Agent Nevada Halo 5
Agent Navada (real name Jessica Conrad) is an OC created by 22kingdomheartsfan


In her Halo 3 appearence she wears a C.Q.B. helmet, Hayabusa shoulders, and EVA chest.

In her Halo 5 appearence she wears a Teishin Raikou helmet, Legionnaire Alaris Armor, and Sluagh visor.

Her armor colors is yellow with green trims

Without her armor, she has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue tank top with grey shorts. When she was taken over by the Nightmare Forces, she wears white instead of blue, and her eyes turn purple.

E-9 Profile

E-9 Yellow

  • Color - Yellow
  • Element - Earth
  • Weapon - Power Gauntlet



  • Teishin Raikou helmet
  • Legionnaire Alaris armor
  • Sluagh visor


  • Submachine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Battle Rifle
  • Halo 1 Pistol
  • Siren Pendant (Formerly)



Nevada is carefree and friendly. She thinks of herself as a thrill seeker, often prefers to have fun instead going on missions. But she loves to fight and being and being a soldier, so when she does go on missions she always gives 100%, doing what she can to save lives. She sometimes considers herself to be one of the most beautiful women ever and likes to show off. She may like to show off her beauty, but she does not like perverts.

When her mind was taken over by Nightmare Forces, she's became sadistic, unforgiving and power hungry. And she's willing to take down anyone to get it. And much how she like to show off her beauty, she's took it a step forward and uses her femmine charms to fool men into helping her.

When she and Agent California adopted Cloe Carter, she became a little protective of her. Sometimes a bit over protective.


Agent California

Cloe Carter

Agent Michigan

Agent Indiana

Agent Oregon

Lavernius Tucker

When she was under the control of the Nightmare Forces, while most females find Tucker annoying, Nevada found Tucker to be funny because he tries so hard to be a ladies man. That worked well in getting Tucker to work for her during that time. When she was brought back to normal, the usual trait between Tucker and most women sets in.

Tommy Oliver


Apple Bloom (Equestria Girls)

Sweetie Bell (Equestria Girls)

Scootaloo (Equestria Girls)

Yang Xiao Long

Indigo Zap



Ragyo Kiryuin

Nevada views Ragyo as an evil psychopath. She also thinks Ragyo is just like her 3rd ex-boyfriend who, like Ragyo, loves to dominate people and was a rapist.

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