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The Red Hair and the Sword

Members of the Abyssal Punisher race, they are known originally as ExKriegs. They are a original race in Sword of Kings Storyline. They were a race of warriors very known and feared by their red hair that represented the blood of the battle and dwelt in Balamak planet, a planet located in the Inner Rim of the galaxy. Isaac Westcott saw interest in the race of warriors and forced them to work for him on the death penalty. They followed him because even the ExKriegs know that Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott was a formidable opponent and that there was no possibility of victory against the Primes Abyssals. The Droid army of DEM Empire gave orders to the ExKriegs warriors to invade planets and exterminate all its inhabitants, so the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire could expand their territories without having to waste military resources. 

Thousands of years ago, before the arrival of the DEM Empire, a legend arose in ExKriegs race that every 1 billion of year, a warrior blessed with the power of the Gods born with the light of the justice (unlike all wicked ExKriegs), and the Blessed Warrior had the power that affects demons, vampires, dementors and any force of darkness and evil. He was named; the Abyssal Punisher, because his power affects all creatures of evil exits from the Abyss of Darkness. Isaac Ray Peram Westcott feared that legend would become true because 3 trillion years ago a red-haired  warrior, alone, defeated Satan and the Devil and imprisoned them in another reality with the help of the Reality Council. Isaac Westcott was paranoid with this legend, and fearing that one day this Abyssal Punisher would born and overcame him and his minions, he then decided to destroy the entire home planet of the ExKriegs, exploding every piece of the planet with 15 billions of people on it.

Westcott then put the whole universe in climate of terror in order to hunt down and kill all ExKriegs who were on other worlds. After decades of persecution, the ExKriegs were wiped off the face of the universe... but some escaped the genocide and send their children to other realities.

Notable Warriors


  • "Ex" mean "I am" in Latin and "Krieg" mean "war" in German.; I am War.