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My friends, today is the end of the Republic. The end of the Multi-Universe Forces. The end of Alliance of Freedom. The end of the Last Order. The end of the AL Team. The end of the Brotherhood of the Abyss. The end of them all! The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder, chaos and lies. Lies! At this very moment in a universe far from here, the New Conglomerate and all that self-called "Heroes" lies to others Multi-Universes while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance II. This fierce and powerful machine we have built upon this Planet, upon which we stand, will bring an end to the "Heroes and Villains", to their cherished fleet. All Remaining systems, galaxies and Universes will bow to the DEM Empire and Zurg Universal Forces! And they will remember this day as the last day of their REPUBLIC!
Abyss Zurg

Abyssal Zurg, also know as Abyss Zurg and Janes Hazard by his original name, is the new Buzz Lightyear's archenemy, and the biggest threat to Alliance of Freedom and the Galactic Alliance in Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire so far. He is a original character from LOTM: Sword of Kings created by DestroyerSubjugator90.

His main goal is to conquer the entire 4th Multi-Universe and use the Sword of Kings to create new Supernova to wipe out all life in other Multi-Universes. However, Team Lightyear and AL Team continually thwarts his plans. Zurg is set to appear as one of the many main antagonists in LOTM: A Draw of Kings, the sequel storyline of LOTM: Sword of Kings. He is one of the many Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire generals, and is the inhuman Evil Ruler of the DEM Z Planet. His Drone Army, also called Zurg Universal Forces, is one of the most powerful forces on DEM Empire, making him a top member of DEM Monarchy. 

In this story, he will be played much dark as possible to the point in becoming a Complete Monster as long he is a DEM Empire General (which the original Zurg is VERY different) and is one of the most feared members on DEM Empire for his nihilistic and insane personality. Unlike of his original vessel, he is actually, the true responsable for the death Buzz Lightyear's parents and the responsable for transforming the Spirits in cruel killers, Spirits like Kurumi Tokisaki, thanks for his wars and tortures, invasions, genocides and oppression in his planets. He also, will be the main enemy of the original Emperor Zurg; Abyss Zurg's actions were too cruel for his original vessel. He is also the 7th most powerful Abyssal on all Multi-Universes.

An unfeeling sociopath who believes in absolute power, Abyss Zurg is eerily reminiscent of the Sith Empire's and now is a General of DEM Empire. Abyss Zurg makes it his duty to utterly crush the Alliance of Freedom using the power of Galaxy Killer, a planet-sized superweapon capable of harvesting energy from Black Holes to fire a weapon capable of destroying entire galaxies, something Abyss Zurg willingly proves he is willing to do upon firing on the 2569 Galaxy.



Abyss Zurg in his Abyssal True Form

Abyss Zurg was, for most of his life, aligned with the Abyssal Side. The Galactic King described him as deeply wicked and a damned soul, but Abyss Zurg ascribed much of his own strength to the anger he had developed over the years. He had a deep hatred for the Je'har and the Heroes, the former for slaying his countrymen and parents and the latter for doing nothing to oppose the Je'har, though it had the power to do so. He was also ambitious, desiring to completely rule the Multi-Universe and destroy entire realities, killing zillions in the process.

Eternum nocturne by wacalac-d6lqzbw

Abyss Zurg in his 3nd Form

In his dealings with subordinates, Abyss Zurg brooked no arguments and was known to execute and threaten those who failed or disobeyed him. He felt some comradeship with Evil Buzz Lightyear, but his later insubordination led him to choke him to death. Abyss Zurg felt that only those who understood the power of the Abyss could truly control the universe, and he used his own Abyss power to influence and manipulate others.He killed countless beings across the universe in his bid for power, ending the lives of at least a trillion in one instance as a demonstration of his abilities to Leia Organa. His apprentice, Brakiss, believed that Abyss Zurg never forgave anyone who crossed him. 

Abyss Zurg was also known to don a white Hendanyn death mask, complete with black accents and set with tiny jewels in the corners of the eye slits,and a suit of armor, which he wore when appearing to most of his subordinates or adversaries, such as during his encounters with Luke Skywalker and his ultimatum to Chief of State Elliot Baldwin Woodman. This gave him a foreboding appearance that he used to awe and impress people and also served to disguise his identity.

Complete Monster proposal

Eternum nocturne by wacalac-d6lqzbw

"If you value your precious planet, you will bow before me. And if not... Kiss your home goodbye."

