelgese then proceeds to kill Jin Kisaragi in front of Imperia and Katarina with his Invisible Hands, breaking his bones slowly as he forced them to watch this.


One of the magic circles of Leohart's Cult is activated

With the death of Jin, the Rogues were forced to retreat, without choice but to leave the country before they could get stuck there, without possibility to return back to the world. As they were running, one of the Knights of Astaroth appared in front of them and sent a powerful wave of blackness towards them, opening a huge wound in Katarina's belly and injecting Black Tao with blackness inside of her body. Yet, she survived and ran away after Tomas slaughtered the Knight. Then, Ratatoskr was forced to leave Brazil as a giant black shield covered the nation in blackness, exiling Brazil from the world, and thus, introducting the new dark force that managed to conquer a country in a matter of hours. Then, Brazil became the nation of Leohart's Cult while the Stabilization Union tried countless attacks on the nation to take it back, without success. Before Katarina and the others escaped, the Black Demons and Knights shouted at the sky saying: "All Hail Astaroth" while cutting themselves in the name of their God.

Astaroth soon became the new target of Ratatoskr but his or her identity was a mystery since not even Magilou's omniscience managed to find Ara Astaroth's identity as she was being protected by shield-curses, preveting anyone, be they demons, devils or gods from using magic to find informations about her.

The Black Tao Attacks

Spoilers from future episodes!!!

Elesis Du Tirial


Godom Empire, NUSSR, Ratatoskr, Global Pact Defense, Ultimate Despair and Sephira Gastronomics join forces to defeat Manufacturing Progressive Sciences

With the heinous declaration of war of Unit-CM 130 to the world, all nations of the planet sent a small fraction of their military to Paris to take down the MPS lead by Unit-CM 130 that had caused too much collateral damage to their respective countries.

With the support of the KnightWalker Family army lead by the Fallen's Essence, the MPS prepared to active the Gigalomaniac Project on the top of the Ward Walker to turn all people of the world into mindless zombies. While the Ultimate Despair focused in infecting their soldier with the Despair Virus, the GDP focused on CM's ships and Godom Empire took down their naval forces, starting a massive battle around the building.

Grand master elesis sword of victories by xxtidexx-d9e2abk

Katarina fights the Fallen's Essence

The Ratatoskr proceeded to invade the building to destroy CM and his minions to stop the project from being activated. Katarina, then faces the Fallen's Essence for the first time as Kyouko Kirigiri fought Unit-CM 130 and Azul fought Yuuki Terumi to avenge Revy. Imperia entered in the hall to help Katarina only to be punched by her sister, Heis, who was just waiting for her. After hours of fight, the MPS forces were wiped out by the might alliance of the Liberation Temporary Force, defeating the ground troops of CM and the Black Demons of Heis, thus putting an end to the battle.

As CM lost his Gigalomaniac Project, the Fallen's Essence created illusions to Katarina to corrupt her, while Katarina was stuck in her nightmare, she accidentally stabbed Azul in her chest, leading her to a state of near death, that proved to be too much for Katarina who once promised to protect everyone around her but herself killed her friend. Filled with hatred, despair and sorrow, Katarina's injury infected with the Black Tao that she got from the Knights of Astaroth and Sasha during the events of the Will of Qliphoth episode quickly consumed her mind, making Elesis Du Tirial awake fully and took over her body.

Rush 15 thumb (8)

Elesis awakes

As Elesis woke up, the Fallen's Essence sent a small fragment of his energy to her head to control her unconsciously. Feeling that a great power had awaked, Ara Astaroth located the Demi-Demon Elesis in Paris and said she finally found a great leader to the Mafusa Gang.

As Elesis attacked her friends, the Fallen's Essence and CM retreated, cowardly leaving their experiments and destruction behind. Soon after they retreated, the Black King appeared before Heis and the others, saying that he came to take Elesis to her home. As the Black King opened a portal, Imperia rushed towards Elesis to save her only to see Heis and the Black King taking her away. And thus, the MPS was destroyed but with a high-price.

Later, Elesis was called before Ara's Essence, a shadow-like figure that has the same personality of Ara and named her the name leader of Mafusa Gang, which Elesis accepted with pleasure once she had the total freedom to do whatever she wanted. And so, the events of Mafusa Gang Revenge Arc begins.

Mafusa Gang's Revenge

Spoilers from future episode!


Sasha meets Elesis

When Sasha met Katarina for the first time after her manipulation in Argentina, she insulted the girl for she was the one who killed Aki Honda, her best friend. Elesis, however, mocked her and said that the throne she was seated was her now and that her "mother" (reffering to Ara) named her the new leader of Mafusa Gang and yelled at her to leave her place, for now she is her subordinate. 

Without choice, Sasha had to obey Elesis. While in the hands of Elesis, the Mafusa Gang became a terrorist organization and was the owner of the nuclear decommissioning company the Researchers of Divine Hand. In an attempt to eradicate post-industrial waste, he transformed the Mafusa Gang from an worldwide Mafia behemoth into the world’s leading "regeneration" company. Elesis secretly hoards supposedly decommissioned nuclear weapons for her own future use and had launched several attacks across the world, becoming the main target of Ratatoskr and her friends that once worked with her.


The New Mafusa Gang working in the Black Tar

Believing that the world needs to be clean from all her enemies, Elesis, decided to use sneak tactics to destroy mankind instead of using her own power. When a vital piece of missile guidance hardware is stolen from Global Pact Defense by Mafusa Gang, Ratatoskr is led to believe that Elesis is involved and Imperia is sent to investigate the Elesis' mansion in Russia and discovers that she is bent on world domination.

Unconsciously, Elesis was being controlled by the Fallen's Essence at times, such using her to kill villagers in Japan, because of her immense power, the Fallen's Essence noticed it was useless to control her because she was too strong for him to control. When the Mafusa forces invaded the Oolong Island in Pacific, the Ratatosk was sent to prevent them from stealing more nuclear codes, on the way, they found Elesis about to leave the island with the help of Heis, using a portal. Imperia shouted her name but she ignored, leaving Imperia and the others surrounded by droids from Unit-CM 130.

Elesisd492dccbcc6fecb7d1429 h

Elesis prepare to fight Imperia

In an attempt to take over the world, Elesis hijacks the American space defense platform and attempts to launch its arsenal of nuclear weapons against major NATO bases to wipe out global security, thus, sending nuclear missiles to all seas of the world to infect with the Black Tar that Ara created. If successful, her own existing arsenal would elevate herself as her own self-made superpower over the weakened powers of the globe, thus making her powerful as the people sold their souls for her to feed and use their life energy to get stronger. Meanwhile, the Fallen's Essence gave up on the idea of controlling her for Elesis was too powerful, CM, however, never lost the intention to kill her and was planning to rebuilt the Gigalomaniac Project again by using the Black Demon heart of Azul Jissele.

The Rogues Vs. Elesis & Mafusa


Ara's shadow leaves Katarina (Elesis)'s body

On the way to launch the missiles from the station, she is intercepted by Imperia and the Rogues who hitches a ride aboard one of Elesis' space shuttles en route to the hijacked station, and sends her elite troops to engage the Rogues in the vacuum of space as she proceeds with the attack. This effort fails however as the Kotori sends each missile flying out of control and exploding harmlessly in space, with some hitting the station and sending it into meltdown.

Finally, with Elesis' station shut down and her forces dead, she is forced to face the Rogues alongside Kalus, Krauz and Sasha. With a intense battle, Elesis used her 100% and planned to shoot a laser beam from there to destroy Fraxinus and all its crew, however, she is prevented by Imperia. After many minutes of fight, Sasha and the other cowardly ran away once they noticed the station was going to explode, leaving Elesis behind to die. However, she was already expecting for that and said that she can survive in space. Sasha and the rest of Mafusa Gang forces used the escape pods to leave the station as Elesis stayed fighting the Rogues.

Later, Imperia pierced Elesis' heart with her blade, forcing the Black Tar inside of her heart to leave like gas, opening gates to Katarina awake again and defeat Elesis in her subconscious. As Katarina promised Elesis to be her friend and never use her again, Elesis openly left her body and gave her body back to Katarina. As everyone were happy to see Katarina back again, Ara's shadow left from the body of Katarina, saying that she was dissapointed but she would never gave up on Katarina. Tomas then slashed the shadow and felt a strange sensation once he destroyed that shadow. 

The Ratatoskr then retreated with the others, leaving the station explode like fireworks on the space. The remnants of Mafusa Gang died on Earth and more than 704,000 members were arrested and executed. Elesis was never found as the leader so she spared, yet, the entire world focused in finding Sasha, Krauz and Kalus who were considered to be the 3 most dangerous war criminals on loose. Ara, while in Russia, decided that she would go there personally and punished Sasha and the others for leaving Elesis behind, because of them, she lost a powerful ally... Thus starting the events of Phoenix Sub Arc.

The Ragnarok

Spoilers from future episode!

Czfkxf5XEAEI Rt

Ara meets Klarion

Around 18 years ago, Ara went to a village and used a spell on the village that lead to the death of many animals. Some hours later, she met a young Klarion with a dead weasel and asked her if she could revive it. Ara replied that she's not a God but that even if she were, there is no Magic that can resurrect the dead with their memories.

After a discussion about the value of life, the boy left, vowing to continue living. Ara, however, kidnapped the young boy and turned him into a Low-Level Demon of her Cult for he was subjected to negative feelings.


Ara's Presence before her servant

Under her captive, Ara trained Klarion alongside dozens of humans that were kidnapped from their familes and turned them in killing machines to serve her loyalty by destroying their human emotions; ripping off their teeths, burning them with hot iron, removing their nails, thus turning them into merciless assassins of Revelation of Qliphoth.

Years later, knowing that Alois Trancy was in possession of her Phoenix's Stones, one of the many artifacts that she created on the past, Ara dispatched the now demonized-Klarious, the Intention of the Abyss and Izanami from Knights of Astaroth to Principality of Veronica to serve Alois Trancy in his needs and are given the job of obtaining Mash and her half of the Phoenix Stone by Alois. Later when the Knights are at Bar Rhizome, he sends Intention of the Abyss off before declaring they will stake their cult's reputation on this and then lifts his drink to cheers with his partners' mugs.


Klarion tauting Imperia

Klarious is present when Knights of Astaroth launches an attack on Fraxinus, intending to kidnap Mash. When Katarina demands to know who they are, Klarion introduces himself and his guild, before lifting up a large amount of debris and launching it at Katarina. He then watches the fight as Intention of the Abyss and Izanami overpowers the the Rogues. When he notices Mash, Klarion lifts up Imperia, Lucas and Tomas into the air, spins them around and slams them into the walls, distracting Mash long enough for Klarion to grab her. As Katarina charges at Knights as they move to leave, Klarion blocks her path with a large wave of debris.

Klarion accompanies Alois as he visits Mash in her cell. As they leave, he mentions that her friends might come to rescue her and says he'd have his team ready for them and contacts Ara saying the Ragnarok will be completed.

During the anniversary event, Klarion is leading the Abyss, Izanami and a group of Dark Mages in patrol around Veronica, which the guard notices and comments that he's too close to the prince. Later when the Rogues infiltrates Veronica to save Mash, Klarion intercepts Katarina, Imperia and Magilou as they are flying through the streets. After knocking them out with his Magic, Klarion leaves them for the guards to deal with.


The Phoenix is summoned

Klarion arrives on the balcony as Alois is about to reunite the halves of the Phoenix Stone. He knocks Katarina, Imperia, Magilou and Puck away with his Magic as they try to rescue Mash. As Alois calls for the phoenix, Klarion says that he can't stand watching him anymore and that he is the one more worthy of immortality. Knocking Alois (and the guards nearby) aside with his Magic, Klarion declares that he will be an eternal King from now on and calls for the phoenix to come forth, betraying Ara's intention and reminds of his dead pet that died 18 years ago thanks to Ara. As the phoenix is released, Klarion is surprised at its form, but reasons that it still has blood. He runs up onto the phoenix's back and searches for the blood.

Klarion pierced by several spears and tries to reach the Phoenix, refusing to die alone like he was born

As Klarion demands the phoenix to give him its blood, he is attacked by Katarina. He repeatedly knocks Katarina away with his telekinesis as Katarina tries to get close enough to land a hit on him. Katarina eventually manages to grab Klarion's hands as he is repelling her flames. Klarion strikes and throws Katarina repeatedly to get him off, but she refuses to let go. As Katarina tells him he doesn't have the right to be King, Klarion claims that one doesn't need rights, only eternal life so he will never leave this world like his pet. He manages to throw Katarina away and attempts to attack again but is distracted by an attack from Asuha. Declaring that she won't forgive him, Katarina attacks Dyst again and he counters with his telekinesis. He repeats that the phoenix's blood and eternal life will be his as he tries to repel Katarina's attack, but the flames eventually overcomes his telekinesis and he falls defeated from the phoenix's back, landing on a spear on his back. In his last moments, he refuses to die alone like how he was born and tries to reach the Phoenix before dying a tragic death.

1488210 English KeyArt-OfficialVideoImage b06c4fe3-8fde-e611-80c5-0017a4776c06 (1)

Ara staring at her subordinates

After Klarion's death, the Intention of the Abyss and Izanami retreats from the city and returns to West Russia to their master while they left Ratatoskr fighting the Phoenix.

After a long battle, the Phoenix lost when its core was pierced by the Magic Artifact of Global Pact Defense. When she is visited by the Intention of the Abyss and Izanami in her HQ, she slowly raises from her throne once she is told about the current situation of the world; knowing that Ragnarok was avoided by Ratatoskr, she rips off their heads with her arm and said there is no second chance within the Revelation of Qliphoth. She then claims that she is going to Hell to erase Klarion's soul from existence for disobeying her orders and for trying to gain immortality.

After leaving, she says that she will personally meet the people who fought in two battles of her cult.

Sovietic War

Spoilers from future episode!


Vira in front of Ara's Blackness

Taking her move to take down one of the Fallen's Essence most notable allies, King Hamdo, Ara called Vira, her Right-Hand to her base in Brazil, São Paulo and explained her how she was going to take down King Hamdo using a knife with two blades. Ara then gave a sample of her Blackness T-II Virus to Vira and ordered her to form a pact with King Hamdo while she performed a civil war by infecting the civilians of Russia with her Blackness and brainwashed to force them to rise against Hamdo to give him an option to accept Vira's offer.

Ara then ordered her Kruel Rose to hack the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia and used their own bombs against them, resulting in the complete destruction of the North of Russia. With this, the population started to rise against Hamdo for thinking he was trying to deal with the rebels that were against his tyrannical Soviet government. This act resulted in massive civil war that quickly spread across Russia, and so, the NUSSR was forced to retreat from Asia and leave the World War III to deal with the chaos inside of the country. Vira then introduced herself to Hamdo in his office and said she was from a very small corporation that was willing to help thim to win the Civil War using the sample of their most new virus, the Blackness T-II Virus to turn all people who are against his government in zombies-like creatures to be used by army.


Ara and Vira watching the forces of US and Chronos Empire taking over Moscow

However, their plan failed when Isis Maxwell, the spy meta-human from Chronos Empire entered on the country and destroyed most of Vira's creatures that were located on the underground base of Hamdo's palace. Yet, Ara and Vira succeeded once the Blackness T-II Virus left most of the population and military officers of Moscow in cannibals and zombies, leaving the defense of the country without leadership and consequently the military forces of United States and Chronos Empire invaded the very center of NUSSR power, resulting in the complete defeat of Russia in World War III.

As a result, Hamdo was betrayed by Vira and left him to die by the hands of his master, the Fallen's Essence, who killed Hamdo by feeding him to one of his Hellhounds inside of his body. Far away from there, Vira was on the top of a mountain watching the city burning as the SU forces invaded the very heart of NUSSR itself. Then, a shadow appeared behind and was revealed to be her Goddess, Ara Astaroth. Vira says the samples of the Blacknes T-II Virus were a sucess and the people of Russia were a nice guinea pigs to her new weapon. Ara then laughs and says the Fallen's Essence received a huge blow in his forces thanks to Vira. She then claims that nothing will be able to stop their plan from unleashing the Ragnarok upon the existence.

Infinity Clock


Ara's Bishops of Blackness appears before the Holy Eye of Order

At some point years ago, it was revealed that Ara sent her Blackness to the village where Tomas lived when he was a child, that resulted in most of the population becoming demons and corrupted the pure Travon, Tomas' brother-in-law, into a selfish delusional man that sought to wipe out mankind's emotions to prevent Ara and her Blackness from corrupting mankind.

Through the arc, Ara and her minions had not involvement until the Holy Eye of Order attacked Leohart's Cult Bio-Lab in Canada to steal the Infinity Clock from their hands, this resulted in massive battle between the forces of Leohart's Cult and Holy Eye of Order.


Vira infecting Cassie with Ara's Blackness

With the battle happening, Travon and his allies sneaked into their base and stole the Infinity Clock to summon Chronos, the God of Time to ultimately use the power of time to turn humans in emotionless creatures. When the Rogues arrived on the place and saw Travon had already escaped, Vira noticed the Rogues inside of their base and used Ara's Blackness to turn Cassie Cage in a demon to force her to defeat her friends. As a result, Cassie had to kill herself as the Rogues watched.

On the final battle where the Rogues faced Travon, Vira and Ara watched their battle on distance. When Temivel, Tomas' old friends, decided to seal himself with Chronos to create an infinite circle of hope and despair in order to make the world normal again, Tomas became the host of Chronos' powers by the Four Kings of Earth and wipes out the Blackness from Earth in the name of Travon but refused to steal mankind's emotions. As a result, the Blackness that had increased across the planet was wiped out but Ara and, her minions and all humans continued active, meaning the Blackness would return in a matter of months.

When everything as settle, Vira and Ara took the Infinite Clock and destroyed it saying the Infinity Clock was a mistake and she should have never created it now that her Blackness was destroyed and had started all over again. Before leaving, Ara took interest in Tomas and decided to watch over him from now on.


Spoilers from future episode!

4 1280

Ara's first full appearance on the story

4 months later after the defeat of Holy Eye of Order, Ara Astaroth returned to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and was received by 5 generals from Triggers Hell that were there to report her actions to Leohart the Prince of Hell, her father, who sent his minions to discover what she was planning as she was not trustful. Upon arriving in RIo de Janeiro with her Zeppelin blimp, she was received by thousands of her soldiers, vampires, Black Demons and unholy beings, who immediately bowed before her around the exit of the blimp, showing their respect for their leader.

At the end of the airport, following a red carpet, the 5 generals from Triggers Hell were waiting for her with angry expressions as she slowly walked towards them with an evil grin. Arriving in front of them, one of the generals yelled at her for not turning them into Black Demons, revealing the generals were betraying Leohart to become Black Demons, whom are suppose to be strongest type of Demon alive that only Ara is able to create.

The general ask Ara what she is doing but she says she has no right to tell them as she is only "following orders" from Leohart himself and let out a sarcastic smile. At the same time, she answer him saying Leohart passed a secret mission to her put convert all planets from the 0th Multi-Universe in his territories.


Ara's mions watching the general beats her with devilish eyes

The general returned to yell at Ara until she said: "Well, Herr General... Why don't kiss my official ass then?" Immediately, all demons from Revelation of Qliphoth around laughed, mocking the generals of Triggers Hell. In response, the general slapped Ara and started to kick her on the floor while the demons stopped laughing; staring at the generals with red glowing eyes as he continued to kick Ara. Seconds later, a dark energy ripped off the leg of the general, forcing him fall on the floor, when he looked to where the energy came from, he saw the Archbishops of Sin staring at him. Petelgese warns him to stop that clownery before he rips off his head next time, and at the same moment, all unholy beings of Ara aimed their weapons at the generals with sadistic grins. In panic, the generals asked what Ara was planning to do with an army of 703 octillion of Black Demons and she answers that she wants to taste the flavor of war and death for all eternity.

Ara's disguise during the transmission

Later, when the Rogues called Iscariot to an emergency meeting about the return of Revelation of Qliphoth that was behind the fall of Brazil and many incidents involving the Blackness, the Two Spirts of Ara appeared with a magic communicator that allowed Ara to speak with her gathered foes. She calmly mocked both Kotori and the Iscariot's Council, claiming that Revelation of Qliphoth, questioning the sanity of their God that would allow "madwoman" like herself to exist as he once "left" her to live, claiming she once fought God in person.

She then said she was declaring war on United Kingdom as she was thinking in expand her territory since South American was no longer enough to support her needs, claiming that it was only the beginning of a global conflict the likes of which no one had ever seen. 

When Kotori and Katarina questioned what she was planning, she simply answered that she had no goals in mind, the only thing she wanted to do was to end everything for the sake of chaos itself as logical means had no meaning for her and her minions. She compared herself to humans who simply kill and cause upon innocent for the heck of it and she expressed how much she loves mortals because of their ability to sin like if it was more normal than breath. Tomas yelled at Ara and said she was nuts and she was going to pay for what she did to Cassie, Temivel and for everyone he loved but she simply mocked him for being a demon able to love. She ended the communication by saying she was looking forward to see them on the battlefield.

Tumblr n1eplsZ6qk1r8364lo2 500

Ara's Black Demons about to eat the generals alive

When Ara finished the conversation, she looked back at the general who beat her, tied up on the floor alongside his comrades, and kissed his forehead as her gift of farewell before snapping her fingers and sending her Black Demons to eat the generals alive and she reminded them to not leave traces behind as she don't want them to become Ghouls.

With her enemies on high alert, Ara began preparing the next phase of her plan by using Heis, who decided to betrayed the Fallen's Essence for more power from the Blackness, to use the Chronicle of Earth to stain it in black in order to stain the world in Blackness again after Tomas wiped out all malevolence of the world. She planned to attack London by sending Heis to steal the Chronicle that was being kept inside of the Palace of Buckingham; 320 years ago, a group of Protestants stole the Chronicle Book from her realm and sealed it inside of the palace in order to protect it from Ara's minions as the Chronicle Book was a dangerous unholy artifact that had the power to control the space of all planet where it's located.

Is screenshot 22

Ara's zeppelin fleet flying towards London

While the bulk of Qliphoth's forces began heading to London aboard 60 zeppelins - including her flagship, the Phenex Airship - a group of artificial vampires under the command of Mileena took control of a British aircraft carrier out at sea.

Unbeknownst to the British forces, the hijacked Eagle was both a distraction and a lure - the ultimate goal of Mileena's occupation was to trap Iscariot's most powerful warriors at sea, thus leaving them unable to stop Qliphoth's invasion of London and United Kingdom as a whole. However, instead of sending Iscariot, the Ratatoskr sent Tomas Sev to deal with them as he's able to easily defeat the minions of Ara using the power of Chronos, the God of Time that he absorbed during his battle with Travon. 


Tomas' true form

When Tomas arrived on the Eagle and slaughtered the demon crew in cold-blood, he was taken over by his demonic personality and had Mileena on his grasp. Mileena trembled in fear after she noticed his dark aura and smell was similar to Ara Astaroth's. Before she could defeat him to escape from his grasp, Tomas defeated Mileena by impaling her with his arm and drank her blood by bitting her neck while keeping her alive to make her suffer.

Ara then sent Selim Bradley to the ship by sending him via-teleport and brought with him a communicator to the ship so Ara could congratulate Mileena on a job well done. She also prevented Heis from terminating Mileena, her Archbishop of Sin, with her implanted transmitter, claiming that cremation was an unfitting end for Mileena who managed to complete her mission by offering Ara a chance to see who Tomas Sev truly was; a pure-blooded devil with the powers of the Blackness similar to Ara's. Ara then promised that they would meet again "in Valhalla", Ara led her army in saluting Mileena even as Tomas consumed her completely. Watching the triumphant half-demon cackling on her screen, Ara swore that Mileena's sacrifice would allow her to eventually to know more about Tomas in order to bring him to her side.

As the zeppelins approached London, Ara gave her troops a motivating speech extolling the glory of war and how beautiful it's. She tasked Heis with the assault on Palace of Buckingham, assigning her the zeppelin Dzoavits and about a third of her troops. Before Heis left, Ara warned her not to underestimate the Rogues, as they were "unknown variables" and far more dangerous than their appearances suggested and said to Heis to not brag herself since she only won that fight against the Rogues that happened half a year ago because they were weaker, but now, they were strong enough to take her to a real match.


Ara's minions impaling people and taking bath with their blood during the invasion to London

Once Heis had left, Ara led her Revelation of Qliphoth in a toast to their impending victory before beginning Qliphoth's attack on London with a barrage of missiles. As the modified V1s missiles ravaged London and the Cultists, Black Demons and Qliphoth troopers leapt into the city, the Ara sat back and drank in the chaos while watching her minions killing innocent people, drinking blood of virgin and eating children for the sake of war, death and chaos itself.


Big Bang destroyed during the attack

Eventually, Ara decided to get a better view of the battle, standing outside on the tip of the Phenex armored nose. During her time watching the war, Heis moved her forces to the Palace of Buckingham without Ara's permission as she was eager to settle his fight with her twin sister, Imperia Deamonne.

Heis arrives in the palace and leads a force of ghouls into the The Rogues' Headquarters within the palace to "play with them". Heis states she could easily destroy the whole United Kingdom or the Palace of Buckingham but she decided to sent her forces instead of attacking directly with all her power. Her was to assassinate her sister, Imperia Deamonne and to retrieve the Chronicle Book; but mainly to create chaos and disorder within the Rogues to remove one of their most powerful warriors.


Heis meeting Imperia face-to-face

She appeared to have succeeded in this latter mission, as during this battle, over three-quarters of the palace's army was killed or turned into ghouls themselves while the Rogues had to fight the Revelation of Qliphoth forces in other places of the city, leaving Imperia with the security of the palace. Heis was the only member of the attacking army to ever reach the high-security vault, as the rest of the ghouls were destroyed by Imperia. When Heis found the Chronicle Book on the underground vault, she was welcomed with a rain of bullets from Imperia, who was using bullets of mercury (bullets that are lethal to Black Demons) and started to fight her sister to finally settle their battle one for all.

After a terrible fight that left more than 4 kilometers of the city destroyed in a matter of 50 minutes, Heis proved to be weaker than Imperia (who trained hard for months) and was disabled by having her Black Book burned and losing her left leg. When questioned by Heis about what she was doing with Astaroth King, she reminded her that the chips in her body were still transmitting information to her commanders, including everything that was being said. She said she prefer to kill herself than letting someone so impure like Imperia to kill her, Heis then let out a smile and snapped her fingers, immediately activating Astaroth's chip and burning her body in blue flames. As a final, mixed act of death, she opened her arms like a God being crucified while laughing insanely. Heis' body then became ashes, leaving Imperia alone watching her sister committing suicide in front of her. And so, Heis is finally dead, once for all.


Shirou Kotomine, the Archbishop of Iscariot arrives in London

Minutes later, Ara received Petelgese's report about Heis' failure and death at the Palace with little surprise, commenting that she had expected the "foolish girl" to not heed her warnings as she was too narcissist and prideful. Ara then said to Petelgese they don't need the Chronicle Book anymore as she thought the World War III would simply increase its presence little by little.

Ara watched Shirou's army of Papal Knights arrive in London, bombing the city with their aircrafts and helicopters while claiming good protestants are dead protestants.

Kruel Rose arrived to beg Ara to come back inside as it was too dangerous to stay on the top of the Phenex airship; instead, Ara asked Kruel about their "special project" (regarding about Katarina's ExKrieg blood that she stolen from her when she was under the possession of Elesis Du Tirial and was the temporary leader of Millennium Syndicate). Kruel then answer that their project was going well and that with her blood, they could create a perfect copy of Katarina Couteau with genetic of Ara Astaroth, she named this clone of Katarina Couteau as Dark Couteau but she prefered to sent this special project to Hell to show to Leohart what Ara discovered on the Living World.

Expressing satisfaction with the results, Ara proceeded to broadcast an order to her troops, reminding them to put on their masks to avoid damage from the Papal Knights' ultraviolet flares and use armor to protect themselves from the silver bullets and bullets of mercury of Vatican.


An evil and brainwashed Jellal, proving he was the spy inside of Ratatoskr

When the Iscariot army began its attack, Ara remained atop her airship, gleefully "conducting" the battle below while singing Der Freischütz; watching her forces being destroyed by Iscariot's weapons. She did not flinch or pause even as the Phenex began taking fire from Iscariot's gunships, and merely posed dramatically as an assault helicopter aimed its gatling guns at her and the pilots prepared to "purge" from the world before calling her a devil who started that insane war. The chopper, however, was cut down by a brainwashed and vampirized Jellal Fernandes - now allied with Revelation of Qliphoth, leaving Ara to continue observing her war while saying to Kruel and Petelgese Jellal was the spy that she brainwashed soon after the battle of Aldegyr Kingdom put inside Ratatoskr's ranks to watch over the actions of the Rogues while leaking about their location and missions to KnightWalker Alliance (Godom EmpireKnightWalker Family, Novosic Kingdom and consequently Manufacturing Progressive Sciences) in the hope they would one day take them out for keeping Kyouhei Kannazuki as an ally.


Ara arrives on the battlefield

When Tomas (still possessed by his inner-demons) returned to London aboard the Eagle, confronting Cardinal Lucious from Iscariot and Vira from Revelation of Qliphoth between the massed armies of Revelation of Qliphoth and the Vatican, Ara declared that all the "players" were present in her "Walpurgis Night"; the final battle was about to begin in earnest as she jumped from Phenex airship and landed right in front of Tomas Sev (the enforcer of Ratatosr), Vira (the enforcer of Revelation of Qliphoth) and Cardinal Lucious (the ace warrior of Iscariot).  Covering her arrival in a city-wide cloud of fog, she walked towards the three people while the Papal Knights and Ara's minions watched her with surprises eyes. At the same time, Tomas and Lucious ignores each in favor of killing Ara Astaroth, the mastermind of that conflict. Ara then smells Tomas and said his smell is no from an ordinary Archbishop of Sin but a Pure-Blooded Devil with "Pride" as his main sin.

Tomas, however, ignores her words and Lucious and Tomas prepared to attack Ara, as she prepared to unleash her power and reveal her most devastating form. Every one of her enemies is overcome by dread as she initiates her release, sensing the horror that is to come, and they all attack her, with exception of troopers from Revelation of Qliphoth, who smiles at their leader about to show her true power; the River of Blood.


Ara's River of Blood; her familiars--all souls she devoured inside of her waves of blood

Lucious and Tomas, seeing their attacks have no effect on Ara, retreat while the Vatican soldiers and Iscariot's inquisitors continue desperately to attack her with their holy bullets. Ultimately, they are unable to harm her, and the shadow matter Ara's body was reduced to during the joint attack on her envelopes her foes like a tidal wave. As the shadow matter spreads throughout the city, human bodies begin to rise out of it, revealing that Ara's River of Blood is in fact the release of all the souls (familiars) she has devoured in corporeal form. As Vatican and GDP forces prepare for the onslaught in despair (mainly for the Iscariot, who always thought Ara was not strong as they fought with her many times on the past (while not showing her true abilities for mure fun)), Ara reveals her true form, showing her true human appearance.

59179936 p0

Ara shows her true human form

Ara then summons many historical armies she devoured through the centuries while she was on Earth; the army of Wallachiaroyal men of Persian Empireforces of Achaemenid Empire, Vikings piratesguardians of the Ancient Egyptthe French Royal Army of 1400-1800Holy soldiers of the First Crusadethe warriors of Janissariessoldiers of Ottoman Empire from WWIImperials of the Holy Roman Empire and millions of people who died at the age of World War II to World War III.

While Ara's undead familiars wash over the Iscariot's forces and the Global Pact Defense while the historical figures like Vlad Impaler and Herod the Great, now her familiars that she devoured hundreds of years ago, destroy the Vatican's air forces with Ara's black blood. However, with Ara's unleashed power, most of her troopers on the ground were destroyed on the process as she showed no care for her underlings. As Ara unleashed her Restriction System of Necromancy, Vira exulted at the "river of death" manifesting below her, sharply contrasting the horrified realization of Shiro and all members of Vatican's Holy Table who were watching the broadcast of Shiro through his helicopter.


Ara's familiars infecting the streets of London in blood and devouring all humans on their sight

Ara eventually watched her undead minions consuming all life on London until it became a lifeless city and the town that was plunged in chaos quickly became silent, despite that, her forces continued marching upon London and destroyed all life on sight, including all Papal Knights and Revelation of Qliphoth's demons that were caught on the chaos. Soon, Ara summoned Jellal beside her and forced him to go after the Rogues to put an end to them since they managed to escape from her river.

Ara then returned to her command chair within the Phenex, requesting that Petelgese make her a cup of cocoa while she watched Lucious face off with Tomas for the last time. When the remaining paladins of Iscariot arrived to support their leader, Ara commented that all of the surviving combatants in London had become one and the same; whether in the name of God (Iscariot), Satan or Ara (unholy beings) or Freedom (GDP and Ratatoskr), they were all consumed by battlelust and the desire to defeat their foes even as their allies were cut down around them, all of this because she unleashed all her souls.

Tumblr n1eplsZ6qk1r8364lo4 500

Ara's ghouls devouring her officer

As the remnants of the Revelation of Qliphoth continued to fall to the Rogues, Ara ordered the troops still aboard her zeppelin to redistribute all remaining weapons and ammo among the surviving forces, with improvised melee weaponry being issued to those who would not receive guns. One of her officers protested, declaring that he refused to let any more of his men die needlessly and asked pardon for his attitude, but Ara laughed at his "naivety" and summoned her ghouls to devour him alive while all officers of American army that joined Ara in her cause to become demons or vampires watched. After appointing a new interim commander for her dwindling forces, Ara sent Jellal into the city to stand by and wait for the outcome of Tomas's battle with Lucious.

When the former triumphed over the Iscariot paladin, Ara gave her final soldiers clearance to proceed. Jellal then killed Yuuji Kazami before engaging Tomas in battle, while Vira prevented Katarina and the others from interfering. Ara taunted the survivors of GDP and Iscariot as Ara's Phenex airship left London while saying she would meet them again one day; leaving Jellal Fernandes behind to complete his work after revealing he was the spy of Ratatoskr and cancelled her Familiars ability, forcing her familiar army to return back to her body. In addiction, remnants of Ara's army were forced to go down and fight the GDP and Ratatoskr.

B5ec136afbb81769dbb1df956a10d9389fb7d97c hq

Jellal in his subconscious

After an intense battle with Jellal, Tomas was able to defeat him and free him from his brainwash before he could become a Ghoul created by Ara. The Rogues gave Jellal a warm welcome as Jellal returned to his senses and felt sorry for what he was doing. Yet, no one dared to blame him for his crimes as Astaroth was the one controlling him.

Months later, long-term events would prove that Ara ultimately failed in taking over United Kingdom or stealing the Chronicle Book. The Qliphoth's attack on United Kingdom was eventually classified as no more than a terrorist incident despite the death toll numbering over 5 million, Many theories of conspiracy blamed the KnightWalker Family for the attacks but Eckidina KnightWalker denied all accusation of her government. As the Rogues were the last survivors of London, with all forces of Iscariot and GDP eliminated, there were no witnesses to expose the truth of the attacks. the truth a dark magic cult composed by demons attacked the country in massive scale. The cities attacked were rebuilt, with Ratatoskr, Global Pact Defense, Iscariot and United Kingdom regrouping and gradually restoring their strength.

Kruel Rose's Operation - Part 1

Tales of berseria 11 32

Ara talks with Vira and Petelgeuse

A few days later, Ara calls both Vira and Petelgeuse to her office to inform them that she has been receiving interference from an outside source, which he theorizes came from Krulcifer's survival, he failed experiments that she abandoned, Vira actually tells her that she saw Krulcifer in London when she fought the Rogues. Later, Ara said she understood and decided to leave Krulcifer alone for now and will deal with her next time they meet each other as she has knowledge of Ara's identity.

Despite, Ara also noticed another powerful demonic energy in Prime Earth but thanks to her abilitiy, When Vira questions where the demon is, she responds by raising her index finger and pointing to the sky, saying the second strongest demon in Prime Earth was on "her" way to the planet through space.

SAMPLESR5frf03 (10)

Oriax arrives in Earth

Ara then sends an entire armada against the new demon who revealed to be her former apprentice, Oriax Wheelahr but the fleet is easily destroyed and Oriax retaliates by transporting the debris simultaneously to Revelation of Qliphoth's international facilities and allied branchs. Seeing this display of power, Ara notes that she never expected the vanguard troops to defeat her, but praises this power for its excellence.

