Alphamon b
Alphamon is a Warrior Digimon and a carrier of the X-Antibody. While he is one of the "Royal Knights", it is said that to the Holy Knights he is a being similar to a deterrent force, and as he doesn't appear in normal times, he is also called the "Aloof Hermit" who flutters a blue mantle, and is the Royal Knight assigned to the place called the "Empty Seat".

Because Alphamon possesses the "Alpha inForce" ability, an ultimate force which, in battle, instantaneously replays the elapsed battle, although Alphamon's attacks are over in just an instant, you can't grasp how many attacks he actually unleashed, and in theory, you can only see the final blow that brought down his opponent.

Alphamon can deploy a magic circle of DigiCode from his hands to perform offense and defense. He wields the "Divine Sword Grade Alpha" (聖剣グレイダルファー Seiken Gureidarufā?, lit. "Holy Sword Gradalpha"), which is based on Grademon's "Souken Gradalpha" (双剣グレイダルファー Souken Gureidarufā?, Twin Swords Gradalpha).

Fire Rebellion Storyline

LOTM: Fire Rebellion: Season 7

The B Team Storyline

LOTM: The New Multi-Universal War

Allies: Royal Knights

Enemies: Digidestined, Crystal Empire's Rebel Alliance, The Resistance, The Nightospere Empire, Team Free Will, Galactic Empire, New Ozai Society, Homeworld Gems


  • Divine Sword Grade Alpha (聖剣グレイダルファー Seiken Gradalpha?): Alphamon draws out a convergence of light that was pierced into the center of a magic circle, and stabs it through the opponent.
  • Soul Digitalization[7] (Digitalize of Soul): Alphamon spreads the wings on his back and flies up high, then deploys a magic circle even larger than the sky, with which he summons a legendary monster from another dimension. In Digital Monster X-Evolution and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, the magic circle blasts the opponent with a green energy wave.