  • Abyss Zurg is a would-be Abyssal conqueror who despises everything that isn't him and fancies himself a God of the Abyssals, believing himself to be the reincarnation of the Fallen I. In his first appearance he creates a device designed to take away people's free will and make them his slaves in at least 50 planets of DEM Empire he has possession. He tricks four self-loathing Abyssals, into believing this will cure them of being Abyssals, preying on their feelings of inadequacy and subjecting them to torture to turn them into his Angels... Figures like the Horsemen of Apocalypse and then orders his soldiers to go on a worldwide genocidal rampage, wiping out most of the population of his planets and sucking the souls of the deceased victims to increase his power level. In his next appearance, Zurg creates a plague designed to wipe out most humans and Abyssals that loyal to Isaac Westcott. This plague furthers tensions between humans from DEM Empire and Abyssals during the final days of the Cataclysmatic War, with some humans blaming Abyssals for it, and for putting DEM Empire in state of total war. Later Zurg manages to get hold of some time travel technology and uses it to travel to the Axis of Time, a interdenominational area that controls time itself and plans on destroying the time stream and reality itself, so that he can recreate it in his own image where he will be the one ruling over DEM Empire by killing Isaac Westcott when he was just an infant. Zurg also kidnapped mystical creatures to use them to kill the Alliance of Freedom, When the DEM Empire lost, Zurh opted to kidnap the innocent Hoppo-chan, daughter of Isaac Westcott, and torture and brainwash her into the amnesiac assassin. 



Janes is born

Abyss Zurg (called Janes in that time) was born during the last days of the 4th Universe (when DEM Empire destroyed that reality), and was the son of Brendol, a Commandant for the Imperial Academy on Arkanis. While growing up, he always thought it was his destiny to rule the Multi-Universe.


Zurg during his time as a Sith

When the Sith Empire signed the Galactic Concordance, Janes, and many others, who grew up hearing stories of great Dark Empires, and how the Balam Alliance saved the Multi-Universe from the chaos of the Democracy, believed that the Heroes were weak and would never live up to the supreme power of the Dark Empires. So Janes, and other Imperial Officers fled to the Unknown Regions, where they would create the Death Order, a military and political junta formed by humans and Drones and follow the Dark imperial ideology. He, through technological terror, achieved military superiority throughout the Order, eventually gaining the rank of General. 


Janus before becoming a Cyborg

Later, Janes was invited to join the Sith Empire for his powerful hatred. Janes, most of his teenage life, grew up in the Sith Empire killing and destroying innocent people for Darth Hades. However, Janes left the Sith Empire because he wanted to control the Multi-Universe but not help someone to control it. As General, Janes returned to the Death Order. He had completed confidence in his troops, training methods and weapons. His soldiers, who were often trained on capital ships, underwent vivid simulations to create the most loyal soldiers for the Death Order. This system was an extension of the ideas of his father's Commandant's Cadets, from the Arkanis Academy.


A Zurg's army robot

Later, Janes created an army of Robots to serve him. Years later, Janes joined the most powerful Dark Empire, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, where he became a General, and where his Drone army was welcomed. Janes, now know as Abyss Zurg, left his humanity and became a cruel Abyssal. As a General, Abyss Zurg commanded several attacks in countless planets and galaxies. Abyss Zurg destroyed 9000 planets with his Abyssal Powers and killed 2000000000000000000000000000000 people with his own hands. Abyss Zurg, later invaded a planet; the Buzz Lightyear's homeplanet, in that time, Buzz Lightyear was know as Hux Lightyear. Hux Lightyear was a child in that time and was the son of the Lightyear Family.


Abyss Zurg's death; Vengeance is complete

Zurg's army invaded the planet and attacked all cities, countries and states of the planet, killing billions in the process. Zurg, with his own hands, killed Hux's parents in front of him by breaking their necks with his bare hands. Hux survived the attack and was the only survive in the entire planet. When Zurg's forces left the planet, Hux, in pure hatred wanted veangence and some years later, Hux, now know as Buzz Lightyear, became a Galactic Patrol Man of the Intergalactic Alliance to protect his galaxy from the Dark Empires.

Abyss Zurg became the reason of why Buzz Lightyear is a patrol man. Abyss Zurg, for years, killed infinite people and destroyed entire planets for DEM Empire. And then, Abyss Zurg became one of the most evil Generals on DEM Empire. Even after Abyss Zurg's death by Buzz Lightyear's hands (LOTM: A Draw of Kings events)Buzz Lightyear still has nightmares with Abyss Zurg killing his family. Abyss Zurg will torment Buzz in his dreams forever.


Endless Despair - LA Vocal

Endless Despair - LA Vocal


  • Abyss Zurg's speech to his Drones seems to be an analogy to the speeches that motivated the Nazis during the WWII. A reference of DEM Empire as well, where the DEM is based in the Nazi Regime.
  • Abyss Zurg is described in production to be a character more overtly evil than the original Emperor Zurg. In several respects, this is true; Emperor Zurg is shown to be pure evil but soon becomes one of Buzz's allies. Abyss Zurg, by contrast, lacks empathy to the extent where he is perfectly willing to kill hundreds of billions of innocent lives to assert the Deus.Ex.Machina Empire's power. Character-wise, Abyss Zurg and Emperor Zurg are polar opposites; while Emperor Zurg is conflicted, prone to conquest, sympathetic, and operates on a more personal scale, Abyss Zurg is more precise, collected, and certain of himself, completely devoid of Emperor Zurg's sympathy, and operates in a scale even beyond Abyssal Albarn.