The tracking magic-satellite remaining then notes that Oriax has remained at its previous coordinates. Reading her subordiante's intentions, Ara nods her head and decide to leave the capture to Kruel Rose by starting her own operation against Oriax, but little did she know that Kruel was being manipulated by Kruel Rose. After Kruel leaves, a nearby demon questions if it is really okay to let Kruel go to outer space and do whatever she wants she is not totally reliable. Asking if her subordinate is questioning her orders, the demon quickly retracts his statement, saying that he is wondering if Kruel can still fight after finding out about that demon that managed to stop Earth's rotation. As the demon muttered in a feeble voice, Ara shrugged her shoulders and notes that this is how it should be. As she uncovers her right hand, a black levitating tome materialized with the instructions on how to capture to Oriax and discover her intentions, Ara discovered that Oriax still in her own way from the day she met her; the Eye of the Moon plan. She remarks that she expects a lot from Kruel, but for a long time, she wouldn’t want to avoid getting bathed in blood from head to toe. As she finished, Ara lets out an indifferent laugh.

Ernestfa Kühne - Anime S.1 - 7

Kruel looks at the satellite falling in Philippines

Kruel during her operation, regularly places thousands of innocents in harm's way to bring down Oriax's demon army, with notable instances involving trying to flash-freeze an entire city where Oriax's demons were in a rampage; hoping to blackout New Marais and all of its life support systems for serving Oriax's purpose; attempting to destroy the United Nations headquarters; and disabling a satellite and leaving it to crash into Philippines to bring down the Witch Cult, all in order to further her plans to assist Ara Astaroth. Though at first seeming rather professional about her crimes, Kruel decides to meet Katarina face-to-face to study her energy, she then gets interest in the girl because of her unknown energy and try to dissect her, what Ara never planned as she focused in Oriax instead of Katarina. Krue, however, failed to dissect the teen alive and kidnap the girl's best friend, Imperia Deamonne, while promising to exchange her body to study, at which point she tries to kill the girl anyway just to torture Katarina. At this point, Ara noticed that Kruel betrayed her and was on her own now, using Ara's army of servants to serve her own purpose. However, much to Vira's dismay the tyrant allowed Kruel Rose to do whatever she wants as she needs a good data of Oriax's progress and Katarina's new training.

As a final attempted atrocity, Kruel tries to obliterate Vice City in USA to show an example to Oriax even she dares to interfere in her schemes, killing its entire population plus the gathered world leaders, then blame the deaths on Ratatoskr for using powerful technology that is forbidden by United Nations by using their technology and bio-gas that are only used by Ratatoskr in order to make the laboratories of GDP knowledge them as the terrorists. Ara Astaroth, in pure pleasure of seeing her former servant in despair, she sends the location of Kruel's base to Rogues and Oriax so will be crushed by the two groups. During the battle of Kruel's station, Kruel commits suicide after she refused to die by the hands of Oriax or from the Rogues.

Tumblr odn00sjMvU1sfdtm4o1 500

Ara's shadow in a wine while she orders her forces to prepare for the attack

Much later, Ara and her forces launch an all-out assault to the secret Oriax's HQ and Ratatoskr's ground facility, having preciously discovered its location from the Grimoire Heart. Per chance, during the attack to Ratatoskr's base, she runs into Katarina and her group just as they were racing towards the Oriax in the Core Plant of the base after her Oriax and her forces were there to steal the Yggdrassil's Heart, a powerful sphere of energy that was created by the Norse God Odin to clean the world of all evil if necessary, but because of its nature, the Supreme God and Odin himself banished it. Seeing her present, Tomas and Tohka immediately powered-up and attacked the tyrant in a combo of hatred and wrath for everything she did. Tohka's attack blows away the Troll that is accompanying her, while Katarina prepares to fire the Pillar of Agony. However, Ara easily blocks the attack by summoning a book page to shield herself, with her noting that such a pathetic attack won't be able to harm her in her current state and implies that their power level is far weaker than her. Ara then powers up and show her 50%, that power literally shakes the entire Milky Way galaxy, the Rogues and even other beings in other universes felt that power and fainted on the floor in horror.


Ara intercepted Oriax

As Ara grins in a bewitching manner, she notes that this would be a perfect opportunity to test the Grimoire Heart abilities as she mocks the Rogues on the floor, having difficulties to stand. As she activates Ashufiriya ability, enormous books start emerging underneath Katarina and her group, eventually swallowing them in. As the demons around Ara asks where they had gone, she remarks that they are within a fairy tale, trapped in a fantasy. However, rather than focus on Katarina, their current target takes precedence at the moment. She smiles and states that she is looking forward to meeting her old apprentice, Oriax Wheelahr, in person.

Ara intercepts Oriaxx just as she and her minions were about to enter their emergency escape ship. When questioned by her timely arrival by her old apprentice, she admits that she had to use her own intuition since her Omniscience's information network was still scrambled by Oriax's massive power. After exchanging pleasantries with her old friend, Ara is asked if she had come to kill them. In response, she retorts that would defeat the entire purpose of not bringing Vira along. If possible, she wishes to bring both Oriax back to Revelation of Qliphoth as she is stronger now and may be useful for her. Upon hearing Oriax's refusal, she responds by summoning her Claw of Azarath and asks her old apprentice to at least entertain her.

SAMPLfrESR503 (22)

Oriax fighting Ara

The tyrant and the Hell Lord engage into a fight. Even though Oriax provokes Ara, the latter has the upper hand, and even resists Oriax's Death Blast that Ara taught to her billion years ago. Ara takes the chance to point her sword at the Yggdrasil Heart, distracting Oriax and causing her to have a wound in her belly. Ara asks her what does she think about her force now, and Oriax claims that she's more powerful, compared to what she was before in the past. Ara claims that her fight and many defeats with other Gods had make her stronger than never. Even though Oriax claims that she can win, she says that her wound will prevent her from fighting at full capacity, Ara, however, considered that a joke as Oriax obviously know her power is level is far lower than hers and that she is just trying to create an excuse to make the tyrant fear her somehow. Oriax laughed and agree with her, and said she had no chance against Ara and decided to retreat by leaving her minions fighting Ara as she teleports away.

Later, when the Rogues heard the explosions of Ara and Oriax's battle, they arrived in the hallway where Ara was surrounded by demons from Oriax's faction and decided to retreat and leave the minions to the Rogues as she leaves without being noticed as she thought it too early to reveal herself to the Rogues again.

Eye of the Moon - Part 2

5276546 (95)fr

Vira stabs Oriax

Days later after Kruel's death, Oriax is thinking about other plans to start the Eye of the Moon plan, but Vira and other Black Demons find her. They engage into a fight. After Oriax uses Stone Pit several times on the Black Deons, they end up becoming stones. Vira decides that she can't waste any more time and attacks Oriax with her blade, causing her to release her powers, and the Black Demons go back to normal. When Vira is about to cut off Oriax's limbs, Oriax activates the Yggdrassil Heart with her energy and finally notices all it takes to activate the Artifact of the Past is the interaction of the artifact with an energy.

With the moon nearing the optimal position to perform the Eye of the Moon, Oriax begins making final preparations, Vira and the Revelation of Qliphoth decides to retreat as the Rogues and Witch Cult arrives. She traps the heroes in a barrier and creates an enormous tree with four flowers, each flower charging a Energy Dream ball. The balls are fired at the Ratatoskr forces but Katarina and Jellal teleport everyone to safety. After repelling the two's sen ability-fueled counterattack, Oriax summons the tree form of the Odin's Yggdrassil tree and has it absorb the soul of other universes of 0th Multi-Universe, taking their core's energy and killing many planets with all its population. Oriax uses this rising death toll to shatter the determination of the Ratatoskr, offering them mercy if they stop fighting and allow themselves to enter the infinite dream. Katarina is nearly shattered, but is galvanised by Imperia's refusal to surrender and she rallies the Ratatoskr forces.

The Rogues and Witch Cult join forces, combining their own abilities against Oriax to increasingly greater effect. Oriax, who is fighting both the faction by controlling the tree and Katarina and Imperia personally, becomes frustrated with their continued attacks and Katarina's denial of her way of thinking. Oriax forms the Sword of Hachiman, intending to use it to strike all of them down for good. Imperia and Katarina realise they will only have a small window to defeat Oriax so they enlist the aid of their friends to help them with a combined attack against Oriax.

TumblrFR os1iirNwBq1tbjptoo1 1280

Ara steals the Yggdrasil Heart

They successfully overwhelm Oriax and she begins to lose control of the Odin's energy, giving the Ratatoskr a chance to pull it from her body. During this time, Katarina enters Oriax's consciousness through their linked energy and begins to reason with her. Though she tries to resist the pull of both Katarina's words and the Ratatoskr's grip on her energy, the energy of the Odin's Yddgrassil is removed from her and she falls to the ground, her power and transformation gone and her battle lost. After Oriax shows regret for everything she did after a long talk with Katarina about morality and that people has ability to find peace and love without causing war and creating a false reality. During this time, Ara herself appeared without warning and impales Oriax in her heart, removing Odin's Yggdrassil Heart from her body and rise on the skies as the Ratatoskr and Rogues watchs in horror. At that point Oriax falls dead to the floor as Ara mocks her and the Rogues before taking her leave, but not before Tomas and Azul tries to attack her only to be threw away by Ara's massive power. Ara then teleports away, leaving Oriax to die as the Rogues find a way to revive Oriax as Katarina begged them to revive her.

Tenguu Festival

Spoilers from future episodes!!!

Meeting Katarina and Imperia


Ara meets Katarina for the first time

5 months later after the destruction of Mafusa Gang, Tenguu City celebrated their defeat by creating a new festival that would remember the day that their worst enemies were arrested by justice. Imperia, Rentaro and Katarina went to the festival to see what they planned to do in this festival.

Imperia and Katarina did many fun memories in this festival, this moment also served as the best day to develop her relationship with Rentaro, which Imperia already knew about Rentaro's feelings towards Katarina. When Rentaro said that he was going to sent his dog to petshop, Katarina said she would go with him. 

Hours later, they were having dinner when Ara Astaroth suddenly appeared Rentaro's back and waved at Katarina. She approached their desk like a happy-person kissing Katarina's face many times like a child saying she was so glad to see her in person. She then said about a false version of her history, saying that she was a close friend of Haruko Couteau, Katarina's adoptive mother. During this time, she avoided Rentaro's dog at her best because of her allergies. She then asks Katarina to go out with her to show her new doors of life, like getting her a job in another country, where her strength can serve something better than fighting gangster but suddenly Imperia appears behind Ara's back and yelled at her saying Katarina is not a tool but a friend. Yet, Ara did not give up and tried to bargain Katarina with money, only to have Imperia enraged and tried to slap her, but Ara held her hand saying that she was ignorant just like her mother, Lusamine. Imperia asks how she knows who is her true mother but Ara then left with a sophisticated smile, saying that they met each other another day.

Later, Ara is seen talking with Idea of Evil on the top of a building on the nightsky. She said that she was interested in a woman that had the power of an extinct race, which turned out to be Katarina Couteau. Idea of Evil than says to Ara that she is free do whatever she wants but she cannot let her emotions enter in the way of their plans. Ara then looks below and see a woman carrying her infant, trying to hide her baby from Ara in despair. She then says that she never get tired of this as a loud scream of the woman and the baby could be heard as the moon covered the sky.

Ratatoskr Discover Ara's Unknown Cult

Attack to Fraxinus!


Klaus Braunchsweig arrives in Barcelona

Days after the end of the end Tenguu Festival, Kotori Itsuka received dozens of case of vampires happening in Spain; where teenage vampires were wrecking havoc countless states of the country by killing families at their homes at night and using their blood to write profane texts of anti-Protestantism; Kyouhei assumed they were no true vampires like the ones that attacked London but "fake" ones as they were humans before and have not the same abilities of vampires from Revelation of Qliphoth.

Luckily, Global Pact Defense managed to keep the case in secret of society and sent Katarina and Imperia to investigate the case while Fraxinus moved from Japan to Spain. Upon arriving in a house where a couple of vampires had already killed all family, Katarina slaughtered them all with brutality, leaving Imperia worried with her sanity. However, when they saw one of the vampires smilling, they interrogate him and said they fell on their trap.

At the same time, Ara had sent two of her most trusted minions, Klaus Braunchsweig (the bastard brother of Chinatsu) and Typhon (the Witch of Pride) to Barcelona to "visit" Fraxinus with their forces for what the Rogues did on London. Ara gave them a small squad of 300 armed and trained ghouls to Klaus and Typhon to invade Fraxinus and kill their leaders, especially a few warriors of the Rogues if possible.


Typhon staring at Fraxinus on the ground

Klaus and Typhon, with a giant armored car, drove through Fraxinus's doors, which was on the ground at that time and started an official attack to the ship, the very center of Ratatoskr. The forces of Leohart's Cult engaged the security forces of Ratatoskr in a brutal and bloody battle that resulted in all members of the security being devoured by the ghouls and turning zombies themselves. Typhon and Klaus divided in groups; while Typhon commanded the invasion forces towards the bridge to kill Kotori Itsuka, Kyouhei and its crew members, Klaus went to the hangars to kill the officers of the ship and fight Tomas Sev, who proved to be a threat to Ara's plans thanks to his unknown power to control the Blackness.

When Typhon arrived on the room of communications, she immediately killed all men and gave them as food for her ghouls. Typhon then contacted the bridge and allowed Kotori to hear the sounds of her ghouls devouring her underlings and taunted her saying she was going to become ration for worms. 

When Klaus started to fight Tomas on the hangar of the ship, whom was already waiting for him, things started to go wrong as the former proved to be too strong for Klaus and had to retreat. Typhon appeared to have succeeded in this latter mission, as during this battle, over three-quarters of the Fraxinus' army was killed or turned into ghouls themselves. Typhon was the only member of the attacking army to ever reach the high-security meeting, as the rest of the ghouls were destroyed by Kyouhei. There, Kotori and the crew member sof 12 congratulated her, before opening fire and riddling her with bullets.


Ara's Blackness in front of Kotori

However, Typhon was not dead and refused to retreat. She then summoned all officers of Ratatoskr that became Ghouls and forced Kyouhei to fight them; his friends that became undead. Typhon, however, is interrupted when Ara's Blackness appears and informs her the attack is over as they were planning somethig even bigger. Typhon retreats, leaving Ara in front of Kotori saying their efforts to stop are useless as the Blackness is stronger and that Earth will fall like all millions of universes she had conquered through the millenia. Ara leaves and leaves the last remnants of Ratatoskr kills their former friends, much to Kotori's sorrow.

When Katarina and Imperia arrived, they found Fraxinus burning and completely destroyed inside. The crew then leaves from the ship and watches Fraxinus explode on distance. At the time that Shigure and her team had return from their investigation, they found Fraxinus burning with all their memories with it.

Invasion of Argentina


Ara's demons attacking towns randomly across the globe

Prior to the attack, the skies of Pacific had enmeshed GDP and Revelation of Qliphoth warships in vast battles in the skies of the the Pacific and Atlantic ocea. As a result of this, most of the GDP's forces were locked up in battles far away from the neutral countries, giving the Revelation of Qliphoth an opportunity to deal a mighty blow to the bases of Stabilization Union in Argentina, a country located right beside Brazil, the first nation to fall before Ara's army. Ara planned to extend her territories by sending another army from Prime Earth to Argentina and later conquer all of South America and later other countries. Vira suggested Ara to sent half of her forces to Earth so they would easily conquer the planet in a matter of days yet Ara denied and said the chaos resulted by the conflict is more interesting than just conquering without fun.  However, after a few days, Ara changed her mind and said she was going to take down the universe where they were by bringing a small piece of fragment of Qliphoth tree into the real world to consume all atoms and corrupt it with the Blackness, quickly corrupting all creation of the universe where the Prime Earth is located.
Uro neko chan

The invasion starts

Ara and her forces managed to reach Argentina with a massive fleet and proceeded to attack the Stabilization Union Navy vessels defending the country. Ara let Vira in the command of the fleet and ordered her to defeat every single ship of SU while she went to the ground battle and prepared to summon the Qliphoth tree in Argentina to corrupt all creation. Using the chaos, Ara slipped onto the country surface of Buenos Aires and proceeded to unleash all her familiars to devour all population in sight, killing 10 million people at the same time and started to eat their life essence. 

Ara timed the strike to coincide with GDP's address. Thousands of delegates, including Sephiria and her Vice-President, Raphael Drake, who would otherwise not have been in Argentina, remained countryside for post-speech celebrations, and would be there when the Qliphoth struck. The zeppelins of Ara managed to jump right on top of the SU Home Fleet, catching them completely by surprise. Most of the SU ships, caught off-guard with their shields down, were destroyed instantly, but at least a thousand Destroyers remained intact and functional. Using a jamming signal, the Revelation of Qliphoth managed to disrupt all transmissions throughout the country.

The Baphomet Festival

64873807 p3 master1200

Ara appears before the Rogues for the first time

As the war raged on in Buenos Aires, Ara and her cultists prepared to summon Qliphoth in the Black Tower until Tomas Sev himself arrived alongside the Rogues, heavily injured. When Ara saw them on the darkness and slowly walked towards them with a menacing aura before stumbling on the stairs and falling to the floor, hitting her face. The Rogues, as expected didn't take her seriously and said Ara to show them the true Astaroth King behind all cruelty of Leohart's Cult, but instead of answering them, Ara teleported behind Imperia and slapped Atala and Imperia, sending them 30 kilometers away from the tower. After witnessing her power, the Rogues took distance but were quickly defeated one by one without even counter-attacking.

As the battle continued, with Ara making jokes about the Rogues' force and team work before killing Gaius Phoenix by impaling him with her claw. Ara then proceeded to torture Isis by strangling her with her claws in front of Lucas, whom she discovered to be her crush, however, Tomas managed to attack by surprise and gives Ara a punch in her face, making her fly away. After Nu Wa and Tohka arrives, they are both shocked to see Ara's demonic power that goes beyond imagination, she tries to attack him with her withFleuve d'étoiles, though Ara, reminding her of her Curse, merely blows the whip up. Ignoring the God's questions Ara continuously attacks Nu Wa with her blackness, knocking her into a pool of water. However, much to her surprise, an already exhausted Tohka uses the water to summon Sandalphon, collapsing as the third Angel appears to face Ara in her place.

Surprised at the appearance of the water Angel, Ara is caught up in a whirlpool as Sandalphon launches her assault. As she is sent flying backwards, Vira, who was fighting Tomas, advances on Sandalphon, slashing her open as Ara decides to attack Katarina and Tomas instead, blasting the two warriors away. With the Rogues gone and Sandalphon injured, Nu Wa and Tohka lies helpless on the ground, prompting Ara and Vira to approach and begin torturing her. Setting off a small explosion on Tohka's leg and threatening Katrarina when she tries to get them to stop, Ara becomes annoyed with one of her cultists' ecstatic ravings and decides to blow him up as well.

The CS World King

The Celestial Spirit King

With Tohka now left just for her, Ara prepares to torture her further, though, just before she can, she is caught by a wave once more as Sandalphon once again comes to her aid her owner. Cursing the Angel's water, Ara tries to make her way back to the duo to attack once more, angrily blowing things up around her as Tohka smashes Sandalphon' key to summon the The Great Spirit King. With Sandalphon' water disappearing after her key is broken, Ara makes a run for Tohka, but is flung backwards when the Celestial Spirit King appears and uses his sword to slice through Ara's Black Tower. Shocked as the building begins to crumble around them, Ara questions what Tohka managed to do, cursing her once more.

Ara expresses her surprise that someone was able to summon the Celestial Spirit King and then start to talk with the Spirit King, who calls her to be the same insane woman that she always was. Ara then explains that he's witnessing the birth of a new era as she power-up even further, showing a power that made all Milky Way galaxy shook in a spacequake. The Celestial Spirit King then asks about their motive and Ara reveals to him that they are trying to bring the Qliphoth tree to the Living World so it can interfere in the laws of the existence to bring about the Apocalypse. The Celestial Spirit King then questions if this is the reason for Tohkas wounds and sorrow, and when Ara confirms it, she is attacked by the spirit's sword. Ara envelops herself in a sphere of Curse Power and strikes the Celestial Spirit King, however, the latter counters it with ease. Wasting no time, Ara summons thorns to pierce through the spirit's body, claiming this to be the end, but the Celestial Spirit King cuts through them and replies with an attack of his own: Meteor Blade. The technique causes great destruction and cuts the Earth in two, although it misses its target, Ara, who commends the king for his efforts. Ara and the Celestial Spirit King continue clashing as the latter lends Sandalphon's power to Tohka Yatogami.

52r (25)

Vira fighting the Rogues

While Ara and the Great Spirit fought, Vira was taking the remnants members of the Rogues alone, forcing Atala and Lucas to fall before her immense power. Ara and the Celestial Spirit King continue the battle, with the former noting that the latter is becoming slower. Ara attacks with her Curse one more time, claiming that this is the end, however, the Celestial Spirit King defends himself and proceeds casting Galaxia Blade. While shielding herself, Ara smirks, asking whether the Celestial Spirit King is willing to sacrifice Tohka, however, it soon turns out that this spell instead cancelled Ara's Alegria, the magic that was about to bring the Qliphoth tree to the Living World. As the Celestial Spirit King begins vanishing, Ara starts turning into stone. As she gives a warning that the malice for humankind won't be forgotten, Ara ends up being fully petrified. 

Having been completely freed from her petrification, Ara walks back into the ruined Black Tower that was destroyed by the Spirit King, stumbling across Katarina and Krulcifer just as the former has seemingly ruined the latter's resolve to fight. Hearing them speak about life and death, Ara interrupts, calling the two women garbage and vowing to clean them out. She blasts Katarina away seconds later, and, after flinging Krulcifer into the air with her Curse, moves to blow her up as well; however, the woman is saved from her attack by Cole and Natsumi, who arrive just in time to protect her.

Tumblr owcla1jMFI1uuj0sno1 r1 540

Ara about to send the Rogues to the future

As Natsumi proceeded to heal the injured, Cole and Ara start their fight in the ground after powering up and then power up again during close combat but Ara quickly defeated Cole as he was not match for her immense power that could make Earth turn into dust and attacks Natsumi with a blast while she is healing Imperia, however, Cole manages to create a barrier of shock, stopping the blast. Then they resume their fight and they take it all the way above the clouds. Ara told Cole she attacked his friends so she can fight Cole at his angriest but Cole refuses. After being beat around, Cole fires a Golden Ball at Ara and she uses a normal energy blast to collide, causing an explosion. After a energy blast barrage conflict, Tomas and the others Rogues managed to recover thanks to Natsumi's magic which impresses Ara and she questions Tomas' loyalty to her as he is a Black Demon just like her. The Rogues then attacks Ara together in a final and deadly attack to defeat her. Instead of dodging, Ara summons a portal in front of her and forces the Rogues to enter on it.

It's later revealed that she sent them to future as she laughs insanely saying they were now on the future known as Ara Astaroth. The remnants members of the Ratatoskr and other heroes that were fighting Ara saw the Rogues disappearing on the future in shock as Ara turned her attention for her last enemies in front of her.

LOTM: Los Reina de Corazones

Bad Ending

Tohka enraged

Tohka enraged

Seconds later after Ara sent the Rogues to the future, the future where she ruled, she says to Witch Cult and Arms Division that the Core of the Qliphoth possesses a will of its own and she only became aware of this after sending the Rogues to the future while showing eating a apple, leaving Katya and Kotori burning in rage. To show how proud she was, Ara started used a dark magic that dragged all blood from Argentina (all people killed during her attack) and created a river of blood that was going towards her; consuming the souls of millions.


Ara is attacked by Katya while killing Tohka

As Ara prepared to finish her last enemies with fury, Tohka with the support of Gaius Phoenix and Katya, prepared to fight Ara as they are now her last enemies standing in front of her. At this point, everyone lost their faith and prepared to die and simply admited Ara was too strong and was above their dimensions yet in a furious attack, Tohka, Gaius and Katya attacked Ara in a deadly combo that resulted in the destruction of 4 kilometers of the town only to see that Ara was not affected at all and the devil lady charged at Tohka and forced her head against the floor in order to crush her skull but Katya managed to find a chance to attack Ara with a divine spell to stop her moves and threw a spear of white energy at her back but Ara simply removed the spear and said such low-spell will never hurt her. In addition, she mentions that mortals cannot hurt her, only deities and devilish entities.

Tumblrfo7pydnS3Ha1sfdtm4o1 1280

Ara chops Katya's head off

Ara then proceeded to crush Tohka's skull while Katya and Gaius could do nothing but watch Tohka screaming her pain. When Ara killed Tohka in cold-blood, she proceeded to taunt the Arms Division, Ratatoskr,kthe remnants members of the Rogues and the Witch Cult for being weak and cut Katya's head off before killing the weakned heroes one by one in sadism and cruelty. The last person to die by her hands was Kotori Itsuka, who had her guts ripped off and accepted her fate instead of crying but vowed that she will one day pay for her crimes in the most painful way but Ara laughed and killed her without thinking twice.


A girl pissing in her panties after witnessing Ara killing the Rogues, Arms Division and Witch Cult

Afterwards, Ara seated in the debris with a smile, happy to see all her enemies were now dead as she started to drink Kyouhei's blood. However, much to her surprise, she heard a child behind her, shocked to see Ara's cruelty and homicidal tendencies. Ara walked towards her with a rape smile and summoned her Trolls, making them to rape the small girl to death as Vira and all Ara's minions arrived and bowed before saying all her obstacles were wiped out. In happiness while listening to the girl's scream, Ara claimed the day of her rise to power had started and ordered all her minions to stay in their posts as she and Vira were about to finish the first step of her master plan.

Minutes later, Maria and Sephiria immediately went towards the scene via-teleport and saw bloodsheding corpses of Kotori ItsukaShigure Yukimi, Kyouhei Kannazuki, Krulcifer, Kruls Valner, Isis Maxwell, Yuuji Kazami, Saeko Busujima, Shido Itsuka, Maeve, Katya, Gaius Phoenix, Tohka Yatogami and many more allies of the Rogues lying on the ground. Seeing their brutal death, Maria's sanity started to slip.

In desperation, Maria found no trace of Katarina, Lucas Kellan, Tomas Sev, Azul Jissele, Atala Arck and Imperia Deamonne or any other people from the Rogues, but that only made her more and more desperate. Seeing the loss of those whom she considered as family, Maria knelt on the ground and started to cry in agony. She then realized it was Ara's fault. Cursing Ara in her mind, Maria ordered her minions to hunt down Ara and Leohart's Cult, but soon she noticed that all the surroundings beside her were swallowed in flames and destruction. Maria turned around and saw Ara and her minions waiting for her. Enraged, Maria declared war on Ara before starting an attack against the Astaroth King even if that meant to make Ara to go down with herself.

IMG 7624

Ara held Maria as hostage in front of Catholic Rebels

The fight exploded as Leohart's Cult instigated their ambush against the Catholic Rebels. Maria chose Ara as her priority target, and the two fought against each other. Maria claimed that she was once a member of the Mafusa Gang and angrily cursed Ara for ruining her life. She then asked whatever she did to the Rogues. Gleefully calling Maria as a petty traitor, Ara claimed that she sent them to a future ruled by her in order to kill them, and considering they hadn't returned yet, Ara assumed that they had been killed in Astaroth Hell, the omniverse and the existence where she ruled with iron fist. Infuriated, Maria's wrath blinded her judgement and attacked Ara furiously, claiming to avenge everyone the demon lady took from her, but Ara had subdued Maria while claiming that Katarina was her dessert and Maria will be the lunch. Then, she made Maria her hostage in front of the Catholic Rebels and Peace Foundation warriors. 


Magilou attacked Ara and saved Maria.

Fortunately, this did not last long. Maria was saved when Magilou appared behind Ara and sneak attacked Ara with a large paper fan. Maria seized the chance and raised her sword, trying to finish Ara off. However, this was interrupted when Vira and Kruel Rose appared behind Maria. Magilou saw the two and was infuriated since they were people who influenced her evil past, but Maria showed some sympathies to Vira for the latter was once Eugen Katsuragi. Trying to tell "Eugen" to save her sister, Maria went to Vira in order to persuade her, only resulted in a stab in her chest. Vira claimed that the good Eugen had perished and that she was Vira forever with no return to her old-self. Before Vira could finish off Maria in front of everyone, Matt saved Maria from Vira by blocking Vira's attack with his sword. Magilou and Vento covered Maria to retreat so that she could have time to regenerate herself.

However, as more of the Black Army started to emerge after being summoned by Ara, the situation was worsen. Maria and Sephiria were shocked to find that they were surrounded from all sides. The only chance of escape had became void. Maria then claimed that she will take the mantle of all of those deceased martyrs, claiming that even if they fell, she was still standing there and will take their sword and cleanse the world from Qliphoth.


Magilou was confronted by Vira and Kruel

As the battle fully broke out between the Catholic Rebels and Leohart's Cult, Maria found herself and all of her allies in grave danger when Ara started to attack Maria and her allies with all her might. Acqua and Vento immediately drew Ara's attentions from her enemies before the Catholic Rebels, Chronos Empire's Magicians and Peace Foundation's troops started to bomb Ara with missiles, gun shots, explosives and deadly spells, wanting to make her pay for what she did to those who she killed. However, much to their horror, Ara was still left standing tall with no injury at all. Vento and Acqua then tried to finish Ara, but then Lust appaered alongside Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti and fought against Acqua, Vento and Tres Iqus. The battle between these people had resulted in a tie as their combined power matched with each other equally.

Magilou sacrifised herself to save Maria

In the meantime, with a devious grin, Ara spotted Magilou as the Catholic Rebels began to find a chance so that they can retreat, right before teasing her with the death of her parents and all of her best friends (including Karma Maxwell), while praising Vira and Kruel for doing the right thing. Maria and Matt did not know about this detail and were visibly shocked. Magilou was infuriated and tried to kill Ara, but Sumireko Hanabusa blocked her way and pulled her back. However, Ara did not stop teasing Maria and claimed that she will restart the tragedy upon Arzonia Family and claimed the different time points in history will have several stunning similarities.

Before Ara could finish, a furious Magilou pushed away Sumireko and attacked Ara, but that was what Ara wanted as she attacked Magilou, making her badly injured. Maria was shocked and tried to get to Magilou, but Vira attacked Maria and slashed her on the ground. Vira scoffed at Maria for her so-called purity and claimed the world had no heroes. Monsters shall win in the very end. Before trying to impale a mentally painful Maria, Magilou stood between Vira and Maria, blocking Vira's attack. With no mercy, Vira ultimately impaled Magilou in front of Maria and her allies so that she would make Maria a victim to this.

Sem 9h9o

Magilou is impaled by Vira

Yelling Vira to stop, Maria could do nothing but watched as Vira impaled Magilou. Vira claimed that it will be a victory to kill a top executive from Arzonia's Family, and then she will kill Maria as well. Matt was shocked and furious by the attack. He leaped towards Vira and clashed with her, accompanied by Toshiro Hitsugaya and Abel Nightroad, while Maria was still hugging an injured Magilou with tears in her eyes. Maria tearfully called Magilou as a liar, since the latter promised that she will never ever die, but Magilou claimed that she never determined to live forever and for the sake of her family, she had to sacrifise her life.

In despair, Maria immediately called a doctor for help, and the doctor checked Magilou's injury. He was shocked that Magilou's organs were corrupted by the Blackness and was beyond repair. Maria desperately tried to save Magilou from the attack of Vira with her healing magic, but it never worked. She could only end the life of Magilou herself so that the Blackness will not consume her and turn her into a monster.

Maria realized this in horror. She then tearfully apologized to Magilou for being a weak and worthless sister, but Magilou smiled at Maria, saying it was fine that Maria was the one who gave her warmth and called her a family after Vira killed Karma and her friends in front of her. Magilou then asked Maria to burn her so that her soul would be freed, before showing her gratitude to the entire Catholic Rebels who treated her as a family and gave her comfort. With tears and remorse, Maria had to burn down the body of Magilou alive before yelling in pain and agony.

Engulfed in flames with no regrets, Magilou passed away with a smile on her face, and all of her friends who watched the scene shedded tears in pain. Sephiria attempted to finish Vira off, but Lucy Sheev KnightWalker pushed her away in order to protect her from losing her life.

61358306 p0

Vira, turning into her psychopathic side mocked Maria with the death of Magilou

Watching the time of Magilou's death, Vira stood beside Ara and mocked Magilou as an insect, in a similar manner that Aki Honda killed the original Eugen Katsuragi. Maria was infuriated before charging at Vira, finally disregarding Vira as Eugen, but Vento of the Front stood in front of Maria and claimed that she will fight Vira on behalf of Maria so that they would have time to escape. Vento used her wind magic to blow Maria and all her comrades to safety, while she fought against the Leohart's Cult alone. In order to find a chance for the retreat of her family, Vento engaged Vira in a bloodsheding fight as her first priorty.

In determination to sacrifice herself so that Maria could escape, Vento then slashed the ground between her and her comrades, causing a large cliff on the ground. Deep inside, there was a river of flowing lava underneath it, and several minor cultists fell into the ground, perished into the lava. Vento prevented Maria and others from reaching towards her so that they won't suffer more loss fighting against Ara. Then, Vento gained upper hand and beat Vira, but Vira began to fight back and slashed Vento's face, causing her having a large scar on her face. Maria watched as her godmother fought against Ara's minions, as Matt, Tres and Acqua urged Maria to leave.


Michael controlled the Fake Vento to attack the real Vento

In desperation, Maria refused to leave. Trying to reach Vento to help her, Maria could not help herself from walking towards Vento, but she had her angelic wings being shot by someone all of a sudden. Maria could no longer fly towards the other side. She looked at the place far, far away before seeing Michael Langdon standing not far away, alongside Carissa and the other members of Langdon Orphans. Beside Michael, stood an emotionless doppelganger of Vento herself. Looking at the battlefield, Michael grinned as he saw a chance to crush Catholic Rebels as soon as he knew about Ratatoskr's downfall.

Michael then binded the Fake Vento with chains, controlling "her" as his puppet, and make "her" reached towards the real Vento. Exausted from attacking Vira and Kruel, Vento had to defend herself from her doppelganger, who attacked her in another fight. Matt tried to slash another strike towards Michael from far away, but Petros Orsini blocked Matt's attack and protected Michael. Michael then used the Fake Vento to fire gunshot at the real Vento, as the latter was trying to attack the doppelganger. A thousand shot of dark magic arrows was fired via using deadly spells, right pierced through the heart of Vento.


Michael gloated on the death of Vento

Due to being gravely injured and exhausted, Maria and the others could only watch as Michael used the fake Vento to kill the real Vento. However, despite being gravely injured, the real Vento used the last of her strength and sliced her doppelganger in half, destroying it. Then, with a smile on her face, Vento collapsed on the ground and died as well. Seeing Vento's death, Michael and most of the Langdon Orphans (except Kouko who is sociopathic herself and is hard to feel emotions) let out an insane laughter all together, while Maria covered her face in horror. The first people who showed care and love to Maria had perished right in front of her.

However, instead of pursuing the remnants of Arzonia Family, Michael then ordered the retreat of his forces, much to the others' confusion. Michael only chuckled as he claimed the later story will become more interesting as long as they keep their enemies alive for a period of time. With his minions retreated, Michael made a gratituous smile and blinked to Ara before he went away. Michael was hinting that he had intentions of working with Ara, and Ara realized that very soon. Ara then raised her hand and called her army to retreat as well, leaving Maria and her army silently watched the battlefield post-war.

Ara in Vatican

IMG 7501

Michael greeted Ara

Days later, Maria Arzonia received news from Cardinal Sforza, who went into a secret actions. It was the news from the City of Vatican that Pope Michael Langdon announced to the world that Cardinal Franchesco Di Medici had died of heart-attack, and he had ordered Neo-Inquisition to be take over by the Mother Superior of the Church.

Maria and others were surprised to hear this, and Sforza soon unexpectedly discovered that the Mother Superior was none other than Melancholia, though none of the Catholic Rebel members were convinced that the one who they defeated almost half year ago, the woman named Melancholia, had came back to life and returned back to her position.

Jeanne alter and ruler fate grand order and fate series drawn by toshi 1 147 7f86527d9120976ed8897d3131f23a2c

Melancholia the former Superior Mother

Based on what Michael behaved before he retreated, Maria and Matt soon deduced that the current Mother Superior of the Fallen Roman Catholic Church was none other than Ara herself, who had disguised as Melancholia and acted on her position. Maria did not understand why Michael would work with Ara, but she soon realized that it was a plan to make the world being conquered by demons. Even the Church itself did not serve as a valuable thing for Michael other than a tool for his rise to power.

Maria then used her spiritual ability to look into Vatican finding Michael inside a secret chamber discussing with "Melancholia", who was soon revealed to be Ara, much to Maria's horror. Michael claimed that he had give in a chance to serve The Fallen's Essence because Ara and him shared a common goal. Working together will make everything progressed. Michael then revealed that he tracked down the Rogues very briefly before he arrived in Argentina, saying that he could not sense his futuristic self in that dark future. Alerted, Ara questioned that if Michael was about to stop her, but Michael immediately revealed that it was exactly the contrary. Michael wanted to help Ara and join her force so that the pace towards Astaroth Future shall be going on more smoothly.

