Angemon is an Angel Digimon. He has six shining wings, and his body is clad in cloth so pure white as to be divine. He is a being of perfected virtue, and although he is called a Digimon that brings happiness, when confronting evil he does not stop attacking, with extreme composure, until the opponent is completely annihilated.

On the countless times when the Digital World is visited by a crisis, it is told that Angemon descends to lead Digimon of the same genus, and Devimon, who was won over to the Dark Side, was originally of the same species.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's Story)

After being freed from his form of Myotismon, Riley was revived by Primus and transformed into a magnificent angel. Now as Angemon, he really desires to make up for his evil deeds...and both saving the universe and saving Disney seem like steps in the right direction!

The Halloween ProYect

Angemon took a liking to Menslady and stayed close to her when she was turned to the Light Side. When Myotismon's love brought Menslady to her senses, Angemon was enraged, turned into Seraphimon, and tried to destroy Myotismon.


  • Hand of Fate (Heaven's Knuckle): Strikes the opponent with his fist shining gold. He may also fire a beam of energy from his fist.
  • Angel Rod (Holy Rod): Angemon attacks with his "Angel Rod".
  • Omni Typhoon (God Typhoon): Creates a divine tornado
  • Angel Staff - Angemon uses his staff to ram an enemy
  • Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney