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Alain (Japanese: アラン Alain) is the main character of the Mega Evolution Specials. He is a Pokémon Trainer seeking to defeat all Mega Evolved Pokémon using his Mega Charizard X. He initially worked as Professor Sycamore's assistant, but now, though not part of Team Flare, works for Lysandre under the belief that they're harnessing the energy of Mega Evolution for peaceful purposes.

His Pokémon are Charizard, Metagross, Tyranitar, Weavile, Unfezant and Bisharp


Alain is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: XYZ and the Mega Evolution Acts. He is Ash's main rival in the Kalos region, and the eventual Kalos League Champion after defeating Ash in the finals.


Alain is shown to usually be focused on his goals, yet often exhibits aloof behavior and can wander off in thought. He at first seems to push others away from him, but he helped Mairin capture Flabébé with hints on strategy. He does, however, have a close bond with his Charizard, and has become accustomed to Mairin's companionship as shown in Mega Evolution Special II. Alain doggedly pursues his goal of becoming the strongest, often ignoring the concern of others and inadvertently causing distress and further concern among those that care most for him.

Alain has a tendency to push away the people he wants to protect. During his time working at Professor Sycamore's lab, Alain was much more cheerful than he is in the present. While he has distanced himself from Professor Sycamore, it is clear he is still concerned about his safety, something that he fully admitted to his former mentor while at the Kalos League. In Mega Evolution Special III, Alain purposely tried to leave Mairin behind to keep her from his dangerous mission of engaging Primal Groudon and Kyogre. Failing that, he later returned to Kalos alone, leaving her behind.

His character took a darker turn at the end of Mega Evolution Special IV. Blaming himself for Chespie's falling into a comatose state because of his pushing Mairin away, he became disgusted with himself and began obsessively pursuing the completion of Lysandre's Mega Evolution energy system. His goal thus became to gain strength and complete the system in order to heal Chespie and help Mairin smile again. To meet this end, he worked with Mable and Aliana in their mission to capture Z2, succeeding in distracting Z2 long enough for the Team Flare Scientists to weaken it.

Alain is a good sport, and is shown to take his losses well. When he wins battles, he likewise congratulates his opponents on putting up a good fight, which is how he befriends Ash. When he loses, he doesn't let it bother him, instead devoting himself to train even harder. He greatly enjoys a challenge, becoming visibly excited when he and Charizard were pushed into a corner in their second battle with Ash-Greninja. This excitement and desire to once again battle against Ash in a competitive fashion similar to their previous battles would drive him to quickly attain enough badges to compete in the Lumiose Conference, something that he admitted to Korrina following his victory over her at the Shalour Gym.

By the time of the Kalos League, however, Alain's attitude had become more serious and cold, as the only thing he really cared about was proving that he was the strongest Trainer. Although showing brief glimpses of amusement in his battle with Trevor, after thoroughly defeating him, he would resume with his cold and serious demeanor. Likewise, when Remo failed to give him a real challenge, Alain just expressed indifference to the battle and, as in his battle with Trevor, left the arena without congratulating or praising his opponents as he would have in the past, further enforcing how obsessed he had become with gaining strength and battling fiercely competitive battles. However, despite this darker persona, Alain still showed signs of his old self when talking with Charizard about he was genuinely looking forward to his battle with Ash in the finals. He would afterwards open up to Professor Sycamore and explained the motivation and reasons for his actions, reaffirming his desire to become stronger in order to protect his loved ones in the process.

During his battle with Ash, Alain admitted to himself that Ash's excited attitude and eagerness to enjoy battles are what made him such a great opponent, and that battling Ash made him truly enjoy the battles themselves, causing him to lose track of time.

When Team Flare attacked Lumiose City and revealed their true motives, Alain felt betrayed by them and began to feel a great sense of guilt in him. After Lysandre proclaimed the dawn of his new world to him, Alain collapsed in frustration and anger. These feelings along with Ash helping him see the truth that would lead him to turn against Team Flare and join Ash. After Team Flare was defeated, Alain began to feel despondent, since not only did he feel that he was indirectly responsible for what Lysandre was able to do to Kalos, but he did not know what he wanted to do now that everyone was safe. Thanks to Ash, Alain began to cheer up, and accepted Professor Sycamore's offer to resume their research on Mega Evolution.

Also, it seems he takes some inspiration from Ash because it was due to Ash that he competed in the Kalos League, and Ash helped him understand what was wrong, and helped him start over from zero by going on a new journey with Mairin to find his own Key Stone and Mega Stone to call his own. 

Dynasty Warriors

Cancelling the journey and joining forces with Duterte Freedom Force

After the destruction of Team Flare, Alain must continue his journey. Suddenly, he was horrified that many of the Pokemon trainers and creatures got massacred by the genocidal forces of Dark Lord Empire Federational Apocalypse-United Villains. Along with Mairin, Alain must join Queen Alicia's peace-keeping organization called Duterte Freedom Force, a rivalry ally of Ten Legendary Warriors-United Heroes.

Helping the Ten Legendary Warriors-United Heroes and Death

Alain made an arrival first appearance in the Philippines. Along with Mairin, he decided to team up with Kamen Rider Kabuto, Mario Amakusa, and their friends.

In the next story episode, Alain would eventually be killed by Enzyme (hero killer form of Giovanni).


With the death of Alain against the hands of Enzyme, Mairin was taken hostage by the Riotroopers and D-Brigade troops to the evil building. Tuxedo Lovelace talked to her that he is the mastermind behind the terrorist organization and the deaths of many innocent creatures and people as well. Mairin began to feel angry at him that Alain, the strongest Pokemon trainer in Mega Evolution and the Champion of Kalos league, was eventually murdered in his last battle. Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines arrived to rescue Mairin before the revival of Reza and the destruction of the building. Alain's death is going to be avenged by Mairin.

Kamen Rider Shin (crossover form only)

Kamen Rider Shin

In Beyond the Death and Despair episode, Alain has only one form.

  • Height: 199.9 cm. (6.5 ft.)
  • Weight: 90.0 kg. (198.4 lbs.)

Ability Perimeters:

  • Maximum Jump Height: 114 m.
  • Maximum Long Jump Distance: 232 m.
  • Punching Power: 2800 kg. (2.8 t.)
  • Kicking Power: 4200 kg. (4.2 t.)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 3.34 sec.

Categorized as "Cyborg Soldier Level 3" (改造兵士レベル3 Kaizou Heishi Reberu Surī) by the Syndicate, and colloquially dubbed the "Masked Rider" by both the Syndicate and the CIA, Shin transforms into a heavily mutated, insect-like humanoid with enhanced strength and regenerative abilities. Through the intense gene therapy process he endured, the Grasshopper genes bonded to his cells gives him a number of abilities which are only further enhanced through his body's mutation, such as an incredible jumping range, heightened senses, bolstered stamina, and phenomenal lower body strength allowing him to run at great strides and deliver kicks of intense force.

According to crossover stories, the deaths of his six Pokemon have caused the dying Alain to be in anger and despair by transforming himself into Kamen Rider Shin, only to be killed by Enzyme.


Ash Ketchum

He and Ash first met in XYZ anime series. After defeating him in the finals, he witnessed the truth that Lysandre was scheming to destroy the Kalos region. He feels shocked and despaired to punch it down to the ground. During the climax, he and the heroes have joined forces to stop Lysandre for good. After the final battle, he and Ash became friends for saving the Kalos region with the help of thier friends.


Mairin and Alain first met; because, she is a beginner Trainer and a traveling companion of Alain.


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