Satisfied, Ara then asked Michael if he had any plan in his mind. Claiming that Carissa would become his tool for destruction, Michael replied that he would make the entire United Kingdom fall under the rule of Qliphoth. Since Ara destroyed the Witch Cult, Arms Divion and Ratatoskr, which benefit Michael's atrocity, Michael shall return the favor to eliminate any supporters of La Nueva Familia de Arzonia in progress.

Inside her room, Maria was shocked by the news and almost fell from her chair in horror. Her vision proved her greatest fear deep inside her heart, and she realized that she had to do something to stop Michael and Ara. Maria, Matt and others immediately went to English Channel and encountered Carissa's fleet.

Battle of English Channel

Sumireko's Death

Fall of London

Villian's Death

Downfall of Britain

Iscariot Section XIII

Rise of Astaroth Empire

End of World War III

Original drawn by mia gute nacht 07 sample-985dee8ff6569d075a6d84a0a0e6c5aa

Ara disguised as Tom Bucky's sloppy secretary

Following the last months of the war, Ara ordered Eckidina to prepare a KnightWalker in the Atlantic Ocean with a fleet of 600 battle cruisers filled with nuclear bombs. Ara then ordered the president of USA, Tom Bucky, his withdrawal from United States. The Stabilization Union leaders and their aides had holed themselves up in their heavily defended redoubt on Canada and waited for further instructions from Ara Astaroth as they sealed a pact with her in secret ot the government.

To pacify them until the blade fell, Ara offered soothing words and the implication of a handsome reward. Ara then ordered Vira to come to her office and ordered her to finish off Tom Bucky and his allies as they were no longer useful and will be a danger to her plans if Tom Bucky and the rest of the SU leaders still alive. But as always, the SU needed further reinforcement. While disguised as Tom Bucky's secretary in North America in the Senate holding office, she noted an incoming message from Canada. Initially she wondered if something had gone wrong; she had not expected a transmission from there yet. When she pressed the response button, and an image of Tom Bucky, with the rest of the SU Council behind him, appeared on the projector built into her desk, Ara realized that Vira simply had not reached them yet.

Ara endured Tom making yet another report—the last, she hoped—about how the plan was proceeding. Ara answered almost by rote, congratulating the Tom, and promising her apprentice (Vira) to "take care of them," hiding the euphemism in her words. Tom was pleased by the ambiguity in her words. Vira would not exactly be presenting them with cases filled with credits; she had a better reward in mind. Ara had reached for the controls to end the transmission, but thought better of it and surreptitiously kept the channel to Canada's Secret SU Base open, to observe the carnage as it happened. Vira soon arrived. Equipped with the installation's deactivation codes by Ara, her fighter landed without its automated defenses even noticing.

5276546 (fef

Vira slaughtering the SU Leaders

From her desk, Ara was excited to see the Council members turn to face Vira as she arrived, offering her a fawning welcome. V was Vira utside the range of the hologram pickup, but the expressions of the SU leaders, changing from surprise to bewilderment and finally to fear, were clearly visible. Then, Vira's red blade flashed through the pickup field, and parts of Tom Bucky and the president of Ukraine were sent aloft. She saw the rest of the Council rouse themselves and desperately try to run, screaming, until the transmission cut off from their end.

Ara then contacted Vira after she destroyed all SU leaders and gave new instructions to Vira, telling her to deactivate the SU drone army to stop all mechanical forces of Stabilization Union, hoping to make 70% of SU's military across the globe useless. Vira did as instructed, and a coded signal was sent out over every military base repeater in the world. When received, every drone simply turned itself off. The manufactured threat of the Stabilization Union created by Sephirah Gastronomics, having served its purpose, was deactivated, and the World War III, the most destructive conflict in the mankind's history, had ended.


Ara at the night of World War's New Order

It remained only for Ara to win the KnightWalker Alliance's support, so she called for a special session to inform them of the "Rise of a new era." For the sake of her audience, Ara informed that Tom Bucky and the world's leaders committed mass-suicide in Canada and got rid of all proves by burning their bodies. She could have appeared in her usual black robes and hood, but for this triumphant day, something more eye-catching was needed. She a beautiful black dress to remark how beautiful the new era was going to be. As a coronation robe, it sufficed. She also donned it despite it containing several satanic symbols as she knew full well that none in the rotunda would ever recognize them.

The Senators were informed of the Tom Bucky's plan not just to kill her, but to overthrow the Stabilization Union as well, she confirmed Tom Bucky was planning to a invasion to all countries of SU alliance to complete the plan of unification of the world. As evidence, they heard recordings from her private office, and the voice of the late Ara accusing Tom Bucky (which was obviously a montage), in whom the world had placed its trust, of being a demon after she "discovered" he was planning to backstab all allied nations once the KnightWalker Alliance was defeated. And while the emphasis was always on the "treacherous plot against the Stabilization Union," never did Ara deny the accusation. Instead, she blamed United States' imperialism for everything she or the Fallen's Essence had done for the past three decades: they had manipulated the world into a war by creating a scenary where KnightWalker Family would attack Japan to have a reason to go to war, just like how USA did in World War II by manipulating Japan into attacking a USA's ally to join the World War II. Through their "puppet" Senators (conveniently, all members of the opposition), they were blamed for fostering corruption in the government to undermine the United States. Through Eckidina, they were blamed for manufacturing the KnightWalker Family movement to push the America into war. Through Lusamine, they were blamed for commissioning KnightWalker's drone army and Aldegyr Kingdom's high technologies. Between these two proxies and the armies they commanded, she insisted, Tom Bucky and his manipulative party had presided over a sham war, all to weaken the Stabilization Union so that the Council could take power openly.

50df0887 image killzone shadow fall-22862-2660 0005

Ara's shock troopers protecting her during the speech

Thus she played on the long-accumulating mistrust and resentment of America's former government, much of which she had fostered, to confirm what for some had become a firm conviction: that the war was nothing more than a Tom Bucky's plot. In the face of anti-Capitalist biases, it was easy for Ara to depict the shutdown Tom Bucky's imperialist droid army as a just and necessary measure to stop the war in its course. Those who knew Tom Bucky in a better and clearer light and could have defended them (although he was far from being a saint himself), including much of the Senate opposition, were in no position to argue; the mood in the hall was clearly against them. In any case, they could see armed shock troopers stationed throughout the chamber, allegedly for Ara's "protection."

The opposition held its collective breath. It had been assumed that with the end of the war, and with the destruction of the alleged "hidden powers" behind the war, Ar would keep her promise to relinquish her emergency powers, step down from office and go into retirement on Texas, her place of origin, however, this place of origin is false, that was merely made for her to create a false human identity in the world. But she had other plans, and when she announced them, the opposition was sent reeling. So she had confirmed their worst fears—there would be more changes to the Constitution, if that document was not to be scrapped entirely. It soon became frightfully clear that there would be more direction to the Senate, than ruling by the Senate and the people's democracy. Many just did not care; they knew where the power lay, and their support would gain them influence later. Those who did care remembered that there were blasters in the room. Ara continued, skillfully evoking the glories of empires past for a world tired of disorder.

"By bringing the entire world under one law, one language, and the enlightened guidance of one individual, the corruption that plagued the America and the entire world in its later years will never take root. Regional governors will eliminate the bureaucracy that allowed the corrupt Tom Bucky's imperialist party movement to grow unchecked. We will now become one with KnightWalker Alliance! A strong and growing military will ensure the rule of law... Under the America's New Order, our most cherished beliefs will be safeguarded. We will defend our ideals by force of arms. We will give no ground to our enemies and will stand together against attacks from within or without. Let the enemies of the United States of America take heed: Those who challenge America resolve will be destroyed."


Fraxinus leaving Earth

The next 50 years saw the violent suppression of all opposition, including intimidation, arrests, executions, the destruction of cities, even the destruction of entire countries. She would have gone further, and destroyed entire star systems, had er  rule remained unchallenged. But the Alliance was years in the future. For the present, its future founders, Ratatoskr, had no choice but to leave the Prime Earth and return to New Conglomerate's HQ with empty hands; they could do more good alive than dead. Seduced by promises of safety, security, justice and peace, or perhaps just intimidated into silence, the Senate unanimously voted "yes." The New World Order was an established fact. At the same night America's New World Order was announced to the world, Ratatoskr left Prime Earth as they lost their leaders, Kotori Itsuka and Kyouhei Kannazuki and noticed they should return to NC's hands with shame of defeat. Instead of being defeated by Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, they were defeated by Witch Cult's archenemy, the Revelation of Qliphoth.

Ara Vs. the Fallen's Essence

And tales of berseria 566f1f06c2acaf3634fea71533f206e9

Ara Astaroth in Tom Bucky's office while chatting with Eckidina

Days later, Ara was visited by Eckidina KnightWalker (the clone of the original Eckidina KnightWalker that caused all evil in the world during the beginning of Global Civil War to World War III. Ara was not awared of the original Eckidina's existence at that time) in Washington, D.C in the capital of USA. Eckidina KnightWalker, the director of KnightWalker Family who had caused destruction and death to the whole North America with her machinations and allies, entered in the space air of the nation like if nothing had happened. In the followin days, the KnightWalker Family signed a treaty of peace between the Stabilization Union, which was now totally under the control of United States as their leadership and government were completely destroyed by KnightWalker Alliance and Ara's plans that lead their countries to a crisis. Without leadership, it's more than obvious the law officers of their respective countries would put their territories under the care of the new Ara's government to lead their economy, military defenses, education, social issues and health care.

Once Eckidina arrived in Ara's office, she found Ara seated in the President's chair in her secretary disguise, but soon as Eckidina entered in the room, she returned to her normal form. Eckidina praised Ara for her global plan and said it would be good if the KnightWalker Alliance and SU's nations decided to form one government, of course, Eckidina was planning to backstab Ara as she planned to end mankind's in a World War, which was the reason why she attacked Japan, United Kingdom, Chronos Empire and United States during the first night of the war. 

Ia secando92-d5vxabn

Eckidina's death in Rise of Qliphoth era

Ara, however, saw through her and noticed she was planning to betray her at some point like when she did it many times to Fallen's Essence. Ara, however, was not planning to use KnightWalker Family and their alliance as a vessel state and was planning to use USA's power to unify the world into its unique government. After Ara answered Eckidina's words with sarcasm, she said she was longer useful just like Tom Bucky and that her role in the world was already done, however, she said she will at least remember her name for being a person with great talent to war and chaos, but it was mainly for keeping her amused for 50 years. Eckidina's clone, not being so dumb, already knew Ara was thinking the same and attacked her with a blade of nano-machines, but before Eckidina could attack Ara with her blade, one of the security guards on the door of the room, who was in fact a demon disguised as human just like Ara, teleported himself in front of Eckidina and shot a powerful anti-matter blast with his finger that cut Eckidina in half. Eckidina, while cut in half, remembered Ara she is a Cyborg and can regenerate no matter how severe is the damage she received, however, much to Eckidina's surprise, her body continued cut in half and could not regenerate, Eckidina laughed at the pain of being a mortal again as Ara said she was a Cyborg, and the Cyborgs from KnightWalker Family were her creations, so it would be obvious the unique demonic energy of Ara's minions would be able to kill them.

Tales of Zestiria Cross Screenshot 0566

Ara staring an injured Eckidina

Ara then proceeded to active her Claw of Azarath and grabbed Eckidina's head, bringing half of her body in the midair as she prepared to consume her soul. Ara then said goodbye to Eckidina as her latter started to laugh insanely, laughing from her death and pain, saying it was wonderful but regret for not sharing this pain with the world. Eckidina's soul was then sucked into Ara's claw and became one of her familiars, thus, ending the life of Eckidina KnightWalker forever. Soon after that, Ara ordered the security guard who shot down Eckidina to order Vira and Petelgeuse to start the next step of their operation; to take down Order of Terror and their new leader, theFallen's Essence, who is obviously waiting for her to settle down the score once for all. Meanwhile, Ara sent her assassins to Godom Empire, Republic of Korea and other allied nations of KnightWalker Alliance. As the world was now in peace and being rebuilt, Ara had the chance to sent several military squads to KnightWalker territory without being questioned.

RCO018 1477020366g

The Fallen's Essence hiding from Revelation of Qliphoth in Greece

The Fallen's Essence eventually caught up with the betrayal and deceit, realizing that Eckidina KnightWalker was plotting with Ara to overthrow him, and her troops had slain everyone of Order of Terror's New World Order Masters around the globe. The Fallen's Essence then met with Aryana Westcott and Towa and asked them to leave Earth as he lost all he worked so hard build to Ara and there was nothing he could do, ultimately, Aryana felt pleasure to see the Fallen's Essence plunged into depression for losing eveything. At this point, the Fallen's Essence was informed by Lusamine that B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 and all his mercenaries from Zero Numbers and Purgadores had already left the planet 5 hours ago, leaving all the scientists of Earth working to Manufacturing Progressive Sciences to be executed by Ara's new army.Aryana and Towa left as the Fallen's Essence decided to confront Ara himself to settle down everything. Even if he wins, he knows very well there is no way to recover everything he built so far, so he planned to move to another Earth to start all over, a new war, new genocides, more death and more destruction.

Tales of Zestiria Cross Screenshot 0318

Ara finds the Fallen's Essence

While waiting in Olympus Palace, the Fallen's Essence powered up to give the location of himself to Ara, who was on the other side of the world looking for him. When Ara noticed his massive power, she teleported to Olympus in less than 3 seconds and knocked on the door of the throne room with a mischevious personality, obviously, mocking the Fallen's Essence even before confronting him. She then shot at the door several times with a magic blasts that pierced the Fallen's Essence body, but to no effect. The Fallen's Essence then welcomed Ara as he stood up from his throne and said she made a fool of him and will make her pay for it. The Fallen's Essence then told to her about all the things he had done to arrive where he is today and loses his cool, showing his true colors as an arrogant, rude and wrathful being.


The Fallen's Essence fighting Ara in his new form

The Fallen's Essence then transforms and takes on Ara, with the doubt of Towa and Aryana, who had previously left. However, the Fallen's Essence proved that alone was able to go blow to blow with her, even without removing his weighted clothing. Ara became shocked to find that the Fallen's Essence that Katarina  defeated with ease mere months ago had become so powerful. After a brief exchange of blows, Ara powered-up into her 20% and assaults the Fallen's Essence with a large barrage of invisible and virtually unavoidable shots, crippling the Shadow King. At this point, the Fallen's Essence proved he had a higher-power and launches a terrific assault against Ara Astaroth, who had not expected Ara's power to be as high as it is, with the Fallen's Essence notably landing a high punch to the face, giving Ara a bloody nose.

However, Ara realizes that after sustaining so much damage in her 50% state, the Fallen's body will no longer be able to handle his 100% power for very long. Ara and the Fallen's Essence face off and eventually in a brutal and savage battle that left all of Athena state into state of calamity, destroying mountains, buildings and even opening a crater on the ocean. After a very long battle, Ara gets the battle under her control, delivering a final momentous blow to the tyrant that symbolically ends the Fallen's reign. Seeing the Fallen's power slipping fast now, Ara decides to call off the fight, claiming it would be pointless to continue, as the Fallen's Essence is losing strength rapidly Ara had already humbled the tyrant. In normal situations, she would kill someone like him who brought too many problems for her, but she thought that death would be too easy for him and planned to let him live so he can feel depression and all the humilitation he felt that day, so one day, he will take his own life or rise against her again.

Tales of Zestiria Cross Screenshot 0499

Ara firing the Death Blast at the Fallen's Essence, finishing him off

Humiliated, the Fallen's Essence refuses to relent, attacking Ara with two of his Death Disk. As Ara dodges the attacks without difficulty, the Fallen's Essence ironically becomes distracted long enough to be bifurcated by his own attack. Barely clinging to life, but desperate to survive, the Fallen's Essence begs for mercy but Ara change her mind and said he would be too dangerous, and just the fact that she considered him dangerous was a nice praise coming from her as she considered this person as potential enemy. The Fallen's Essence's pride refuses to allow him to be beaten by a demon, and he expends what little energy he has left to attack Ara then notices he is really too dangerous to live as he has direct connection with Isaac Westcott, the Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. Ara then fires an Death Blast that consumes both the Fallen's attack and what remains of him in the process, seemingly killing him and avenging countless people across the universe (although it was not a heroic act, it was only a change; an evil for another one).

After the creation of her Empire, Ara established herself in the White House, transforming it into the Imperial Palace. Ara entrusted the reopening and restoration of the White Hourse to droids under the the supervision of Petelgeuse. During her rule, Ara sent explorers to unmapped regions of the world and other planets to search for lost Artifacts of the Past, believing it lay there. These explorers built labs on distant moons and asteroids.

Facing Emperor Tathagata Killer

Tales of Zestiria Cross Screenshot 0329

Ara is informed about Republic of Korea's destruction

Months later, Ara was informed by Vira that the remnants of Order of Terror were killed and their organization's central was completely burned, leaving no traces of Scathach's New World Order that was going to rise at any moment. Much to Ara's surprise, she also received news about Republic of Korea (formerly known as North Korea), she was informed that the current dictator of the nation, Kim Seo-Hak, committed suicide by dropping her own nuclear arsenal upon her country, destroying her nation to prevent Ara's order from corrupting her nation; an act of a fanatical megalomaniac. During her meeting with Vira, she also informed that Godom Empire refused to accept Ara' new government as there are rumors saying that Ara killed Eckidina KnightWalker (only the clone, the original still on loose). Under the orders of the Emperor Tathagata Killer, Godom's army rebelled against the current regime and planned to take on Ara's new empire alone. However, when Ara was informed about that, the Emperor of Godom Empire, Tathagata Killer, teleported himself on the room of the White House where they were and punched Ara's face, destroying half of the White House with Ara, Vira and many security guards on it.

Emperor Tathagata Killer reveals his face to Ara

When Ara showed that she was alive and well, she met with a handsome and young man on the battlefield of the White House. When she looked around, she noticed the camp of White House was being attacked by Godom forces and guessed that man she was looking at was the Emperor Tathagata Killer and found him quote young to be leader of a nation. Tathagata then said he vowed his loyalty to his Master, the Fallen's Essence that Ara killed days ago and planned to avenge him. It was not because of Ara's new regime that the Emperor started a rebellion, it was because she killed the living being who showed Tathagata Killer's path to power.

Ara and Tathagata face off against each other. During their battle, Tathagata questions Ara's reasons for coming to Prime Earth, noting that if she really came to destroy the planet, she would have destroy it without difficulty as her power goes beyond imagination Arathen explains that the real reason is that she wanted to use Prime Earth, which is the center of all Earths to rise the Qliphoth into the Living World, so she can create a twist in time and space and turn all world into a hellish reality similar to Hell. The Emperor fires his Gran Rey Cero, not caring that his men are in the vicinity. Seeing this, Ara dons her Black Demon's energy and moves in time to block the blast. In response, the Emperor releases his Resurrección transformation, becoming a wraith-dark entity with power similar of a devil, the Emperor explains that form was his true form as it was the transformations that his Master, the Fallen's Essence, taught to him, and turns the tide of the battle, hitting her with multiple blows. Ara manages to land a hit with her bare hands but the Emperor is left unharmed. Unknown to the Emperor, he thought she was going with her full power but she was not even using 5% of her power.

64883058 p0 master1200

Ara fighting the Emperor Tathagata Killer

The two continue to fight fiercely, but after intercepting an attack many attacks of the Emperor, Ara begins to take control of the battle again, landing a solid hit on the Emperor. Injured, the Emperor falls to his knees and grabs Ara's blade with his hands, noting that Ara actually thinks she can defeat him. The Emperor impales her in the stomach with his hand and proceeds to beat Ara relentlessly as he berates her for thinking she was more powerful than him. He then vows to smash Ara to pieces as he uses his most powerful technique, Desgarrón, as a final attempt to avenge his Master. Ara is initially forced back by the technique, but then regains her footing, before promptly destroying Ara's attack without difficulty after she powered-up to 8%. As she does so, she proclaims that she will kill the Emperor and everyone in her way, Ara then becomes rude and taunts the Emperor saying how she killed the Fallen's Essence and how humiliating it was. Ara then says she is tired of the useless battle and powers-up to 10%, she gets in close and impales the Emperor with her claw in a blink of an eye, leaving the Emperor shocked as he saw Ara's claw impaling him in the belly, exposing his internal organs.

The Emperor, however, rises once more to challenge Ara, but his Resurrección dissipates. The Emperor refuses to accept defeat and moves to attack her, but Ara grabs his hand and tells him to stop and die already. However, the Emperor refuses to listen to reason and moves to attack her again, but this time, Ara blindsides him, cutting his right arm off. As the Emperor, falls to the floor on the middle of his dead soldiers that lost their lives on the battlefield, she calls her a bitch, to which Ara is surprised that he is still alive and proceeds to finish him off, Ara then cuts his head off with her blade, killing the fascist dictator of Godom Empire that took the lives of 80,000,000 people with him, thus ending the reign of Godom Empire forever.


White House destroyed during the Godom's invasion

Ara then looks at the White House burning and says she will need a new place to live as Godom's forces managed to destroy the most important symbol of power of United States' history before going down, but to Ara, that was nothing. Ara proceeded to leave the last Godom soldiers to her soldiers as she prepared her forces invade other KnightWalker Alliance's nations as she came to conclusion the KnightWalkers and their allies will not live in "harmony" and "peace" with the USA's new tyrannical constitution. 

2013-03-21 00010

Stabilization Union's fleet bombing countries of Asia and Europe that are part of KnightWalker Alliance's rebellion

On 5 November, Ara officially invaded Europe and Asia with all Stabilization Union's army, dragging the world to a new war when the World War III had just ended. In the mean time, Ara put all her efforts in taking down the rebellions and riots happening all over the globe to end all wars, as the World War III took the lives of 3,000,000,000 people and another global conflict was just unbearable. Yet, Ara ignored their words and started to rule the people of SU with iron fist, executing traitors and people who dared to rise their voice against her regime, torturing war prisioners, executing the families of traitors to show an example to the people and burning down all media's buildings that were creating propaganda against Ara's fascist regime which was considered much worse than Tom Bucky's. During the invasion to Paris, the scientist and director of Sephirah Gastronomics, Lusamine, the self-proclaimed wife of the Fallen's Essence, met her end at the hands of Ara's demons, who executed her in public and threw her body in a pit filled with thousands of other bodies.


Akrak Couteau's Hands of Apocalypse; the symbol of fear during the Rise of Qliphoth era

The invasion to Asia and Europe started to space-blitzkrieg, where hundreds of SU's bombers were placed above the Earth's atmosphere and launched thousands of atomic bombs (not powerful as nuclear or hydrogen bombs but easier to produce) at countries whom declared their affiliation to KnightWalker Alliance to take down the New World Order of Ara Astaroth. In addition, Ara and her council approved the use of the Hands of Apocalypse's Satellites created by Akrak Couteau months ago. The satellites were used to bring about the complete destruction of whole nations but their power were reduced as Ara planned to rule Earth until the preparation to bring Qliphoth to the Living World is complete.

While the World War III ended the lives of 3 billion, the new war that Ara caused, the War to End All Wars (a name based on the first World War I... But it ended nothing), took the lives of 1,5 billion people, causing more damage to Europe and Asia's continent to the point that 86% of Europe and 65% of Asia was no longer habitable thanks to the high-level of radiation on both continent. It would remain as second of the most destructive conflicts in Earth history, with billions of casualties on both sides.

New World Order - Magic Side

Kyouko's Death

Tumblr ori0pfZvzy1u24qqvo1 1280

Ara's demon generals in Europe

In a matter of few times, Ara and her new regime managed to convert 45 nations that were once members of the pact of SU and later joined the KnightWalker Alliance for breaking the laws of the alliance. In the mean time, Ara's minions appeared for the first time in the world, demons and fallen angels that eons ago were just a fantasy and mystical creatures. 

The few remnants countries against SU that still had freedom to express, acussed Ara from being the Anti-Christ for using demonic beings in her army and for destroying all the world's order to bring about her chaotic new world order.

Social critics accuse governments, corporations, and the mass media of being involved in the manufacturing of a national consensus and, paradoxically, a culture of fear due to the potential for increased social control that a mistrustful and mutually fearing population might offer to those in power. The worst fear of some conspiracy theorists, however, is that the Ara's New World Order will be implemented through the use of mind control—a broad range of tactics able to subvert an individual's control of his or her own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. The concept of wearing a tin foil hat for protection from such threats has become a popular stereotype and term of derision; the phrase serves as a byword for paranoia and is associated with conspiracy theorists.


Children being used in Ara's new government magic experiments

Skeptics argue that the paranoia behind a conspiracy theorist's obsession with mind control, population control, occultism, surveillance abuse, Big Business, Big Government, and globalization arises from a combination of two factors, when he or she:

1) holds strong individualist values and 2) lacks power. The first attribute refers to people who care deeply about an individual's right to make their own choices and direct their own lives without interference or obligations to a larger system (like the government), but combine this with a sense of powerlessness in one's own life, and one gets what some psychologists call "agency panic," intense anxiety about an apparent loss of autonomy to outside forces or regulators. When fervent individualists feel that they cannot exercise their independence, they experience a crisis and assume that larger forces are to blame for usurping this freedom. 

Kirigiri kyouko danganronpa and danganronpa 1 drawn by hei yu dadedf2e0a6ae347fd66f8a8ddd85ee9

Kyouko during the New World Order

During this intense years of war and oppression, countless rebel cells started to rise one by one in different countries, but it not so long for the New World Order to erradicate most of them. However, one of them that proved to have the strongest rebel army, the Alliance, found themselves as a match to the New World Order's army. The founder of the Alliance was none other than Kyouko Kirigiri, the former Ultimate Detective of Global Pact Defense that went to Tenguu City to investigate the case of Jack the Ripper of 21st Century. Kyouko installed her army and herself in North Africa, where she commanded a resistence that kept New World Order's forces from invading Africa continent from the North, coming from Europe's borders.

Kyouko and her army managed to hold the forces of United States and the KnightWalker Family troops (now converted into New World Order's ideals) but when Leohart's Cult decided to step in, Kyouko and the Alliance had to retreat as winged-humanoids were attacking their bases from the skies, taking civilians and soldiers to unknown places to be devoured, this made Kyouko and her army to retreat to South Africa, where she faced a strong resistence of Godom Empire's army, that was now converted into Ara's image. During the battle against Godom, Kyouko used all her forces to defeat Godom and Leohart's Cult with her Artificial Demon Gear, but no matter how strong she was, she was outnumbered and was killed with a shot in the head after her strength and energy ended, making her vulnerable to attacks.


New World Order bombing Asia's nations while the latter bombs Europe's countries

Despite Kyouko's death, the Alliance continued active and escaped from Africa to hide in Asia, where the most of the Asian countries were fighting the New World Order's allies. The Alliance was estabilished in Vietnam and received support from the government with weapons and other explosives to fight as most of Asian nations had to resort to militia and group of mercenaries to fight internal civil wars and people who supported the New World Order, thus, dividing the last countries against NWO in two factions, anti-globalists and globalists.

Rise of Hell Upon Earth

The Alliance 

Tumblr n3hogaqwGN1r8364lo6 500

Ara's mercenaries groups

Ara's strategy for the enforcement of the New Order was based on brutal tactics, such as the implementation of the fear of military force in order to discourage ideas of insurrection. The rise of the Astaroth Empire that slowly forming into the New World Order was not supported by all member countries, and later, planets.

One of the first nations that attempted to resist Imperialization after the defeat of all nations, was Russia. Under the leadership of the new president after King Hamdo's death, Russia continued to celebrate the memory of the Communism, rather than acknowledging the Empire's rule over the world. The president also began considering military options that involved sheltering Jews and Gypsies fugitives that escaped from the genocide. Such actions were discovered and interpreted as signs of rebellion by Imperial Intelligence, and thus the Empire retaliated with the deployment of armed forces to Russia. The Astaroth's Harbinger, an elite division of mercenaries under the command of Vira, assaulted the capital city of Moscow. Although the President's security detail was augmented by the Witch Cult, they were ultimately unable to repel the mercenaries. The city fell to the Imperials, its garrison was destroyed, and the President was assassinated during the battle. In the following years, the Astaroth Empire repeatedly overthrew disloyal governments through force, often relying on Vira's legion for enforcing the Ara's rule where ever it was opposed.


Ara's officer about to execute a rebel

In the same year, a group of disillusioned civilians publicly protested against the Empire's despotic policies, including its high taxation. They staged their protest on the landing platform where Ara's ship was set to arrive. Their attempt to block Ara's arrival did not succeed; in what became known as the Empire Massacre, Ara simply landed her vessel on the platform, killing hundreds of activists in the process. This event was interpreted as a tragedy by outraged sympathizers who also disagreed with the direction of the Empire.

Other career officers whose service records dated back to the SU either resigned or retired from Imperial service. The incident also convinced many politicians that New World Order was a malevolent government. Yet with so many disorganized and uncoordinated rebel cells, other rebel organization remained convinced that the time was not right for open rebellion. They continued to meet in secret with their closest political allies in order to discuss options for creating their own rebellion against Ara Astaroth, forming one group by using the largest rebel organization. 


One of Ara's mercenaries about to execute a child

Further incidents of armed resistance against Ara's rule involved remnants of the fallen KnightWalker Family movement. Misogi Kumagawa, the servant of Eckidina and a war criminal who survived the World War III and Imperialization, fled into hiding on Japan.. Utilizing an abandoned droid factory, Misogi constructed his own private army of battle droids for the sole purpose of reviving the KnightWalker cause. Before his plot could be carried out, Leohart's Cult attacked Japan and destroyed his army; Misogi died during the fighting shortly before his factory was destroyed by New Order Destroyers via orbital bombardmen.

Shortly thereafter, the Imperilization was brought to an end with the victory of Astaroth Empire, that was now fully formed. Far from relinquishing her dictatorial status, Ara unilaterally abolished all governments of the world and anointed herself as the Global Empress, thus transforming the democratic government of all nations into an authoritarian regime, the Astaroth Empire, that would later expand its territories to other planets. Unbeknownst to most of the global community, the self-promoted Ara Astaroth was in fact a Pure-Blooded Devil, who had masterminded the half of World War III just so she could gain power and overthrow the Stabilization Union. The Ara immediately started to subvert democracy in the world and declared the peace-keeping magicians, politicians and and Meta-Humans enemies of the state. During these times of chaos, where people were being executed in public merely for watching a movie, the Alliance was formed with the help of all rebel alliances of the world, forming one that had the forces of all rebel cells.

The End of Balam Alliance

Overthrowing Leohart

Tumblr ops5gnVTu11qa8hrgo1 1280

Ara invading Leohart's Territory

Leaving from Nibiru to destroy Leohart the Prince of Hell, Ara seals the portals of Hell and prevents anyone from leaving it. When Triggers Hell is informed Ara's terrible plan in overthrow Leohart, all clans of Hell and the 79 Pillars joined forces to prevent Ara's invasion. When the 79 Pillars arrives at the Cerberus Gates, the Gate where Ara arrived with her forces, she muses on how she will have to travel to Leohart Territory to destroy him after she and her forces defeat the remaining Demonic clans of all Hell dimension. Before her group is able to take action, Ara is trapped within Viscara's Jigoky Shield with Vira and Petelgeuse and is unable to fight. Claiming such action would be unnecessary, Ara states the power of her Sin Archbishops and Guardians alone will be enough to defeat the 79 Pillars.

When millions of portals around Hell dimension opened, the forces of Qliphoth invaded it with a massive force of supernatural beings extremely superior to common demonic and devil forces. Because of Hell's size, the battle took almost 1 year and Ara had to walk to Leohart's palace through the war and destruction that could seen in every single corner of Hell Realm.

Lord hades by murruemioria-d6h25h1

Leohart waiting for Ara in his palace

Upon arriving in the 6th Floor of Hell, Ara made her way to Leohart's palace, where he was waiting for her. Easily destroying the guards of the massive castle of 900 floors, Ara flew to the Throne Room while Vira and Petelgeuse followed her, killing every single guard who dared to the enter in her way. 

After finally arriving in his Throne, Leohart welcomes Ara with an evil grin while she bowed before him like she always did. Leohart says he isn't surprised as he was already expecting for the day that she would betray him and start that heinous invasion, causing the first conflict between Hellish dimensions. Ara thanks Leohart for bringing her to such power and giving her enough authority to make her dreams a reality. As Ara says she is disappointed Leohart has not evolved, Leohart states he wishes to move their fight away as he believe his energy will destroy his castle. Thinking Leohart cannot harm her, Ara refuses. Grabbing Ara's face in the speed of light, much to Ara, Vira and Petelgeuse's shock, Leohart brings her outside Geer Castle. Throwing her into the ground like a piece of trash, Leohart tells a stunned Ara he will finish the fight in an instant.

Tumblr ops5hty6eG1qa8hrgo1 500

Ara fighting Leohart

Commenting upon Leohart's words, Ara theorizes about the nature of his power. As she and Leohart clash, leveling a nearby mountain, Ara notes she and Leohart have both reached the peak of their evolutions. Noting she understands the dimensions of his Leohart's evolution and her own are very different, Ara states she can bring herself to crush Leohart's sword with a single blow. When Ara attacks, Leohart stops it with his bare hand. Expressing surprise, Ara tells Leohart to not get so excited, Leohart, however, answered back saying she was too prideful to see her mistakes. Proclaiming she will crush Leohart with Black Barrier, Ara uses a full incantation of Black #90. Kurohitsugi. As Ara gloats at the full power of her Black Barrier, Leohart destroys it with one hand and tells Ara he is stronger than her.

As Ara moves away in a flash of light, Leohart taunts her. When the Qliphoth Core diamond on Ara's heart opens up, she unleash her 90% and fires an energy blast which damages Leohart's left arm, Ara uses a circular blast which surrounds her body, but Leohart destroys it with a wave of her sword. As a shocked Ara looks on, Leohart tells her he will end the fight with his Tenshō ability. As Ara looks on in wonder at the new form Leohart is taking, Leohart explains what Tenshō is and its costs. Amazed at how she still feels absolutely nothing from Leohart despite this new transformation, Ara theorizes Leohart may have surpassed her. As an enraged Ara  proclaims such a thing is impossible, Leohart uses Tensho, enveloping the battlefield in darkness and cutting Ara in half.

Leohart's attack envelops Ara and severely wounds her. After Ara crashes into the ground, the she starts to regenerates her wounds and says their fight will never end as she is immortal. As Leohart moves to finish Ara, her powers begin to fade and asks what Ara did to him, Ara simply answers she was losing because her 100% is the same of his 100% as well, meaning she was not using 10% of her power. She then uses her Azarath claw to impale Leohart. The reason why he lost was because Ara consumed his energy and says the Black Arts he uses was created by her, so it was only natural for her own creation deny Leohart for trying to kill its creator. Ara also states she knew she could never win him in a fair fight and injected small fragments of her Blackness in his body to control his power and drain his energy.


Ara talks to Vira after killing Leohart

Refusing to die by the hands a non-Satan (the strongest class of Devil in the worlds of the Demons) Leohart attempts to take Ara down with him by grabbing her claws and activating a spell of Self-Erradication to erase the very concept and existence of the user, he says to Ara he refuses to due by her hands and will kill himself instead and take her down with him. However, Ara uses her Blackness to teleport him to another dimension, where he will kill himself alone.

Ara then made her way to Leohart's palace, where Vira and Petelgeuse were waiting for her, when she arrived, she seats in Leohart's throne and states she is now Queen of the Underworld and everything under her feet is now under control. Using telepathy, Ara contacted every single Demon, Fallen Angel and Devil of the Omniverse to give them the news Leohart was dead and his destroyer was now their new King--Queen.

In 2 days, all battles between Triggers Hell and Revelation of Qliphoth ceased as trillions of news regarding about Triggers Hell started to appear in every single planet of the omniverse, saying Leohart was killed by Ara and that Triggers Hell had a new Empress. People like Darth Hades and Isaac Ray Peram Westcott thought it was great news as they were thinking in break the pact of Balam Alliance; for being both misogynists, they looked down on Ara for being a woman and both formed a pact to take this chance to invade Triggers Hell and capture much of their magic resources and study their mystical beings, however, they were caught by surprise by Ara's massive force that was ready to invade both of their capitals even without facing their forces outside of their homelands.

Invasion to Sith Empire


Darth Hades taking interest in Ara's news

The news of the downfall of Leohart quickly spread across countless worlds, including the Sith homeworld, where Darth Hades was thinking invade Triggers Hell alongside DEM Empire while it's still weakned by Ara's invasion that wipe out half of their armed forces. At first, both Isaac Westcott and Darth Hades didn't consider Ara a notable enemy because she is a woman, and in Balam Alliance, women are usually treated with contempt being only used as slaves, soldiers and disposable minions. 

