Prince Alpha X

Alpha X

Son of Emperor X and LadyDevimon , he now controls the newly formed Cosmic Empire with his wife Lillian. He also has twin children named Anthony X and Alexia X. His sisters Maggie and Luna always pester him from time to time.

Baby Alpha

Alpha was born on March 20th, 2011. by LadyDevimon during the events of Slade Strikes Back. The Joker kidnapped him and used him and his mother as leverage against X not after turning X into a Joker X. He was rescued by the heroes during an attack on Joker who took the throne of the empire by Slade's henchmen which Slade led after Joker attacked Scourge and Fiona and Bender aided Slade with this by taking the baby away from Joker as Slade believed that their first move against Joker should be going after his hostage's loved ones to lower Joker's success against Emperor X

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