In Space Andros 01
"LET'S ROCKET!!" - Andros before morphing

Andros is the lead character in Power Rangers In Space.

He is portrayed by Christopher Khayman Lee.

Andros is a human from a colony world known as KO-35, and possesses telekinesis, which the ability to manipulate and move things with the mind. He is the older brother of Karone.

Andros serves as the Red Space Ranger.

Ranger Forms

Red Battlized Ranger

"Red Battlized Ranger!"

The Red Battlized Ranger is Andros' Battlizer, accessed by using setting 03 on the Battlizer Gauntlet. This mode increases Andros' defense, strength, fire power, and gives him the ability to fly.

Battilzer Gauntlet

Battlizer Gauntlet
The Battlizer Gauntlet is Andros' special morpher-like device. It possesses three functions.
  1. Energy Punches/Chops - Covers Andros' fists with lights of bright red energy, increasing the impacts of his fist attacks.
  2. Laser Blast - Small laser capable of cutting through nets or stunning opponents.
  3. Red Battlized Ranger - Activates the Battlized Armor Mode.

Distant Guardians Storyline

Andros will appear in part 4, saving Jack Sanderson from Majid Sadiq.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 9


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Just like the Rangers that came before him, Zordon was a mentor and old friend of Andros. He was upset that he had to sacrfice him to wipe out the evil in the universe.

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