65153881 p0 master1200

Ara declares war to Sith Empire

However, during this session of reunion, Ara personally invaded it and declared war to Balam Alliance before leaving and letting DEM Empire and Sith Empire preparing for her assault that was going to be stronger than Hell's invasion. Quickly, DEM Empire and Sith Empire had to abandon their conquer planets and universes to protect their homeland from an immenent attack that was going to put an end to Balam Alliance. While the trillions if not centillion people were free from Balam Alliance's control, the news of a new empire quickly shook the Multi-Universe as all military forces were too damaged by the previous Balam Alliance to fight a new Dark Empire.

Ara, knowing fighting in two fronts will be deadly, decided to focus all her might and strength in Sith Empire which had an army more massive than DEM Empire in terms of slaves (DEM Empire doesn't force slaves to fight, giving them a smaller numbers of soldiers and troops to fight). Sending billions of Siegfried to the Sith Homeworld, Ara turned the entire galaxy of the Sith into a hellish battlefield that unleashed all cruelty of mortals' hearts. Knowing a direct fight with Ara was inevitably, Darth Hades changed his mind about Ara and considered her a high-threat than Leohart for knowing how to use her forces in a battlefield while Leohart slowly tried to recover his power and army.

Arriving in the HQ of Sith Empire's galaxy, Ara personally invaded the planet alongside her Sin Archbishops while her Qliphoth's ships and troops fought the Sith troops, following the same plan that she used to invade Hell.

Fighing Darth Hades

Ara shakes in front of Darth Hades' true power

Invading Darth Hades' HQ in the capital of the empire, Ara forced her Sin Archbishops to fight the guards and Hades' Sith Lords, ordering them to use 100% as the Sith, unlike demons, get extremely stronger when the chaos, death and war reign around the Dark Side of the Force and admits Sith can be more menacing than demons who have limits in their power level.

Instead of waiting, Darth Hades and his strongest minions intercepted during her way to the Dark Hall. Darth Hades, confident his power was higher thanks to Ara, laughed insanely and taunted her saying her attack was going to fail and that she was going to die like a pig. Ara knew Darth Hades was no joke and praised him for his high power level, saying he was more powerful than Leohart the Prince of Hell at that time.


Ara fighting Darth Hades

With most of her Sin Archbishops killed by Darth Hades and his minions, Ara finally enters the battle herself, with Darth Revan expressing shock, believing her to be Idea of Evil itself and stating that she should be not able to exist in the physical world as Idea of Evil is deity entity. Ara punctures a hole through Revan and has Petelgeuse go after Darth Jadus. Darth Hades, enraged encounters Ara, learning she is Leohart's adoptive daughter as Ara demonstrates how much mercy she lacks, by dropping Revan, and then blasting Revan after he was already defeated. Darth Hades, enraged with Ara's arrogance, begins his battle with Ara. Ara and Hades then begin to battle, although, Ara wishes that Hades would be the last opponent on the list, wanting to "save the best for last". In a heated display of power, technique and ability, Hades seems to be able to keep up against the devil lady. Aral pulls out all kinds of tricks, performing various moves such as the Special Beam Cannon and the Blast wave.


Darth Hades during his fight with Ara

Hades and Ara battle for a while until Ara grows tired of being confined to the small palace, not wanting their match to stop due to one of them getting afriad of having their heads smashed by debris. Without much warning, Ara destroys the HQ and makes the battle an all-out fight, just to make things more interesting for her after killing hundreds of her minions fighting in the HQ. Darth Hades throws everything he can at Ara, and suddenly flies into the air and charges a Force Hole, which is directly towards the planet, with Ara knowing if Darth Hades launched the technique, he would decimate the entire planet. Ara becomes noticeably afraid as Darth Hades powers up the energy blast, but Darth Hades tricks her by performing Instant Teleport to teleport directly in front of Ara, and unleashes the blast on her. The entire top half of Ara is disintegrated. However, much to Hades' surprise, Ara's move still moving and kicks him away while her body regenerates. Ara and Darth Hades continue their ongoing brutal struggle, with Hades firing dozens of blasts in a row, putting Ara n a tight spot, as she cannot escape. Ara manages to finally halt Darth Hades' assault by using a Perfect Barrier, protecting herself from the blasts, and destroying quite a lot of the battlefield.

TOB CM 30-2-678x381

Ara losing her cool

Getting tired of the fight that lasted for 16 hours, Darth Hades sumons several shadow minions and attacks Ara rom all directions, leaving her in a near-state of death after being beat for hours from the shadow minions while Hades watched in pleasure. This enrages Ara to the very limits and pushed her to a new level of rage. Darth Hades is pleased when Ara reaches this mood to see her true colors, but Ara's first action is mercilessly killing off the smaller shadow minions, which she defeats in a single hit each. The already astounded Sin Archbishops and Sith who were watching the intense battle, with the exception of the satisfied VIra, are amazed as Ara and Darth Hades began to battle, with Ara dominating the powerful Sith. Even after Hades, to everyone's surprise and horror, powers up to maximum and lands a hard blow to Ara's face, Ara is not affected in the slightest. With just two punches, Ara almost incapacitates Hades completely, to the complete dismay of Hades, refusing to believe that he could have sustained that much damage. Darth Hades knows he is no match against Ara when she in Rage Mode, which increases her power by 60%. If his theory was true, then it means Ara should be the strongest living being on the omniverse.

FX C-funfrnel energy barrier 2

Darth Hades being consumed by Ara's Black Cannon

Ara then begins dodging all of Hades' attacks, taunting him, with Hades continuing to not believe in this power Ara sustains, refusing to be outdone by some sniveling brat. He attempts to harm Ara with several different attacks, first two destruct discs aimed at Ara, to which she simply catches them and destroys them. He then uses Force Cannon, which Ara simply deflects. He finally attempts to hit Ara with a barrage of small amounts of ki, which do not even seem to reach Araor even land a blow on her. In anger at his inability to defeat Ara, he flies high into the air, preparing a Force Destruction wave at full power. All of the Sin Archbishops believe it to be the end, as they believe Ara is unable to stop it, yet Ara does not seem concerned at all and responds with her own Black Cannon, sending both waves right back at Hades. Darth Hades is unable to avoid it or stop it, and he is decimated by the attack as he screams in pain.


Ara pleased to see the Sith bowing before her

After Darth Hades' defeat, Ara returns to the destroyed castle, where the remnants Sith of the capital who were watching her fight, bowed before her as they recognized Ara as their new Dark Mistress since Sith's culture implies the strongest being should rule all over the Sith completely ignoring the Rule of Two of the old Sith tradictions. Much to Ara's surprise, she changed her mind in wiping out all Sith after Hades' death, instead, she found a good use for them in her army, finding them to be nice servants and soldiers to her cause.

Like Leohart's death, the news of Darth Hades' defeat quickly raged on as the Sith Empire was dissolved by the Revelation of Qliphoth's leadership and unified it with Ara's imminent empire, giving it a massive military force to future campaigns. In 2 years, Ara took her time to train the Sith to understand her cause and new skills of combat that included Black Magic and Black Arts, using it to turn the Dark Side of the Force into her new Black Element.

Invasion to DEM Empire

63265923 p0

Isaac is informed about Ara's plan to invade Deus Ex Vectron

Knowing DEM Empire was preparing to attack Ara's territory which were from Sith Empire and Triggers, she would discover the DEM was authorized to strike down Ara's allies in countless planets and counter-attacked her force in a massive war that lasted for 2 years, taking the lives of 604 trillions of people in both sides. Ara discovered Isaac Westcott regrouped all his forces in Amerish and later spread them again to open way to his territory and forces to expand their territories. She would pay 20 million cash to DEMCounter-Intelligence chief Jessica Bailey to be her mole in their plan to attack the DEM leaders in Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron.

After their secret assassination of DEM Prime Minister Mana Ouma, Ara hid in Yem while Vira overseen their in operationVectron. She pre-recorded her message of her vengeance and their world will be changed forever. As they are all arriving, several mercenaries under Aras commands initiate an attack, starting with a bomb destroying the West DEM Prime Minister's limo. Soon, the mercenaries disguised as royal guards and police officers begin opening fire on civilians and other DEM leaders, killing low-officers but all Leader members of the empire survived. Ellen Mira Mathers takes Cyrus with her to safety while shooting the mercs in the street.

Abyssonii65073022 p2 master1200

Eve looking straight at the mercenaries with a menacing expression before killing them all without effort

Quickly, the terrorists start to hit Vectron's landmarks in number of billions, including setting off a massive explosive on the Tyro Thames that heavily damages DEM HQ and the Parliament building. When Ara arrived in her hideout, she gets on her computer and spoke to Vira, who had just started the operation. Vira told Ara that Ellen's successor Eve Fullbuster and Isaac Westcott surived their attack as expected as fight with the Black Blood will be univitable. Under Ara's orders, the Sith troops managed to cast spells that teleported direct to Vectron planet, passing through the powerful defense fleet of ships in countless universes. 

Eve considered in escaping as Ara somehow managed to pass through the Abyssal and nazi defenses of the planet and including their extremely massive army expanding in all direction from Vectron but Isaac Westcott didn't consider her attack powerful enough as they were not prepared for what was coming and decided to meet Ara in her HQ to get her by surprise. Eve then agreed to take down Ara while the DEM Empire and the Abyssal army deal with the Revelation of Qliphoth, the terrorists and mercenaries of Ara attacking and bombing many countries of the planet. While the Revelation of Qliphoth had 603,000,000 ships attacking the planet, the DEM Empire still has 1,000,000,000 space ships around the atmosphere and prepared to engage the enemy fleet as Isaac Westcott and Eve went to DEM Building No.1 and prepared the teleport to go to Ara's place.


Ara coodernating the invasion from the Sith planet

When Ara was informed that her fleet entered in the planet of DEM Empire but with difficulty to keep the battle against the extremely advanced ships from DEM, Ara stood up from her throne and said to send all forces from Sith Empire under her command to battle, including vehicles through dimensional portals to appear behind the Sith defenses to get them by surprise from the back. 

As Petelgeuse entered in the room and said Ara's Artifacts of the Past to kill Isaac Westcott were done, Ara added that it's impossible to kill an Abyssal unless you're an ExKrieg and the only way to defeat an Abyssal is to seal them if you're not an ExKrieg. Petelgeuse said Ara will need help in this battle as Isaac Westcott, Eve Fullbuster and Aryana Westcott are the strongest Abyssals alive and will be impossible for her to defeat them alone. Even Ara knew that and she threw her pride aside to fight with some of her strongest underlings to take down the DEM Empire's leadership.

Abyssoni62172038 p0 master1200

Eve appears in Ara' HQ after killing Petelgeuse

As Ara prepared to teleleport to Deus Ex Vectron during the attack, Petelgeuse is suddenly exploded in pieces right behind Ara and all members of Leohart's Cult. When they turned back, they caught the sight of Eve Fullbuster flying behind them with a psycho smile saying Ara needs to be educated for being arrogant enough to attack her future empire. When Ara asks where is Isaac and the rest of DEM Empire and Black Blood's leadership, she said Isaac is busy dealing with the Idea of Evil as he knew the existence of it from the beginning and considered destroying Ara's source of power to eradicate the existence of her Blackness and her immortality. In rage, Ara called Eve and Isaac pre-mature for not meeting her face-to-face but the Abyssal lady knew Ara is immortal just like them and if they battle against each other, it will be impossible for one of them die as they're immortal and only specific type of people can kill Abyssals like Eve and a Pure-Blooded Devil Nosferatus like Ara.

Suddenly, Aryana Westcott appears behind Eve and said she was going to deal with the Leohart's Cult as Eve faced Ara in combat. Despite Ara knew she is immortal, she was not ready to face the 2nd strongest being on existence who is Eve Fullbuster herself and added she may be immortal but her power is not unlimited like Eve that increases in combat instead of vanishing. As Aryana fought the Leohart's Cult alone, Ara and Eve talked about how they hated their leaders, hearing that, the devil tried to call Eve to her side so they can defeat Isaac Westcott and all other Abyssals together but Eve refused as she is the one who is going to kill Isaac Westcott one day alone with her own hands and power and added that someone like Ara who is a dangerous freak might backstab her, Ara giggled and said it was true.

58425257fr p0

Ara fighting Eve

Instead of fighting, Brother Blood begins to fight Eve. Eve and Brother blood seem to be evenly matched at first, but the benefits of Eve's training quickly became evident. Eventually, Ara calls Brother Blood back after taking too long, so Blood decides that he will kill Aryana instead while she was distracted fighting the Leohart's Cult in a savage happiness of a blood knight. Eve activates the Zenkai technique, and stops Blood before he can do anything, crippling him in the process. Eve orders Ara to take her injured friend back to where they came from for immediate medical attention. Because of Blood's failure to defeat Eve, when Blood begs Ara to help him, Ara fools Blood into thinking she will assist him, but instead throws Blood in the air and kills him for his failure. 

Their fight now begins, and it is made clear that Eve is much stronger than the much-improved Ara. Even using her Familiars' power, it was not enough to stop Eve. Thus, Ara had to push the multiplier of the technique even higher, ignoring her minions' warnings while she said she was having fun with Eve.

With this power, Ara was able to fight Eve on equal ground to an extent, and the princess of Abyssals lost her temper and decided she would destroy Ara's HQ with her Abyssal Calestial technique. However, Ara countered the Abyssal Celestial with a Pillar of Ghost Fireworks, and the two struggled for several minutes. When it seemed Eve was gaining the upper hand, Ara finally pushed herself to unforeseen levels and used Black Arts four to boost her power even higher, in turn surprising and overwhelming Eve and sending her skywards. Eve managed to survive the beam carrying her ever higher. Thus, Eve decided to transform himself into a Great Abyssal, which would multiply her power tenfold. When Eve transformed, Eve was completely outclassed and had to resort to using the Anti-Christ transformation technique. However, before she could use it, Eve disrupted it with a Makouhou. Then Eve grabbed Ara and began to slowly crush her, making her suffer instead of killing her quickly but Ara used this chance to grab Eve's arm with her Azarath claw to suck out her life energy, giving Ara temporary powers of a Abyssal. When Eve noticed that, she immediately threw Ara against a building of Sith's capital and took several deep breaths while thinking what was that sensation.

Sample fe3ec8f3d4d8744a9a5ad54c61bd18edj

Eve returns to her original form

When Ara sucked her life essence, Eve's power was disturbed and caused her to lose control of her energy. As a result, Eve lost her Abyssal form and returned to her human form. Enraged, Eve charges Ara and unleashes another assault, but Ara effortlessly avoids every punch. Ara lands a mighty blow to Eve and prepares to finish her with another but Eve catches it and launches a counter assault. Before Eve can land any real damage, Ara quickly stops Eve by turning her aura into a energy blade and stabs Eve clean through the right side of her chest, mortally wounding her (if she was a mortal) but because she from a race which only ExKrieg can cause real damage, she easily slapped Ara away from shot thousands of energy blasts at her chest. 


Ara damaged while fighting Eve

The distraction of Eve shooting blasts creates an opening for Ara to summon a clone behind her, as her clone lands a sharp kick in Eve's abdomen. Eve, clearly damaged but delighted, claims that the pain will make her even stronger as she powers up even further. Eve stops and throws a large ki blast at Ara, who managed to deflect it with demonic tentacles and tries to whip Eve with them to burn her meat. Eve then follows up with a kick to the devil's head, which knocks her into the ground, forming a large crater in the process but Eve noticed that was After-Image and saw Ara's blade above her, cutting her head off and kicking her beheaded body against the floor. Yet, Eve's head regenerated and she stood up from the crater with a death glare. Eve returns with full force and lands a sharp punch in Ara's stomach. They both lock fists and go into a power struggle.

Sample abc56f7479df625b8dce913435c6e7cfj

Enraged Eve

Ara and Eve both trade blows, clashing at intense speeds, both seemingly at par with each other, with Ara having the slight advantage, even though she did not even need to transform into an Anti-Christ form as she possessed the raw might of Pure-Blooded Devil in her base form. While Ara and Eve are fighting, Vira appears on the battlefield and see the Sith capital completely destroyed by Ara and Eve's intense combat and uses her energy to revive the deceased Petelgeuse killed by Eve. After a seemingly even conflict, Eve gains the upper hand and knocks Ara down to the ground with as Double Axe Handle, leaving the Devil surprised. After brief compliments and insults with each other, Ara teleports behind Eve and sucks out her life essence to drain her power after knowing their fight might takes days as it's been 12 hours since they started fighting. However, Eve gives several elbows in Ara's belly and forces her to release Eve before sending several kicks at the Devil's face.

Evangelion Shin Gekijouban Q - Large 102

The Sith Planet heavily damaged by Ara and Eve's battle

Ara fires her Blackness Cannon at Eve, who continues to fly directly towards Ara. The cannon clashes with Eve's Nova Strike, but after a brief struggle Eve flies off to the side and comes at Ara. Eve slams into Ara, sending her plummeting into the water below. However, Ara elbows Eve in the face, and Eve counters with a knee to Ara' face, forcing the demon lady to use her claw to slash Eve's chest and face 5 times, cutting her body in 5 giant scars and exposing her internal organs before putting her hand against her breasts and sending her flying away with a powerful gravitational energy and smashing her head against Eve's belly, sending her to a river of magma below the crost of the planet. Ara then sends a powerful ball of energy at the planet's core, causing the destruction of the Inner Core while Eve was down there. When Eve left from the hole, Ara stares at her in shock and asks why she won't die. With Sith planet on the brink of destruction, Ara and Eve continue to trade blows.

Ara hits Eve with a punch to the stomach, but Eve hits Ara  with a strike to the neck, then kicks her away. Ara kicks off of a nearby rock formation and attacks Eve with a flurry of kicks. The last hits Eve in the face, sending her skidding away. Eve is surprised as Ara quickly appears next to her. She hits Eve in the face, then kicks and punches him in the back, knocking her away once again. Eve quickly recovers, but is breathing very heavily, but then Eve shoots an energy beam the ground below them and causes a pit of magma to open right below Ara's feet, burning her to her bones before quickly regenerating, but Eve took this chance to give several brutal attacks at Ara's bones, making her in pieces but her bones became black smoke and she regenerated in her normal form.

Tumblr oq19xnOl8q1s8nccpo1 500

Ara attacking Eve with her blade

With Eve having just knocked Ara back, the two have a brief standoff in midair. Ara charges at Eve and hits her with an elbow to the face, then follows with an uppercut. She then hits Eve in the back before the tyrant finally regains her composure. Eve then attacks Ara with a flurry of blows, but Ara manages to block them all before retreating. Eve then fires a flurry of Death Beams, and is stunned when Ara dodges them all. Ara appears completely unfazed, and mockingly tells Eve to hit her and Eve fires another Death Beam at Ara. Ara allows the blast to hit her in the face, and is completely unaffected, afterwards mocking Eve's strength. Ara says Eve's energy is indeed powerful and unlimited but she completely forgot her body can adapt itself to receive other kinds of attacks, being immune to this kind of energy. 

B121196b97cc24e883046380ed5d60839f35b8a8 hq

Petelgeuse appears behind Eve with the Artifact of the Past in hands

Ara then charges at Eve with a powerful punch in her face. After regaining consciousness from Ara's attack, Eve then fights Ara again. Eve penetrates Ara's defense with a punch filled with Abyssal energy, leaving a gaping hole through her chest and send her falling towards Darth Hades' castle, crushing both it and her remaining crew. Ara quickly charges at Eve, who entered her Abyssal form 1. They stopped their exchange of blows for a while and returned to their respective base forms, with Ara assuming that it's impossible to defeat her. However, it was just a distraction to a revived-Petelgeuse to teleport behind Eve with an Artifact of the Past in his hands. Petelgeuse then cast a spell of the book and sucks Eve's Abyssal energy to the book, causing her body to distort on the gravitational camp as she is sucked to the book.

22 p5 master1200

Eve accepting her fate

As Eve is sucked towards the book, Ara says that it's impossible for her to defeat Abyssals and so she prepared a bunch of Artifacts of the Past with the help of Petelgeuse to seal them all inside of that black book which is a Gospel of Devils to seal any type of mortal entity, it was made with the solo purpose of sealing Gods but it can seal other races as well.

Ara then teleports in front of a paralized-Eve and kiss her cheek as a goodbye kiss while saying Eve was the strongest enemy she fought in her life and praised her as Eve accepts her defeat with tears of joy, saying she was finally free from her Abyssal-Curse but regrets for nothing being able to avenge her family and friends killed by Isaac Westcott. As Eve disappears into the book, Ara smiles and walks away as confirms to Petelgeuse she is going to face Isaac and the rest of the DEM leaders but first she needs to defeat Aryana Westcott. However, before she can leave, she lost all her senses and falls to the floor unconscious after losing all her forces. Petelgeuse then run towards Ara and pet her head saying she was a "good daughter" for pushing her body to its limits to defeat Eve. Like Ara said, Eve was her strongest enemy so far and that caused her body to not being able to such fatal damages from Eve's energy.

Petelgeuse then carries Ara away to Qliphoth to heal her energy and body as Leohart's Cult is ordered by Petelgeuse to fight DEM Empire and Black Blood until Ara is completely healed while implying it's time to show their loyalty and value to Ara Astaroth and her cause.

Fighting Isaac Westcott

58344656 p2 master1200

Ara awakening...

23 days after the battle between Ara and Eve, the war between DEM Empire and Revelation of Qliphoth continued in an insane scale of destruction with an entire universe being the battlefield and all planets and galaxies in it. Even so, the Revelation of Qliphoth found themselves in advantage thanks to the combined forces of the fallen Sith Empire and Triggers Hell, as well as their families and enslaved organizations.

In three days, Ara was in coma because her body was too weak to stand, demons, much like people, have biological problems as well, unless they are non-physical beings. When Ara woke up, she found herself in Leohart's Palace in Hell and was under the cares of a black and dark shadow looking at her, that shadow was one of the Qliphoth demons serving her and was there to watch over its Queen. Once Ara woke up, Vira entered in the room and informed her about the current situation and said all Hellish dimensions of the Multi-Universe are under their control and soon they will be ready to send a full strike at Black Blood organization and Paradise. Ara said she was satisfied with the results and prepared to leave. Vira asked the tyrant to wait a little more so her body will be healed to fight Isaac Westcott, just then Ara realized she still has to fight Isaac. The general informed Ara that Isaac Westcott is missing since the Revelation of Qliphoth invaded DEM Empire's universe and her forces couldn't find him anywhere.

After that, Ara left the room and went towards the Intelligence Intel, during her walk, she noticed many of her wounds were healed, even the most critical, the tyrant questioned why she was totally healed if her body was lacking energy to heal by itself, and Vira answer that her crush, Unit-CM 130, invaded Leohart's Palace and injected many drugs in her body, possibly even dissecting her and stealing some samples of her demonic organs, if he was there to save her life or study Ara's body, it's unknown since Vira and any security guard could locate him. They only came to know this when they used magic to see who was in the room, because of that, Petelgeuse put that shadow figure in Ara's room to prevent that from happening. Even so, deep in her heart, Ara knew that CM was trying to save, otherwise, she would be dead by now thanks to his drugs. Ara considered it an act of respect or love, but she wanted to believe it was an act of love.

Date A Livehot 0786

Isaac appears in the transmission

Upon arriving in the Intel, Petelgeuse and other officers says they are glad to see that she is okay but have bad news, when Ara asks what happened, Petelgeuse claims that Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, the emperor of DEM Empire himself, is contacting her and immediately answered the call, showing the image of Isaac Westcott in a black magical screen. When Ara asks what he is planning, Isaac answer that he is "sad" for losing a precious warrior in his ranks, Eve Fullbuster and that is a letdown she refused any peaceful manners as he forced his empire to lose all conquested territories to defend the capital-universe of DEM, next, Isaac says that he is working hard with his scientists to open a portal to the Empty Area of the omniverse. When Ara heard that, she immediately got confused since there is nothing on the empty side of the omniverse; the empty side of the omniverse is where all existence and creations ends, there is nothing there, absolutely nothing but infinite darkness. Just then, Ara noticed Isaac was planning to kill the source of the Blackness itself, the Idea of Evil, the living being that is the primordial of all evil in the existence. Ara immediately shouted and said killing Idea of Evil will be insanity as it's immortal and is the very concept of evil itself, the only thing that Westcott will succeed is killing himself and all omniverse if he forces Idea of Evil release a little of its power. Westcott, however, said he has a plan to contain Idea of Evil as he knows that messing with the very concept of evil is committing suicide and even Ara knows that, which is why she converted herself to obey it as its daughter. Westcott then says goodbye to Ara and her officers as he says he will wait for her in the battlefield.
New CIS Fleet defends RV

Isaac Westcott's fleet prepares to jump in the Empty Universe

In urge, Ara tried to contact her father, the Idea of Evil, in the Empty Space but could not contact him via magic as Westcott's energy alone was blocking their connection.

Invasion to Paradise

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Ara invades Paradise

After Ara put an end to the Balam Alliance, Vira and Ara travelled to Paradise where Ara outlined her scheme to her second-in-command. Using the Pillars of Leohart, pillars that are able to open dimensional portals between Astral worlds, Ara and Vira managed to create a space bridge between Hell and Paradise, much to the horror of every single soul there. And so arrived that moment, and Ara blasted God's Statue where he was seated in a throen, and used the remains as a seat. Ara watched the portals around Paradise begin to open, after which she declared, "Here we are. Fight us now."

With the invasion started, Ara proceeded to have some fun by slaughtering all spirits from Paradise and consumed them into her Azarath claw to put them in endless state of agony inside of her own personal Hell dimension. Soon, she travalled to God's Throne, where Ara planned to start her dimensional takeover in Paradise. Like hell, Ara turned Paradise in a battlefield that lasted for days, sending all the mystical creatures from all hellish dimensions to Paradise with the solo purpose to eating the spirits and angels on the way.


Ara's mystical beasts in Paradise

Using her monsters and servants, who were in numbers of trillions, Ara managed to invade God's Throne like she did before but this time, without hiding herself. On the way to God's Hall, Ara ruthlessly slaughtered Arch Angels and noble Guide Spirits, devouring their essence and giving them as food for her hellhounds.

During her way, she found other Gods that returned to Paradise after they were noticed about Ara's rise and the defeat of Balam Alliance. Showing resistence, all Gods of all Pantheons faced Ara in a destructive battle that took 12 hours, however, no matter how strong they were, Ara triumphed over them with pride and in a cold-hearted pleasure. 

Killing God and all Arch-Angels


God regret for not killing Ara billion of years ago

Upon arriving in God's Hall, the Supreme God, was trying to hide the Core of the Multi-Universe inside of a statue located right behind his throne to keep Ara away from it. However, Ara saw that and said hiding it will not keep her away from it. God, in disgust for Ara's actions, said he regret for not killing her years ago when she tried to kill him and said he was wrong about her. Ara laughed and mocked him for being too soft, and this is why people with pure heart will always lose.

After a long conversation, God finally donning his Supreme mask, manages to crack Ara's blade after he attacked her with wrath for all people she killed. As God attacks, Ara, dodging, counters with a Blast. Surprised to find God has effortlessly blocked it, Aramoves to the top of the dome of God's Throne. As God notices their location. Ara proceeds to release her true form to kill God, whom she considered to be the strongest enemy alive and will show no hesitation in using her 100% against him. As she warns God to stay alert, she attacks. Although God defends himself with his Astral Sword reflexively, the upper-right portion of his mask is destroyed. Ara, noticing the reflex, says if God had not done so, his head would be lying at his feet.

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Ara in her true form

Ara mentions God's power has increased, but she still easily shattered his mask and broke his sword. She goes to attack God with her black arms. When God dodges, Ara closes in for a strike. As Ara promises to show him the true difference in their power, God unleashes a Light Wave, but Ara is completely unharmed. Ara states God's Light Wave is similar to her Blast. When God disagrees, Ara, noting he has not yet seen it, demonstrates the a Pure Blooded Devil's fully powered Oscuras. Oscuras critically injures God and completely destroys his mask and could not regenerate from his wounds as he was infected with the Blackness.

As God falls, Ara tries to get him to surrender. When God tries to fire a Light Wave in defiance, Ara, losing her calm, destroys part of the area, saying it is useless for God to keep trying. Sending her opponent flying once more, Ara, picking God up by the throat, tells him to just drop his sword and give up, as by now he can see the difference in their strength. An injured God states he has always known that Ara was stronger, but nothing he sees will change his mind, and he will defeat her regardless of her strength. Upon listening to God's reasoning, aRA, deciding to show God true despair, activates her Power Boost to go beyond her limits.


God accepting his death

Ara explains she is the only Devil in existence able to go further than her 100%, which not even Leohart has seen. As God tries to fight with no fear, Ara resolves to show him true fear. Flying towards God at full force, she easily overwhelms her with her speed. God, going on the defensive, summons her Supreme mask, only for Ara to shatter it instantly. Ara expresses her inability to understand God's resolve, believing it is a God's "heart", which causes them pain and will result in their deaths. God then accepts his defeat without saying a word.

While Ara held God by his throat, she taunts him for being a pure-hearted god and said this could be prevented if he decided to kill her billion of years ago and shows him the Paradise below the tower, what was once a beautiful nature scenary, was now a scenary of hell with war, death, screams, blood and destruction. Seeing all spirits that were living peacefully being killed, raped, tortured and abuse numerous times by Ara's minions, God begged for mercy for his people, including all mortals that he left to die by the hands of Balam Alliance. With her teeth, Ara bite God's neck to drink his blood in order to acquire his powers, and proceeded to impale him several times after cutting his legs, hands and tortured him for the next hours. After hours of torture without dying, Ara finished God by dissecting him and cannibalizing his heart. 


Ara hugging God's body

After she finished her torture, Ara carried his body with her claws through the battlefield to show her victory over the strongest being of existence, and still taunted the spirit guides being tortured by spit some of his blood in their faces. After days walking to expose his body to all demons that invaded Paradise and all spirits living on it, Ara returned to Hell, being received by quintillions of Triggers Hell demons now serving her and throw his body in the Lake of Fire, the place where the Holy Bible "suppostly" said Lucifer and the Beast would burn for all eternity. Finally, after 300 billion of years working in a master plan to defeat all her enemies, Ara managed to conquer her victory with the death of all Gods, Arch Angels, Balam Alliance Emperors, all Kings, Spirits, Guide Spirits and including all divine beings. Starting Ara's absolute rule over the omniverse.

And so... a new era had started.

"Marrying" Unit-CM 130


Ara's black wedding dress

On the climax of the rise of Astaroth Empire, most of 2nd Multi-Universe became a living hell once the Blackness wiped out all life, leaving only dead rocks in countless planets.

During this time, Unit-CM 130 escaped from Earth once it became the capital of Astaroth Empire. However, Ara in obsession, track down CM's location in a planet located on the Unknown Regions of DEM Empire and personally went there to bring him back. The droid refused her proposal saying a world where non-logical living beings reign is unacceptable, despite he shows admiration for her knowledge, he still refuses to take part in a relationship where low things like "emotions" exist. Ara, without patience, decides to take him by force and said they were going to have their wedding right there, in his base.

Ara knocks him down and stabs him with her hand, turning his robotic body parts in organic limbs. She then proceeds to use her slaves to bring CM's security soldiers to the room, where they had their heads ripped off and the slaves started to manipulate their blood to bath Ara and CM on the table where Ara dominated CM. Upon using her magic to create a pentagram of blood around them, Ara raped CM as they were being bathed in blood and gave him her virginity, what in Demonology, is actually an important thing to define "pure blood" and "impure blood".

After finishing her rape ritual, Ara brought CM to Nibiru, where the capital of her empire was being built by enslaved humans from Earth and showed him a new world of Bio-Organic science, a world without technology. CM, obsessed with power of man-made devices, showed interest in Bio-Organic weapons and vowed to stay by her side until he finds something more interesting. Ara says even if he leaves her, she is happy as CM impregnated her already, and says that a son or daughter to continue her evil legacy for all eternity was enough to prove her "love". But she makes it clear that she still loves him and will punish him if he "cheats" on her.

Birth of Tomas Sev


CM becoming a Black Demon

Days after Ara officialized her marriage with CM, she made a blood contract with him making each other to drink their blood, a normal contract between a couple to vow their loyalty to just their partner. However, it was against CM's will since he considered that to be repulsive but Ara later convinced him to do the contract by offering him a chance to become organic and have bones and meat so he can feel what organic people feel. As CM is interested in things like pain, emotions and other senses, CM easily accepted the offer and became a Black Demon by drinking Ara's blood. His previous Cyborg body had its parts replaced with skin, black blood, meat and bones.

At first, CM didn't know how to react to this and let Ara teach him how to use his new body and start a new life with an organic body. For months, Ara showed CM how organic people like Angels, Gods, Demons and normal mortals live, including living with emotions like anger, sadness, happiness and envy. Along with that, Ara showed CM many kinds of food, sensations of pain by torturing him and teaching him to use his emotions.

However, it took not so long to Ara abuse him and rapes him again, obviously, telling the lie to teach him what is "pleasure". However, it turns out CM simply accepted his new body and the pleasure of pain and the sexual pleasure he was receiving from Ara, accepting her like his true wife. From this day, many of CM's previous theories like "meat is worthless", "organic people are inferior" and "emotions are useless" were removed from his mind and somehow asked sorry for Ara for saying such things in the past. However, thanks to this, CM just became MUCH WORSE than he was before as he could clearly feel true emotions like sadism and pain. While as robot, CM only did experiments thinking in its results, but as Black Demon, CM had actually became a sociopath who loved to inflict pain in other people, including touching their rotten meat.

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CM or... Zelkron's first true smile as an organic being

At this point, CM shares an especially close bond with Ara that goes beyond the level of mere friendship or a sexual-buddy relationship. When CM became a Black Demon, Ara gave him a name instead of a name of robot: Zelkron, that was the name that Ara gave to him. CM cared deeply for Ara, as shown on many occasions, always going out of his way to make her happy by showing the results of his training as a mortal and teach her the ways of his world. At some point CM (Zelkron), started to feel love for Ara and that left him confused with himself, calling it an unknown feeling that he felt disgusted of himself. When he met with Vira, she asked the same to him but he did not know how to answer his question since he never felt things like "love" before. Much to Vira's rage, Zelkron could only feel like that when he is in the presence of Ara and considered it some kind of black magic and still acted rude towards Ara to ignore those feelings, which left Ara even more in love with him. This caused Ara to become sloppy and could not think right while ruling her empire that was on the climax of its total rise, leaving people like Petelgeuse and Michael Langdon worried with her perfomance as the empress of the omniverse.

Thanks to CM's new demon body, his feeling like committing cruelty became more intense, including satisfying his needs and emotions. While CM became more soft to Ara, he was completely amoral and was worse than he was before, becoming a cold-blooded scientist who also killed even infants for mere sadism pleasure and as a result, he became even more intelligent as he was able to think in universal forms. During one of his emotional attacks, Zelkron entered in Ara's room and forced her to have a sexual interaction with him the whole night much to her happiness of course.

Months later, the news that Ara was pregnant quickly spread across the empire like a storm as she was found vomiting and tired of doing simply things. Ara's council composed by Petelgeuse, Michael, Satella, Eclipso, Kruel Rose and many others blamed Zelkron for having illegal sexual relationships with her, which is obviously a law that says no Servant should be allowed to touch Astaroth King. This resulted in her council trying to kill Zelkron, much to Vira's sadness as she was in love with him and refused to accept Ara was pregnant of him. However, tests proved that Ara was not pregnant of CM, instead, she was pregnant of herself as her own uterus was able to create a baby by itself, Zelkron's genes only unlocked it and allowed Ara to create her own baby. Still, Ara called Zelkron as the father, leaving all her minions frustated with him and suffered countless attempt assassinations.

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Tomas, at that time known as Mahesvara, sleeping while Vira is about to kill him

9 months later, Ara gave birth to her first son and named him Mahesvara, Zelkron, on the other hand, tried to experiment on him to study his anatomy, but Michael Langdon stopped him from doing so as he was going to teach that child everything he knew so he could grow up as a respectable knight, this resulted in Zelkron and Michael fighting for the first times in decades where both of them ended in a bloody battle. However, Ara attacked both of them and stopped their battle, while Ara scouted Zelkron and Michael, Vira went to Mahesvara's room and tried to kill him by forcing him to drink poison for being Zelkron's child, the person who she loves the most and refused to accept Mahesvara's existence, but Ara sensed her presence in the room and teleported there to stop Vira from killing him, ripping off her arm. Ara then beats Vira to a near state of death, which left Michael pleased as Zelkron only watched.

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